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Spike Cohen had to Reschedule

Spike Cohen had to Reschedule


Were expecting Spike Cohen to join us but he had an emergency of some sort so he is coming the following day. Still had a good episode with live listeners.


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The speaker discusses various topics in the transcription. They mention a company they work for that prohibits trading with certain countries, including the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk. They also mention the recent incident in Memphis where five African-American cops beat a man to death, highlighting the issue of systemic racism in law enforcement. They briefly discuss the history of policing in America, which originated from slave catchers. They also touch on their knowledge of Islam and how their perception of the religion has changed over time. Overall, the conversation covers topics related to global politics, police brutality, and cultural understanding. here has anything I want to go over for today, this is like the perfect time and episode because most of the stuff that we had planned for today was centered around that gap. Please come back and join us tomorrow like I'm just as disappointed as everybody else here. I have my usual fistful of topics and I I got like the war and shit to go over as usual here. What war? You mean the military operation? Sorry, in western Russia. Are you recording right now? Yes sir. Okay, I actually do want to touch on that for a second. I don't want to like dox myself here but I work for a company, I work phone support and in the list of prohibited countries, Russia was one of them but we were we were given a quiz the other day asking the list of prohibited countries and on that list is now the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk. Oh shit. Yeah, now you know that the intelligence agencies pass the shit down. Yeah, so this is a thing. Oh fuck. Yeah, so like that's again, it's a thing that's happened, it's a thing that's happening and at this point it looks like it's getting global recognition. Now the funny part is they have the People's Republic of Crimea but after the People's Republic of Crimea they have a nice little addendum that says of Ukraine. Luhansk and Donetsk don't have that. Those are flat out just their own fucking like independent territories at least recognized by my company and this is like again I'm not just gonna dox myself here but this is this is a big fucking company. Yes, I can attest to that. Yeah, this is a big fucking company so the fact that they're actually listing this as you know no longer tradable countries is a little wild. Yeah, hey so yeah like everybody that's listening it you know just want to say if you guys have anything that you want to bring up in this episode since plans got a little skewed for today's episode be more than happy to talk about most topics. I'm a little worried about some of the ones some of you might suggest over here. We gotta talk about that. What? The cops in Memphis man like they just released that footage and it was brutal. Okay now I'm gonna sound a little here but again I'm in Canada for those unaware so I'm unfortunately unfamiliar with what happened. So gist of it is these five five cops pulled over this dude started yanking him out of the vehicle yelling at him and shit cussing at him and everything like seemingly unprovoked there's no footage prior to this point and then they just start pepper spraying and beating the crap out of him. They kick him in the head like three or four times while he's in cuffs like it's it's bad. They've all been charged with uh well yeah they've been charged with second-degree murder or a few other felonies like I think they all have like four felonies each plus the paramedics that arrived on scene were both relieved of duty because they didn't render aid for over 20 minutes after arriving on scene. Wait what? Yeah dude literally got beat to death by the cops like he died three days later in the hospital from his injuries. Wow. And it was it was five african-american cops and an african-american guy so it wasn't like white cops and a black guy it was like they were all. Well hear me out on this so there's this there's this guy that follow on Twitter and he made you know he made kind of a good point cuz he he's not wrong right and he's like it he said even though they were all black cops the you know the entire situation is rooted in systemic racism because well if you think if you think about it you know policing in America was founded upon they were slave catchers you had sheriff you had sheriff's and such like that that law enforcement system. Hold on hold on don't get me wrong I'm sure that there were some officers in some areas that were tasked with that but the primary function no police history. No no in America police legitimately were founded. Yeah before before that you had constables sheriff yeah you didn't have everybody like police departments in America literally were the slave catchers and then and then they you know and then they became the you know after after slavery was ended they became the segregation law enforcers and then you know eventually developed into what is current law enforcement I'm just saying the guy's not wrong the way he worded it made him sound like you know it's white supremacy because even though they were black cops but I'm saying like if he had elaborated on it I you know I understand what he's saying he just said it not in a way that people are gonna take that point. No I just want to I'm not like this isn't the thing because I got I had to pull this up but I just I don't want the police to just get shit on here. I know I know. Well hold on I'm just I'm going back on the whole the force creation there in the South actually that is exactly why that was created and that's that's fucking wild the first unofficial official police force was the Night Watch in Boston 1636 New York followed 1658 Philadelphia created one in 1700 and they were like effectively night constables to make sure that the crime rates at night weren't getting too out of hand while the city was dark. Yeah they were constabulary. Yeah that was that's a totally different thing like what we're talking about is like the establishment of like police departments in the modern sense. The way that like the way in which their structure is set up. Yeah. From from you know that on down it's just that that's where they based their model of enforcement off of that's what that's what it