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Eternal Life Café | Episode 1 | Points of Resonance

Eternal Life Café | Episode 1 | Points of Resonance


The first episode of the Eternal Life Café is finally here ! Things are not always as we expected but it's always perfect. How have you been feeling ? In this first episode we share our latest experiences regarding dreams, relationships/situationships (lol), as well as a good dose of quantum mechanics. INjoy !! For more episodes visit : https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/mMkgB1fC0wb



We are fellow intergalactic travellers. We are primal sound field tellers, liquid light bearers. We are quantum spinners, timeline hoppers. We are emanators of primordial sound. We are field harmonizers and energy generators. We are neutralizers and pre-releasers. We are the keepers of the eternal flames. We are formless, harmonic, dissonant, composed, a song, divine. We are here to raise awareness and share our consciousness expansion experiences and spark other stellar travellers on their journey of embodying their organic blueprint. Thank you for joining us for today's Cup of Consciousness. It's always perfect, you know, no matter how many people we are here, but today you guys are listening to four of us, so me, Ishelle, Siobhan, Shiraj and Lisa. Yeah, so thanks for tuning in to the Eternal Life Cafe, your weekly Cups of Consciousness. My commercial there. What was I saying? Yeah, about this thing that happened last night. Oh my gosh. So I was having this weird dream and then I woke up, it was probably like 6 a.m. or so. And so my ears started ringing really loud and I could hear people screaming and I was like, there's no way this is happening outside, it felt more like this thing inside my head. And then it stopped, whenever my ears stopped ringing, nobody would be screaming, but then I'm able to like induce it, like I can like clench my teeth and I heard more people screaming and it just kept happening and I was like, oh my gosh, how do I get rid of this? And at some point I started like breathing in and out and it was just like, okay, are there still screaming out here? And then finally I was like, okay, I'm going to, I don't know, try something different. So I started laughing. I'm like, maybe if I laugh at them, they'll stop screaming and I laughed, but it came out like an evil laugh, like really evil, and I'm like, what is going on with me? And finally it stopped, but it was just so intense and like my ears kind of still hurt a little bit from that and my jaw is really tense. So I'm just like, wow, this is a really interesting mood to start the podcast with, because even with Siobhan, we were saying, yeah, today has been just really strange and yeah, but with these people, right, these connections that I was talking to you guys about, it's like, wow, it seems like there's like certain aspects of us that keep pulling us back into these stories or whatnot, you know what I mean? So yeah. Yeah, that must be, you know, quite tricky, because I've had something similar come up in the past few days as well, and some really weird dreams last night about someone from the past and it's just me having to then figure out or retrieve like a soul fragment of me that was still kind of, you know, in a free state from everything that had happened at that point. Yeah, it's interesting how these themes or these situations are kind of, you know, being brought up to kind of like be acknowledged in some way. Wow. Wow. It's interesting that you had something similar happen last night. Yeah, I just had these weird dreams of like, like, it feels like shadow aspects as well. Like I was in one, I was really nice, like very virtuous and saving people and stuff. And then this other one, I was like Snow White. And then this other one, I was this person who just did not want to have anything to do with this homeless guy that was trying to move into my apartment with other people I was living with. And it was just so weird, like I had like the complete opposite, you know, in the same night. Yeah. And like, what do you share with the ringing in the ears, like, have you also been feeling any kind of head pressure or any weird things, any that come up at randomly during the day and then just go away on their own? Hmm. That's interesting, because, well, with the screaming, it did feel like, I was like, well, these aspects of me are still holding pain or anger, because I've been, there's a lot of anger that has been coming up. And I'm like, well, is it that? Or maybe, yeah, maybe some entities or whatnot that have attached, because I've definitely had a lot of that in the last couple of years. Yeah. Yeah. I can imagine. Like in the past few days, I've had to do some deep work in my field as well. And my mentor, Adrian, helped me with that. And Viviana helped me with that as well. I've been like, we've been noticing like these rips within the different hover body layers. And there's like this disconnection traveling from the most outermost of our body, but then the physical of our body, which is, you know, not our body. And then this reflects in the endocrine glands as well, where, you know, the pineal may be having like issues assessing or regulating itself. And hence, it's like a rip in one part of the anatomy is causing rips in all of the other parts of the anatomy as well. It's like something that was originally just multi-dimensional in the most outermost layers of the hover body, as an imbalance, is now able to get so deep within the body that it's affecting the endocrine system and its functionality. Oh, the endocrine system, when there's like a rupture in the hover body? Is that what you said? Yes, like, so there's like, we can basically measure what the percentage of connection there is between the different hover body layers, or what percentage of disconnection there is. And then we backtrack those rips or that disconnection layer by layer and see what's actually contributing to that disconnection. And what we have been finding is that it's like, it's happening in each of these hover body layers, like all of these hover bodies, and it's tying in with, you know, different endocrine glands, or some kind of trapped emotion, trauma, or a collective, you know, program of some sort. Like, the other day, in a group session that Adrian was doing, it came up that there was this collective intolerance to GMOs, and that was contributing to one of these disconnections within the hover body. Oh, wow. Oh, that's interesting. It's kind of like having an allergy to, you know, pollution, or to EMF, or radiation, or GMO, and like, these things are kind of making it even more intense for the body to heal itself, because the body can't heal itself, right? Wow, that's super interesting. So, do you think that, yeah, because now I'm also thinking about, like, what's happening in the next couple months, apparently, it's the solar flares and all that stuff. That's going to have an even bigger impact. Do you really think that there's going to be a huge, huge solar flare in March? This is very kind of, this is like a little tender for me, because I used, like, you know, every year there were these predictions about solar flares, and I was, like, getting ready. Like, from 2020, I've been getting ready for, oh, there's going to be a solar flare coming, and everything's going to change. And then it kind of woke me up. Actually, yeah, I mean, there could come a solar flare, and things could change, but what difference does that really make to my, like, the things that I anyway have to deal with or take responsibility for? Right. It could happen. I've heard a lot about the year 2023, and a lot of different sorts of prediction about it. And then again, like, thermals are always shifting, collapsing, leaving. So, who really knows? Right, yeah. So, what I'm thinking is, like, not to worry too much about that. Like, you said, like, not, well, how is it really affecting me, right? And I think that if I really need to take, like, specific precautions, which I will do, you know, like, techniques and whatnot, and whatever I think is necessary. But in the end, I'm always protected. You know, we're all very, very protected. I think we have a pretty strong shield. And yeah, and whatever is supposed to happen will happen. And there's nothing to be scared of. Yeah. How are you doing, Lisa? Um, I am well. Um, dreams. Honestly, I feel like, I don't feel like I've been dreaming much. I'm remembering a lot of my dreams lately. The only thing I heard this week was to stop reading other people's books and to write my own. Um, I, um, have been kind of traveling and haven't been really tuned in to myself. I'm working on it. And then I got food poisoning. Lastly, body. Yeah, it's, um, I've been fortunately fasting for the past seven days. Um, which I'm very grateful for, because then it's allowing me to, like, really reconnect and, um, start from scratch again, you know? So I can, so I could support and listen in and just be here because I know you're lunching. But what else? In terms of dreams, when I'm very, very clear, like, when I wake up and I do my work and at night before bed, um, most of my dreams, sometimes I'll see what's happening during the day or what's to come or whatever lesson that I need. Um, but being from, like, a Caribbean background, um, dreams are very important for us. This is how we get a lot of our messages. So I am, um, intrigued to learn more about what your experience has been with your dreaming journey. Um, because it's kind of, it's something that's definitely, like, normal in my background, but they call it, like, having jé in Haitian Creole, which is to have the eye or the ability to see. So, um, but in order for you to have the jé, like, I guess you have to be in, like, your purest form, because if I'm not, you know, like, eating well or meditating or in touch with myself, it kind of, like, gets away from me, you know, that ability. What's your experience with, you know, being able to tap in and out with dreams? Yeah, that's a, that's a really good question because I've been wondering myself if it actually does impact. And a lot of times I find that when a message needs to come through, it will, no matter what I ate or how much I've done or not done in terms of inner work. Um, but, uh, but yeah, I do think it's, I mean, we should kind of aim for having that balance, right? Like, uh, of, yeah, taking care of our bodies and everything. It's better because you're also in a better mental state when you're also taking care of your body. But everything just goes hand in hand. Um, for me, it just starts with feeling, feeling good about what I'm doing, right? I'm surrounding myself with people that support me and things that bring me joy. And it's actually when I feel like I'm a little off in terms of how I'm feeling about myself. That's when I have, like, a little bit of, like, an issue feeling like I'm connected, not so much what I eat or not. You know, it's more like, um, how I feel about my current situation. And this is, yeah, this is tying back, you know, to what we were talking about just before I started recording. It's like today, it feels like one of those off days where I'm just like, everything feels confusing, you know? So I'm like, oh, great. This is the first day we're recording for the Eternal Life Cafe. And it's like, everyone's kind of in like a rrrr moment. But, um, but, you know, it's good that we're sharing these experiences, you know, for people listening, because people listening might be feeling something similar as well. So it's not always about joy and like, everything is hunky dory, you know? It's like, I