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cover of S1 Ep2 Identifying as The Soul (w/ Meditation)
S1 Ep2 Identifying as The Soul (w/ Meditation)

S1 Ep2 Identifying as The Soul (w/ Meditation)


How identifying as the soul has helped me overcome stress and how getting to know different aspects of yourself can help you dig deep and do the same. Learn about the energetic bodies and enjoy a guided meditation that will open your heart, allowing you to listen to your souls voice as it guides you through the next chapter of your life.

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The speaker of the podcast, Nicole, shares that she has been dealing with anxiety and self-judgment as she takes on a new chapter in her life. She has been taking time to go inward and work with her coach to heal past issues that resurfaced. She emphasizes the importance of not holding ourselves back out of fear or self-criticism, as it not only hurts us but also deprives others of our unique gifts. Nicole discusses how identifying as the soul and understanding our energy can help us overcome anxiety and fear. She explains the qualities of the soul energy, such as forgiveness and compassion, and contrasts it with the ego, which is judgmental and demanding. Nicole emphasizes the need for balance between the two and encourages self-reflection and meditation to understand and correct our thoughts and behaviors. She concludes by discussing the importance of making healthy changes and embracing the lessons we learn along the way. Hello wonderful people of the world welcome back to the spiritual healing podcast my name is Nicole and oh my god it has been so so long let me tell you why I have been just MIA I have been you know completely silent and it's really because deep down I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately about just starting this new chapter in my life and like all the things that it entails and stepping into this like I don't want to call it like a spiritual leadership role because that sounds too hierarchy for me because I'm just your spiritual friend like I am just your everyday bestie like here to talk some spiritual stuff but really I have been stressing because I know this is a really big responsibility that I'm taking in and I know that you know with this information like the one thing that I want to do overall is to appropriately honor that information and honor the people that I give it to and so I want to make sure you know I give it to you the best way I can and oh my gosh that pressure that I'm putting on myself has me crumbling well it had me crumbling to be very transparent and real because that's what we're doing here I have just been kind of going inward I've taken this past entire month to just really go inward I've been speaking with my coach my mentor and we've just been kind of going deeper into my psyche into my life and we've just been seeing what comes up and without giving you the total backstory there is a lot of things that came out for me that not only did I thought I healed which you'll probably find happens a lot on a spiritual journey like sometimes we'll go through and we'll heal things and we'll think that we got over them you know mentally emotionally but really it's so much deeper than that and it takes a lot of time to heal and sometimes it even takes going back and even if you did heal it in that moment when you try something new you could find that you know the same issue that you thought you healed is coming up again so that's exactly what I found and it's really not uncommon which is why I wanted to share it and kind of shine some light onto it and what I've been dealing with is you know perception I have been kind of judging myself really I've been judging myself judging what I have been creating and I've also been afraid of the judgment of others which in hindsight is very silly to me because I have received a lot of love and a lot of support and literally all people want me to do is make another episode and it's just me holding myself back and I think in everyday situations you can find that you hold yourself back a lot from doing what you want to do out of fear or out of you know harsh self-criticism and when you do this you're not only hurting yourself but you're hurting almost like and I don't want to say it like this but it's just going to come out like this we're hurting humanity because we all contain very special gifts and very unique and different personalities and so when we're not sharing that energy when we're just keeping it in and when we're you know kind of hiding it we're not only hurting ourselves but we're hurting others who we could be potentially helping so that is something that has kind of come to fruition and I've let that understanding seep deep like seep deep within me and now I'm finally finding the voice and the words to really link this all together so it sounds smooth and it makes sense and again I want to just kind of talk about this anxiety and this fear that we all experience through different periods of our lives and I want to talk about how we can get over that and how we can overcome that no matter how it comes up or no matter when it comes up so one way to get through this and shocker it's a spiritual topic but one way to get through this is by identifying as the soul so how do we identify as the soul well first we have to define the soul and we have to kind of understand what the soul energy is and it's exactly that it's energy that rests within our beings it's the energy beneath the flesh and it's not just the energy of the brain and it's not just the energy of the heart it is the energy of our entire consciousness and subconscious and basically our system it's the magnetic field that we all carry as our bodies radiate energy and without getting too off topic you might ask but how is our body radiating energy you know and the truth is we're all energy and again we know this um but our atoms are energy our heart beats our mind flutters our organs work and when they do that they're pulsating a vibration so that vibration that interface you know that is what i mean when i say that we radiate and actually the heart the radiation of the heart the vibrations the wavelengths from it they can reach three feet out from our physical bodies and this has been measured through science time and time again and i find that once we kind of understand that we are energy and that our heart has this magnificent power it helps us understand what kind of power our soul has so what is the energy of the soul what are the qualities and the energy of the soul is forgiveness it's compassion it's patience it's grace it's acceptance these kind of characteristics are the characteristics that really make up that energy that smooth synchronistic energy and then on the opposite side let's look at the ego and the ego is another aspect of ourselves i don't want to call them necessarily polar opposites but you'll find that a lot of the qualities that are part of the soul the opposite is the ego so the ego is very judgmental it's not as patient it holds grudges um and sometimes