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The picture is always clearer, when it's behind you!!



The speaker discusses the concept of hindsight and its importance in our lives. They emphasize that hindsight gives us a clearer picture of our past actions and choices, allowing us to learn, grow, and make better decisions in the future. They also mention that hindsight can be a positive and empowering tool if we use it to reflect on our experiences and make positive changes. The speaker encourages listeners to embrace hindsight, take the first step towards personal growth, and keep an open mind. Hey man, we need to hurry up man. It's about that time. What time is it? You know what time it is. It is about that time. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. This is another episode of Open Minded. And I am your host, Papa Phil. Now we just want to take time to thank you for taking time out of your day, your night, your morning, your evening to chime in and hang out with us for a few moments as we take the time to open up our minds and see what's really going on. I've been having a lot of conversations with people and we're having conversations about life. And there's a lot of things that's going on in life right now that people are struggling with. People are having hard times with. People are not really knowing what to do and what to say and where to go. And essentially how to feel. And that puts you into a different spectrum, a different... What's the word I want to use? It puts you into a different space. A space that you might be familiar with. A space that you might not be familiar with. It could be uncharted, unknown territory. But it also could be a space that you have come to know so well. And when we get trapped in that space, we get engulfed into that space when we are glowing and living and riding in that space. We go through a lot of familiar emotions. We go through some unfamiliar emotions. There's going to be times in our life when you're just going to be in your feelings. And it's okay to feel what you feel. It's okay to go through these emotions and to be in that space. Because we all have been there and we all go there. We've all had these moments in our lives where we seem to feel like we just don't have any control. And then we question any and everything in life. We question about ourselves and why did I allow myself, how did I allow myself to be here at this moment in time. I was having a conversation with guys at work and we were laughing about hindsight 2020. Because the picture is always clear when it's behind you. I'm going to say that again. The picture is always clear when it's behind you. The picture is always clear when it's behind you. And why is that? If the picture was clear in front of you then we would never have any problems. We would never have any issues. We would never find ourselves in a space that is uncomfortable, unbearable, undesirable. Because we see what lies ahead. We're not fortune tellers and we're not the type of people that even see the future. Hence why we dwell in the hindsight. Which is why we tend to reflect on hindsight. And the simple fact that, well, if I would have known this, if I would have saw this happening, if I would have seen this coming, then I definitely would have made a different choice. I definitely would have made a different decision. I definitely would have made a better choice, a better option, a better decision. I would have made, I would have done something different. If I would have known this, if I would have seen this coming, then I definitely would have made a different choice. And we always see a clearer picture in hindsight. Just think about it. Driving down the street and you're using GPS. And GPS is telling you to go a certain way but, you know, you know better. Well, I'm not going to go that way. And then when you choose to go to a different way, no ma'am, I'm recording, fudge. When you choose to go to a different way, then you get lost, you get stuck in traffic, you get detoured. And then you say, if I would have only listened to GPS, if I only would have followed those instructions, if I had. Now, you're lost, you're detoured, you're behind schedule, you're further away from your destination. And your journey has now been set to be a little bit longer. Hindsight. The picture's always clear when it's behind you. And we're the type of people with the mindset that we know best. We know better. We know all things. Because I'm familiar with the situation. I'm familiar with this road. I'm familiar with the way of doing things. But there's one thing that we have to come to understand, that things change. Paths change, roads change, feelings change, emotions change. Life changed. Is it always for the better? That is for your journey to decide. When we come to the realization that things are not the way that they were, a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, I was having conversations with guys at work, and we were talking about gas prices. And I was like, I remember back in the day when gas used to be 85 cents. And I tripped out when it went up to $2. It's like, I'm not going to be able to survive. And then it went up to $4. No, ma'am, it went up to $4. And then when it dropped back down to $2 a gallon, I was like, I will never ever complain about $2 again. Why? Because I come to understand and realize that things change. Whether it's in our control or out of our control. Hence the hindsight. And when we get to see that clearer picture, we have a better understanding of where we're at. And when we see where we're at, then how do we act? How do we carry ourselves? How do we move forward? How do we carry on? And it's going to be different for everybody. Even though you may be the person sitting next to