cover of Episode 7 - Tiger Is Back & Genesis Recap, Fields Haters Again, & NBA AllStar Break Sucks?
Episode 7 - Tiger Is Back & Genesis Recap, Fields Haters Again, & NBA AllStar Break Sucks?

Episode 7 - Tiger Is Back & Genesis Recap, Fields Haters Again, & NBA AllStar Break Sucks?


The Boys and I talk recap of the recent PGA Tour Event, the Genesis Invitational, while touching base on Justin Fields haters, and discussing whether or not the NBA All-Star break is bad as a whole.



The hosts of the Honest Truth Sports Podcast discuss various topics such as golf, football, and the NBA. They specifically talk about the idea of trading Justin Fields, the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and whether it is a good decision. They believe it would be a mistake to trade Fields and argue that he has potential and just needs better weapons around him. They also criticize Colin Cowherd's opinion that the Bears should reset the quarterback market. They provide statistics and examples to support their argument. All right, welcome to Episode 7 of the Honest Truth Sports Podcast. I am your host, Michael Pinarski, and as always, I am joined by my co-hosts, Nate and Steve Pinarski. Today, we are going to talk about a variety of subjects on the docket. We have golf talk later. A lot has happened in the golf world, especially this last week with the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Golf Club, Tiger comeback, a little bit of Max Homa and Jon Rahm, possibly the downfall of live golf. Continuing on, we will also have more talk about football, off-season football. Since, you know, the Super Bowl wrapped up the season, there's not much really going on with football talk. I mean, you have the XFL starting, but nobody wants to talk about that. Then we also will talk about the NBA a little bit and the All-Star break and our tapes on whether or not the NBA should get rid of the All-Star game. So that's what we have on today's episode. I thank you all for listening and enjoy the rest of this show. All right, so now we are going to talk football. Nathan, I believe you had some stories about us and the recent takes that Colin Cowherd had on Justin Fields and saying that he is not a good QB and that the Bears should end up actually trading him, if I remember correctly, and drafting Bryce Young. Yeah, and draft Bryce Young. And also saying that he is not the quarterback for the future and not having the best passing attack. Just give me your take, you know. You understand this a little bit more and I want your opinions on what Colin had said in his recent takes. So I feel like in the NFL community recently, it's become quite a popular take to say that the Bears should trade Justin Fields and instead draft the quarterback with the number one pick. And I think that take is absolutely blasphemous. I mean, number one, just... That's a big word for you. Blasphemous. Just thinking about it, why would you trade a quarterback who was already put in a bad situation to draft another quarterback and put him in that same bad position? It makes zero sense overall. And number two, I think Justin Fields has a lot of potential and a lot of upside. He just needs to have weapons around him. So what Colin Kalaher likes to say is, whether he can see it early on if guys have it or guys don't have it. And I think that is totally stupid. Because there have been plenty of quarterbacks in this league that get better late. I think of Josh Allen recently, or Jalen Hurts. He had this resurgence in his third year. Those two guys are top tier quarterbacks in the NFL right now. So there is still room to improve for Fields. Hey, Nate. Hold on. Can I share something really quick with the rest of us? I saw this. I saw this. Oh my gosh. Hold on. Hold up. While you look for that. I will say, everything that Colin is basically saying is that he wants the Bears to reset the QB market for themselves. Because they've already wasted two years, essentially, with Justin Fields. Why not reset the quarterback contract, get a new one in there to start fresh five years But, however, with that, you're basically, like I said, restarting fresh with everybody or whoever you get, regardless if that's either Bryce Young or TJ Strauss or Will Loves. We can get into what quarterback would be the ideal candidate for them. But for the sake of this segment, we're just going to focus on why trading away Justin Fields is not the greatest idea in the world. Colin made a bunch of different points where he said that Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Andrew Love, they all had shitty crappy lines. Sorry. Pardon my language there. Crappy lines. Offensive lines. However, he was leaving out one crucial, like, one very huge factor in their success. And that was the fact that they all had weapons. I thought it was funny that he left out the fact that the Bengals and the Chargers, they currently have, I mean, at the time that both quarterbacks flourished, they had the two of the best duos in the Net-a-Bub, at least top ten. You can even argue top five. What did Justin Field work in with? I couldn't even name you the ten wide receivers that were asked to try out to the field. And basically run with their chicken cut off or their head, run like chicken with their head cut off. It was essentially, it was just a bunch of no-name guys that were not able to make any routes because they are, they don't have any experiences in that field. And they're just not talented for that matter. It's just such a terrible way to, like, basically downplay the fact that Justin Field had nobody to play with and the other two quarterbacks had plenty of weapons to work with. So I found what I was looking for, kind of going off of what Nate said. What I was going to say is that on this graphic you see here, Justin Field's versus playoff teams this year, this was his numbers. These were his numbers against playoff teams. And looking towards the future, those numbers are really good, like insanely good. Maybe you want a little bit more yards per game, but he was also running the ball, so you add that aspect into his game as well. Like this is what he's doing against NFL playoff teams. And his team, not good at all. The Bears were not good whatsoever at all last year. He was the only bright side they had. They had injuries left and right, trading people at deadline, sending basically the entire defense away at the deadline, making their defense last in the league. I mean, I couldn't even count, actually, you know, I could count how many sacks the Bears had on probably two ends because they just didn't have any sacks, any pressure on the quarterback at all this year. And it's insane to see that this is what, this right here was what Justin Field is doing against playoff teams. It's going to be exciting to see what he does next year. With hopefully a revamped roster, a lot of free agents, I know that there have been already some cuts made by the