the ego is demanding you know it wants to be in the driver's seat it feels like its logic is the logic and it's dangerous because within our beings once we understand the two we have to understand how to balance the two as we live in a society like ours you know because with every polarity you know there has to be well with every duality there has to be a balance like two sides of a coin there has to be some sort of balance it can't be um you know just walking in everyday life you and i it can't be all spiritual all the time because at the place that we're at the place where you're at that's a lot to ask for yourself as you're learning to walk through life where you currently are so we can just remove that pressure altogether it doesn't always have to be spiritual sometimes we have to look at the ego and then at the same time it can't always be from the ego we can't always hold grudges we can't always want to be in power we can't always be judging people or judging ourselves there has to be a balance between compassion and forgiveness and then also between um you know knowing who you are and working from that so with knowing who we are and by identifying as the soul by welcoming this compassion in and by accepting our situation where we are what we've been through how it has molded us the challenges that we've faced so far along our journey um by really looking at these things we're able to heal again and again and it it brings in a new level of peace and it brings in a new level of harmony inward and outward and with that harmony in that space is where we're able to make true pure healthy changes to our lives and these healthy changes could look like you know like full hunger games like may the odds be ever in my favor it could look like you know what this environment isn't exactly how i would like it right now i am not exactly where i want to be right now but may the odds be in my favor let me just go for it anyway because that's what i feel deep down i need to do and i kind of want to get deeper into that feeling real quick so we have different aspects of ourselves and we're made up of many different energetic systems we have the physical body we have the mental body the emotional body the astral well the astral emotional body um we have our auric field we have our ego we have our soul so we're made up of so many different types of energy and so many different energetic bodies really and since we are made up of all of these different things it's important for us to just take a little personal inventory and check in and be like okay what is my body saying and what is my body doing and why what is my mind saying what is my mind doing and why is it doing this same thing with the ego what is my ego saying what is it doing why is it doing this same thing with the soul same thing with the emotions you know you get my point and that is exactly what i did over this course of the last month i have really took a mirror put it right in front of my face and i analyzed my actions and i analyzed my responses my behaviors and my train of thought and that's a really beautiful part of meditation which is one of the reasons why i'm so into it because meditation is basically like you putting a mirror up in front of you you know you don't know if you look bad and you don't know if you know there's something in your teeth unless you see your own reflection and then once you're able to see and reflect on yourself then you're able to pick that piece of spinach out of your teeth then you're able to fix your hair or get that eye bogey you know what i mean like and then we self correct and then we appear as a better version of ourselves and that's really what meditation does for us so i took all of these aspects in and over the course of the month because reminder this takes time and this takes patience and you want to give yourself time to do this so that way it really seeps in and it really sinks in and you you accept it and you embrace the lessons that you learn along the way so i sat with my ego and i listened to it and i meditated with the intention of listening to my ego the story that she had for me same thing with the soul the story my soul had for me the message that my soul was trying to tell me and i even listened to my body and i found it was interesting that as i as my body was staying in the same habits that i've had for a while really and those habits were just trying to give myself dopamine through quick entertaining things whether it be social media or a streaming service or a fun you know probably a little unhealthy dinner you know what i mean if i'm being perfectly honest like pizza but um so i was listening to what the body was doing and what the body was doing is it was keeping me in these habits because there was a level of comfort there there was a level of safety there and even though i knew my soul knows that you know watching netflix for hours that is not what i need and that is not something that i want to do to nurture my being even though it knew that an aspect of myself knew that at its core my body was still trying to keep me safe and that realization alone took a lot of the self-criticism off of my plate that i was putting on myself and it made me realize that's exactly what i was doing my body is not you know i'm not bad i'm not a terrible person because i'm not doing what i know is right it's this instinct in me that is trying to keep me safe and same thing with my mind why is my mind going to social media it's an instinct in me that is trying to keep me happy it's trying to avoid the feelings of nervousness that i'm experiencing when stepping into this new phase even though this new phase is exactly where i want to be where you want to be there are going to be things that we have to get over and there are going to be new hurdles no matter where we are on our path there's always going to be challenge and it's important that instead of either running away from the challenge or you know just viciously trying to avoid it or trying to you know demonize it it's important that we embrace it and it's important that we walk towards it and we look at it for what it really is and that challenge is helping us grow as human beings and with every challenge comes a new lesson with every challenge comes a new level of strength that we didn't have before and with that strength we're able to help people that we weren't able to help before and it's really important that we listen and that we reflect on ourselves that way we can walk through life bigger and better so when you're walking through life and when you're trying to change something about your life remember these things remember these points remember this episode and remind yourself you know I'm going through this change and change is never easy but I embrace it and listen remember to listen to your soul and what your soul is telling you what message you're receiving and that's our intuition you know that's our gut that's like our passion follow your passion follow what your gut is telling you and don't be afraid of how big your vision is be honored at how big your vision is