you, and you may be that person that's going through the exact same thing. The exact same situation. But being that you're two different people, you're going to have two different feelings and emotions. And you're going to have two different mindsets to go about how to handle that situation. But isn't it crazy when you get that clearer picture about what you should have done, what you could have done, what you would have done. How does it make you feel? Sometimes you feel mad. Sometimes you feel sad. Sometimes you feel glad. And then sometimes you wish another opportunity that you had. The beauty of hindsight is that you have an opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal, and to be able to try to move on. On my last podcast it was, Learn, Heal, and Move On. And if you have not had an opportunity to check that one out, this podcast may make some sense to you. But I would recommend that you go back and check out that particular one. And then come back to this podcast here. Because it will make sense. And I'm sorry for all the background noise, because my lovely Annabelle wants to be wild and crazy when Papa's on the mic. But then I can also look at the hindsight of what's happened before, with my situation, with my cat. Annabelle, chill out. Knowing her routine when I close my door to get ready to try to help somebody. And then you might be in a situation where you're trying to help somebody, as I am, and you've got a lot of distractions going on around you. That is, not necessarily prohibiting you from helping, but definitely makes it where it's a little bit difficult. So when you go through that situation, as I'm going through right now, I can look back, hindsight, and see what I could have done differently. What could I have done to appease her, to keep her calm, to where she doesn't feel like she has to come in and out, or make her feel like she's trapped in here with me. Hence, hindsight. I'm going to learn from that. I'm going to grow from that. And we're going to move on to the next episode. And that is the beauty of when we have hindsight. Why do we have hindsight? Because now we have a clearer picture. And when you have a clearer picture, it gives you an opportunity. Please listen to this. It gives you an opportunity to not be insane. It gives you an opportunity not to portray insanity, because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. The beauty of hindsight is, you have that opportunity to do something different. To see where you've fallen short. To see where you've succeeded. To see where you have room to grow, and not make that same mistake, or not make that wrong turn, or not make that bad choice of decision, and not to make an emotional happening, that in turn, caused you more problems, caused you more issues, caused you more pain. But I also think when you look at hindsight, and when you're having a reflective image of what's taken place in your past, it's a positive. It's a learning experience. It's an opportunity to grow. And now that you know, and now that you know, now you can grow. Now you can move on, and get your groove on. You understand what I'm saying? Don't be that person standing on the wall, bopping your head to the music. Get up off the wall, get your butt up on the dance floor, and get your groove on. No wall flowers here. Because we've been that dude at the party, at the house party, or at the club, or at the bar, where we just sit back and we just, like, yeah, I'm just going to keep you here for a minute. Yeah, I see her over there. I see this opportunity in front of me. And then somebody swoops in and hollers at the girl that you're wanting to talk to, or a lady, a lady swoops in and hollers at the man that you are eyeing. And you never will know what opportunity lies ahead, or what that opportunity could have been for you, because you are a wall flower. I, in fact, will tell you, like M.O.C. says, you've got to bust a move. And in this day and time, and in this life, we can't stand still. We've got to keep moving forward. I told somebody, and I said in my last podcast, the hardest step to take is the first step. And when you have that clearer picture, when you have hindsight right there in front of your face, and you have that clearer picture, it makes it a little bit easier to take that first step. And it's a beautiful thing when you are able to take that first step, because then after the first step, then there's another step, and then another step, and then another step, and then another step, and then you're moving in the right direction. All because hindsight. And hindsight is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. You can use it as a positive thing, as a good thing in your life. So, I'll tell you, take the time take the time to sit back, have your woosah moments, take a deep breath, hold it, let it out, calm your mind, calm your spirit, calm your soul. Reflect on hindsight, and figure out how you can be a better you, and open up your eyes to have a better view, and open up your mind to make it do what it do. Just something to think about. Hindsight will always give you a clearer picture after the fact. I just want to take the opportunity again to thank you for taking time out of your day, your night, your morning, your afternoon, your evening, to sit back and listen to my open-minded podcast. And thanks for those that are watching live on Instagram, seeing how it goes down. And with that, I hope you have a wonderful evening, a wonderful night, a wonderful morning, a great afternoon, whatever time of day it is, whatever time you choose to chime in. Always remember to keep an open mind. This has been Open-Minded, and I'm your host, Papa Silk. Peace, love, and hair greets. And I'm out.

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