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Never lose your work in Audacity

Sync your projects with audio.com and have access to unlimited backups. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Subscription Plans

  • Free to start for everybody

    You can try our cloud syncing feature for free. Every audio.com user can upload up to 5 projects (2GB total) for free.

    If you need more, you can choose one of our 2 subscription plans:

  • Most popular


    Cancel any time.

    Unlimited projects

    250GB cloud storage

    2800+ hours of Music & Video Tutorials

  • For pro creators


    Cancel any time.

    Unlimited projects

    2TB cloud storage

    2800+ hours of Music & Video Tutorials

With an audio.com subscription you get

  • Cloud storage

    Seamlessly sync, store and collaborate on your Audacity projects online. Make the most of our conveniently large storage limit to host and transfer your files.

  • Versioning

    Revisit creative crossroads, recover old drafts and repair corrupted projects. All your versions saved to the cloud – forever.

  • Up to date

    Work across multiple computers using a single audio.com login and Audacity instance. No more need for hard drives or USB keys.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with friends by offering instant access to your work and exchange ideas by commenting directly on the audio timeline.


At audio.com, your data’s safety is our top concern. We protect your information with strong encryption, secure login processes, and comprehensive security practices built into our technology. Behind the scenes, our dedicated security team works tirelessly to keep your data safe, conducting regular checks and staying up-to-date with privacy standards. We’re committed to treating your data with the care and respect it deserves.

Currently, the Cloud Projects feature requires at least Audacity version 3.5 and above to use. The feature does not function as either a viewer or owner for earlier versions of Audacity than this one. Download the latest version of Audacity here.

We offer 5 free projects as part of our initial tier. If you'd like to save more projects, you can easily upgrade to a paid tier.

Audacity stores a version of your project on the audio.com platform, which you can access at any time just by logging into your account. Audacity uploads the correct data to our secure servers and keeps track of all the changes you make, guaranteeing a continuous back-up of your work, without blocking any creativity.

Absolutely, audio.com keeps track of every save instance that you make within your Audacity project. If you want to restore a project from yesterday for instance, simply navigate to the correct date and time stamp under the versions tab on your project page. From there you can restore your project to an earlier state.

Audacity is constantly syncing your project in the background and you can follow this progress by looking out for the cloud icon in the bottom right hand corner. If your internet connection cuts out your project will be temporarily saved to a local location and updated as soon as your internet connection is restored. This guarantees that no work is ever lost in the process.

Yes! All project files are private by default and only you have access after upload. You are able to invite collaborators to your projects, allowing them to open your project on a separate machine, only after you choose to do so.

All projects are securely backed-up in our best-in-class data warehousing solutions powered by a custom combination of cloud services. We guarantee the security and stability of your cloud project access while the full product is offered. In the case of any changes to the feature we will be sure to let all users know well ahead of time.

Please write us directly at social@audio.com for any customer support needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have social channels on Discord, Instagram, X and many more channels where you can also ask for help.

We offer up to 5 projects of cloud storage completely free and forever. After that number we charge for a set amount of storage on two different paid tiers depending on your needs. Additionally, we will continue to add more and more features and add-ons to these subscriptions to empower your creativity.

If you choose to cancel your subscription or your payment methods fails, access to your projects will be temporarily suspended. You will still be able to use your free 5 project limit, but any access to the remaining projects over that limit will be disabled until you re-activate your subscription or delete the number of projects.