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S1 Ep1 My Intentions For This Podcast

S1 Ep1 My Intentions For This Podcast


Join me as I share a little bit about myself and my hopes and dreams for this podcast. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on my latest episodes, to see the full episode lineup month to month, and to receive good-vibe, healing energy reminders. https://www.instagram.com/thespiritualhealingpodcast/

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The speaker introduces themselves as the host of the Spiritual Healing Podcast and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to share their passion for deep conversations and personal growth. They discuss the struggle of negative self-talk and the importance of overcoming fear to pursue their dreams. They highlight their interest in energy and how it affects us. The speaker emphasizes the value of authenticity and trusting the process. They encourage listeners to tap into their unique qualities and provide value to others. The speaker shares their own journey with meditation and mindfulness and their desire to advocate for deep conversations. They aim to create a space for healing and self-improvement, exploring various topics related to personal growth. The speaker describes their goal of connecting mind, body, and soul and helping listeners thrive. They emphasize the individual nature of spiritual journeys and encourage listeners to take what resonates with them from the podcast. Hello everyone and welcome to the Spiritual Healing Podcast. This has been such an honor creating and publishing this podcast for you today. I am just so grateful that you're listening, so honored that you're here, and I'm just going to keep it very, very real with you, very authentic, not too scripty. We're just kind of ripping off the band-aid today, as this is going to be my very first time recording, and I want to keep it light, I want to keep it happy, I want to keep it warm, I want to keep it lovely, and yeah, this is just me speaking from the heart today. I'm going to be very authentic with you, very pure, very real with you, and today I'm going to share with you a little struggle I've been having lately. So as I've been chasing this dream, I'm realizing what's holding me back, and it is just that pesky negative self-talk, okay? It is the self-talk of, you know, having doubts and having fears, kind of just rushing in and out, along with the excitement. Very excited, if you haven't noticed, but that fear and that self-talk, man, it can really get to you. So this is something I've wanted to do for a very, very, very long time. I'm extremely passionate about having deep-rooted conversations about energy, about just growing, and about being the best that we can be. And when I say energy, I mean the energy that we feel, the energy that's within us, and the energy that's really all around us. So this is something I've spent, honestly, my entire lifetime just fixated on, exploring, diving into, and really talking about with every single person that I meet. I feel like we always end up slipping into some sort of really deep, meaningful conversation, which I absolutely treasure and hold dear. And we have always left those conversations feeling just a little bit better about ourselves, or better about the situation, even better about life as a whole. So that is what I really want to bring to you in this podcast, and if I could do anything for a living, it would definitely be to just have deep conversations that produce, you know, real, meaningful, life-lasting results. That is my true cup of tea. So I decided I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna start this podcast. I'm gonna have and facilitate an environment where we can have these deep conversations, and these topics that we're gonna talk about, they're gonna bring up really beautiful realizations about ourselves. And we can resonate with different things together. And in sharing my shortcomings with you about, you know, this negative self-talk, as I'm chasing my dreams, I'm finding that there are times where I'm letting this self-talk win. And in reality, I can't be letting this fear win. I can't be letting it stop me or hold me back from doing something I really want to do. This needs to be a mirror, a reflection of me. And after silencing that doubt and that fear, I realized that there are so many of us who start overthinking when we're about to take, you know, a really big first step towards something new, even something exciting, or even something scary. And there are always going to be times where you're about to make a really big decision, or take a really big leap into something that you're doing for the very first time. And you're gonna find yourself overthinking. And that's just human nature. But of course, our thoughts do not define us. And I'm still learning about my microphone, editing software, all of that stuff. But I can tell you confidently that I love what I'm doing here. And I just hope that you love it as much as I do. So just so you can get a little feel about who I am, first and foremost, I am a soul. And I'm just an everyday person, you know, ever-growing, ever-changing, just kind of moving through life, I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. And when I decided to step away from perfection, and that overthinking mindset, into authenticity, into trusting the process and standing in my truth, I've learned how to be stronger and how to be calmer, and really how to value what I'm capable of. And I want that same energy for you. That is exactly why I'm here today. And when you truly step into identifying as a soul, I find that you realize that you add value simply by being you. And the more value you put into the world, the more you will be rewarded. That energy exchange is so real. And if you challenge yourself in moments of doubt, and you remember that you bring forth a type of value that only you possess, you can find, you know, yourself feeling more complete, more confident, and just more calm as you walk through life and go through this process. So real quick, I want you to think about, you know, what kind of value do you have, and what kind of value have you been harnessing and cultivating lately? And how can you provide more value to more people? Because that's what this life is all about. It's all about how we can, you know, be there for others, support each other, and think about what qualities you possess that are unique to you. What do you enjoy doing? And after you kind of get those thoughts, you know what you like, how can you move that energy forward? How can you radiate that energy? How can you expand further and further into this world around you? So that way, it's not like the world is controlling you, but you are controlling your world. You are in control of yourself. And it's not complete control. We all have to learn how to let go of control. I'm a perfectionist. I totally get that. It's hard letting go of control, but everything that has happened in your life makes you valuable. And once you tap into who you are, and you know who you are, go out there and face your dreams. I don't know why I felt so called to say that, but that is just something that I've experienced lately. And if you resonate with that at all, go get them, tiger. Like go out there. Go do your thing. So a little bit about me, I have been studying meditation and mindfulness for a very long time. It is what I'm extremely passionate about. I've just always found meditation to be something that has always been there for me. And whatever I've done career-wise, whatever, or I'm sorry, wherever I moved to or traveled, whenever I even got stressed, I would just meditate. And every time I would meditate, I would just feel more grounded in myself, and I would feel way more confident. And I found it to be such a healing habit that I stuck with it. And