developed from. I mean I'm not trying to like get stuck hung up on this point like I. Hold on I'm just sorry it's baffling to me I did this is stuff I didn't know. Yeah I fucking America's fucking weird dude. Oh that I knew don't get me wrong no offense or anything but being you know you're kind of big furry hat that drinks maple syrup oh yeah we see all kinds of shit we feel like a nice couple at living above you know in a nice apartment above a meth shack. Don't get me wrong you guys are dope but yeah we see some shit from up here. Yeah and I mean you know you look into any country from the outside and shit's fucking weird. Yeah you know that's like you know I grew up with you know the majority of my country being completely anti Middle Eastern and yeah you know I'm glad that over the years like I've like when I was in jail I took Islamic studies just because I wanted to learn more about the religion and the people and things like that and you know things like that really opened my eyes because you know they're just normal fucking people most of them like 90% of their religion is not is not Islamic extremists like you know they and they hold very close beliefs to Christians and and and you know Judaism because they're all Abrahamic religions. Honestly up until the Prophet Muhammad like if you look at Islam like like the Quran itself up until the point of the Prophet Muhammad it's the Bible. It's basically the Bible. No it is. It literally is the Bible. The stories are almost word-for-word they're just spoken by Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad like his shit that he threw in there is wild. Well okay so the the Quran they gave me in there because that was the whole reason I started taking it is because I wanted a Quran and they wouldn't just give me one they said I had to go to Islamic study I'm like well you know I have to prove to you like that I you know want to try and believe this you see what I'm saying like that this is wrong but uh yeah so those Qurans are great because they had explanations of the history at the time that those surahs were written and like what Muhammad and his followers were doing and so like you see that he well that Allah you know gave him these messages at these these specific messages at these times that it like you know people quote like that they wanted he wants to destroy the West and all this stuff is not talking about like Western civilization like us there's like literally had enemies on his Western front that were you know that were you know what do you call them polytheistic you know heathens that Allah said needed to be destroyed and like that's what they're talking about it's just it was it was neat to be able to see how skewed my childhood was as far as like my you know my understanding of Islam and we and your perception of just like the other world like it's there's very little actually taught about like other cultures we basically have to do what you did like up here it's a little bit more liberal because we have a lot of we have a lot of immigrant citizens that come here and they tend to bring their culture over and we let them practice pretty freely so I mean like we're a little bit more immersed but from what I've seen for the US like there's not a whole lot of that kind of like that cultural push so like if you want to learn that kind of stuff like again even up here most of my friends like they don't know anything about to Islam per se like they're they're familiar with the you know the religion but they're not themselves Muslim they don't they have no idea what Muslim practices or anything like that like I'm familiar with it thankfully because actually one of my good friends in my home server there he is heavily Islamically he is born and raised Muslim and he's probably one of my closest homies and like that's a probably wild thing to hear and even for me like I can admit like that's a wild thing to think of going back like 10 or 15 years ago yeah because not only was the world in a different state but like I was raised a heavy Roman Catholic and those are like they're very similar religions but they're also contrasting religions at the same time so like back then like that's again I would have been baffling but you learn more about people you know you get to you get to experience and hear more about it and it's it's me because it does open your eyes like at the end of the day we're all like religious and not we're children of God or we're just people of the earth you know oh definitely it's just like my my biggest issue with like the modern take on like society like for instance when I was in high school like towards the end of my high school career they changed rules at my school to where you couldn't wear any religious garb like specifically like crosses you couldn't wear any crosses because they said it could be gang-related but then there were like there was a girl in my school that I remember and I mean like and she had every right to do this she was she was an Islamic girl but she wore the hijab yeah and and she'd wear that and that's religious garb so well I mean the rule was absolutely unconstitutional I can tell 100% supported by Supreme Court ruling yeah yeah yeah definitely definitely and so like this this my school and this is in Texas this is like rural Texas rural Texas so like not a huge school not a city schools like we had and it was pretty diverse to like we had there were a lot of white kids but then there was also like a huge group of Mexicans a big group of black kids there was some Asians I mean just like it's it's a bigger school because it's even if it's rural Texas is still huge yes I know it took me more time to drive through Texas than it did the entire drive to Texas yeah so it's like it's a it's a big big thing and so we had we have all these different cultures and stuff like that but they were but it was it was almost like discriminatory against the Hispanics because like the Hispanic gang culture is more of the one that it uses crosses and so like it was like against the Hispanic kids more than more than anything but then all of us like white Christian kids couldn't wear our crosses and stuff like that but again this Muslim girl who you know she has every right to do this was able to wear her hijab and that's religious garb well and you know you know what you do you all go in wearing hijabs we did well like we wore our crosses and stuff like that yeah yeah while wearing a hijab you know and I don't think any of us put on a hijab well I had issues I might have spoken about