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Messier In PR 1


Show Notes 1:00 Start up of Alix Earls fame 2:00 First TikTok she posted that got the most views. Start up of her TikTok fame 3:00 How relatable her content is which shows in her views 4:00 Started getting invitations to big events/getting PR packages which grew her fame and content 5:00 How she compares to old TikTok influencers 6:00 She’s using her podcast as advertising for herself. 7:00 PR specialist to elevate her game. What would we do? 8:00 Alix should make a product to elevate fame

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The Digital Public Relations Podcast discusses the rise of Alex Earle and her success on social media. Her relatable and transparent content, as well as collaborations with popular influencers, helped her gain fame. She used PR deals and her podcast to showcase herself and attract viewers. The hosts also discuss potential strategies to further elevate her social media game, such as launching a makeup brand or focusing on relatable blog posts. Welcome to the Digital Public Relations Podcast, covering news and trends in the digital space. Produced by the students in the Public Relations Program in School Media and Journalism at Kent State University. Welcome, my name is Riley Licker. I'm Sydney Graham. And this is the messier version of PR. So, first off, just like, you know, our queen, Alex Earle, she has, you know, she's rising to fandom. She's already at fandom with her tactics that she's used on social media, on various platforms, to increase her awareness of just her brand and herself. What do you think, Sydney? I love Alex Earle. I do love her. I think at first she kind of let the fame get to her at first, and then she wasn't really humbled by it. But I feel like now she's a lot more humbled by it, and she's living her best life. Yeah, no, I totally agree. So, I want to take us back to before she was famous, kind of like what she used and her tactics that she used to kind of like project herself to the world. So, I remember the first video, I'm sure you do too, her tailgate video. She posted on TikTok. She had a little standee outfit. That was Miami, right? Yeah, her trench is cool. Yeah, Miami. And she posted just a dancing outfit video. And I remember that going viral, like viral. She really didn't even do anything. She just posted it, and everyone was like, oh my gosh, like she's so pretty. She's like so the new it girl. And then I think from there she just kind of like sparked. So, like, what do you remember from that? I actually remember when she was first getting famous, like she was kind of like messy and like cleaning wise. And she would say that she had like roaches in her room and stuff. And that's like funny to people. So, I feel like that's the one I saw when she first had like these cockroaches in her room. And like everyone was like freaking out that she's like gross. But like she actually isn't gross, I just think. But it's so relatable. It's kind of a messy lifestyle. I think that's also like one of the reasons why she became famous. She's so relatable. Like, for me, my room's messy 24-7, like, not going to lie. And I feel like talking about how she's, you know, put together on social media, but also not put together at the same time is so important to her viewers. I think that's kind of also what sparks her like fandom as well. And also her podcast. Her podcast. So, yeah. So, first off, she started posting videos on social media, TikTok, Instagram. Then she started blowing up because she was so engorged. It's too relatable. And then I feel like over time, she just grew and grew and grew. And then she started getting these brand deals. I mean, I don't know about you, but I remember when she started posting and everyone was like, oh my gosh, she's with Selena Gomez. Oh my gosh, wait, she's with Hailey Bieber. Yeah. And that's kind of like what everyone's like, okay, she's legit. Like, it's big, big time people are inviting her to events, inviting her to things. And like, okay. All right, Alex, like, you're not a crap now. Sorry. Not a crap. Not a crap. So, what about you? What do you think? Yes. I think she started getting, like, invited to, like, a lot of events and stuff. And I think people slowly know who she is. But, I mean, just like our generation knows who she is. But I think she's doing a great job of, like, her brand as well. Like, she's starting to start that podcast. And, like, that has sparked more viewers. I started watching the podcast. I think it's funny. It's relatable. So. I know she also has been using PR deals to kind of, like, showcase herself. I know, like, I think, what's her name? McQueenie. Darcy. Darcy. Yeah. McQueenie or something. Yeah. Darcy McQueenie is really good at posting hauls and doing PR, like, different, like, things to, like, kind of, like, showcase different brands as well as, like, everyone's like, oh, I'm interested. She gets, like, millions of dollars worth of, you know, hauls every day. And I think that Alex also, like, used that to kind of, like, bring in people. It's like, oh, like, LinkedIn is sending me a bag and a little wallet. I'm going to showcase this. And I think people are really interested in that. Because, like, at the same time, like, this girl popped out of nowhere. Because, like, I remember, like, when first, you know, TikTok came back, it was, like, Azrae, Charli D'Amelio, all that stuff. And all of a sudden, she's like, Alex, girl, here she is. Yeah. And you don't even hear anything about the other people anymore, like, Charli and... No. ...Madison. No. She blew up literally overnight. Yeah. I feel like also because she does give, like, that relatable content as, like, Charli and them didn't really give that visibility. Like, they kind of, I don't know, you know what I mean? Like, they were already famous before they were on TikTok and all that. And, like, she wasn't, I don't think. So, yeah. I feel like, like, going back to being relatable on social media, like, that's so important to be transparent. Because I remember, like, too, like, comparing Alex Earl to Charli D'Amelio and Azrae and all those guys. They thought they were in a bubble. Like, they had the sway house. They had, you know, the clique. Right. They had the kind of, like, arrogant kind of facade, like, facade about them. I don't know if that's the right word. But she more was, like, I'm real. I'm genuine. Like, here's my friends. Here's the tea. Here's, you know, whatever. And I think that's also, like, like I said, it's one of the big reasons why she's famous. But for me, what do you think was her most crucial, like, okay, that's a great social media tactic that she used to kind