do what you can to move towards that vision every single day because you deserve it and that vision is yours for a reason that purpose is your purpose for a reason don't run from it move towards it you are a lot stronger than you think and it takes you dedicating time to yourself to really understand that and when I say dedicate your time I mean meditate on it yes really sit down in silence sit down in a peaceful environment and meditate on that on what you want on your soul's voice and then when you truly listen and when you hear it and when you let it sink in identify as that identify as your soul's voice your ego may try to stand in your way your mind your body your everyday habits may block you from time to time but it's important then to re-ground yourself in your soul's message and in your purpose it's important to re-ground take a step back again and again and again however many times you need to and listen and remember your story and your mission here so on that note I want to take a second right now and I want to guide you through a meditation that I found has really helped me listen to my heart and listen to my soul and this meditation is a very grounding exercise that you can do anytime you need to come back to your dream or come back to your purpose or come back to your goal so let's take a moment and let's prepare for meditation find yourself a nice comfortable position so whether it be in a chair whether it be laying down whatever you feel called to do in this moment take this moment remove any kind of distraction silence your phone get a drink of water pause this video whatever you need to do get comfortable and when you're ready we'll begin so now that we're here in this comfortable space I invite you to close your eyes and take three subtle deep breaths into the nose and out through the mouth in through the nose out through the mouth and on this last tail inhale in through the nose and out through the nose and we're really going to soften and relax the body let the body become heavy if you need to make any last minute adjustments to avoid movement throughout the duration of this meditation make those adjustments now and get as comfortable as you possibly can so allow your legs to become heavy and sink into the surface beneath you and with every gentle breath allow your legs and your muscles to simply soften allow your hips to get heavy allow your back to get heavy and sink deeper and deeper into the surface beneath you allow your arms to get heavy allow your breathing to get slow and deep and relaxed soften the muscles in your shoulders soften the muscles in your neck and bring your awareness to your facial muscles slowly soften the forehead soften the eyebrows and the eyes the cheek muscles and soften the jaw let your entire body be heavy in this moment let go of the room around you you are safe you are comfortable you are at peace and with every breath connect deeper and deeper to the energy that you feel to the energy that you feel in your body so so notice the subtle vibration and the subtle radiation that you are emitting in your mind picture this vibration and picture it like it's radiating from the sun picture yourself as a golden golden glowing body of energy and allow your energy to radiate and allow your energy to radiate to be warm to be light allow your thoughts to flow through you do not judge your thoughts do not try to control your thoughts simply notice your thoughts in this moment notice where your mind is instantly taking you and now let us set an intention let us bring our full awareness to the intention of listening to the heart we are listening to the heart in this moment take both of your hands and place them over your heart imagine a glowing ball of light within your chest within your chest imagine it's warm imagine it's glowing very bright and this bright light is the love and compassion that you hold within you embrace this energy of love and compassion and show yourself love and compassion in this moment as you dedicate this moment to yourself for your healing benefit you deserve it tell yourself that you deserve this love you deserve this time you deserve this energy you deserve this compassion and this acceptance of who you are and where you are in life say i love you say i see you say i honor you in this moment and as you truly feel these emotions of love and gentle compassion in your mind allow that ball of light allow the light coming from you to grow larger and larger and to radiate out into the room imagine it gets bigger imagine it has no boundaries and now as you're emitting this beautiful light and as you are completely blanketed and as you are completely blanketed by this beautiful love and compassion open yourself up to a message a message embedded in love a message from your soul from your heart center what is your heart center telling you in this moment so listen to this inner voice to this inner voice of the soul and truly receive this message let the love that radiates from this message completely engulf you feel it all throughout your body feel this love in your heart and continue radiating that energy continue feeling your body as it is relaxed as the energy is moving through you moving through your heart your chest your arms this love energy is moving through your legs your shoulders your head this loving energy is within you always this message is your message it is a beautiful gift to you and as we come out of this meditation let us take one final moment for gratitude to say thank you to say i love you and to say i love you to yourself and say i love you to your soul and as you come back to your physical body and as you start making very small adjustments with your toes or your fingertips smile truly smile truly embrace your body and your mind and your mind and your mind and your mind and your mind truly smile truly embrace what you've heard and as you open your eyes keep that smile on your face and keep that energy within your being and know that that is your purpose that is your next step move there calmly move there confidently as this was a message out of love thank you so much for being here with me today i hope you enjoyed this meditation i apologize if there was traffic in the background i live in a city and sometimes it gets very noisy but for the most part please do this meditation whenever you need to just go to a quiet space or create a quiet space even right before you go to bed or as you wake up in the morning take a minute hold your heart close your eyes and remind yourself of your soul's voice and lead that lead with that voice you know let that voice guide your actions instead of letting your ego guide your actions or instead of letting the old habits that still reside in your body guide your actions or letting fear in the mind or even trying to avoid silence in the mind let that go lead with your soul do with your soul embrace that aspect of you and let that aspect of you and truly let it shine through i wish nothing but love and light and good vibes to you and i will see you next time bye for now

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