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cover of S2E14 30 Tons of Amonium Nitrate is Missing
S2E14 30 Tons of Amonium Nitrate is Missing

S2E14 30 Tons of Amonium Nitrate is Missing


30 tons of ammonium nitrate vanishes, in transit from Wyoming to California and nobody knows anything. Or at least that is what we are expected to believe.



The hosts of the Constitution Commandos discuss the mysterious disappearance of 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate that was being transported on a train from Wyoming to California. They question the official story that the chemical leaked during transit and suggest that it may have been stolen. They find it suspicious that there has been no follow-up or investigation into the incident. They also express concerns about the potential dangers of ammonium nitrate and speculate about the government's involvement. They conclude by suggesting that there may be larger events and the possibility of martial law in the future. Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all Hello everybody Thank you for listening in Today is the 14th episode of season 2 And we've decided to carry on this conversation from last week's episode of season 2 We've got Patrick already on the line So we're going to jump right in My name is Chris Williams and you're listening to the Constitution Commandos I want to talk about that train deal That uh, what was it? 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate Yeah It shows up in a yard on a train and the next morning it's gone Just like that Vanished Yeah, I'm not quite sure I mean it left Uh There was a plant that it was picked up at And the plant that made it I want to say it was in like Minnesota or something Uh But they manufacture ammonium nitrate Well they loaded it on a car Which If anybody knows anything about Hazardous materials There's different Classifications of hazardous materials Explosives Corrosives You know Flammable I mean there's shit loads of Different classifications Each of those classifications Depending on what it is That's going under that classification Has a specified way of transport and storage Set by the FMCSA Uh With labeling Don't forget the labeling Because I'm sure that has a lot to do with how that car came up missing Right But I mean I'm just saying that Ammonium nitrate Can not Well actually the FMCSA Governs it while it's over transport But When it was actually released I think EPA or somebody that comes up with the federal guidelines On proper storage And shit like that I'm sure OSHA's got something to do with that Ammonium Nitrate Is one of those things that's supposed to be stored In a sealed Non-corrosive Container I.e. Like a plastic 55 gallon drum Correct Because that is Corrosive It can rust It gets affected Yeah And It can't be in severe high temperatures It's got to be Ventilated Yeah I mean it's I'm not saying a reefer type of tool But Room temperature is good Yeah but I mean It needs to stay dry It needs to avoid High temperatures A lot of times friction can be A bad deal with some of this stuff So you store it away from other Materials Whether they be hazardous or not You don't want them right next to each other So They load it up in a train And because It's ammonium nitrate that leads me to believe That it was in That it was in Sealed Oh shoot Shannon's calling me That it was in sealed 55 gallon containers So And I don't remember the math Of how many Containers it would take But it would have been multiple train cars For 60,000 Pounds And the 55 gallon drum Was stacked too high Well How much does it weigh by the pound do you know I don't remember But I mean I Did a little research And I had the numbers on it But it's Anyway The story was It was trained in a Open hopper car Like what they haul A roll in So the top of the car Was open And they have a roll out tarp That went over it Which That is already A roll out tarp Yeah kind of like They said there was a tarp over it Kind of like a End dump 18 wheeler A gravel hauler or something Well You can't see it Because it's a Explosive and flammable It's a volatile material And you're covering it with It was in a corrosive car And it was not Sealed Sealed non-corrosive container Does not mean An open top Metal train car With the tarp That's not sealed We already know A lot of The official story Is a lie Well then The route that the train Took And I don't remember exactly Where it was going It was going somewhere down in California I believe But it stopped in a yard In the desert At one of the particular train switches If it was around Vegas Or Arizona wasn't it I don't think it was that far south But When it left Well the car came up Missing And the train car That had ammonium nitrate Was found Outside of a Naval weapons testing Ground Empty 50,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate Okay So And not Any firetrucks leading up to the car I'm amazed Well we were just not hearing anything About it and that's what's getting me I don't know if there weren't any or I don't even know if there was an investigation It was stolen they found the car Empty with no Ammonium nitrate and that's all Anybody has heard I have heard no follow ups I have heard no furthering investigation Looking for leads Or following leads Looking for suspects Or anything I haven't heard anything about it So the government I guess Thinks it's perfectly okay To have 60,000 pounds Of a substance That was responsible For blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Which in that one There was only like 2,500 pounds Of ammonium nitrate Utilized in like a 6,000 pound bomb So You're talking 60,000 pounds Of missing ammonium nitrate What kind of damage did somebody do We're talking at least 15 maybe 20 separate Bombs of that Size Yeah Yeah So I'm kind of I keep digging And looking When it was noticed missing And when this car was found What was the time frame I don't remember what the time frame was I think that It became public that it was missing Around May 10th I think Um I always pull back up on the manifest Of the train And you know Where it's origin was Where it departed You know the routes that it took What lines it took to get there And the actual discovery Of the empty train car But Nothing of it Is Or should I say Everything about this story Is extremely suspect to me Yeah there's nothing about it Makes sense And nothing about the explanations That have been given up Or the reporting of it Thus far Is even Rational in thought Simply because The amount of a Highly volatile substance Has not been recovered That to me Is a red flag Why haven't they Recovered it Why haven't they done more Why haven't they reported more About it Yeah there's I mean When I worked on the pipeline I've been up into a number of train switches It's Probably more difficult to gain Access to a train switch Than it is to a port And you gotta have Credentials to get in each The port If you have a TWIC card You can go around inside the port The port Unescorted And they'll give you a layout of the port And where you're going Now a train switch Once you go through the process To get admitted onto the property You have to have an escort Whether you got Credentials or not You are not allowed to be in The train switch Without being escorted I've been in a number Of them and they all Are the same way So I don't see It possible For any mastermind Unless they've got the ability To produce Legitimate Documentation and credentials That would gain them access And then if they did have those Credentials They still had to be escorted So to me it says that the government Had a hand in it And then to have What date did you say? May the 12th? It was May 10th I think is when It was reported first I don't know if that's when it was hijacked Or if that's when they found the car Alright well I just pulled up Two reports One from May 21st And the other one from May 24th And it might have been the 20 Something yeah I know it was in May Yeah this was in May but This report reads that 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate A chemical used as a fertilizer And an explosive went missing On a rail shipment from Wyoming to California In April And has still not been found Officials said Dyno Noble An explosive manufacturing company Notified the federal government of the loss And said in a statement That it was investigating what happened During the nearly two week journey The company said a rail car with material Was sealed when it left A manufacturing site in Cheyenne, Wyoming And the seals Quote were still intact End quote Salt, Saltdale, California Salt Alright the initial assessment Is that the leak through the bottom gate On the rail car may have developed In transit How's that That didn't happen Because they didn't ship it that way Alright a report made on May 10th To the National Response Center A federal emergency call center For railroad incidents said that the rail car Left Wyoming on April 12th And arrived in California empty Dyno Noble Said that the rail car was transported Back to Wyoming for further investigation And that it had limited control Quote Of the train's activity while the cargo Was being transported Kristen South Is a spokeswoman for the rail carrier Union Pacific She said in a statement that the company's investigation Was in its early stages The fertilizer is designed for ground application And quick soil absorption Ms. South said If the loss resulted from a rail car leak Over the course of transportation From origin to destination The release should pose no risk To public health Or the environment Do you buy that Well It wasn't Transported like that No So everything said after that is bullshit They're trying To excuse Well I mean It is used in fertilizer But it wasn't in the form of Fertilizer Right But see I believe That they're trying to give A real shady excuse To say Oh well it leaked out on the two week journey So nobody stole it It leaked out No it didn't Because you didn't transport it that way Well the company said It does not suspect any criminal or malicious Activity was involved in the disappearance Of the car Of course not You'll like this The Federal Railroad Administration and the California Public Utilities Commission were also Investigating KQED a San Francisco radio station Reported that's what they reported The agencies could not be Reached for comment on Sunday Ammonium nitrate Is used mainly as a fertilizer It is also used to manufacture first aid products You see how they just kind of went away from it At the very end And also as an explosive in Mining and construction according to the Department Of Homeland Security The chemical by itself is relatively harmless But can explode if it is added To a fuel source and Subjected to heat and pressure It can be used for Explosives and mining what else could it be Used to explode Buildings Infrastructure Whatever the hell you want to go boom Right I mean everybody in this Damn country