Tennessee Titans. Robert Woods could possibly be a veteran wide receiver they could look at. Taylor DeJuan who could be a potential offensive lineman to bring back if his health isn't concerning because I know he had two ACLs in the last three years. So that could be concerning, but he's proven to be reliable. But there's also other offensive linemen on the board for next year. And I saw possibly Mike McGlinchey could be another key add. But yeah, it could be a great offseason for the Bears to try and add picks. And I'd like to see where they kind of go after that. Michael, I just sent you a tweet. If you want to pull that up, it's a it's a really good, like, look at how to evaluate your quarterback and going into the draft. Obviously, the Bears are sitting in the best possible scenario where they have the number one draft pick. They have basically the ball in their court, they can do whatever they want. They can either draft the best player available, obviously, or trade down and make several different make trade with other partners and hopefully they can give them a haul. Or they can still do a couple different ways where they either trade away Justin Field, but still trade down to get a haul and potentially just like paying for next year essentially. But this tweet is what really kind of gave me an eye opener on why Justin Field should not be traded away or they should stick with Justin Field. So basically, this guy, he gave you two reasons on why you would essentially give up hope on your current quarterback and look to get a new one. If either the quarterback has been just awful in the NFL, or you can get a blue chip quarterback prospect that is in the draft currently. Although, and he says basically, he doesn't think that Justin Field hasn't been terrible, but he also doesn't think that Young and Stroud and Lovez are good enough to be able to take the number one pick. Like maybe they're good enough for like this second round, obviously good enough for later in the draft as well. But I wouldn't be wasting my top pick on any of those prospects. It just doesn't seem realistic for them to take any of them and restart any kind of momentum they had from this year. Justin Field is, he had the ideal physical trace that you want for a quarterback. He's just lacking the completion percentage, which is, I would argue that it's not all entirely his fault, because like I said earlier, he's basically working with no wide receiver whatsoever. He has a decent tight end, which Collin keeps bringing up a lot, that the fact that his great comparison that he'd make it is the Giants. Like what is Daniel Jones working with? A great offensive play caller. Yeah, yep, yep. Which helped a lot and make Daniel Jones not make as many mistakes as he has in the past. And they also don't have any real weapons whatsoever. But I would say Gable played a huge role in that. If you were to open up the playbook with Daniel Jones, maybe give him another wide receiver or two, and basically let him lose, I don't think he would be as productive as Justin Fields. And we can, that's a whole nother segment for us later, like would you consider Fields to be like a top 15 quarterback going forward, top 20? That is another take that you had, Collin, I'm talking about, where if you have a quarterback within the top 10 in the NFL, obviously you're going to succeed. But what if you have a quarterback within the 10, the 20 range, obviously you would call those average quarterback. And obviously after 20 and 32, obviously, those are the quarterback that you would want to reevaluate and see if any of them can actually improve and take your team to the next level. I would say, I would argue that a year ago, we would consider Jalen Hurst in that 10 to 20 range. And looking at him now, I mean, wouldn't we all say that he's in the top 10 right now? Yeah, and you know what changed for him? He had, his team was healthy, his O-line was amazingly good, and they got A.J. Brown and Devontae Smith developed. And so yes, their team got really good and they got good offensive play, Collin. He had a good team all around. And so he was able to jump up to that next level. It's all about what you have around you in the NFL to succeed as a quarterback. You know, like talent is one thing, but you have to have guys around you. Like Joe Burrow wouldn't be the same quarterback without Jamar Chase, you know. Patrick Mahomes wouldn't have succeeded so much early in his career without Travis Kelsey. I mean, every quarterback has to have a guy that they can trust, especially early on. And Felix doesn't have that. And so what you're looking for him right now is to see if he can show flashes throughout the season when he has absolutely nothing around him. And I think that he did. There was about a four-week stretch where he was playing out of his mind. He was rushing the ball. He was getting a ton of yardage. And, you know, he played well against playoff teams in the picture that Michael showed. So he definitely showed good flashes. And, you know, and I have another stat I want to share. So ESPN does this stat. It's called QBR, you know, Total Quarterback Ranking. And it had Fields at 54. The average is 50. So they already think Fields has played at above an average or just that average level in just his second season. And so that's pretty good when he has nothing around him, I would say. I would like to kind of add that Justin Fields has hopes that his former teammate, Jackson Smith Njigba, will potentially fall in the draft to him. He was very adamant on part of my takes episode last week. I listened to that whole episode. I really enjoyed everything. I mean, being a Bears fan, I enjoyed just listening to QB1. Listening to QB1 and talk to, you know, Big Cat and PFT about not necessarily the struggles of everything around him, but just, you know, how he fell in love with the game, growing up with it. Draft night, he didn't necessarily think he was going to fall to the Bears. He thought he was going to be going higher. And I think he was hoping he was going to go to Atlanta, but Atlanta ended up picking Kyle Pitts. And he kept falling from there. And sure enough, the Bears picked him. But, you know, come the draft in April or whenever, hopefully, late April, the Bears can make great decisions and get him possibly his wider 0-1. I really do like Jackson. There could be other wide receivers on the market to potentially get, but it's just trying to add. I think it's just trying to add things around him to make the team better in the long run. We'll be able to see what prospects they should be looking at in the draft within the next few weeks because the new league year starts in March 13, I want to say, give or take. And from there, that is when the majority of the top free agents are going to be signed right away because they're not going to be waiting around. That's kind of like where we can judge Ryan Poles. Is he going to take a giant leap, get