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The podcast discusses the first three chapters of Animal Farm by George Orwell. It begins with a secret meeting where the animals discuss their mistreatment by humans. The old Major proposes a rebellion against humans. After his death, the animals successfully overthrow Mr. Jones and create the seven commandments of animalism. However, they begin to use human tools and the pigs take control, breaking their own rules. Squealer justifies the pigs' actions and the animals believe him. Some animals, like Napoleon, become more powerful and there is tension between them. Hello everyone, welcome to our podcast. Today we're going to talk about the Animal Farm by George Orwell. This is a very interesting story, I'll promise you about that. First off, we're going to start with chapter one. Let's go. Ma'am, the introduction. Do you know that animal die? No, we can talk about it. Why are you recording us? Anyway, my name is Kelly. This is Philip, Ben, and Lindsey. Say hello. Hello. Okay, start. Let's go. So, first of all, we are at a farm which is owned by Mr. Jones. He named this farm the Manor Farm. This farm has many different animals like pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, or sheep. Well, one night there was a secret meeting held on with the animals. And on the list, there was the Old Major, which is a middleweight boar. He discussed with the animals about the maltreatment of the humans to them. They got beat, they got abused, and they got kidnapped by humans. So, guys, do you guys think that this thing is like the same as slavery? They make the animals eat more. Yeah, like kidnap and stuff, and torture animals, not giving them enough food. That's definitely like how slavery does, human to human. So, in this discussion, he also said about the uselessness of the humans. He talked like they did not work, they did not produce anything, but they gained from the animals. And in another way, they are not that strong, but they are in the top of the pyramid. So, what do you guys think? What do you guys think? Is this how society works? Is this how society works? Not really. How? I forgot the words. Oh my god! I really think this is how society works. It's like how Arthur picked the animals to represent the humans, the society, the world we're in today, the upper class and the lower class. Even though the lower class, there's much more people outnumber the upper class, but they never rebelled because they got brainwashed. They knew where they are. They knew that they are just slaves and the upper class are just controlling their minds, like their policy, their animals, their pets. Yeah, true. Like in any kind of society, this would be applied. The one on top will always rule the one at the bottom. So, forward to the story. The old major, after saying all that and showing many examples, like the death of many animals and the kidnapping, then he's talking about a rebellion against humans. And he has gained a lot of support after he said about the example. After that, he talked about his childhood, about his song that is called The Beast of England. And he said that he remembered this song barely when he was young, but then he dreamed of the song. What do you guys think? Like how he dreamed of this song while he can barely remember it? First of all, we know about the fact that people say when you dream of something that you actually remember and that actually was very real, it's definitely gonna happen in the future. It's just like a warning for you. Something that God is telling you. Yeah. So, I have one question. So, in this chapter 1, they are about to become hater of Mr. Jones. Yes. So, what do you guys think if Mr. Jones took care of the animal very well before this speech? Fine. Go, go, go. I would think that the animal would be like love Mr. Jones a lot more like the parents and they will like, Mr. Jones, my love. Susie, Susie, what's your opinion? If Mr. Jones took care of like the animals really good, maybe the animals are like willing to do the work for Mr. Jones. Okay. So, you guys see that this is very supportive, like this is very positive, right? The animals will come together singing this whole song very happy and they are very supportive of this rebellion, yeah? Oh, well, let me tell you. The next day, the Major died. The Major died after that day and he got buried. Even though he died, unfortunately, his legacy still go on and his idea as well. Suzie, what do you think? Okay. Well, like Ben said, our Major died sadly in his dream and the animals start to prepare for the future rebellions as they've been motivated by the song. And they eventually came up with a system called animalism. However, sadly, one night, Mr. Jones made a huge mistake and he got so drunk, as I remember, that he didn't return to his tent and he didn't feed the animals. Oh, no. What happened? So, I think in the future, like, in the future, there will start rebellions. Yeah. Yeah, like at first day, there were some animals doubting about rebellion but I think, like, feeding them is the only thing that keeping them from the rebellion. Like, all the dumb animals get so hungry and they got crazy, maniac, turning into zombies. Yeah. Yeah, they got an absolute cycle. And as we predicted, they became so hungry that they attacked the farmers and these lazy humans, drunk humans who are so useless, they can't even win against these animals. And for the first time ever, the animal farm had made all nature proud. They had gained the victory. And they eventually came up with the seven commandments. So, for