can go into their kitchen sink Or their laundry room And they can mix Any of those chemicals or the right chemicals In the proper proportions To make something go boom But ammonium nitrate is like very Volatile Yeah It's Quite a display if it goes off This must have been An article that you saw This one was the one on the 24th According to a spokesperson for Dyno Noble an explosives manufacturer Whose plant the rail car departed It's believed the chemical leaked In small pellets along the way Pellets Pellets excuse me not pellets Every indication is The pellets fell from the rail car On to the tracks in small quantities Throughout the long trip Though ammonium nitrate is Routinely used as a common fertilizer Can also be used as an explosive All it needs is a little fuel Historically There had been at least A half dozen instances where Ammonium nitrate was the cause for deadly Explosions most famously The chemical was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing Killed 168 people Most recently A 2020 explosion in Lebanon killed More than 200 people after ammonium nitrate Detonated Union Pacific the company responsible For transporting the rail car along with Dyno Noble both maintained That criminal activity is not Suspected well of course not Let's not scare the American People shall we Or let's not give the American people something To hang on to and think about Right that's enough of a red flag You heard about it coming up missing that's all you need to know Yeah 60,000 pounds Oh yeah man it was Just a leak It's between Wyoming and It's just all over the ground Oh well listen to this Now two reports say that this Chemical leaked According to Dyno Noble The rail car at issue Was sealed when it left the Cheyenne facility And the seals were still Intact when it arrived in Saltdale The rail car The rail car was also Observed after departure in the Railroad Cheyenne yard with the seals Intact and no signs of any leaks The rail car was transported back to Wyoming for inspection Well how come they didn't say anything about what the rail car Looked like when it got to Saltdale California Yeah I It's a good cover up If the seals weren't leaking how did it leak out of it When it wasn't In that type of car anyway If it was packaged properly It wouldn't have leaked Yeah it wasn't in that type of car anyway I mean No need to worry It's just a fertilizer Even though it was used in the Oklahoma City bombing I mean if you go buy a bag of You see those little white styrofoam Looking things in the bag That's ammonium nitrate But you don't see 60,000 pounds Of it in one bag No you might have about a couple Not even You'll have a few grams of it I mean I don't even Know if you got a Yeah you ain't got much of it in a bag of fertilizer I mean you do have a fair amount Per bag but 60,000 pounds Right and there's Well you can't put a whole lot of it in the ground anyway Because then it's no longer fertilizer It kills the ground Yeah it burns everything So Yeah I have I have trouble understanding that report Both of those reports They both basically say the same thing Nothing It would seem to me That there would be Of course if we had real journalists They would want to know what the car looked like They would want to inspect the car themselves What the car looked like When it got to Saltdale I don't see anything about the end of the trip I hear about it going back to Cheyenne But what happened to it is Nobody investigated the car in Saltdale So And another thing is You would think that a journalist of his right Worth his salt I mean it's public knowledge You can go to the EPA To FMCSA And you can find proper Transport and storage Of ammonium nitrate Yeah And you would think that report would have covered that A journalist would have put that In an article But they don't That's on the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets Everybody That handles chemicals has to Keep that And chemicals by the way Rubbing alcohol and hairspray Fingernail polish All gotta have an MSDS So Yeah I have a hard time believing that article Myself And it seems I don't know Of course you know we were brought up to have that Not critical race theory But critical thinking Where you examine everything question everything Yeah Reach a satisfactory understanding Of what is going on Neither one of those articles Even present that come close to it even No They're just shilling for what That is a story that was released To them by the parties involved And Journalism Is not journalism anymore Well what it does now Is it begs the question What is it that we are really waiting for I mean I'm expecting Explosions across the nation now I mean could this be Part of what's been causing Train derailments or You know Fires in crazy places at crazy times Well I think We will see things in the form of Explosions And I think that This is Me opining But I feel that We've talked about it There will be Some major events And our government I see is going to call Martial law And there will not be a 2024 election That is what I see Well folks You know the deal That's it for today Do you have any ideas about this Leave your comments in the comment section We read them all And don't forget to support the Constitution Commandos By visiting our Mega Merch Marketplace At American Spirit Novelty and Apparel dot store Until next time On behalf of Patrick and myself We're the Constitution Commandos Signing out

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