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audio.com is a free creator-first platform that's part of the Muse Group family

We have a unique connection with Audacity, the free and open-source audio editing software

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Simple and intuitive interface with seamless Audacity and MuseScore integration.

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Group your files in collections and share your work with a direct link or embed code.

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unlimited free storage

Unlimited free storage. Convenient for hosting your projects and transferring large files.


Discover new sounds with our curated browse page, collections and original podcasts.

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Find collaborators or content using tags and categories on our search page.



Free automatic AI transcription for your podcasts or voice overs.

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We are an audio sharing platform in the beta stage of product development. Created by musicians, producers and programmers, audio.com aims to make uploading, sharing and collaborating on projects simple and intuitive. Being part of the Muse Group family (Audacity, Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore), we're dedicated to providing technical solutions that help further your creativity. Join our communities on Reddit, Discord and Facebook to share your thoughts on the product.

Yes. We have no hidden costs, pro accounts or ads.

There are no limits on the length of audio nor the amount of uploads you can have.

Yes. If you are the sole creator of the audio in question, the intellectual property rights and mechanical copyright are retained by you. Similar to other UGC (User Generated Content) platforms, by using our service you grant us a license to host and show your work. You are also free to distribute your work on other platforms, if you wish. For more details check our full Terms & Conditions. We don’t currently support any digital accreditation requirements.

audio.com is strictly for work that you hold the copyright to — such as your own created works — and have the legal grounds to distribute. Copyrighted material will be flagged for removal if it is in breach of any territorial restrictions. Currently, we support WAV, MP3 & FLAC as uploadable formats.

Audio files with downloads enabled can be downloaded by anyone with the relevant URL link without additional permission. Our Terms & Conditions strictly forbid the commercial use of your unmodified audio. However, a user who significantly alters your work will, within reason, create a “derivative work” and generate their own copyright license.

Sharing and organising your audio is easy. You can create collections that group your audio files into different playlists. These can be organised by category. Collections and individual audio files can be shared using an embed code or direct link.

Audacity losslessly compresses the project to the wavpack (wv) format and uploads this compressed version to audio.com. Audio.com then transcodes wavpack back to wav. In theory, this is a lossless process, but settings can vary while transcoding. Audio.com doesn't change the source file, if it is uploaded via the website, so the sure way to keep the original wav settings is to export the project locally and upload it to the site separately.

We have several social channels where users can meet, discuss and collaborate. Join our Reddit, Discord and Facebook groups.

Please email social@audio.com with any feedback or feature requests. Audacity feature requests should be submitted to their forum.

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