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cover of pawd 2

mentions of sza the twizzla bryson tilly wednesday on netflix and valorant :D



sit down, say it louder, I'm so tired, can you sing it into the mic, it's a whole song and song, a whole introduction, if the world was ending, oh shit, it's too loud, in the dark right now, feel lost in the night, comfort in my sin, all about me, what we coulda been, what we shoulda been, if I wasn't, if I wasn't, look me in my eye, don't act so nice, stop, big boob and a butt, they plump, what's your favorite day of the week, monday, why, because it's a plump day, yeah, why, cause I'll dance, dance, dance, I never say that again, what about you, my favorite day of the week is sunday, oh where, because it's god's day, god's plan, god's plan, tranquility, if you want to play, let's play, if you want to play, let's play, that was a good one.

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