all the good signings that we need to be able to build around Judson Fields? Or is he going to take another step in the rebuilding process where we're just going to essentially tank for next year? Because we have yet to see what franchises are going to tag their player, which is currently yesterday was the first day, or what's Monday, regardless. Anyway, that was the first day to be able to tag your player with the franchise tag. So we're going to be able to see what players either get signed to that clause or essentially released and be able to test the free agency market. And there's a few players that we can see where the Bears had a good pickup and continue on the rebuilding process, which is one of them going to be the YBC's representation. Hey, wide receiver position is huge. The offensive tackle is huge. So if we can snag one player from each of those positions, it makes the draft night a lot easier for the Bears to select what players to pick, regardless if they trade out or if they stay put. If Ryan Poehl essentially does nothing, it doesn't give us any hope for Bears fans, really. I mean, I would say the first week of the free agency period is where we can kind of see where the direction of the Bears is going to go. Yeah, big offseason for the Bears, number one in cap space at $98 million and the number one pick. Definitely a huge offseason for them. Special guest, Drew. Hi, Drew. You just like to join us. Hi, Drew. All right. See you. Hi, Drewie. But we'll move on. Yeah, we'll move on. Yeah. So now we're going to kind of move on to the next segment, which is a little bit more on the NBA talk. I personally did not watch a single bit of the All-Star break, but I caught up on all the things happening on the Twitter world. And from the gist of it, I basically caught that a lot of people don't really care about the All-Star break anymore. The NBA dunk contest was pretty weak, except for Mack McClung winning it. You know, white guys can jump, okay? Yeah, he's a really good dunker. He's an athlete. I saw there's a lot of backlash for, what was his name? I don't remember his name, but he did that one dunk and literally no- Oh, Jericho Sims. Yeah, Jericho Sims. Nobody reacted to his dunk. There was that video of the whiteout where nobody reacted to his dunk. They were just like, oh, wow, cool. Like, oh, yeah. Yeah, it was- He dunked, it was pretty pathetic that he brought out the 50 point sign. It was like the worst dunk. Yeah, it was the same dunk he just did. Was it? Oh my gosh. Yeah, it was like a lesser impressive dunk than what he just did before. It was terrible. Yeah, and then we had to bring out a guy from the G League that is known for great dunks. I'm not going to degrade him one bit at all, but the fact that they had to- I mean, he wasn't even in the league until like a week before the dunk contest, right? Yeah. Well, yeah, they had to sign him to a contract in order to put him into the- Is that what it was? Yeah, they probably signed him to a 10 day contract just so they can put him on the roster. Right. And so he would be in the contest. I mean, that's pretty pathetic at the NBA. Like, if you're struggling to get like any dues, I guess, like why are we having to have a guy from the G League essentially come in and put on our show? Like, yes, he was great and all, but like doesn't that speak volume to the whole All-Star break? Like, it's kind of pathetic. Well, I don't know if it's necessarily that they don't get views. They get views, but it's just that like nobody enjoys it. It's just lackluster entertainment where nobody is there like willing or nobody is there wanting to go through and like perform. They're just kind of like the All-Star game. They're just running up and down the court, chucking up half-court shots. Dane threw up a half-court shot and made it. Everybody else was just chucking up half-court shots. And then all it was, was who can make the farthest shot and who could dunk it. Yeah, I like the point like Jalen Brown said, who was actually playing kind of hard in the game. He probably played the hardest and wasn't even that hard, but he said it was basically just a glorified layup line, which it really was. I mean, no defense. And that's kind of what the All-Star game and the NBA in general has come to. Like, guys don't care about the regular season at all. You know, they just don't want to get hurt at all. And frankly, they play harder in off-season pickup games than they do in the All-Star game. A hundred percent. Would you say that the NBA is soft? Yeah, I think, I think guys aren't like, if guys are like 80 percent, if they're not 100 percent, they're not going to play the game anymore. Hold up, Nate, Nate, hold up. So load management has been a big thing in the NBA. Is that just basically teams saying that load management is players being soft and not wanting to play? Because Michael Jordan was playing every single game he was playing. It has to do with it. And I feel like it has to do more with the teams not wanting their guys to get injured at all. They're just- Well, no, hold on. You're telling me that the teams are making the decisions on whether the players want to play? Yeah, I think in a sense, they're telling them to, they're telling them to sit and just wait for the playoffs, basically. Because that's all people care for nowadays is how far do you make it in the playoffs? They don't care about regular season at all anymore. They just care about the outcome at the very end of the season. Okay, yeah, but like, sure, you can have them sit out towards the end of the year. But what are they doing towards the beginning? The beginning is just as crucial. You want to get out to a hot jump and continue to stay at that pace. And then you're going to end up like the Lakers. And LeBron has to play every single game from now on to try and make the playoffs. They might not make the playoffs if he doesn't play every single game. This is the most important stretch of his career right here. Let's go. He said himself, he is determined not to miss two straight playoffs. Yeah, that's a pretty bad look. So it would be good for his legacy. Well, guys really do play a lot in the early season. And they play a lot towards the end. But these middle games, they don't really matter to them at this point. And it's just all about where it ends up, I feel like. And so that's why I feel like what they could do. What's your fix then, Nate? If you were the commissioner, what would you do to fix the Lowe's management problem, fix the All-Star not being as entertaining as it used to be back in the 90s, 80s? If you were the commissioner today, what would you do? So to make the All-Star game better, I feel like there needs to be a one-on-one tournament as well. Because guys do take a lot of pride in saying that they're one of the best 1v1 players in the world. And if you end up losing early in the 1v1 tournament, that hurts your pride. And you're going to have to try your hardest. You'll get clowned on if you lose super early. And for the Lowe's management, I say- Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up. But players, if it's during the All-Star break, players are not going to want to do a 1v1. They're not going to want to try. Yeah, they will. Because then they'll get clowned on if they lose. But they're already kind of pressed up. Well, if they lose super early, and plus, it's not as demanding as a whole basketball game to them. You know, 1v1 is like a drill they can do in practice. Because they're just going to boost their ego. That's all it is. Yes. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, there will be a prize, I bet. But yeah, that could be a massive thing on your legacy. Oh, I'm a 1v1 champ this certain year. That could legit be a massive boost. I don't think that would really matter or translate to the in-season success. Well, no, no. People are not going to care. I don't think the 1v1 is going to really change a whole lot. No, that's just for the All-Star game. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For in-season, I feel like what you have to do is set a minimum games played requirement to be voted for awards. Yeah, well, they are. I've seen that thrown around. You could get voted for how many games you play. I feel like a minimum for MVP, especially, has to be like 74 games. You know, you got to play almost the whole season. Like 80%, 90% of the game. 74 games is, yeah, players aren't playing that. They're barely playing 70% of the games. Exactly, but if you put that incentive out there, which players do have incentive-based contracts, which get them more money, all NBA selections is also there, too. Like, that's big, you know? And players will be playing more games to get that more money. So what you're saying is that Miguel Bridges is just MVP every year because he never misses a game? That's why he's super important to the Suns. He has never missed a college game or an NBA game. It would not. I mean, if we're going with Nathan Tate, it would look bad for a few years, but I think it would even out after the next few years. Like, obviously, we don't want to see Miguel Bridges winning the MVP because he doesn't really have a whole lot of star power in his game. No, but I feel like there's enough star players in the league today that it could work, you know? There's a lot of talent in the league. And there's plenty of guys that get snubbed off lists every year. And so, if you don't make the requirement, we're going to let the snub get in there. Is Jokic going to win his third straight MVP? No. With Giannis' injury, I bet he will. I don't know. Tatum's going to probably make a late push and late case for himself, so. Yeah, maybe. It's just so mind-blowing that he is going to be talked about when he hits third straight MVP. I don't think we have ever had a repeat, right? Three straight? Not even Michael Jordan. What? Since Larry Bird. Yeah, that's over 30 years ago. Well, you know why? Because he plays a lot of games and he's super important for his team. Extremely. I think that's the criteria for... Yeah, but he's the whole team's offense. They play through him completely. The Celtics don't necessarily play through Tatum. He's a good player, but he can play by all on his own. Jokic is like, he has to be the centerpiece of the offense. He has to have the ball in his hands. He has to make the passes. Same with Luka. Luka and Jokic are like the front half of their offense. It's funny that you say that everything goes through Jokic, but there has been no playoff successes with him at all. Yeah, that's kind of the problem. Right. Why do we keep on giving this guy MVP consideration when his team just falls short every year in the playoffs? Well, you saw it about a couple of years ago. Last year. Was it last year? Yeah, last year. He had his MVP run and then look at what they did in the playoffs. They didn't do anything. Yeah. Yeah. It's all basically suggestive. There's no guidelines for how to be an MVP, I would say. I mean, at this point, I feel like the writers are just making stuff up for him to be an MVP. A couple of years ago, for example, they didn't want Westbrook to be the three-time MVP, so they just chose somebody else. What? I think that's kind of... Dude, Westbrook only won one MVP, dude. Was it? It must have been Giannis. That's what it was. It was Giannis, yeah. Giannis. Wasn't Curry also close to getting three-peat? Yeah, Curry got... Well, the thing that hurt Curry was Kevin Durant joined his team. Yeah. And Giannis, the thing that hurt him was, I believe, it was just they didn't want to give him his third straight. Yeah, what's the point of that? That's pretty much what it was. We're about to give Jokic his third straight. They gave it to Jokic. And I would argue that he's not even the top five best player in the NBA right now. I would say he's top five. Top five? Definitely not top three. I may be top three. Giannis? Giannis is one. Giannis is number one, though. So who's the next two? Luka? Luka, number two, and then probably Curry because he won last year. But yeah, I would go Luka, then Curry, then Jokic. You just made my point. Jokic is not even in the top three. Yeah. He's close, though. I did see a different... Somebody had to take a point where if you had to pick somebody to make a bucket, like get a bucket right away, top five player to get a bucket, Jokic wouldn't even be in there in that conversation. Andre Iguodala, dude. Money on the line. Three point. Who are you going to? Andre Iguodala. I want Iguodala. Oh my gosh. Martin's got the death beam pointed at earth. I want Iguodala. All right. The best. Oh my god. That was the best. Best pick of all time. Max Kellerman, right? Best pick. Yeah, Max Kellerman. Yep. Stephen A. Smith, his jaw dropped to the floor. He didn't know how to respond to that. It was so bad. Yeah. I remember all those talks about, oh, does he have that clutch gene? It was all about the clutch gene back then. Yeah. Honestly, some players just have that. They can be just average at best, and then when it comes to the last minute in the game, they just get this weird clutch gene that just come out of nowhere, be able to perform at the top level of the game, and yeah, Iguodala got it, man. Yeah, Iguodala, man. Yeah, he's just him. He's MVP. No, man. Is he still in the league? I don't even know. Yeah, he's with the Warriors. He doesn't play. He's like that veteran role that just sits on the bench. He just keeps waiting for the playoffs. That's what it is. Oh, yeah, totally. Reserve him for a playoff shot. Yeah, so we're going to try and wrap up our basketball talk here, but I did kind of want to go back to what Nate said about trying to improve the all-star break, at least, and maybe adding in a 1v1 contest. I actually don't think that would be a bad idea, but it's hard to see how the players are trying to react to it, because they see