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The speaker went to a car dealership called Lea Saratoga but couldn't afford the Volvo they wanted because they didn't make a down payment. They found another car, an Altima, online and bought it for $22,500. The car came with warranties and they only had to put $500 down because they had a loan. The speaker mentioned someone named Matt St. John who bought their car and talked about his financial situation. The speaker also questioned if the conversation was recorded. all right so I had to go you can hear me on this zoom right all right so so I went to Lea Saratoga and it's a right off exit 13 and on the North way and I well first I was gonna get the Volvo and it was right at yeah right at the top end of my budget because I didn't put the $500 down payment down when I should have yeah I was scared scared money don't make money no I didn't lose the deal because it happened two cars got sold on me for a reason that's what I look at it as I wasn't well it was the same car just I had two separate cars that okay if this one's sold I'll get this one and they both sold in a day so that's a sign that both Volvo's just two separate like locations yeah yeah and they both sold on me so I was like oh that's a sign to not get the Volvo maybe I and then I found the Altima online and was it the next day I got the car 22 5 22,000 certified pre-owned so I got all my first year services taken over taken care of 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 100,000 mile engine powertrain and transmission warranty that I only put $500 down because I had a loan for 22,000 anyways so they're right yeah not bad yeah yeah you you and Matt St. John bought my car and you guys know he didn't I didn't well he was here so I didn't have to put anything on for him he's cold he's cold his account has like 20 bucks in that yeah well he took out another six like a couple weeks ago no no no he had taken out he had taken out like he's probably taken out like close to $25,000 out of it 25 probably 20 25 yeah it's nuts but so he had 15,000 right no well cuz at that point at that point he can he can write off his losses against his wins well true but I don't know all right do you want to see if this recorded

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