now it's been 10 years, which is crazy. It's been a whole decade. After becoming a meditation practitioner and mindfulness life coach last year, I've just accepted that I am a really huge fan of advocating for environments and people who enjoy participating in deep conversations. I truly cannot get enough of it. And I really value organizations and people that I meet because they all hold such amazing wisdom when you really get down deep into understanding who they are as a person. Everyone has this different, um, this different, I don't know, I don't want to call it a different texture of wisdom, but like, I don't know, different vibration of wisdom? Hmm? Sure. So, that's really my goal. It is to bring people on so they can share what they've learned, they can share their thoughts on a very deep, energetic level, and we can connect to each other because we are all connected. And here, we're letting down the shields of our ego and we're meeting each other soul to soul. We're recognizing each other as, hey, you're an energetic being, I'm an energetic being, we're just moving through life, you know? So let's, let's talk about it. So really, that's my goal for this podcast, not only to heal and better myself, but also to help you heal and to help you better yourself. And we're really all in this together. I want you to do this, of course, on your own time, in your own way, however you feel called to do so, but together, we'll explore numerous topics, all related to healing and becoming a well-rounded person. So this is definitely something you want to keep tabs on because one week, we could be talking about anger or feeling under pressure, but if you're not really an angry person or you can't really relate to that right now, the next week, we could be talking about overcoming obstacles and relationships, not just the relationships we have with others, but the relationship we have with ourselves. So keep this in your pocket, save it for a rainy day, save it for whenever you need something healing or rejuvenating, even if you just need something to fall back on, kind of like how I use meditation in my life. If you just need something to ground you, center you, bring some good energy into your day, this is where you can come. I hope to turn this virtual space into a place where we can have deep conversations and learn, where we can blanket ourselves with healing energy, because, again, everything is energy, we're all connected, we know this, and together, I'm hoping we can just thrive. And I mean really thrive. And I'm hoping that we can uncover the connection between the mind, body, and soul together. Individually, but also together. Because I want you to experience this beautiful connection, and I want you to kind of transform into this person who you've always known you could be. A new version of yourself, a put-together, confident, just energetically, vibrationally beautiful person that you know you are. And I've heard many wise instructors say that the soul is like a thumbprint. We all have one, it's just a little bit different from everyone else's. And I really think that's how the healing journey or the spiritual journey goes. Our spiritual journeys unfold on completely different timelines. And we all have a journey in life. And our journeys are just gonna look different. I'm gonna be talking about all kinds of stuff, so honestly, you just pick up what you need to pick up, that's what it's here for, that's why there's gonna be an array of topics, and of course, they're all gonna be grounded in this healing energy, but that's my mission. You just use this when you need to use this. And my intentions for this podcast is to radiate and to expand my energy and provide that value in the world. I'm finding more and more, unfortunately, that there's just so much bad energy out there, and I feel really called in this moment to just contradict that and combat that and put some good energy out there, because quite frankly, I'm tired of this bad energy stuff, okay? I can't even put it in my body anymore. That's not the energy I want to feed myself. And I think once we start to realize that we are all energy, we are the energy that we consume, the energy that we eat influences us, the music that we listen to influences us, and who we hang out with in our environments even influence us in some way, and I strongly believe that if you want to be something other than your environment, you have to do something different. And I feel so called to put out this good energy right now, because I know that if I put out good energy, not only will it help a lot of people, but good energy will come back, and that is all I want in my life, to be surrounded by good, positive energy, good vibes, and of course, that's not what all life is. Life is full of ups and downs, but I know that this good energy will touch someone out there, and if you're that someone, and if it's touching you right now, and if it's making you smile, I'm so glad, because that's all I want to do. All I want to do is make you smile, and all I want to do is bring you joy, bring you comfort, and bring you happiness. And I want to bring that happiness and joy by talking about these deep topics that are very commonly overlooked. So in the next episode, we'll discuss what identifying as the soul means to me, and well, not even means to me, means to us, means in general. We'll explore how we can embody the best version of ourselves whenever we need to, and maybe even all the time, because I want to show up as my best self, not just for me, but for the people I love, and I want to show up as my best self as often as I can, because if I give them my best self, that is how I wish to honor them, that is how I wish to thank them for coming into my life, and I want to show up as that person. And this is why these topics are so important to me at my core, because we all have to find ways to honor the people that we care about, just out of respect, and because it's the right thing to do. Showing up as our best selves, of course, isn't going to be an everyday thing, but we can at least try to do it as often as we can. So what this podcast is going to bring out in its entirety, is it's going to bring out your best self, and in the next episode, we'll talk a little bit more about that. We'll talk about uncovering the true nature of our authentic selves, so we can walk through life feeling calm, confident, and just a little bit more complete. And of course, I know that life is not all sunshine and rainbows, like I said, but there are going to be times where you might say to yourself, ooh, I wasn't acting like my best self in that moment, or uh, I didn't handle that situation as well as I could have, or I didn't speak to that person as well as I could have, and that's totally okay. Again, we don't have to be perfect, that's what life is all about. It's constant improvement, and it needs to be constant improvement. And yeah, we're going to dive deeper into that topic next episode, and we'll also do a nice guided meditation at the end that will assist us in doing exactly that. So throughout this podcast, it's going to be a mixture of deep discussion and guided meditation, using meditation as a tool to really elevate ourselves, so that way we can listen to this information, absorb this information in that way, and then also absorb the information by just expanding and radiating our own energy through meditation. We'll be going inwards, so that way we can connect with our soul's voice and our heart's voice, and we're just going to sit with ourselves for a minute and see what comes up. So I'm very excited to do that with you. Thank you again for listening to this podcast, I absolutely love you. The support I've received thus far has just been unreal, it's like a dream come true, and I will see you next time, you lovely, lovely people.

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