it as the all-star break's their time to go back to their family and spend time with the family, not do anything, rest up, because the all-star break is kind of at a weird point in the season where it's not exactly halfway. No, I get it. It takes you games in. Yeah, it's like 70% of the way through, maybe 75%. So you're really gearing up for that final run at the all-star break, and I just kind of see it as, why would players risk getting an injury at that point to possibly miss that stretch? That's very crucial for their team. But I understand it could be good for them, because it brings in that ego factor. Nobody wants to lose a one-on-one and be called weak or not good at basketball, because that's all the NBA is, is an ego-ridded... Follows lies, man. That's all it is. But, yeah, I think Adam Silver has done a great job with the NBA, being the commissioner. He always finds ways to improve the league. Finals every year is always one of the most watched, televised events. So they do a great job marketing their stuff, campaigning for upcoming events. I mean, I know next year, the all-star break's in Indy, so that, which Adam Silver has said, nobody does basketball events better than Indy. That's right. Hoosiers, baby. We know basketball. We know it. Just take a look outside your window. There's somebody playing basketball. That's what it is. In the ice-cold weather, always playing basketball. Doesn't matter. I know we did that growing up. Oh, yeah. Flipping and falling. It'd be nice on the ground, but we wouldn't care. High school basketball games are so different here, too, than any other sport. Different environment. Hey, Mike, have you ever seen, like, those TikTok videos where they have, like, deep fakes of, like, the presidents playing, like, some random game, and they're all shit-talking each other? Uh... They're hilarious. I know I saw a video of President 45 likes to drive on the greens. Yeah. So... That's not cool, Trump. He doesn't care, man. He just... It's his... Most of the time, it's his courses, anyway, so... Yeah, but, like, you go into Augusta, you go into Riviera, you go into Pebble Beach, you go on, uh... First off, I don't even think he would be allowed there, anyway. Yeah, he wouldn't be. But, you know, regardless, you know, we're going to hop now into our next topic. Nate, you can join, um, you know, if you want. Leave. You can join. Nate, you can be the outsider. You can be the outsider looking in. Okay, yeah. Unless you have something more important to do, like, maybe homework, but, eh, who cares about that? Who knows, right? But, yeah, so, you know, we have golf in our most recent event on the PGA Tour was the Genesis Open, which is, uh, a Tyre Woods event. He hosts it. It is at Riviera. Um, one of the most iconic golf courses on the PGA Tour. Uh, I know a lot of the guys really enjoy playing at Riviera. Uh, I don't know. I think it's just... It's mostly a legacy thing. Like, a lot of champions have won there. Um, it's a great course. Very challenging itself, too. Um, because it's... Really, you have to hit your shots. If you don't hit your shots, uh, you don't pinpoint your shots wherever you need them, um, it's gonna be... Especially hole number 10. Yeah. A lot of people do not like that hole. Yeah. Especially... Well, it's like 50-50, I heard. A lot of people hate it and a lot of people love it. Number 10? Oh, yeah. Oh, no. You either take the risk and drive the green, um, but you do not know the bounce you're gonna get. Hi, Drewie. Are you going to bed? Yeah. Bye-bye. Bye, Drewie. But, yeah, you take that risk off of the tee box 10. Um, you really don't know where it's gonna bounce once you hit it down there, but you either give yourself an opportunity for an easy chip up for maybe a birdie, but I heard, um, I heard on Foreplay Podcast that a lot of the guys should just really be looking at an easy par. They really shouldn't be doing any more. Like, if they take an aggressive line, they're most likely looking at a bogey, but it really should be just trying to get that par on 10 because it's hard to get a birdie in general. Right. The green is so skinny. Um, you've seen, like, different guys trying to hit the aggressive line, like you said, where they're... and now they have to try to land it onto the green. Well, the problem is you don't have a whole lot of green to work with. And they're sloping on the edges. Yep, exactly. It's basically, like, the center of the green is the peak of the green, and then it slopes down towards the bunker. It's like impossible task. Like, once you get it up onto the green from the bunker, you're hoping for it to settle and not spin as much, but 9 out of 10 times, it mostly just trickles down to the to the bridge, and I would say half the time, it ends up down in the bunker again on the other side. So it's just one of those, like you said, risk for reward type of thing where it's either a lot of people are taking the aggressive line where they're trying to make up strokes, but, yeah, it's just always funny to see the complications of people trying to, like, get it out of the bunker and on the short side of the green, but it's just impossible task, really. We may have lost Nate. He may have more important things to do. But, yeah, that was, oh, no, we got him back. But that was one of, number 10 was one of the most, not one of, but not one of the most, it was one of the controversial topics within this weekend. A lot of things had happened. A very strong battle in the end between Max Houma and Jon Rahm, two of the biggest stars in the game as of right now, going at it head to head. Max Houma crying in his press conference. We also had, I guess we can talk about that before we get into Tiger Woods later, because we'll end the show with Tiger Woods, because I like to talk about that. We had Max Houma. I think I've said it before. I have said it before. I really like Max Houma. Everything, I don't know what it is. I just feel like he's an outsider looking in and nobody's really trusted him and really gave him the respect that he deserves. He's really grown on me in the sport of golf. Hold on. I'm going to play a clip. I'm going to see if I can play this clip. While you're trying to find that. He definitely had a lot of doubters early on, for sure. He definitely had to get through a lot of obstacles early on as well, where he was struggling to make cuts and stuff like that. I wouldn't say his pivotal point of his career was maybe last year, two years ago is when he started really starting to get into the top 10 in a lot of his tournaments. We can go ahead and play this video. I just want to give a little background of this video. This is Max Houma's press conference after he finished I think 15 under to Jon Rahm's 17 under. It was a very tight last round. Max Houma actually had the lead going into the back nine. Some things didn't go his way and ended up giving the lead back to Jon Rahm. He really just said he gave