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This is the final episode of the 8th Stage podcast, a science podcast for curious travelers. The host has enjoyed exploring different places in the Michoacán region and wants to be known as a guide for events and places to visit. They emphasize the importance of keeping an open mind, trying new things, and respecting the places, culture, and traditions we encounter when traveling. The host is happy to finish the project and thanks listeners for tuning in. Welcome aboard Volvage to your favorite podcast, 8th Stage. A science podcast for curious travelers. Produced by Agroforest Ecological Loop. Creating noise. Hello, I am so glad you are still tuning into this virtual travel and collective learning experience. During this experience, we have been able to get to know different places in Michoacán region, culture, gastronomy, and with very interesting sightings. We have been walking, this time from Morelia, an easily accessible event by public transport. Though we need more podcasts to talk about all the incredible places in the States, we must conclude, and this is the final episode. We would like to be known online as a guide of events and places to visit. But also a reminder of how nice it is to know new things and places, and that traveling leads to learning. Even if the trips are small, it is important to keep an open mind and be receptive to new things, try new things, observe, and also, It is important to remember the importance of taking care and respecting the places we visit, the culture and traditions we observe. I am very happy to finish the project, with most of all for the comfort and confidence I have gained. The skills that I developed as I speak English, it was a pleasure to share it with you. Thank you for tuning into this ApeScape podcast project. See you next time. ApeScape

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