the first one, whatever goes up on two legs is an enemy, like, human. And whatever goes up on four legs or has wings is a friend. No animal shall wear clothes. No animal shall sleep in bed. No animal shall drink alcohol. No animal shall kill any other animal. And the last one is all animals are equal. So all the guys' opinions on these, like, their laws, like, how government gives laws to us today how government gives laws to us today to maintain the world. So, they said four legs are bad and two legs are good. Two legs are bad and four legs are good. So, I think there's some mistake. For example, for dogs, they are sometimes standing up with two legs. Yeah, they are having trouble. Oh, no. At one second, they will be turned into enemies. Also, cats can stand on two legs. Yeah, they can stand on two legs. At one second, they will become enemies. Also, birds. But they have wings, though, so they almost succeed. They are just torturing themselves, man. If you win the human, just take their property. Just use the bed, use the clothes so you can be warm. You can sleep well. Why are they even torturing themselves? And also, all animals are equal. Are you sure that everyone will be the most equal? I'm not so sure, though, because, like, from the first chapter to the second chapter, like, this rebellion and the planning of the rebellion was planned by one single animal. The pig was planning on this. None of the other animals was leading this campaign. Yeah, Snowball and the Polymuscular, they just found themselves as the smartest and they lead everyone. Okay, this is it. Next is chapter 3. Let's go. Okay. So recall from chapter 2. There are seven commandments. And it says that no animal should wear clothes, sleep in bed, drink alcohol. Well, about that. So, you see, the animals, even though they do not use those tools of humans, they still use other tools of humans. Example, for, like, farming tools. They have been using these implements in order to harvest. And they have been using this tool and it's working out very well for them. These animals are starting to create different kind of tasks and courses to teach the other animals about the knowledge in order to work. Really? Like, are they definitely sure how they even know how to teach? And I'm pretty sure there's a lot of animals that cannot understand and not gonna improve anything. And this is, like, useless. Yeah, sure, though. But, like, the point is that about they can teach or not. Let me tell you something. Another one about all animals are equal in all the teaching courses. The pig was the teacher. So, about the all they kill. Okay. Let's continue on. The system, this educational system was created by Snowball. And many of them were supported, but some were not. Especially Napoleon. Napoleon did not support Snowball committee. Because he thinks that what Snowball do is very worthless. Because he's teaching the adult, not, like, the young one. And then he, when the puppies, there was nine puppies. From Jessie and Bluebells. These are very good puppies. And because they are good puppies, Napoleon decided to kidnap them in the basement and do horse training on them. What do you guys think about that? What do you think, Matthew, puppies? It seems that the puppies will be used as the bodyguards for Napoleon later. Yeah. They are very loyal. Yeah, because dogs are very loyal to their owner. Always. Yeah, like, Jacob is loyal. Yeah, but, like, do we have to go so far that everyone forgot about their existence? Do we really have to do this? Are we planning on something evil? Okay, so, earlier, there was a case. There was a case about the milk. So, basically, the cow, they have to release the milk out. Or else their belly is going to explode. So they put it in a bucket of milk. And they just put it out there. And the pigs say that no one should drink the milk. But then the bucket disappeared, though. And it soon found out where the milk came from, came to. So the milk came to the pig's mouth. The animals are not so happy about this truth. Because they have been lied to. But then, there is one guy called, there was one pig called, called a squirrel. And that guy initiated a situation saying that they are brain workers. And they need these things in order to keep the system going on. What do you guys think about that? So selfish. Yeah, they just, the pigs are like, they just care about their own interests. Yeah, they are mostly lying. Just like a dictator. Like, as us humans, like many of us would think that, Oh, the animals would not believe in this in either one second. Oh, well, guess what? They actually believe it. And they let this stuff slide. Hooray. Go on to the next chapter. Oh, I have a question. Do you think Squealer wanted to be like the leader for the animals? Do you think he's like a low-key leader? I don't know, he just like, go... No, no, no. Do you think he wants to be like the main leader? I think though, like, from the start to the end, I think Squealer is not really a leader. He is the one that is serving the leader. And from serving the leader, he gains the power. So he doesn't want to put himself in a high position. Because it is easier to lose it than just working, like, under a little bit. Low-key. Low-key. Go on to chapter 4. Chapter 4. Okay, so, after the summer, this of the rebellion spread to other farms. And Jones just spent most of his time at the farm. It's just, he doesn't have any work to do. He's just... a stranger. And... In October, Jones and other farm owners come to the animal farm and they start to fight at the animals. So, do you guys