his all. I'm going to try and see if we can get this rolling. Hold up. Let me see. Let me know if you guys can hear it. No. Just by the look of his face, you can already tell that he's getting emotional. He was essentially asked what made him so emotional. He responded saying that two years ago, he won the tournament, this same very tournament two years ago. Unfortunately, it was in the time where not a lot of his family members were able to go or friends. That kind of put a damper into the celebration that he really wanted to be able to win this tournament again to be able to celebrate his outcoming I guess, however you want to say, where he really is taking that giant leap to start him. It just really got to him today or that Sunday when he wasn't able to pull through and win that tournament because he had a lot of his people there. He's from the Southern California area, so he had all his family there. He wanted to win for his family. Like he said, it was a lot for him to try and do everything he could just to give Jon Rahm a struggle. He kind of says he didn't really have his best stuff, but all he wanted to do was just make it to where it was challenging for Jon to try and win the tournament. I'm trying to pull this off. He was I mean, if we had to really dive deep into how close this tournament was, Jon Rahm, I don't know if you have the video, in round three on hole 70, he had a second shot heading into the green where he essentially shanked the shot, went way off target, but it somehow stayed in play because the grandstand is basically surrounding that whole green and bounced off the grandstand and towards the hole and it rolled all the way to basically a foot or two foot or two feet away from the hole and he was able to complete that eagle for that hole. If we had to digest, who knows, we could be talking about him trying to stay par there or possibly a bogey. So it was one of those hot topics that a lot of people had about that. How close Omar should have won. Maybe he should have been the champion because that hole gave a lot of everybody an opportunity to really capitalize on scoring really low on that hole. Do you guys hear that now? Yep. I'm going to try and play his interview and we'll just kind of let it roll. I found it pretty not inspiring but I'll just kind of let it roll. I did not have it off the tee today but man I fought. I really just wanted to push him. I don't know why this happened. I wanted to push him. He is a spectacular golfer. I would say other than Tiger and I don't even know. He's the most consistent player I've seen. He's been like this since college. I wanted to make him beat me and I think I did that. I let him off the hook on 13 but man it was cool to see myself push him and not feel like I had 100% in my game. I played great everywhere but off the tee I was going to have to put up a pretty remarkable score. I think it's pretty amazing going against someone like John. You know he's going to play well so it's almost comforting knowing he's going to play better. He's not going to fold. I'm not disappointed in my golf. I'm just disappointed in the ending. How do you describe the environment between a series of two-shot swings, a loud crowd, a lot of them bad players? That kind of just sums up what we were talking about and how these players they take the PGA Tour very seriously. It's not like they're out here playing for hundreds of millions of dollars that they get at Live Golf where they're getting these huge contracts. The PGA Tour means so much to these guys that they literally are crying in their post conference interviews because they thought that they gave it all to try and win this tournament and that they know that they were just barely short to try and win it. I know the PGA Tour is doing a lot to try and grow the game of golf. Live is kind of counteracting that point. They're also trying to grow the game of golf. I think it's all good as a whole but PGA Tour is coming out on top. Not only with this but they also have the full documentary of Full Swing that's on Netflix and I kind of want to talk about that. I know I've seen it all. Steve has a few more episodes to watch. It's tough with the kid, man. My schedule is a little tight nowadays. I know, I know. When I watched it all, and I won't spoil anything for you, I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for next year to see the whole new year of golf in general and seeing that these guys are invested into the PGA Tour. For those who have not seen this documentary, it's basically an introduction to golf for those who have never played it or seen it or are trying to get into the game of golf. It's not meant for avid golfers. What I'm trying to say is essentially in part of the episode there's three piece saying where the cut line is after two rounds obviously avid golfers don't get paid if they're cut. That was said maybe five times throughout the entire eight episodes. What they're trying to do is basically explain the game to somebody that never seen the game before or they're just trying to get into it or they're just looking around browsing and they happen to stumble upon this documentary. I think Netflix did a great job. The fact that they had 7,000 hours of footage and they had to somehow get it down to what is it? It's a 45 minute episode. Yeah, they're around there. It's not even like eight hours of footage for overall product. You have 7,000 hours of footage. I know they brought in old footage too that I think the PGA had. 7,000 of their own footage. Have you finished Needle Prayer and Tigala episode? Not yet. I'm like halfway through it. You can spoil it. I basically witnessed it last year. That episode is kind of based off of at least for Tigala, it's based off of him in the Waste Management Open. He had his opportunity to win it. He was going in to I think the 17th hole, leading. He made the decision to try and drive the green. Sure enough, he paid the price by the ball rolling off the green and going into the water. You could see that in his emotions, he was very distraught about it. He didn't know it went into the water immediately because it looked like it was on the green, but it continued to roll off. Somebody ended up saying, hey, it's off the green. In the next frame, he's very upset. That was another guy that ended up crying in a post-conference because like I said, these guys, they devote all this time to the PGA Tour. They do it for the legacy. They don't do it for the money. They just want to be known for being one of the best golfers in the world. That's what the PGA Tour is. It's a legacy aspect. You have Jack Nicklaus before. You've had Tiger Woods. I'm sorry, my golf history is not good. I don't know who was before Jack Nicklaus. Gary Player. Ben Hogan. You got Gary Player. Ben Hogan. Sorry. Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer. The next tournament after this weekend. I'm excited for that. Usually, you see a lot of big names trying to ramp up for the Player Championship. We'll see that. For those that don't know what the Arnold Palmer tournament is, it's the tournament where it had that big old... Is it a lake or is it a pond? I don't know. Essentially, in the middle of the course. Anyway, a big body of water. A big body of water that is on a Power 5. Bishambo, a couple years ago, tried to drive it to the green. I think they calculated it's about 400 some yards. It goes at an L angle. Exactly. No one can reach the green. That's essentially what the hole is. You're not allowed to reach the green. It's supposed to go around the lake. Exactly. It happened to be a very windy day. He gave it a shot to try to ride with the wind. He was able to get over to the other side, but I don't think he ever made it to the green. It was off to the right. If he would have actually got a dead aim to the green, I think he may have come up short. Nonetheless, it was a really cool try. I don't think anybody is going to be able to try that ever again. This is more of like a short game type of course where you got to make sure you get into the fairway. The rough is still a little shaggy. There's not a whole lot of room to be able to dissect the course a little bit. It's all about the short game, really. The week after that is where you get into a lot of... I wanted to say it's probably one of my favorite golf courses in the world in terms of how well-maintained it is. It's so beautiful. There's not a single dead spot in this entire property next to Augusta, essentially. I don't even know. I started rambling off. You started rambling off and I wasn't done talking about the Genesis Invitational. Oh, yeah. It kind of rambled off on the... It was the best player in the history. Then you started rambling off about Arnold Palmer. Going back to the Genesis, I wasn't through with that. We also had a huge topic with Tiger Woods. Not only did he play great, I consider him playing great. It was his first non-major round in over two and a half years, or non-major tournament in over two and a half years. He played all four rounds, made it through successfully, had one great round, one bad round, one great round, one bad round. It just kind of goes with the ebbs and flows of golf. Sometimes you don't have it, sometimes you do. I really enjoyed watching Tiger out there. I watched probably over 75% of his holes. I watched him a lot this weekend, all thanks to ESPN Plus, featured groups. I watched most of the first round, especially we had a huge controversy that happened in that first round. For those of you that do not know, I will get out in front of this. Tiger was joking. He was joking, but a lot of people did not see this, and he had to formally apologize for the fact. What had happened is that Tiger Woods, being a 46 year old man, 47, somewhere around there, he's playing with young guys. Young babies. He's 48? 46? 47? Regardless, he's a grandpa. 47. He's playing with guys that are twice as young as him. Yeah. Whatever. We get it. Justin Thomas, he is 26, 27, somewhere around there. Whatever. He is young. He's also playing with Rory, who is more than 10 years younger than him. These guys are supposed to be outdriving him on any shot that he has. Sure enough, I know that there was a stat, I might be able to pull it up, but there was a stat that showed that he was still having an average ball speed or swing speed above the tour average, which is remarkable because we're talking about Tiger, not only was he out of the game for a while, but he also had back surgery a few years ago. Not only was it a back surgery, but it was his second back surgery. This guy is just a machine at this point. He just doesn't stop. The fact that he's still able to generate that much speed, not only is he able to generate that much speed, but it's so much more controlled this time around. I don't know if you noticed, but they broke down his swing a little bit. It's just not the same swing that he used to have back in the day, where he was just basically whipping it through his follow-through, and you cringe a little bit, like, holy crap, his knee is going to fall apart, or his back is going to fall apart. Not so much nowadays. Granted, he probably did let it loose a couple of times, probably on this hole where he gave the tambon to that we're about to discuss right here. Like I said, in Tiger Woods, he is a lot older than this gentleman, Justin Thomas, in the photo. He out-drived him. I'm pretty sure this happened on hole 13, or no, hole 14. It's that dogleg right after the par 3, where he out-drove him by probably almost 50 yards. It was a well-shot by Tiger, and as they're walking down, he kind of, you know, goes ahead and slips JT a tampon, kind of, you know, insinuating that, hey, like, I'm still better than you. I see this as two boys joking around and just having fun. These guys, they play rounds of golf with each other on their free time, like, almost all the time. They are just out there enjoying life, enjoying golf, enjoying the sport they play, and this is what the PGA Tour is about. You have guys just loving the sport that they play, loving the guys that they play with, like, just let them be fun, or let them have fun. However, you have people then, after the fact, criticizing Tiger Woods and almost basically calling him misogynistic because, you know, I can see the viewpoint as to why you probably shouldn't hand somebody a tampon. I mean, it's clear as day. You can see it in his hand. It's very blown up. Like, you can see it's there, and he has to go after the fact in a press conference and apologize for what had happened. I get maybe you shouldn't have done it on, like, a national stage. He had cameras on him every step of the way. There wasn't a time where he didn't have cameras on him. He went to the bathroom, and there was probably cameras on him. It's the first tournament from back. It's just one of those things where there is not going to be a single frame or anything that doesn't contain Tiger Woods. To add to that tampon point, this is one of those jokes that I've seen or heard from a lot of my buddies. It's definitely not a... I mean, it's meant to be more of an inside joke between men. Obviously, it doesn't come out as the prettiest look, obviously. We wouldn't really... We should probably stop doing it, obviously. It's just one of those things that it was not meant to be blown up, like you said. It happened to be on the biggest stage of his career, probably, because it was his first tournament back in almost a year. Well, no. He made it to all three majors last year. No, the US Open was the last one he made. No. It was the... It was the Open. He played the Open, but... was cut. Anyways, it was not meant to be blown out by fortune, but it did. I think it was for... For a good thing. We need to talk about it and essentially make the game more inclusive for women, because that's the only way you're going to grow the