was going to say that whenever I'm in a place where I've not eaten the best or I've had a lot going on in my reality that has been stressful or conflicting, my dreams are very chaotic and destructive. And sometimes I get warning of this, like I had a series of dreams where there was loads of tornadoes and they kept coming into my dream. And then about a week after this, I had one of the most insane experiences that I've ever had in this waking life. It was like one thing after the next just rippled out. And I feel like those dreams were a warning of the storm is coming. Just brace yourself and try and maintain that, that composure and that stillness while this is all working out around you. It was really karmic. There was a lot of explosive energies from the group that I was with. And yeah, some things I thought I would never witness in my lifetime. It was a lot. It was when I was down and staying in that community in Off Grid. There was, yeah, there were two people in particular that did not like each other and they had had arguments, but this argument had become so big that even violence was being shown. And I'd never seen that kind of primal, like, yeah, it's like, take it outside and how far can this go? Do I need to call the police? You know, it was a grab. Some dude grabbed an axe and I didn't know if the other guy was going to, like, survive. And I've never seen stuff like this in my world. And I just feel like the dream was kind of just warning me of what was to come, but it needed to play out. These people needed to do these things in order to heal this rift or whatever it was that was connecting them. And then it all just dissipated like nothing had happened, you know? So, yeah, I do find that if your mental state as well is, you know, like shifting and my dreams definitely reflect that because there's no, there's no like separation from your dreams. It's all the one thing is happening. That's so true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's always this intertwining, right, of reality. We've been talking about this, you and I as well. Yeah, for sure. But I guess what I meant to say is, like, not that I feel like less connected or more connected. It's more like there's more filter somehow. So the information that comes in, however it comes in, it comes in like distorted or something like, yeah, that's kind of what I feel happens when I feel a little bit off. Yeah, I don't know if anybody else wants to say anything about that. I mean, I get it. I think in terms of like feeling a little disconnected or it's, you know, a little bit of a veil coming through. As you said, I think the thing about food, I think sometimes the food in the past, it had never mattered like what I was eating. But I think I've been experimenting a little bit with food. So it impacts how my body feels. So if I do like the shield work, like I wake up in the a.m. and I do the shield work or like in the evening I do the shield work or at least like I just do a breathing exercise. Then at night or if I wake up, sometimes I'll wake up at 3 a.m. and just sit down and then I'll go back to sleep. Then during those two hours, then I can recall everything I dream. You know what I mean? Versus like if I was, you know, taking in something else or I just went to sleep and I wasn't mindful about like any practice, then like intentionally it feels like, I mean, I think we're all dreaming every night. But the ability to remember it is being actually present, you know, in your waking stage and when you're sleeping. I think that's what makes the difference for me. But I guess if I'm like, quote unquote, in danger, if there's like really a message I need to come through, it will come through. But I've also noticed that like my location in the world impacts like how clearly I dream at night or like the people I'm around as well. What do you think? I remember one time, like that was like years ago, I think seven years ago, one time like I had a friend who came over and then they were spending the night and being around that person like made like my dreams like very clearly because they were like active dreamers as well. It's interesting how the fields can connect. What has been your experience? Oh, yeah, for sure. It's so impacting, like when you get together with people that are also activating you and are also very conscious and yeah, it's like we spark each other. And that's why I love the connection, you know, and getting together with people, but also being aware of who you're with. It's like you were saying, yeah, it depends on who you're with, because sometimes it can also maybe hinder, you know, your dreams or not necessarily the dreams, but maybe just your energy in general. And then, yeah, then it will have an effect on how you dream. So, yeah, we've got to be really mindful, right, like you said, about everything. And I guess what you put your attention on and what you give importance to, that is what will be magnified in your life. And if it's keeping a dream journal and thinking about maybe something that you want to know about right before you go to bed, you will get stuff in your dream. That has been my experience. The more I engage with the dream world, the more messages I get and the more it also feels like the separation. There's like really no separations between the sleeping state and the waking state because of that relationship that I've been cultivating more and more with the dream world. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Shiraz says he agrees. Yeah. How have your dreams been, Shiraz? They have been pretty wild lately. Like, for a while, I think that's completely stopped. Like, I was having really peaceful sleep, no dreams at all, and at least none that I remember. And then all of a sudden, they just went from zero to 100. And like, you know what I, that is like, you know, non-stop, you know, part of it's from the past, people from the past. And I'm just like, well, what am I even doing in my dreams? It feels like every night I'm going on like rollercoaster rides with who knows who. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. You know, that brings me to thinking about this other topic I was talking about with Shobhan the other day is like, the points of creation, points of destruction, which you know, Shiraz, as a talking pod, right? And I've been thinking about this a lot over the, even the last couple of years, because I'm convinced that we can recreate certain events in the past, but to also shift things in this timeline, not only like, you know, like, not only to maybe forgive ourselves or forgive other people and feel better about what happened, but like literally create a whole other timeline or something like that, which is similar to the concept of point of creation and point of destruction that you talked about in access bars. So, but what do you think, Shiraz, I'd like to know your opinion on this, because you're very much in tune with all the other, the quantum mechanics and everything is, yeah, how much creative control do you think we actually have in this physical plane? I think we, I personally sense that we have a lot of, you know, physical, co-creative power in this reality that we would like to give ourselves credit for. And yeah, with the point of creation and point of destruction, it's really interesting in this sense that, you know, how there's this perception that some things are predestined, like, you know, like something that already meant to happen, happened because there's a plan in place. And what if maybe that plan is this point of creation and point of destruction of when a particular cycle starts with regards to any situation in our life and when it destroys itself. And it's again, that polarized, you know, loop that, you know, reality kind of perpetually cycles back to every now and then. And I was just listening to this lady the other day who works with the dowsing resources and like, with the dowsing resources, like pendulum, you know, those kind of things. And she was just, she basically had a workshop on future probabilities. And what she shared was at times she found that her parallel, you know, aspects of herself that were along a similar timeline, but are not on the same timeline or reality as she is in. Their patterns were bleeding into her patterns and changing the future property. And it was like, she had to constantly, you know, clear the things out from their reality that were bleeding into her reality. This is another thing that is probably amplifying more and more because we are reaching like this sort of conversion point where all the different timelines and probabilities are, you know, kind of fighting for the dominant space within this plane that we are on. Oh, okay. So it's like, if I understood correctly, what you said is that there are several timelines playing out, right? It's like from that point of creation, dispersed out to several other timelines, depending on like that, the aspect of us that took that made a certain decision is living that reality. And we are in this one. But then sometimes things that are other aspects to bleed into our reality, right? And affect what we do here. Yep. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Have you seen the series Original Angel? Yep. Yeah. Yeah. This is exactly what you're saying, right? It's like that lady that was telling the OA about like, that things that happen in other realities and other dimensions, she called them, echo, they echo into this reality. If there's a point in life where we meet someone, and that there's a strong connection with that person, that will echo into another dimension, and that person will meet that same, the same person or the same soul, I guess. I don't know. It's like becoming clusters, right? With people. Yeah. It's like we have so many lifetimes playing out simultaneously all at once. It's like, and on top of that, we are most of us, or pretty much all of us on this planet are highly psychic beings, even if they may not acknowledge that. And our ability to tune into these thoughts, points of views, realities of others and to mimic that, not just in our mind, but in our bodies and in our physical reality is immense. Like if you look at kids, they learn everything about reality by mimicking, copy pasting stuff from everything that they are psychically tuning into through their nervous system. Children, you mean? Yeah, like children, like a lot of these pre-evolved programs that are running, you know, are a dominant theme in people's lives. And they're wondering like, okay, why am I not really able to change this one aspect of my life? It could be like a relationship pattern, it could be how they relate to money or their creativity. And all of it can be traced back to the environment that was present in and around them when they were kids. Because their nervous system acts like a psychic antenna at that point of time and finds every opportunity to develop a relational pattern so it can feel safe in this world. It can have something that feels like, you know, safe or a sense of belonging, basically. And in doing so, that particular pattern that they are interpreting or picking up on from their surroundings turns into a brutal theme or template that they are going to be following for the rest of their life until they become aware of how to change that. You know, how many of these themes and templates are actually playing now. On top of that, then we have this parallel selves and probabilities that are merging in with that. Sorry, the last thing you said about probabilities, what did you say? Like all of these different probable selves, you know, from the different parallel timelines, they are