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cover of episode 0 inglish 4 LU TORRES
episode 0 inglish 4 LU TORRES

episode 0 inglish 4 LU TORRES


short first podcast with Lu Agro-forestal-ecologist


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The podcast episode discusses the winter season and the upcoming season of abundance for tropical fruits and enjoying the sun. It mentions the stress phase that flora and fauna go through due to lack of rain, which increases the risk of fires. The Sierra Unleashed, a lake in Michoacán, has been affected by fires caused by various factors. The lake is described as deep and with a rich biodiversity. Visitors can enjoy activities such as boating and eating local cuisine. The podcast also mentions the environmental concerns related to the Chirostoma urapiti, a white fish species. Overall, it encourages responsible tourism and promises more episodes on supporting the local economy and environment. Welcome aboard Evolve Edge to this year's Tribalist Podcast, Edge Skate. A timely podcast for curious travelers. Conducted by Agroforest Ecological Loom. Creating noise. I am very excited to finally record this podcast, a completely new experience with the finally-to-cry-it-kind diffusion for the curious people that want to learn from their surroundings. In this first episode, we would like to finally say goodbye to winter that was very cold this year. But also you talk about winter to come that has many of us excited for the future to come. The season with abundance of tropical fruits and the best time to enjoy the sun. Although for some others it is a dark phase, I am talking about the ways flora and fauna go through a stress phase caused by the lack of rain, and their habitats tend to be more propense to fire. Such is the case for flora and fauna in the surroundings of the Sierra Unleashed, one of many lakes of Michoacán that has been harshly affected by the fires which, on top of either provoked by flood management, land use, change and influence, attitude from all visitors which promotes risk and overland to this wild flora and fauna here. Sierra Unleashed, for those who don't know, is beautiful water. It is an endurous lake. But what does enduro mean? This word is used in reference to water bodies with no direction exit towards the sea. These are waters with no partial gradient caused by the earth's current. It is 43 meters deep and monolithic, which means bottom is only a rock at coverage. It possesses a very rich and wide biodiversity composed by different organisms such as plants, animals, microorganisms, mushrooms and seaweed living in a functional way in the ecosystem. This lake can be found between two communities, Salvador Escalante and Pátzcuaro, only one hour away from Moelia. For all those outside visitors to enjoy, adventure, to take a boat around and enjoy a beautiful steak and even some famous fried white fish in some of the local restaurants. On top of it, there are many activities that can be done such as walking around the lake, to just riding on boat or quad. Some activities are beneficial for locals and for many local touristic projects contributing to the preservation of the zone. Anyway, back to the ecological aspects, one of the most emblematic species in this rare region is the Chirostoma urapiti, white fish or urepeu in Purépecha. During the last years, it has preoccupied some communities and scientists for being one of the most economically and environmentally important reasons why students have remained for various years above professional restrictions. This is in big part according to this investigation because of the lake being used as contaminated water dumps and water currents from farms carrying geochemical concentrations that by themselves are very toxic and promote algae growth which liberates toxin harmful for many living organisms. Well, we are about to finish but I believe we think the same when I say that this is one of many cases worth analyzing and great place to visit if you would like to know more about places to visit in Michoacán. On our responsible work, how to support local economic and environmental just follow us in our all next episode. Tune in our next episode. See you next time. Translated & subtituled by Laura V. Mor.

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