of, like, elevate herself? I would honestly say, this isn't really a social media, but, like, her podcast. I don't know why. I feel like that was, like, or, like, pairing up with Alex Cooper. Or are you talking about, like, the, her social media, like, content or something? Well, I mean, like, she obviously is kind of using, I agree with you, I think the podcast is where she took, like, okay, she's legit. She's probably making millions of dollars doing that. But, like, she's using not only her podcast, but she's also using her podcast as advertising for herself. She's, like, posting videos, little, like, snippets. Like, I think Alex Cooper is an amazing, amazing, amazing example of how she, like, lived overnight. I know our professor, she loved, loved her, too. Like, you know, like, everyone's just like, okay, she's cool. She's great. But, like, I just, it's insane to see, like, someone that's so, you know, just normal, living a normal life in college. Right. Make vlogs, post on her social media, and get millions of people watching it. That's just, and she's just talking about, like, her normal life. Like, yeah, like. Yeah. And she's, like, also, I think she did, like, she's now doing, like, the video podcast of it, because she didn't used to do video. She used to do, like, just audio. Yeah. And now the video turned into, like, a whole vlog of, like, her whole weekend, or, like, the events that she goes to. And, like, that's engaging to some audiences. Well, I'm engaging. No, I'm engaging. I'm, like, okay, she's rocking one. All right. Yeah. It's like The Bachelor. Like, okay, come on. Come on, drop another one. Yeah. But, no, I agree. I think that was, honestly, like, one of her biggest turning points, as well. What, if you were her publicist, like, her PR specialist, what do you think that you would do to elevate her game even more, her social media game even more? Oh, my gosh. I don't know. I feel like, I'm so nervous, honestly, about, like, if she were to get canceled, and she hasn't yet, but, like, if she had a plan for that. Like, I think everyone spins words around, and, like, whatever, but I feel like, I don't know. What do you think? So, like, why was her PR, like, you know, whatever. First, I would get her on a makeup brand or a perfume. That's for sure. Oh, yeah. Think about how many people would buy that. Yeah. So many people. Which they don't really have, like, any, like, personal brands that she made. Exactly. Like. Yeah. Like, the freaking Kardashians. They have, like, perfumes. I saw Kylie's Fendi one. And, like, makeup brands, and, like, they have, like, an alcoholic beverage. Did you see that? Oh, like, stuff like that. Like, even, like, stuff, like, stuff that's, like, engaging to, like, that, like. Yeah. Her audience. Her audience. Yeah. So, I agree with that. No. Oh, my gosh. Can you imagine? She's, like, okay, I'm dropping a product. It would be sold out in probably the matter of five minutes. Yes. Yes. Well, she has her sweatshirts or her clothing line, but, like, that's different. Yeah. I'm talking, like. Yeah. I feel like it's coming, though. It's definitely coming. Yeah. Because, like, I mean, she's getting into that fame, and, like, people are starting to watch her more and more. So, I feel like it's definitely going to be in the works. But. Maybe it is, and we're just, like, done with that. Yeah. Maybe she'll see this podcast and be like, oh, okay. So, if you guys think it's a good idea, I will make this video. No, I agree with that. Yeah. Yeah. I don't. The thing is, too, is I do think elevating her blog post, going back to that, is something that's really important, too, because we can not only hear, like, what and be relatable to, like, what she's saying on audio, but going back and visually seeing, like, okay, like, she's real. She's legit. She's doing her blog sometimes in her bed, hungover. Mm-hmm. I think that's super relatable, too. You know. And not even getting ready, just, like, waking up and just. Yeah. Start filming. And she just, like, rambles and rambles and rambles. Yeah. Which I like turning out, and I'm, like, cleaning or something. And, like, she's funny, too. Yeah. And I was like, okay. Yeah. I think, also, this is a great social media. Not only is it social media. I'm hoping it's legit and it's great and everything, but her boyfriend, who plays for the Dolphins. Mm-hmm. I think that was also a really big factor into why she's famous, because she had a dilemma. There was a whole drama between her now boyfriend, Braxton, and her. His ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend. Yeah. And I feel like that was very, like, it was very highlighted on social media. Like, ooh, like, did he cheat on his ex-girlfriend with Alex? Right. Like, you know what I mean? And that's kind of, like, she has the ability to go on different platforms and showcase herself and kind of be, like, you know, squash the drama or whatever. But she used that as a social media tactic to kind of elevate herself and be, like, no, I'm genuine, blah, blah, blah. It's not a cheater. We didn't cheat. And I don't know. I just think, like, her whole entire, like, you know, being. Right. She's used, she's elevated her social media by posting relatable content. She's had various brand deals that she's had where she's posted about it. She's gone to events and been invited to a different event and showcased those events and been relatable throughout the process. Right. Like, I'm not, I remember watching a video and she was getting ready in the car between two different events. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Like, she is so relatable. She is so genuine. If I ever met her, I probably would squeal. You know what I'm saying? I think she does a really good job, like, presenting herself. Yeah. Like, as she is in person just as she is on social media. Right. Like, she's very humbled by the fame, I think. So, yeah, I agree. Yeah, but overall, I think Alex Earl is a great example of how to, as if you're a PR professional, I feel like Alex Earl is a great example of how to, you know, stay relevant, stay on top of things, stay on top of trends, and as well as gaining millions and millions of followers and, you know, PR deals and whatnot. Yeah. But, yeah, anything else? I don't know. Anything to say. Yeah, well, I think that's it. Come join us for our next podcast, hopefully. All right. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for listening. Please subscribe, share, or send us your comments on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify. Find us on Twitter using the hashtag PROnlineChat. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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