think animal women or humans will take animal farm again? I think that if the humans actually put effort and actually use their brain and stop being lazy, they will probably win. Like, they have guns and all of that. They just, like, I think they underestimate the animals and they didn't plan much. So, if they don't have, if they do those kind of stupid things, the animals could win. Yeah, like, even in the story, it said that the farmer just straight up laughs at Mr. Jones. Like, for real, for the human common sense. Like, who on earth would believe that the entire farm of theirs is gone to a rebellion against them? So, continue the story. So, finally, the humans were too careless. So, Snowball, I mean, animal farm, will get the victory in the battle. So, and then, Mr. Jones and his men was going away. But, sadly, one young boy was dead in the woods. And he had no reaction and was completely dead. So, the officer get very shocked about it. All you do is try to kill someone to save your life. Well, in an absolute necessary way, you have to go down to kill someone. Okay, first of all, why was there, like, a boy in the farm if there was a rebellion? They, like I said, they just probably underestimate the animals. So, this is just like a game for them. Yeah, they're going in, like, at first they were winning until they got ambushed. Well, no. What do you guys think about how Snowball said, when he found out the dead body and he said, War is war and the only good human being is the dead one. He's like, this is war, guys, so stop crying, don't feel pity for these humans because they're, like, villains to us, enemies. So, what do you guys think? Is it, like, right? Like, even though it is really hard and really horrible to say, but in this scenario, Snowball is in the right here. Like, in a war, if you want to gain your defense immediately and permanently, you have to fight and in a fight there will be some casualties, unfortunately. So, after that, the animals celebrate their victories in the pig farm and they sing the best of England. Hooray! Chapter 5. In chapter 5, there's, like, one animal who didn't part in the rebellion. His name is Molly. She's, like, the laziest and coward animal. And, like, some animal discovered that Molly was being bribed off animal farm by one of Pruneson's men, who eventually wins her loyalty. Molly disappears and the Coupians report seeing her standing outside a pub sporting one of the ribbons that she always wished. Like, do you think Molly still missed her old life? No. She's not missing it at all. Because, like, she got her better life now. Yeah, she's, like, being a coward during the battle. Yeah. So, the pigs, like, in the story, the pigs increase, like, their influence on the farm, deciding all questions of policy and then offering their decision to animals who must ratify it by a majority vote. Snowball and Napoleon continue their passionate debate, like, on building the windmill. Um... So, do you think that it will be successful to build the windmill? No. There's... No. Yeah. So, for, like, Napoleon wants to harvest all food, and Snowball wants to use the windmill to get electricity or some resources, but it's gonna be chaos. Yeah, like, the animals fight each other now. Yeah, it's like they have to collaborate with each other to succeed, success. If they even, if they do it together, it could be hard, and now they're, like, arguing, so I'm pretty sure they cannot build a windmill. So, like, Napoleon, like, wanted to, like, survive more, right? Um, instead of building a windmill. Yeah. Yeah. He's just a lazy dictator. Don't want to work. So, Napoleon is, like, the lazy one. Yeah, the lazy one. He's the lazy one. And he used the nine puppies to scare everyone, and he's not gonna let anyone talk against him. And then, also, as I remember, Boxer, he just, like, got brainwashed, and now he's always been, like, Napoleon's the best. Yeah. So, when, like, Napoleon calls up the nine dogs to chase Snowball off the farm, and later on, Napoleon announces that all the pigs will stop and institute a number of other new rules for that farm. And, like, three weeks after Snowball escaped, Napoleon surprises everybody by announcing that the windmill will be built. Why do you think Napoleon suddenly wants to build the windmill? Um, okay. So, first of all, I'm gonna go about the reason why he's rejecting the windmill. I'm starting to see it now. May or may not he tried to put down Snowball. Yeah. From the point that he's sending the puppies chasing the pigs, which is Snowball, and also the point that he is breaking one of the seven amendments. Like, no animal should attack another animal. Yeah, I know, right? And, as I remember, Skilla also stood up for Napoleon, and he talked about how, using tactics that, actually, that's actually Snowball who stole the windmill idea, and it was Napoleon who won the bet for the farm. And I think, like, Napoleon's timing was actually good, because he was able to put away Snowball, and then brainwash everyone that he's actually the good guy. Yeah, it is a very good political strategy. Yeah. First of all, the windmill idea was Napoleon, not Snowball. Snowball stole it from Napoleon. Oh, that's why he wanted to yank it to him so badly. That's why, like, he, like, Napoleon took, like, the nine dogs. He was, like, planning to use them for later on for something. Later. Yes. Okay, this is the end of the chapter. Thank you for listening, and let's see what's going to happen next. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

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