resonance points. And for their reality to bleed through into our reality, it's based on these templates that are still present within a morphogenetic theme. Once that resonance point is gone, we don't have to really worry about, you know, what probable self is responsible for this or how their stuff is going to come into our stuff. Interesting, yeah. It's like we have, do you feel like it's like these sort of like holes that we have in like the whole bodies that cause this, right? That's what you were saying earlier, right? Yeah, that would change the particle spins of morphogenetic fields, right? Like how our bodies are spinning or resonating. And based on, you know, how many holes, rips, tears, traumas they are holding, specific probable selves are going to be able to just come through from the parallel timeline and just crash into this reality. Whereas otherwise, if we were just spinning at our organic spin rate, it would just, you know, things would just go in and out without any of the attachments sticking in our field. It would just, you know, flow. The attachments, yeah, yeah. We get attached to these things. That's the thing. It's like, oh, there's something new there or there's something familiar more so because if it was something new, that would be different. But I think it's like this familiar feeling, right? Yeah. And then we keep ourselves in these loops. And how do you, so you go about clearing these things with like, for example, the multidimensional clearing that you created, right? That's one way. Is there, are there other ways you think? There are a lot of different tools that can support in this process. And it's like, I just, somehow I have a tendency to just keep finding more and more tools, trying them out, seeing what they do, and then incorporating that into a system that works for me. One of the many ways is like combining everything that we know from chaotic science or any kind of Christic teachings with things like dowsing or pendulum, muscle testing, the emotion code or the body code, all of these different things. And the body can be a huge help in being able to clear this stuff up. The body has all these inbuilt systems and buttons of sorts that if we just use them the right way and the right sequence, they can change everything and they can clear even the deepest layers. Yeah. Wow. And for those of you guys listening, if you haven't tried Shiraj's multidimensional clearing, I highly suggest it. It's available on your Instagram, right? Yep, in my bio. Yep. The regulated alchemist. Yeah. Well, I told you what happened when I tried it, right? It was, it was interesting because I connected with Shiraj in a way. This was so cool because he was talking to me like I heard his voice and I was half asleep, half awake. And at some point the words started changing and he was talking to me about women and how they are differently treated in certain countries. And in India, he was telling me something about he didn't like the way women were treated. And I was telling him, yeah, and then there's this other country, this and that. We were having this whole conversation when he was speaking about hobo bodies and stuff in the multidimensional clearing. It was just so funny because then I would like jump in and out of it and hear what he was actually saying and then go back into that side conversation that was going on between us. And then I asked him like the other day, not asked him, but I just told him the experience and he told me, yeah, I think you told me something like you've been wondering about this yourself, you know? Yeah, but that was really interesting because it's like a theme that kind of comes up for me quite often over here. Because as a kid, I was like, you know, why are people doing gender in this way over here? It doesn't make sense to me. I don't feel like that's maybe the truest way to do it for me. Yeah, the whole gender thing. Yeah, we were both thinking about that. It's something that's been coming up for me quite a bit. And yeah, so that was really interesting. Yeah, I don't know what else is there to share today. Yeah, today, you know, like I said, it feels like people are feeling a lot the need to be like within or do other activities that are more like connecting with themselves more, which is great. But yeah, for some reason, this was the date that was picked for the first recording. And I'm like, okay, let's do it this day, you know, and let's see what comes up. Yeah, but I do think it's every single time that I hold an event or do something, there's always the right people there. That's like, it's always the perfect combination of people. And then that creates like this, I don't know, like, this series of messages that are very much intertwined and very pertinent to whoever's listening that day. So it's always perfect, you know, no matter how many people we are here. So today, you guys are listening to four of us. So me, Ishelle, Siobhan, Shiraj, and Lisa. Yeah, so thanks for tuning into the Eternal Life Cafe, your weekly cups of consciousness. My commercial there. Moving forward, are we going to have particular topics or we're just going to get on in? No, just like that. Yeah, just like that. You know, I don't I don't really like the script kind of podcast because that yeah, that way it's literally what is happening in your life in that moment. It's not like you're feeling forced to do something or say something that you don't maybe don't feel like saying or sharing in that moment. So yeah. And I had suggested that whoever wanted to share a favorite quote to do that today. I don't know if you guys have anything to share. What was yours? It's not a favorite quote. It's just like this morning I was thinking about like the whole let your food be diet medicine thing. And I was like, well, you either let it be your medicine, or it could literally be a road down to hell, you know? Is that a quote? Like a literal quote that exists? No, you know how there's like the let thy food be thy medicine? I've never heard of that. Really? Maybe, maybe. Maybe familiar. Yeah. Okay. Let me tell you whose quote it is. I don't give these people's names in my brain. It's from Hippocrates. Oh, so what's the quote again? Let thy food be thy medicine. By Hippocrates. Yeah, but then I was just like, listen, because if it's not your medicine, it could literally be your poison. Oh man, I don't have anything. It's been a week. You're fine. That's great. Thank you for sharing that. That's so true, though. Like a lot of the stuff we eat is literally like very artificial. And like, I was like, what isn't even natural anymore? Because even fruits are all engineered, like, modified and whatnot. And now even salmon is, you know, being created, like, out of thin air pretty much. So it's like, okay, yeah. What are we actually eating? We're eating whatever they want us to eat. I went to the grocery store and I'm like, looking, I'm always looking for grapes with seeds. And then I saw some grapes and it was like, organic seedless grapes. Like, it makes sense. How could it be organic and seedless at the same time? You know, like, just that. It just doesn't align. But I think until we are growing our own food, farming it, tending to our soil, you know what I mean? Then it's always gonna be like, what are we really eating? Because, you know, like, you're only being told that it's organic or that it's bad. But then even those soils are highly depleted. So, you know, we just need to work on our journey toward breccitarianism. But then the air is polluted. Haha. I'm just... I'm like, yeah, that's so true. The air is polluted. I'm like, oh my god, that's so true. Oh, gosh. You know, before we dive into the course, I was thinking about what you said about this week, how everybody feels like they need to connect to themselves and be and do more inner work. Last night, I was engaged in a conversation with a friend and he was like, do you feel like you need to find yourself? And I'm like, I'm not lost. Well, it's probably him that wanted to find himself. And he's projecting that to you. Yeah, I think that's what it was. He was like, do you need to find yourself? Because like, I'm like, well, I feel like I've lived many different lives within the 32 years that I've been here. And there's been a couple of projects that I wanted to tackle. And you know what I mean? Whether it's like being a poet or being a chef or being a photographer, like I've played with a lot of tools and it's been fun, you know, but those things are external. They're not necessarily what makes me, me, right? Because then at this point, the focus is connecting to stuff and connecting to, you know, eternal source instead of thinking that whatever fun tool I'm using right now is myself. But then Shiraz was just talking about how there's like a different aspect of us, you know, in different timelines. So then it's like, like, would we be trying to connect all of those different timelines here? Or is it just okay for it to just be like, all over the place? And then we kind of like leak into the other or connect here and there? What do you think, Shiraz? I don't know if the question makes sense. Because last night, I was like, I'm not lost. But then there's different aspects of me in different timelines. Would the ultimate goal be to connect them? Or is it okay that there's just these multi realities? I mean, to connect them would be cool. Like, I would love to do that. How many of us are there? Are there like infinite though? Like, I mean, it's just like so many choices that like, from one decision, you could, like create so many realities that are literally existing anyways, right? Yeah. Like, for me, personally, it's like just choosing which ones I would like, like, what I would like to co-create or receive in any moment. And then just going with the energy of that. It's like, there's so many different probabilities and so many different selves. Which one do I even choose? And how do I know like, that one's gonna be pleasant, and the one that I'm gonna be like, just play with it and see what works. And if it doesn't work, we just change to the other one. It's kind of like a challenge. So according to you, we do have more creative control than we give ourselves credit for, right? What you said earlier. Yeah, more creative control. Because our energetics kind of really shape how those around us respond. They all find like a resonant point, which should bring up certain behaviors in them and certain behaviors in us. And then we would like, try to play off of that. And I mean, there's got to be something beyond this resonant point where we can just maybe co-create without having any kind of relational pattern. Because in order to relate, there's got to be a distance between two objects, right? Like, for A to relate to B, there's got to be a distance between A and B or some kind of separation or individuation. And there's probably a reality or a space of consciousness where everything just exists in the pure oneness, which, you know, a lot of mystics and spiritual people and all of us kind of talk about have sense in some or the other way. It's like, how can we have more of that in our life? We have more of that oneness and that flow that we just, you know, we won't have to think what our next step would be. We just know and go ahead with that. Yeah, that would be wonderful. I like it. Next time I am showing up to the Eternal Life Cafe with my cup of nicely, nice tea, you know, this has been very delicious. So I'm happy to be here with you all. Oh, we're happy to have you here too. You remember that dream I had where you were tapping into all those timelines and those different aspects of