game. He kind of acknowledged that a little bit in his post-game presser, where he was apologizing, like, he's not going to do it again. It was meant to be a joke between the two of them. I don't know if you have any other thoughts to add to that. This is a very awkward topic for me. All I can think of in my head is all the women that either are haters and are saying that Tiger Woods is the biggest douchebag in the world, or they're also another group that are Tiger lovers. They love Tiger a lot, and they don't really see a huge deal with this, but those groups is probably a very small percentage of the entire overall group. I know Tiger did the right thing in apologizing for it right away. He did the right thing in doing that, getting out in front of it. To just kind of add to that, I've been excited to see if Netflix decides to put it in next year's full swing. They probably will. Do you think that's going to be a storyline? I know a lot of guys have hit the FOMO factor with they weren't included in this last year's documentary. You're going to probably see some more guys in it. Obviously, I said earlier that they had 7,000 hours of footage. Do you think they're just going to make a season two with the remaining footage they have? No. The format they do it by, if you've ever watched Formula One Drive to Survive, which I have, not to mention that the next season is coming up this week. I'm going to be watching that and I'll probably give my take on a future episode as well. I really enjoy that show. That's what got me into Formula One. They do a very similar format to where they do the previous year in that documentary. I think what full swing is going to be is that it's going to be all of this year's stuff but in next year. It won't be released until next year because they also want this year's Ryder Cup to be in it for next year. I know that was a huge emphasis on having Ryder Cup in the next year's full swing. That will be interesting to watch as well. Is it going to follow the same people or are they just going to essentially do a documentary on new people? You know how every episode focuses on one person? Is it going to essentially do the same thing but on new people or are they going to follow up with the previous people? I'm not sure. I would assume that they're going to follow up and have new people because I know new people are wanting to be a part of it now. They don't want to miss out on this opportunity because it seems that it's fun. It's good for their brand too. Especially Joel Damon. He's huge now. I don't think anybody knew who the hell he was. I knew who he was but not everything about him. I almost cried during that episode watching it. He had cancer. His mom died of cancer when he was young. Just going through that trauma as a young kid. He really sandbags himself because he doesn't think he's good at golf. His long-time buddy and caddie partner, he's trying to build up his self-esteem and understand that. Hey, Joel, you're a really good golfer. You need to just play golf. Trust your game. You're really good at it. Joel just doesn't think that way. Except for the one time where he did. He almost won the US Open after the fact that he had to qualify. He had to qualify for it. He had to qualify. He was at the qualifier and it was about to get cut the first round. I think they had two rounds for that day. The first round was done. He goes into the clubhouse with his caddie. Basically, all these golfers in this tournament is people that just pay to see if they have a shot. They're a bunch of no-name. Him, he's basically the only professional trying to get into the US. He's kind of down on himself. Basically, what you said earlier where he doesn't believe in himself a whole lot. He's down to White Claws and it's like, alright, this is game on. Let's do this. Let's go back out there and basically dominated the second round and was able to get into the top 10 or whatever it needed to be. From there, who knows? If he would have missed it, we would never have seen him in the top 10 in the US Open. Quite a crazy story where he was in the top 5 through the first three rounds. For the last round, he ended up going way out of the lead or something like that. That's just the beauty of golf. You can have your best game for three rounds and then that last round can come back and bite you in the ass. I enjoy golf. I'm excited to see what happens in the future with events and full swing next year. It's going to be an exciting time for PGA Tour. Prediction. I guess I have to include Liv. I'm sorry. I'm not for Liv. I don't really like her. We don't have to get into that too much. Honestly, I don't think it's going to last. Go ahead. What's your prediction? Prediction? No, I was going to ask you who's going to win the Master? Who's the best player in the world right now? Honestly, Max might have a huge chip on his shoulder right now. Remember, you got these Liv guys coming to the Master as well. I don't care. They're not playing good golf. Cam Smith? No, I don't care. He's the PGA guy. He's the reigning champ. He's going to do it again. Tiger Woods is basically the only player that's done it. I think either Max or John. It's going to be one of the two. They're both playing the hottest golf. Both in the top 10 in world rankings. He's not a dark horse, but he's just not being talked about enough. Honestly, I think you could possibly look for a top 10 finish in Sahith Sehgala. I really like him. He's a good player. He's a second year guy. He was an amateur last year. He's really good. Oh man, I forgot about this guy. Will Zalatorrez. He's almost a guaranteed top 10 finisher. That guy just knows how to finish in top 10 in the majors. I don't get it. He's got to try and... He still doesn't have that major win, right? He almost did win. Justin Thomas stole it from him. But he doesn't have that major. No, it wasn't Justin Thomas. It was Matt Fitzpatrick. It was him as well. He had two top two second... Sorry. Two second place finishes in the major last year. One was against Justin Thomas and the other was against Fitzpatrick. Rough year for him. Got to work on his putting game. Bounce back. We're just going to wrap it up. Wrap it up. A lot of things talked about today. I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. Or enjoyed the episode. I appreciate you guys listening. Go find this on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you find it. Go ahead and drop a like. Give us a like. Subscribe for future videos and podcasts. I'll try and put an audio link if you just like to enjoy listening to it and not watching it. But yeah, this was episode seven. Yeah, seven. I need to write these down. I don't even know. We're working on it. We're working on it. Episode seven of the Honest Truth Sports Podcast. And I thank you once again. I hope to see you in the near future and yeah. Peace out, guys. I enjoy this time.

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