cover of International Women's Day... There are NO roles!!
International Women's Day... There are NO roles!!

International Women's Day... There are NO roles!!


How has your childhood influenced your beliefs on roles women can do?



The speaker reflects on the influence of gender roles in her life and how it has impacted her decisions. She emphasizes that there are no inherent gender-related roles and encourages listeners to think about their own desires and challenge societal expectations. She shares her personal experience of defying traditional roles by pursuing engineering and making things. She urges women to embrace their creativity and live authentically, free from societal constraints. She celebrates Women's Day as a powerful opportunity for women to break free from societal expectations and embrace their true selves. Hi, this is Tracy and six minutes of stillness on this amazing day, it's International Day of Women's Day or International Women's Day. Today I'm going to focus on the issue of roles. You see, way back when I was growing up in Africa, there were very much models of roles, what women did, what men did, and unknowingly this became such a deep program within me that has influenced my decisions and sabotaged me along the way, up until last year when I had the opportunity to face up to how powerful this reality of roles was in my life. So today is Women's Day and the beginning of this for me is that, understand this, there are no roles, there are no gender-related roles at all, it's a myth, it's beliefs that we have constructed, so as you take the time today, think about what it is your heart truly desires for you, and then notice, notice what happens next, is there discomfort, is there tension, is there some sort of anxiety or tightness within the torso and stomach area? If so, just lean into it, what is it that your head and your beliefs are shielding you from, or trying to protect you from, and then step back out of that and ask if it's real, are these just random emotions, meanings, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values, that are ever present and ever there to stop us getting in touch and living from our hearts? I did something really crazy two weeks ago. In my past of seeing distinct roles for women and men, part of which came from only being paid 75% of what men got when I started work back in the 1980s, I realised that actually I am fascinated by engineering and making things, and stuff which is in my old world, man's work. What did I do? I did something crazy. I bought a year's programme where every month I will receive an engineering programme, simple things to make. What I did this month was I got a box of pre-cut pieces and all the pieces and bits and threads and springs and screws and plugs that I needed, and I made myself an angle poise lamp. And it's more than that. It's more than creating that angle poise lamp. It is about me showing my heart and my head that I mean business. I am a creator. I am in a world where there are no roles other than the roles I choose that meet my heart's desires. So on today, Women's Day, International Day of Women, what is it that you are now ready to and going to do for you, for your heart, for you as a creative genius, for you in a world where there are no roles, no rules, there are no limits? Let's make this day one of women being women living from their hearts, not from societal expectation ever again. We are the change. We are the genius. We are women celebrating women on this incredibly powerful day. Thanks for listening. Speak soon. Bye.

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