you? I drew you that picture where there was like a motherboard and all these connecting pieces that are all just living their lives and doing whatever it is. But then there's this central column where it all meets in the middle. That's what I was just thinking of. And that's when we like, well, that's what I feel like when you go into that zero point, you're kind of just in that, you know, that pure state. Well, as pure as you can be, I guess, in this form. I was just thinking about that and just, yeah, just remembering that image because it was so clear to me. And that's why I drew it for you. That's true. I remember that. It's like there's this, yeah, this is like probably that central point, like you said, like zero point is where there's this stillness and we're just kind of, you know, experiencing all these other realities, all these other aspects of us are doing at the same time. But it's always possible to tap back into that motherboard, what you call it. Yeah, I don't know. What do you guys think? I love that. Like, that makes so much sense. Is like in the zero point or the still point is, is it still I, I can sense maybe we would have more awareness to look at all of the different problems, the timelines and have, have the actual capacity to look at all of them and hold them at the same time. And then choose vision. It's like, maybe it's like a process of going back to the zero point, looking at all the different possibilities, coming back out, going back in. It's like, kind of like a game of sorts. It's just perpetually going back to the still point and being like, hey, so it's like, you know, this is what I experienced in that timeline. So I would like to see what else is possible with this other timeline. Like going back to the main menu of the game. You start again. Yeah. But now, you know, that the things that you don't want, and then you go and create this whole other reality after from that point on. See, this is what I've been thinking a lot about is like, I, I've been trying to recreate certain things in from my past that I feel like were very important points of creation and just recreating that and seeing how it could look like. And it's really interesting because sometimes you're like, well, should I have really tried changing that? Because then I wouldn't have met so and so or whatnot. But then I was thinking, some people you will meet anyway, because they're in your same thing, the same family constellation. And even though in that other timeline, they're maybe in a different country, and they have a different name. I think we're still, it's like the whole thing about the echo, right? It's like one person meets this person in one dimension, and it goes out into the other one. So I'm like, yeah, no matter what I do, I think I would still be meeting you guys, for example, you know? It was really interesting to think about. Like, yeah. Yeah, like, what would the other versions of us in a probable timeline look like? Like, what would they be doing? What? Yeah, interesting to go into that. Yeah, because you guys might even have different names, you know, between different things, but it's still the same energy, the same kind of soul, I guess, soul connections. What do you think, Isabel? You look like you're going like really deep somewhere. Just like thinking about all the times that I've been in dreams, and I have been somebody else, and my name has been different, and I've lived in a different place or a different time, you know? And I'm thinking, like, it's so massive. It's just so much for us to comprehend, that it's like, it's just, it's so vast, like, reality, and the fact that there are just all these aspects. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, I do feel like there are, especially the ones in our dreams, are probably the closest to us, like, yeah, in terms of, like, the, I guess, the connections, the ties or whatnot, or the bonds that we have with different souls. And then there's infinite possibilities after that as well. But yeah, it's like, it's like the, it was what Shiraz was saying about the bleeding through, maybe that happens in dreams as well, you know, and that's why we have these sometimes really strange encounters with people that we've never seen in real life, but that feels so real, you know? Like, what are we doing in this dream? And why in particular that this person has shown up? What is it that I like about them? What is it I don't like about them? What is the dream trying to tell me about integrating some part of me? So I kind of see it more in that sense, like, what am I being taught here? And how can I, yeah, how can I use these, this point of information to process it? Yes, I love that. It's how you apply shadow work into your dream work, which is just amazing, because, yes, you can see it from so many different perspectives, right? It's like, okay, yes, maybe you're tapping into a possible timeline, but at the same time, why is it showing up? Yes, maybe there's something that I really like about this person. There's something I don't like, and those are your shadow aspects, or your golden shadow aspects, and like, oh, maybe, you know, there's something there to integrate, or something to let go of, sometimes, too, you know, or transmute, or to evolve from. Sometimes it's about, like, forgiveness for a situation that you've still maintained was, you know, like, you've got to let go of blame, and you've got to not be a victim to it, or whatever, it was just a circumstance. So it's like, you still are holding on to something there, where you just need to forgive it. It was just a situation that needed to happen for both of your growth, you know? Yeah. I have a dream with this person I was telling you about earlier, where I was literally, like, yelling at them. Yeah, I take responsibility for it. I put myself here, and I forgive myself, but then it's difficult, because I still feel like I have, I'm still working on forgiving myself, which is, like, the first thing for me in this situation, for letting things happen. And also, it's like, we don't, we know we don't want something, but we're still doing stuff to attract it. But then, you know, logically, oh, I shouldn't be talking to this person. And then, you're like, oh, but wait a second. And then I saw things that I had done before, right? I was like, oh, this is why we're here today, you know? And I'm like, yeah, I take responsibility for it, like I said, but also, yeah, not really blaming the other person for things that they're not capable of doing or giving to me, you know? And yeah, yeah, for sure. So, I'm still working on that, right? It's good to say things out loud like this, because it's like, okay, yeah, this is what still needs work, you know? Yeah. I get that. You know, in terms of that, like, last month, I had an interesting experience, and I called a friend of mine. I was like, yo, like, I have set this one rule. And I'm like, I'm not going to engage in this particular thing. But this particular thing is offering me these delicious things. And I'm like, why is it coming in this package? And then my friend was like, well, are you full of yourself? But not in a negative way, when someone's full of themselves. He was like, are you providing all these things for yourself that you would be seeking, you know, elsewhere, right? And then you brought up this idea of attention. Because sometimes it's like, well, I know this is not it entirely, but they are fulfilling this one thing, right? So, like, whenever I get in this space where I have, like, a particular desire from a particular place, which I know damn well is not it, I will just be like, listen, Lisa, I love you. You're all wonderful. Or like, I go into this, like, doing these things that I would want outside of myself for myself and hoping that, like, it's going to assist and not attracting things that I know are not it, per se. I don't know if any of it is making sense. But like, it's like, say you want, you're like, oh, I want a partner who buys me flowers, right? But then you have this want and, like, access this, the word want is, like, lack, right? So, then I'm like, oh, if I go to the store and I buy myself flowers on a regular basis, but then, so then that desire is full. So, it's not hanging outside. There's not this little hole here. Bring in Fort Hooligans, who wants to bring me flowers, but then at the same time are not, like, fully aligned to, like, the greatest good, right? So, I think that's the shadow work I'm doing right now with myself. And it's nice making that decision. And it's also nice having friends who would be like, listen, well, are you, like, watering your own plant? Because unless you are, then I think the things that show up are always going to show up in pieces, right? Because you're not full. And it's like, well, this was great about this person, but I didn't really like that he did have this together. Oh, I'm over it. Yeah, I totally get you. Yeah. Yeah. I love how you said, like, you know, to do things for yourself, like little things for yourself like that. That's just great. You know, buy yourself flowers. That's beautiful. I love that. It's a journey. Yeah, for sure. It's a journey. Yeah. And I find that those moments where I feel like everything is fine, that I'm not, like, searching for anyone or anything to fulfill any need, that's when the distractions start coming in. Like, you know, people are, especially men or whatnot. And I'm just like, ah, it's confusing, like I was telling you guys, you know, because it's like, well, is this person coming into my life because it's a real connection? Or is it just a distraction? Because I'm finally, finally on the path. And now this is coming in and, like, trying to pull me elsewhere. This is what I was telling Siobhan earlier. It's like, this is what's annoying to me right now. So I'm doing my best to, like, really stay focused, and not buy into distractions or whatnot, because most of the time that's what it feels like. But then there's this part of me that's like, well, but are you shutting yourself down to, like, really connecting with someone? I don't know. I guess, to me, it's like, it shouldn't be confusing. That's what I was telling Siobhan. It should not feel confusing. If it feels confusing, then it's not love, or it's not a real connection, whatever it may be. Or it's not a real opportunity, because this also happened with a work opportunity that I had, like, to create this partnership with someone. And I wanted to do it, because I'm like, oh, this is like, it's kind of like a quick solution, you know? It's like, this will help me. But there was something off about it. And again, it's so confusing. Like, I wasn't so sure, yes or no. One day, it would look amazing. The other day, it would look like, oh, I don't really like this. Same thing with personal relationships. I'm like, okay, whenever things feel confusing like this, it's like, this probably got that. Either not for me, or if it's meant to happen later, it will. But things have to change for it to actually be for me, because it's not like, checking the boxes, kind of like what Lisa was saying. It's got to really, like, check all the boxes. And, you know, maybe those boxes will change, you know? Of course, the more we evolve, the more we see sometimes, oh, that's actually not what I really wanted. So, yeah, there's that, too, you know? You know the part where you said, like, when you are not distracted, like, when you're feeling awesome and amazing, and you're not seeking to outsource anything from anyone, then people start showing up? Well, a part of that is, like, when you're a four, like, a friend of mine used to be