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The Basement Boys Podcast discuss whether Christopher, the main character, should live with his mother or his father. They debate the father's anger issues and the mother's abandonment. They mention that the father lied to Christopher about his mother's death and that she cheated on the father. They also discuss Mr. Shears, the mother's new partner, and his reluctance to have Christopher live with them. The podcast ends with a disagreement over who would side with the mother or the father in the story. Welcome, this is the Basement Boys Podcast. Here we have Prince, our green for the father. Yo. And we have Luke, our green for the mother. Yo, yo. All right, let's start this off. If you were Christopher, who would you want to live with? Oh, definitely the mother. No, the father. What do you mean? You get punched by your dad and you get knocked out, you're going to want to live with him after that? But the mother never cared about him. No, but she was still like, after that, she was sending him notes and stuff, you know, like she would have cared for him, a hundred percent. Bro, she left for a reason because of him, either way. I don't know though, like his father lied to him as well, told Christopher that his mom died. That's kind of tough, you know? And then he finds out that she's not dead? Yeah, she did cheat. It's kind of crazy. Cheating is crazy. That's true. I don't know though. I don't know, I feel like the mom had time to think about what she's done and like her mistakes and that she can become a better parent than her dad, or than Christopher's dad. If she can't handle him again, she's just going to leave again, where is he going to go because the father won't be there? You don't know that for sure though. It could go either way, you know? She could be ready. She probably would. When the dad's beating him in the head, he can't be doing that. He's angry, everyone's seen that, he starts yelling at him. Where the mom's living right now, it's unstable because they only have like one room. That's true, they would have to move. Yeah, that's a good point right there. But also, the main point, the dad killed Wellington. Christopher thinks he's a criminal, honestly. Murder. He got him a dog. So what, is he going to kill him again? Well, he could, but a pitchfork? I don't know. Doesn't Mr. Shears not want Christopher there also? That's true. That's true. That's kind of true. But the mom, you know, Mr. Shears would have to kind of take him in, or else the mom wouldn't like him. There's no way. But like, they kind of ran away from Mr. Shears though, so Mr. Shears obviously doesn't want him. Yeah. Who knows, maybe it would like warm up to him. He is not going to warm up to him. Who knows? He is not going to warm up to him. You don't. Who knows? Well, the father tried his best to protect Christopher by not telling him the truth, because he didn't know how he was going to react when he heard that his mother is cheating on him with his neighbor. I mean, Christopher's still like, scared, or like afraid of his father, right? He feels a lot safer with his mother. That's after the fact. His father told him that he killed Christopher, what's his name, Wellington? That's after the fact. Before that, he was okay. Yeah, but he did kill Wellington. But the father didn't have to tell him that. If his father didn't tell him that, he would have still been with, what's it called, his father, living with his father and his mother. What about the... Actually, yeah. I don't know. It's kind of tough. All right. All right. Who in the story would side with the mom or the dad? I think Siobhan would side with the dad, because he has seen what the father has done for Christopher, making sure he's in school, making sure he's going to all his classes. Now we get the ad break. Today's ad is Audible. It's 15% off for the first book you use when using the code BASEMENTBOYS. The S's are replaced by Z's. Make sure you go get a book. Read, kids. I don't know who would side with the mother in the story. No one, because she's wrong. Mr. Shears, actually. Not really. He didn't really want the kid. True. I don't know. I don't know. I still feel like the mother is right. Why? Taking him in. Because the dad was hurting him and everything. We all saw his anger issues. He couldn't handle him. Discipline, man. She couldn't handle him. Discipline. He knocked him out. No, no. He couldn't handle him. That's some hard discipline right there. If you were throwing at your dad, you would knock him out, too. If you look at the letters, she couldn't handle him. That's why she left. Wait, what? Say that again? Look at the letters. She couldn't handle him. That's why she left. Yeah, but she missed him. She would have cared for him. She would have tried her hardest. She didn't try. Reading those letters, she didn't try that hard enough. I don't know. It's kind of hard. It's kind of a hard situation, you know? Because now she's all the way in London, right? It's kind of hard to see him. I mean, she can always take a train like Christopher did to get to her. Yeah, but then the mother and the father are together and they both hate each other, you know? So that part doesn't really work. It would have to be Christopher going over there. You know, they can't be in the same household, really. Yeah, I don't know. Well, the father is patient with Christopher. Is he, though? Sometimes. He builds up his anger, though. Even the mother admitted that he's more patient and she isn't. When she was explaining all the reasons why she left and why she couldn't handle him, she said the father is patient and she isn't. He needs to control his anger, you know? He kind of just holds it all and then one day just lets it all out. And that's what we saw with the knock-out, you know? But that's pretty far on the line there. If the mother does it, what happens? I don't think the mother would do that. I think she would. If she loses her patience easily, then she would. She's not going to knock him out. Maybe not knock him out. We saw the letters and everything. She still cared for him. She still missed him. Why'd she leave him? Because she wanted to be with Mr. Shears. Okay, so if you were the mother, right? You're leaving your child, right? Are you going to tell him face-to-face or just send letters? But you can't. His dad already told Christopher that she died, which is a lie. You shouldn't lie to your kids. No, before he said she was in the hospital, right? Yeah, that's true. Basically the same thing, though. No. In the hospital. And then she died in the hospital. Okay. If she really wanted to see him, she could have took her car, go to his school, pick him up, and tell him everything. But she didn't. She just left. But that would be kind of sudden for Christopher, because he panics in those situations. Isn't it better to tell in person than write letters? Yeah, but she just picks him up from school without saying anything. He's thinking that she's been dead for all these years. Yeah. I know you would. What? I've been lied to? I wouldn't trust my father at all. You're really lying to me? That my mom died? That's kind of wild. Think about that. You've got to put yourself in that spot. Alright, thank you for tuning in today. That's it for the podcast. Good argument, boys. Anything you need to say? I think I won. I think I won, honestly. But thank you for coming out and listening. See you next time. See ya.

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