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I have decided to tell my story to reach someone who has been through or in decision making. I hope to reach many!!!!!!



Cortea welcomes listeners to her podcast, "Tia's Grown Folks Podcast," and discusses the topic of meeting goals. She shares her own story of having a dream to be a secretary and working towards it, which has now come true. She emphasizes that it is never too late to pursue your goals. Cortea acknowledges the challenges she faced in working jobs she didn't like for the sake of supporting her family. She talks about the stress of working constantly and the impact it had on her mental health and physical well-being, specifically osteoarthritis in her knees. She had to take a leave of absence from her job and eventually got health insurance, but her knee replacement surgery didn't go well. She is now disabled but grateful for the opportunity to work from home. Cortea encourages listeners to remember that our timing may not align with God's timing and hopes to inspire at least one person with her story. Hello, my name is Cortea and welcome to my podcast, Tia's Grown Folks Podcast. Hello. Hello there, this is Tia, Grown Folks Podcast. The topic for today is have you met your goals? This is my story. My name is Cortea and welcome to my podcast. If you are over the age of 50, have you met your goals yet? What is a goal? It can be a dream, an ambition, or idea, something you would like to do. Well, I say grown folks, but any age can listen. When I was in high school in the 80s, I took a typing class. I loved it so much. My dream was to be a secretary and work at a desk one day. Always remember, it is never too late for anything in this world. Through lots of trials and tribulations, I am now over 50, and my dream and goal has come true. I now do work from home. We must strive for perfection. Is it easy? Of course not. Nothing is easy in this world. I have worked all my life in jobs that I did not like. Why? Because I needed money to take care of my family. How does it make you feel when you know you can do better but still continue doing the same thing? Let's realize you have a family, work all the time. It seems like you are working more than anything. Yes, it can be stressful. I am a witness to this. There are two things that happened in my life. First was depression, and then my health. My health was osteoarthritis in both knees. I took a leave of absence from my job and was terminated. I had two years of pain growing in both knees, but I could not afford health insurance. Once I did get health insurance, I went to an orthopedic and had a total knee replacement on the right knee. It has been two years from my surgery, and the surgery did not go well. I am now scheduled for my next total knee replacement. I am now disabled. My dream work behind a desk has come true, come to pass. Always remember, our time is not God's time. If I could just reach one person that can relate to what I'm saying, it is a blessing until we meet again.

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