like, Lisa, people are attracted to you, like, the moth to the flame. I think the reminder that, like, people who are in need sometimes can sense that, ooh, she's thriving. I want some of that energy. But then, like, there's this idea of, I read somewhere, like, if you meet your partner and they give you butterflies, run, because it's not true. Because what? Because butterflies are a source of anxiety. This is your gut telling you. Yes, it's so true. I love that. I love that quote. So, I feel like, eventually, what I would get into the habit is asking people, like, why are you here? Like, blatantly, like, why are you here? What do you want? And then, like, just listening for the answer. Recently, I reconnected with an old friend, and then the first thing he said was, like, ooh, Lisa, I need your energy. And then I was just, like, these vampires are not, like, recording it at all. Sorry. I was, like, okay. So, then we had a couple of conversations, and then he dawned on me. I'm, like, oh, Lisa, like, you literally need the energy. I'm done. Anyway. So, I feel like asking out loud, why is this here? Even if it's not directly to the person, why is this here? Why did I attract this? Like, and then listening in for the answer will bring you absolute clarity because the answers are always coming forth. And then another thing I wanted to tap in on was what she said. It brought up the idea of, like, cord cutting for me. So, I would like for you guys to let me know, like, what do you guys think about that process of, like, if a partner is someone you've been involved with, like, mentally, physically, you know, sexually. Obviously, there are, like, parts of themselves that are still, like, coexisting within us until we fully let them go. So, I'm wondering if you feel like it's because some of those cords you haven't cut yet, or is it because there's, like, some aspects that you need to tap into and explore or learn from? I feel the latter because I went through a period of literally cutting myself off from everybody and doing, and seeing that, and seeing the connection and just clearing and cutting it. And I feel I've been through that, and I feel I've been going through that for years. And so, I started to ask myself, and don't get me wrong, there's a period where none of these people showed up. But it's been more recently, maybe in the last six months, eight months, where these people have been coming around. So, I've started to ask myself instead, okay, what is it about this person that they're showing me? Is there something that I need to work on from there, as in, like, is there a part of them that they're showing me that I need to work on for myself to, like, integrate something? Because, you know, like I said earlier, there's no separation, truly. And that if this person, like Ishelle said, we're connected to in other dimensions and stuff. So, I'm like, I'm considering that, because if I've done all the cord cutting and these people are coming in, what do you think that is? Why do you think they're there? Understood. I think what I'm playing around with this week is, did you, the information from AXIS, have you tapped into this book? No, no, Ishelle just only told me about a week ago. Okay. So, the idea is that, like, all of it is just energy. Like, we don't necessarily need to, like, be like, well, this, this, this, I don't like this group of people. And it all goes back to just neutrality, right? And one of the quotes from that book is, all of life comes to me with ease. So, it's like, not necessarily rebuking anything, but not necessarily engaging. Like, it's just all energy coming to you, right? So, for me, it's like, if I am seeing certain things, or if a certain person is reaching out to me, I don't feel like, oh, like, I don't feel like I need to cut the person off per se. I may not engage in the level that they want to engage in, but I just see it as like, oh, this is just another aspect of source energy in whatever way that is showing up, right? If it wants to play in the field, play in the field, because when I start rejecting it or forming opinions about it, then the idea of access is, if we're saying that this is good or bad, then it may be cutting off things that you are actually trying to attract, because it may come in a form that you didn't expect it to come for. Is it, like, making any sense? Yeah, yeah, it is making sense. I guess, for me, when I say cutting people off, like, I went through a... Oh, there's nothing wrong with cutting people off. Like, I am pro. I am pro cutting people off all the time, and then, like, if I don't cut them off, they leave on their own, because I'm like, source, if it ain't for me, let it go. And then, next week, folks would show up and be like, you think you're all that, or you know everything about... Or, like, I had a friend one time. She was like, I love you so much. You're so honest. This is what I love about you. Please give me all of the honesty. And then one day, I woke up, and I was like, you know what? If anything is not for me, let it go. And then, like, she was like, you know what? I don't remember what word she used, but it was just, like, in terms of spirituality, I think I know it all. And then she just let me know how she felt about me. And I was like, it's okay. It's all love, because I guess those feelings were there, but she never voiced them. So, it's time for it to go, and I was okay with that. Like, I'm so happy. Like, if I'm in someone's life, and I'm not for you at this moment, if you step up... Like, I remember I had a friend one time. She, like, unfriended me on Facebook. She's like, I just didn't want to see your face at that time. But I was so proud of her, because you know how many of us have friendships where, like, literally, like, I could be friends with Ixel, and there's something that she does that I do not like, but I'm not going to tell her. But deep down, I'm just harnessing these negative feelings, but I'm still in her space, right? I would rather someone be like, listen, I don't like you very much right now. I do not want to interact with you. I feel like that's a lot more genuine. So, whenever people leave, I'm like, I'm really proud of them. I'm like, that is great. You know what I mean? And I feel like all of us should do that vice versa. Anyway, I'm getting at it. No, I like what you're saying, because that's something I've been thinking about as well. But it's like, well, what if I change my mind about that person later on, and I leave, and then they show up somewhere else? I'll be like, oops. So, it's kind of a touching subject for me, because I'm like, well, yeah, I don't really want to talk to this person right now. I just don't feel the connection. I have said it lately. I've been more honest. Before, I would be like, eh, kind of yes, no responding and stuff. I didn't want to be mean. But I've literally told people, I'm sorry, I just don't feel the connection, and goodbye. And they leave on their own, or they stay there. And I'm just like, okay. So, yeah, it's interesting. It's interesting. What do you think? I think I'm just in a space of gratitude for all of the entities, all of the humans, all of the connections, everything that has come, everything that has left. Like, give thanks. Give thanks. I'm happy you were here. If you want to hang on the corner and just chill out, then it's fine. But also, this only came through because last year, I felt like some of the friendships that I felt would have lasted years have kind of like dispersed, and it was kind of hurtful at first. But then eventually, the one thing I've learned is that sometimes things are going to go, and it's okay. Because sometimes, even though we were childhood friends, there's literally, when we get on the phone, I don't have anything to say to you. I don't feel like the connection has just left the building, and you cannot force it, right? Exactly. So, it's like, oh, that's fine. It's fine that this isn't what it used to be anymore, but you don't have to be mean. You just have to accept that this is where we are, and it's okay. Yeah, because ultimately, we're all souls, you know? So, in another space, it's all good. But here, in this time, the lesson that you needed to learn or the interaction that needed to happen is happening. So, yeah, I just see it as, even people that I don't agree with within my own family, I know in some regards, if we have conflict, it's only because maybe, as a soul, they're trying to push me to stand my ground or have firm boundaries or something, you know? So, I see it as that, instead of being like, oh my gosh, this person is just on my case all the time, irritating me. It's like, what are they getting you to do? Oh, they're getting me to speak my truth or really stand my ground, you know? So, yeah, I kind of see it like that. Yeah, I love that. I love the way, yeah, you see things from a different perspective. I like that, doing that too, switching things around and being like, okay, what am I getting from this, in terms of, yeah, for my personal growth, what positivity can I get from this? And also, what is the other person learning from the way that I react? Because, yeah, everything I do will also have an impact on them. So, it's like, you think about the other person, you think more about what words you're using as well. And that's why, you know, I've had to think sometimes what to say to certain people. And it's like Lisa said, it's not about just being me and be like, I don't like you anymore. But maybe sometimes saying, yeah, you know what? It's okay. Yeah, this is what it is. We don't feel the connection. Or I don't feel it. This is what I feel. But not to say that maybe later on, we will reconnect. You never know. Like, not completely closing the door on people. Because I used to do that a lot. Well, you know, sometimes you do have to do it. But I've learned to kind of like, yeah, not necessarily, yeah, like, I guess, take those emotions that I'm feeling in that moment, as something definite, you know, like, because I've had times where I'm like, oh, shoot, yeah, maybe I was acting more from my emotions in that moment. And now I kind of regret not, you know, talking to this person anymore. So, yeah, just making sure that we're in a clear state of mind when we're responding to people, you know? That's true. I agree with that. I like, I keep going back to the cord cutting thing. And then I think Shiraz, if he's still around, should talk about the access. Because I'm thinking about, Shiv, if I'm saying your name incorrectly, please let me know. Okay. Yeah. So then the thing about like, I'm thinking about how you said you went through a period where you're cutting everybody off, and how like, people are showing up, like in your dreams. And I was thinking about the idea of self alienation, you know, like, going into that space of like, I think sometimes when we start in this journey, it's like, I need to move away from all of the people that I know and just be in this space by myself. But then like, I was, I was analyzing certain things that I want to bring forth. And it's like, we, I have found that we humans are supposed to interact with each other. And we fuel each other in so many ways. So for me, right now, even though it's important to have personal space, it's also important to interact with others. And then in terms of like, ex partners, I get the idea, I feel like if I was ever with someone, I have so much gratitude for them, that even though like, there are certain aspects of their relationship that I have done away with, I also appreciate any like, I feel like my appreciation for them and what they brought forth is kind of like eternal. You know what