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The speaker is testing out Test 2 and is curious about adjusting the sound and settings. They find that the settings in this version are automatically adjusting themselves, which they think is cool. They are learning how to use their new home studio and are starting to feel less anxious about it. They hope their husband will find the cords needed to use the sound board they purchased, along with some new headsets. Exciting things are happening. Test 2, this is test 2, just curious as to how to adjust the sound and the settings, your settings in this version, I'm looking at audio setup, it looks like everything is like doing it on it's own, which is really cool actually, I see all the settings the tutorial was talking about and it looks super cool, like it is, that's ok, it looks like it is doing it on it's own, so I am teaching myself how to use my new home studio, this is pretty cool, the anxiety of it all is starting to dissipate, hopefully my genius of a husband will find the cords that are needed to use the used, what's it called, sound board that we purchased along with all these cool headsets, exciting stuff going on over here.

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