I mean? So like, you know, we may not be I may never, ever, ever, ever, ever have sex with you again. Not in this life, not in another life, for example. But like the fact that like one time, at one point in space, you felt comfortable enough to share your body with me and vice versa. I just have gratitude for that. So it's like when we're getting rid of people, we may be getting rid of certain aspects of their relationship. But since we're all, you know, ultimately, always connected, right? I feel like the disconnection can only be done in particles, you know, like, I don't think we can ever truly ever get rid of people who are part of our journeys, the certain aspects of the relationship, what do you think? Yeah, yeah. Well, see, the context of me cutting people off was when I was younger, if I felt like someone had done something to me, because you're in that like victim, victimizer setting, right? That I would just go full scale, like dramatic, I'm going to shut you out, I'm not going to speak to you ever again, this kind of thing. Obviously, now being on this whole journey for the last three or four years, I have come to that space of actually looking at these people and seeing what I learned with them, and seeing how the whole process of sharing, as you say, like your physical sense, your inner self, and just seeing actually how they, or how that situation allowed me to grow in some sense. But yes, there were times when I did things that I think, oh, man, why did I, why did I do that? Why did I say that lie? Why did I act so irrationally? But like I say, I'm in that reflective place of gratitude for that person. Yeah, does that make sense? Yeah, to me, that makes a lot of sense. I've definitely been there as well. Yeah, everything was big, bold, and brash when I was young. You know, there was no, there was no in between. It was just, it was drama. I loved creating drama. I didn't realize it. And When is your birthday? May. Maybe in May. Maybe, maybe. Maybe, baby, baby. It's funny, because like, my mom used to say to me, like, you're so dramatic. And I never saw it when I was younger. But that's the thing is like, we feel like we're the victims, like you said. Oh, my gosh, I thought everybody was to blame. Everybody, but for me, I'm like, it's all your fault. Literally, yeah, exactly. It happens. I think the fun thing I do now, whenever someone comes to me and they're like, this person did this, this person did that. And I'm like, well, have you wondered why all of these things? Like, what cards are you playing? Have you looked at yourself? And they're like, well, it's not me. Like, okay, I see one comment nominated here. So it sounds like you have found, you know, the role that you've played in all of it. And isn't it wonderful, guys, to be able to check ourselves and see who we were then. So much fun. I think that you say, was it you, Lisa, that said, do you feel like you've lived many lives in this one life? Yeah, it's been a journey. I feel completely the same. I don't feel like the person I was even a year ago. It's like, just a new form emerges and a new form and a new form emerges. And it's like, just a new form emerges and a new form and a death and a rebirth. And, you know, yeah, it's just been like collapsing all these, like versions of you that are just not your authentic self and seeing that and witnessing it and holding yourself, like giving yourself a hug and saying, it's okay that you came in and you played these roles and you can see that. And, you know, I had to, I really had to apologize to my parents for some of the stuff that I did and acted as a kid, because I'm not a kid, but a teenager, because I turned into a complete brat. And I made their lives like really hard at times. And I just had this overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything that they gave me. And every time they didn't shut the door on me, because I was a lot at times, and I didn't even realize it, you know. But the core of that was that I was just in pain, I was hurting, I was a sensitive person in a world that didn't seem to make sense. And so I found myself being really isolated by that, which I'm sure everyone can relate to in some way. And yeah, it was just because I was in pain, and I didn't know how to deal with it or cope with it or even talk about it. So that's why I look at myself and I'm like, oh, I love you so much. Like, look how far you've come, you know, and the fact that you want to help people and you can see how this process can assist others. And yeah, it's just beautiful, as you say. Oh, I felt that. I love that hug that you just gave to yourself, which I'm like, oh, me too, you know. Yeah, it's important to say these words to ourselves. Like, we can be like our hardest critics, harshest critics, and we just put ourselves down so much. But we just need to stop and think about what we've actually done and what we're doing. And just have that gratitude for yourself as well, you know. Yeah. You know, I just really think that I'm going to see my parents very soon, like next month. And oh, boy, I just I can feel already like there's going to be a lot of things to work on, to say, to be honest about. And I feel like a lot of the things that I've been holding in like in a bottle kind of, yeah, need to be expressed, but not in the way that I used to express them. Like you said, being difficult or doing things that you know are going to upset your parents, because that's the way that you think you're going to get the attention that you've always wanted. But yeah, there have been times where I felt like I was trying for my parents to accept me. And even sometimes I would write them letters being like, I know you don't understand what I'm doing, but this and that. And I did so many things, but none of them were actually being my true self, you know. And I think that's really needed, like for my parents to see who I really am, because there's this part of me that feels like I've never seen the real them, especially one of them. And I feel so many emotions right now. And that's also part and part why I was feeling like this this morning is because, yeah, about how I feel about my family and how I feel like I have so many things to say, and I don't even know if I'm going to be capable of wording them correctly. And I haven't seen them in over two years. So yeah. I got goosebumps when you were talking about that. I can feel there's so much there, especially because we've been talking for such a while now. And I know that the family aspect comes up quite a lot in your dream time and stuff. And it feels like a big moment. It feels really big. Yeah, yeah. I'm a little scared, to be honest, because I feel like there have been things that I've lost memory of or things that have been hidden from me. And I don't know if I'm going to be able to ask the questions, or I don't know if there's even the right questions or whatnot. But I'm trusting that whatever needs to be said and what is ready to be known will be known. And, you know, it'll come in layers or whatnot. But yeah, I tapped into some really crazy stuff, a few weeks ago, like emotions and things that I feel like come from hidden memories or whatnot. So it's really interesting. Doing that family line. Yeah, yeah. And with us, like... That communication is just so, so key. And I've come from a culture, I don't know if it's the same where you guys are, but I've come from a culture that has been emotionally suppressed. And people just did not know how to even express love. I see in my own family, them get physically uncomfortable, even if I go to give them a hug. It's like, you know, what are you doing? I'm giving you a hug, and I'm going to give you a hug. Like, that's just what I do. And not as in like, I'm coming into your boundaries, and I don't give a crap about it. I don't mean it in that way. It's just, I want to help you feel that connection, you know? The thing is that they do want a hug. It's just that they don't know how to hug. Like, this is my dad, this is it. Like, he would just side hug me all the time, just one arm, like, or pat on the head, you know, like, yes. And I'm just like, okay. And even my mom kind of picked up on that behavior, because I don't think my mom was like that. And, you know, it's like, yeah, there's so many things, like, it can get really deep. And I don't want to do, like, too many personal things, but it's true. I mean, we've been feeling this lack of connection, not because they don't want it, but just because they don't know how to connect, and that the feelings are so strong, you know, and the connection with us. I mean, we, I feel like we choose who we want to come into this world with as our family. We choose our moms. Like, you know, I've been telling you guys about this spirit baby that I feel around me in my field, and it's like, the spirit baby chooses you. And it's like, whoa, it's so, it's such a huge love. I don't know how to explain it. It's a feeling that I, you know, I've said before, I can't even contain in my body for that long, because it's so strong. And it feels like, wow, and, and yeah, so we literally choose our families. And because we know that they're going to help us go through the life lessons that we need as a soul to, you know, clear the karma and whatnot. And so it's like you said about being grateful for them. And yeah, and at the same time, also being firm in who you are and your boundaries. And it's very tricky, right? Because it's like, how do you show that love? But at the same time, having them respect your boundaries and your individuality and all these things? Yeah. Um, I'll wait. I think, well, my question is, like, in terms of one thing you said is reconnecting with your family and wanting them to know who you truly are. And I'm also wondering, like, how important is that? Because do you feel like they may have the capacity to understand all of the intricate layers of you? Or do you just want them to know, like, in essence, that you care and you love them? Or what exactly would you like to put out there energetically? That's a really good question. Because, yeah, I think, I think it has to be done in layers. Like maybe not like, say, you know, a lot of things at once, because like you said, maybe they won't, they won't really understand. But I think maybe the first step is just showing a little bit more, you know, being a little bit more honest with how I feel and what I see. And, but always being careful to using the right language, put it that way, not to confuse them, or I'm not going to be like, Oh, you know what, I see what's going on right now. You have a hole in your hova body, you know. And this is why you were projecting things onto me. You know, I might say more like, you know what, that I feel like maybe you're saying this, because of this. And I don't know, what do you think, you know, and, but you know, make it making it more like having them maybe answer a few questions as well. I think this is something that has been coming more and more to, to my awareness is that I tended to say a lot of things. And then the person might feel like, Oh, she feels like she knows what's going on. But when you make people say it themselves, that's even more helpful. Yeah, That's very true. Because I've experienced that we like to defend ourselves. It's just innately human when someone says like, this about us, and we're like, no, no, no, no, no, no. But then if you ask questions, then it helps a lot. And in terms of parents, I had like, like a rocky relationship with my dad for a very, very long time. And then two years ago, I just, I just got tired of it, got tired of having the same old fights, the same conversation. So then I went into this space of like, if someone asked me about my father, it was like, he's fine, he's doing great. I just wanted to build up a better relationship in my head with him. You know, and just not sit down and linger on everything that has occurred. And that really has helped like, talking about him in a positive manner, instead of like, being in that negative space of what had been, right? Really, really like 360 the relationship to the point like, when I was living in Mexico, he came to visit and he was like, you know what, it takes a lot, like, I didn't understand it, but it takes a lot for someone to move around the world and build community. I'm not able to do it, but you do it with so much ease. And like, I am so proud of you. Instead of like, being like, Lisa doesn't want to settle anywhere. She's always moving somewhere. She, you know, like, that was like a whole 360. And I had done most of the work of like, seeing him in a different light when I was in Mexico. And when it came like, his speech showed like, the new appreciation for me, or who I am, instead of some crazy girl who didn't know what she wants, who was always like, here and there. And then, then I've also learned that as much as sometimes we're seeking to be loved by our parents and understood, they are seeking the same thing. Sometimes our parents feel like underappreciated. So then I learned that my father wouldn't say it, right. But he would feel underloved, underappreciated. So now like, that we have those dialogues, I make sure that I show up for him like no other, you know what I mean? If it's his birthday, if he has something special going on, I leave six hours away, but then like, I drove down on December 31st just to be there for like, New Year's, even though it's not entirely my thing. But I know those little things mean a lot to him. And it has really, really, really helped our relationship. And I'm just grateful that I started taking it from more of like, what can I contribute versus more of what can I take? You know what I mean? Like, how can I make this person feel? I mean, there are some really ugly fights as well, but I'm grateful. But this shift in my perspective has helped. So like, I guess when showing up and seeing your family, I'm sure it's going to go well. And like, things will align because you've done a lot of work in the past two years to have ease of conversation. But you know, just show them gratitude, show them love, and tap into what you feel and make it just like your duty to show them that. But also like, see it in your mental mind, the ease of conversation, the ease of them opening up. And honestly, I'm just saying like, it works. That's really good advice. Thank you. Yes, I agree. It's important to not just go with that already, like, I guess, because it can turn into a self-fulfilling process of like thinking, oh, they're not even going to get me. And then you're already creating that reality in your head. So yes, thank you. I will keep that in mind. Because I definitely tend to be like, oh, I don't even know if they're going to, you know, listen. But yes, I agree. They've probably done, you know, I think the reason why we're reconnecting too is because they've gone through things. They've probably changed, maybe some belief systems or something. I don't know. We'll see. So I'm going to see, right, when we get there. Yeah. I'm going to read what Shiraz said real quick. So he said, yep, I've been seeing this too. How being curious and asking questions makes a huge difference in how people show up, even in terms of energy. Yeah, it's such a supportive skill to embody and changes in the space we connect. And I just love the wisdom y'all are gifting here. Oh, thank you, Shiraz. Yeah. Shobha, did you want to share a quote earlier? Because we didn't get to your quote. I forgot. OK, hang on. Oh, and then I have something I wanted to share with you guys that I wanted help with for the podcast real quick, but do the quote first. OK, I was thinking for ages about this quote and I just kept coming back to the same one. So this is it. There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for. Oh, is that from the Lord of the Rings? It is. You know, that's super interesting because I have never really watched the whole Lord of the Rings thing, but for some reason it shows up in my field a lot. I'm like, that's probably me. I'm like, yeah, a lot of everybody I know is talking about it or yeah, quotes here and there. I see images of it. Maybe I should definitely watch it now that because now I see things differently. You know, when I was first kind of introduced to the Lord of the Rings, I was like, oh, that doesn't sound that interesting. But I think I should watch it now. I will. Yeah, that's a really good one. Huge Tolkien fan, so I kind of grew up with all that stuff going on. My dad was a big fan of Lord of the Rings, so I kind of got that from him. And then when the film came out, my brother and I were absolutely obsessed and we used to play the characters and just play all the video games, all of it. We could play like a whole entire trilogy, like from the films. Yeah, like we were obsessed, I'm telling you. Wow. And why did you pick that quote in particular? Do you have any other further thoughts? You know, you don't have to share, but I mean, I was just curious. It's something that comes back to me when I'm feeling like I want to give up. And it's a very pivotal point in the film because it feels like all hope is gone. And one of the main characters says it to the other main character. And it just, like, enlightens my whole being with passion and love. And no matter what happens, there is always hope and there is always love, you know, and it's worth fighting for. So, yeah, it's just always stuck with me because no matter how hard things get, there's always like a sunshine to come afterwards. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I definitely felt the power of the quote and like what it means to you. And yeah, thank you for sharing that. You are welcome. And I'm always like crying my eyes out, even though I've seen the films a bajillion times. When that moment happens, I'm like. Yeah, it's like no matter how crappy the world may look like, there's always that little hope. Yeah, that's worth fighting for. Yeah, yeah. Oh, I want to share mine real quick. And it's also from a film. And I don't know, it's just something that's stuck with me since forever, since like I was seven or eight years old when I watched this film. Some of you might recognize the quote. It's very simple. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Do you guys know where that's from? I think. I think it's not going to be that easy to know because, well, kind of like with you, this is a trilogy and I was like obsessed with it. And I was like, yeah, I know the lines of every character and everything. And so there's this part and there's two parts actually where they say this quote and it's the character's name is Doc Emmett Brown. Oh, back to the future. Back to the future. Yes. Yeah. What one is that in? What film is that in? So it's, I believe he says it in the first one, but I remember it more from the second one. Because that's when Marty meets his dad and he said, you know, he was trying to like, yeah, convince him to go to the dance to meet Lorraine, et cetera, et cetera. And he didn't want to. He was scared because he's like, how do you know that this girl is even going to like me or something? And he's like, you know, someone once told me that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. And then he used that quote or a book he wrote in the third movie. So it appeared in every movie, actually. That's why I think it really stuck for some reason for me. And I'm like, yeah, that's so true. I mean, we really can create anything we want. It's just our minds, our analytical minds that are limiting us. Yeah. So very simple yet powerful. The other one that came to me was with great power comes great responsibility. Oh, yeah, I like that one, too. Who said that one? Spider-Man. Well, it's in Spider-Man. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Is that where the Doctor Strange mug comes in with the fox? Oh, no, I'm going back to like the original Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire when that was two thousand and something. Oh, OK. I think his uncle says it. Uncle Ben, I think he says that. Wasn't it Superman? No, this is Spider-Man. Oh, OK. I thought it was Superman. Maybe in your timeline, it's Superman, but in mine... Yeah, well, that's so funny. Oh, Shiraz says she's got to go. Thank you so much, Shiraz, for being here. Maybe another time we can share more about the access thing that we were talking about. Yep. Thank you so much. Yes. Have a great evening. Oh, it's late over there. What time is it in India? It's, I guess, half past eleven. Oh, yeah. OK. Good time. Good night. Yeah, sweet dreams. I am tapping out as well. I have to take my overgrown out to the park. OK, can you, OK, can I just share something real quick? And if you have something to add, let me know. If not, then it's OK, because I want to post something about, like, kind of to say who we are, you know, to people on the Instagram profile. And Georgie had sent me a few things, and I would like to know if you want to add anything. You don't have to, but I think what she said is really good. She's like, so who are we? We are fellow intergalactic travelers. We are source sound pillars, liquid light bearers. We are quantum spanners, timeline hoppers. We are field harmonizers and energy generators. We are neutralizers and trailblazers. We are emanators of primordial sound. We are the keepers of the eternal flames. Georgie is so awesome. That's amazing. Right? Yeah. Yeah. I love it. It is amazing as is. Yeah, that's gold. I wouldn't touch that. All right. Sounds good. Thank you, guys, for your feedback. All right, Lisa, well, thank you so much for joining us today. Hope to see you again next time. For sure. Have a wonderful day, everyone. You too. Bye-bye. How are you feeling, my dear? I see you're very warm with your fox-looking scarf. It looks like a fox. Yeah, it's freaking cold over here. You know what I'm saying? It is cold. Really? How was the temperature? I don't know, but I always feel the cold, you know? Yeah, me too. It felt cold today, and it's weird because it's 12 degrees Celsius, which is not that cold. I think that's about, like, 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm not sure, but... It's 4 degrees here, and... Oh, wow. It makes snow. Yeah, apparently. That's what it says on the freaking app, but I don't really believe that. That's funny. So, how are you feeling? Yeah, I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. You're feeling a bit lighter. How about you? Yes, I feel lighter, more at peace. Yeah. But, yeah, I mean, it was just interesting how last night I had those dreams about... that were like nightmares, to be honest, because I haven't really had nightmares for a long time. And I don't know if that's like... there's so many changes going on at the moment that... is it a part of you that is just feeling a bit scared about things? And so creating these... what did Shiraz say about... I missed a bit of it. These, like, openings in our... Hobo bodies. Yeah. Google bobbies. Hobo bodies. Yeah. I'll have to show you an image of what he's talking about. Yeah, I'll send it to you. And for those people listening, most of you might know about this already, but we have these energetic fields. And I can't express it with the technical words much. But, yeah, it's basically like you have these layers, right? And so sometimes we're allowing these energies to come in because we have a certain hole or this axis in our shield. So it's like, to me, it's also related to how much shielding you've done and internal work, like shadow work. Shadow work helps fortify your shield. And also, like, certain techniques, like, for example, Shiraz was saying anything that's like related to chronic sciences or pendulum and then access. And then he also created one on his own. It's that multidimensional clearing that we were talking about. There's probably other tools as well. But yeah, there's like, for example, the Maharik shield. For me, that is one that has been really useful. The one that I shared in the group, for example, that one is good too. And then the epsilon sequence, things like that, they help you strengthen your shield and kind of close up those holes. But I do feel like shadow work is a big aspect of it because no matter how much shielding you do and whatnot, if you're still not dealing with the shadow part, it's yeah, it's very difficult. You know, you're still going to bleed out certain things out there that will attract certain entities or have resonance with certain things that are going to keep you in loops or whatnot. So, yeah. Is that answering your question? I hope so. I think so. We're just at a pivotal moment. And yeah, it's strange. It's a strange feeling because it's like not knowing the future, really, because everything is kind of happening and could potentially happen and you're not attaching to anything or you don't really have expectations as such. So, it's like you're little stepping stones each day and each day that you're processing. It's just in this, I don't know, I feel in this weird, unknown space. And I feel like a lot of us are clearing so much stuff, be it our own stuff, the collective stuff. And yeah, it's just the human is trying to understand it. But sometimes we can't understand what is truly going on beyond things that we can't even see, you know. Yeah. Having that kind of wobble in your own setting of what this is. And like you say earlier about things that are confusing you and you don't have full clarity of things and there's some things that you can't even see, but you can sense. It's just like wobbling away at the minute. Yeah. You know what? For me, that's been a lot about trusting more of what's happening metaphysically and listening to those feelings, you know. And if it feels confusing, yeah, like step out of it a little bit and observe. Be the observer a lot. Like that fox, the card with the fox being the observer, that one, I just love that card. And then, yeah, because we do get sucked into those stories, but it's nice to have these spaces where we can talk about it, you know. And it feels, like I said, I do feel lighter because right before this, I was like, oh my gosh, I thought I was over this and I'm literally so done with it. Like I'm so tired. But then it does get easier because I was just thinking what you said about like, oh, look at how far we've come. Yeah. Same for me. It's like last year with the same sort of situation, I would be drowning in tears for like hours, you know. Or like, how do I get rid of this? I felt like it wasn't even mine. And, you know, it's like, it's kind of the same thing here. So I'm like, okay, I know this is very familiar, you know. And even though I'm feeling all of this, okay, yes, welcoming the feelings, but letting them like go through me and out, you know, it's like, okay, transmuting everything. And as long as there's still a resonance with that, like kind of like what Sriraj was saying, like, there's a part of us that still has a resonance with that. That's why it's still there. So we've got to keep working on retrieving those aspects of ourselves that are still consenting to having that happen. You know, there's still, and I think I told you about this, or who did I tell about this? I don't remember. But there is, I think there's for me, one little aspect. And that one little aspect that's still allowing that sometimes gets really big, because we're not paying attention to it. And for me, it's my inner child, maybe that inner child actually is still hoping for something to happen. And, and it's not getting its needs met. So it's like, okay, how can I myself meet the needs of my inner child, instead of hoping for that other person to do it for me, you know, and oh, yeah, or family members as well, because this also stems from the relationship we have with our with our family, with our mom and our dad. So yeah, how can I be my own dad in a way? And then from there, I think what happens very often times is that the relationship with our parents start improving. And that's why like I was telling you, I think that's why I'm reconnecting with them. And it feels a little bit better than it used to, because, yeah, I feel like we can be a little more honest with each other and stuff like my dad even just texted me earlier. And I just feel it with different frequency to his message, you know? So I'm like, Hmm, yeah. And it's because I have been working on this relationship, but within myself, you know, it's still a work in progress. But yeah, it's funny you say that, because like my own family have like, asked me questions that I never thought they would ask me about my beliefs on certain topics. And I'm, I just I'm like, wait, who are you? You just, I just never expected some of the words to come out of their mouth. And it's like, well, why did I have that expectation that they would never ask me about these topics? Like you said earlier, you don't want to frame your mind in the sense that you're going to go somewhere into this situation, you're already seeing it as confrontational and, yeah, negative. It's like allowing for no expectation at all, so that you can be surprised by it. Even if you perceive it as, oh, this part isn't that great, or, you know what I mean? Um, yeah, not having preconceived ideas of how it's going to go, you just have to ride, ride it out. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. I think what Lisa said was very powerful. I mean, I keep that in mind, for sure. And I think there was a reason why she said that and why she was here today. Because we needed to hear that. It's like, wow, I told you, like, yeah, it's always the right people that we need to hear. And yeah, no, no big group today. That's perfect, because of the mood we're in, you know? Yeah, we're in a very chill, chill vibe, right? Chill. It felt more like we're all on the couch with each other. And we're just going through what's going on in our lives at the minute, what we're feeling into and just able to help each other with the pieces of unlocking certain bits of, like Lisa said, that stuff to you, and that's going to help you today. And Sirajah with the, I'm going to get this wrong, hobo body. Hobo body! Hobo body! Yeah. And these parallel versions of us that we may be, you know, singing into that come in, you know, and the bleeding of realities, like, I found that very interesting, because I do feel that that's what's happening at times, you know? Hmm. Oh, yeah, there was something for everybody. Exactly. Yeah, that's the magic of this too, is I knew there would be like, yeah, the right people. And also, maybe even next time, even if we have more people, it'll be different people, it'll be a different energy. And yeah, we're all going to get something from this, no matter what. And even if, you know, for those of you listening later, also, it's just, you know, you're listening to this at the perfect moment, which is what's cool about podcasting as well. Is there anything else that you think we should cover today? Or do you think we're good? I think we're in a good, chilled space. Yeah, you feel complete? Yeah, we're always complete. Oh, yeah, for sure. But I mean, for this podcast. Yeah, that's for sure. So you feel good? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I feel calm. Good. Yeah, I had a really good chat with someone earlier today as well, that I do yoga and journaling and sound events with. We were kind of speaking about the same stuff really about family members and, and, and people in our reality that, you know, you have confrontation with over beliefs and everything. And she's awesome, because she's really like outspoken, not in a, well, anytime a negative way, but it was just reaffirming to me how I can stand up for myself in those ways, too. Yeah, it was just a really good, good conversation. And obviously, she got stuff from me as well. So yeah, of course, it's important to connect with others. And I spend a lot of my time like, by myself. So when I have these moments, I'm like, Oh, that's really nice. Yeah, that's great. Oh, what are you doing this evening? Are you finishing that film? Are you not going to bother? Oh, which one was the white one? I did finish it. I was like, Oh, maybe I'll feel better watching it tomorrow. And that's like, I was going to stay up later to finish watching it. But um, but I'm like, No, I don't feel so good. And plus, I was getting sleepy and all as well. But um, yeah, it just brought up a lot of stuff, you know, like I told you, and then today again, and I'm like, I don't know if I feel like in the mood for recording anything. And that's why I asked you to hop on earlier. So thank you for being here for me. That was like, you know, it started dissipating that feeling of like, there's something that's not right here. And so yeah, like you said, it's important to connect and talk about these things. It's nice to have people you can actually do that with. Because I didn't used to have that before in my life, not even with my family. So, you know, I'm like, I'm really grateful. Yeah, thank you. Because I always just keep a lot up here. Yeah, not just, it can drive you crazy sometimes, because you just think and overthink about everything. And so I found even the conversation I had today with my friend, it just alleviated so much stuff. And I'm like, Oh, you really do need to connect with people because it's just a release. No, and I just felt so much lighter. Oh, that's good. That's great that you did that first with her. And then you came and did it with me. Like, someone helped you and then you helped me. Oh, that is so cool. Yes. It's interesting because I even I felt called to just ask you like how you were doing and wondering if you were feeling heaviness as well. But then you're like, and then you asked me how I was feeling it like, that's okay. I was feeling it this morning. I was feeling like, just a bit overwhelmed and a bit confused. And yeah, so I in fact, I wasn't even going to go and meet my friend because I thought I just not in the right space. But something was like, no, just fricking go. Yeah, we just we didn't stop talking for like two hours. And it was just really deep, soul nourishing conversation. So wow. And I was talking to you guys. Yes. Oh, I'm so glad you came. Yeah. Where in the world is Lisa again? Oh, I forget. She's in I think she's in the US or in Canada. I think she's in Canada. Oh, cool. Okay. Yeah. It's also pinpointed in all these different locations. Right? I know. Yeah. We're so dispersed. It's so connected. Tommy is going to come to my art exhibition. Oh, that's great. Oh, wow. That's so good. Yeah. I'm going to stop the recording. I have something more. Let's just like, you know, close it up with our, you know, our little discussion here. But thank you guys for joining for the first recording of the Eternal Life Cafe podcast. And we'll see you again very soon for another episode. Sweet dreams, everyone. Say bye, Shobha. Bye.

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