it before but I had issues because I I had my hair got all fucked up like I had really nice hair and my hair got all fucked up and I had the I ended up buzzing my head right and I was like I was getting called skinhead and shit so like my mom bought me a cross out swastika shirt and a patch for my jacket and like dude they fucked with me so hard yeah and uh yeah but you know I that shit like that is like what pushed me like I wanted to be a lawyer for the longest time I still do but this kind of pipe dream now in my opinion but um like because I had to research myself at 14 15 years old how to defend myself from this government entity illegally and in 1968 Tinker versus Moynih school board you know it as long as as long as it is an act of peaceful protest like you like and I was like I'm protesting the fascism of the school okay yes I peed in a trash can dude like because the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom she told me that I could not go to the bathroom and and she like was standing in front of the door I peed in the fucking trash can where else am I gonna go okay yeah this here and like so I live in Iowa now and we just passed a school choice law like it just got signed into law which is awesome so it's since we have like a surplus with our with our taxes we're also getting rid of their income tax in the state like slowly but surely we're necking it down to where it's basically nothing but we have like a surplus so what the governor and the Republican majority here want to do was like they want to set up school choice so like your kids didn't have to go to like public school and give you what they were doing is they're giving every household with a kid they're giving like $7,400 per kid to possibly go to public school but if they don't go to public school like and there's other stuff picked packed into this too like for every kid that choice chooses to go to the public school like the public school will get funding and stuff like that you mean private school or like the choice to go to public or private now yeah and then the money that would have been given to the school for that child to a public school would also be able to be like a grant for the private school yes yeah yeah basically scholarships to make to make it where these kids can go to these private schools because there's some really good private schools in my area but the public schools kind of lack you know and that's just the way the nature of the beast public schools usually do lack because they're run by the government and there's no competition they don't have to be better and the other argument was to that the private schools are getting no public school or they were getting no public funding but they were required to do state testing well state and state and federal testing so they were required by the Department of Education to maintain to maintain like state state and federal standards you know standards but they're not getting any funding from the state or federal level so they were like that's kind of BS you can't do this stuff without giving us funding well no hold on hold on what do you I can understand that like it's a little bit tricky to do without the funding but the education should still be a priority here don't get me wrong like well okay yeah no the point is why are these things when when the state or the federal government requires these things and they require the school to provide these things but yet they don't fund the school to provide these things they don't give them funding to do it and they make them do it on their own dime now yeah bull before like specific programs are like class materials to some extent I can understand but like in terms of like educational standards I mean I don't feel like it's that out of league to have a decent you know requirement for actual educational standards no no like standards I'm saying that the that the fact that they're requiring the private schools to have these standards but they're not giving them any funding to put these to practice and they're making them do it on their own dime yeah hold it holding them to the same requirements as public school and so so the so the individual is being a resource so the individuals are being taxed the citizens are being taxed to pay for education services they send their kid to a private school they're still paying for other kids to go to public school while having to pay the private school for their kids education independently and and the private school has to maintain those standards and they've mandated testing and yeah like that and and when you when you require those things and you don't give resources for those things like the state and the federal government we're not funding those specific programs that they were requiring and instead making the school and the parents pay for it via the tuition that's wrong I think if you were going to public school your taxes pay for the schooling it's like what we talked about the other the other day though which like I I'd much rather have like a socialized health care system because like right now because there's no competition like we have a socialized one that just creates no competition see what I'm saying like yeah don't get me wrong like I think at this point I'm just kind of jaded by my own country at this point because like for me like oh this all kind of it seems like no-brainer stuff like it not naturally the private school and wouldn't be getting that much funding because they're getting tuition from the students or at least the very well should be yeah they're gonna be getting base funding from the federal government but their main source of educational funding should be well no no that's what we're saying before that's what we're saying before this happened they weren't getting that they were not getting any funding from the state and federal government and they were being required to have these state and federal government standards so they were required to provide these tests these tests cost money the scan charts cost money like all this all this stuff costs money and it and if it's going to be required like you have to do it by law it needs to be provided by the state or the federal government not paid for out-of-pocket because if I was to go because like when I went to public school my parents weren't paying a tuition we paid our taxes and that went to schooling and the school was then funded by the government with these tests and all this stuff and everything was funded by the government in our local in our local municipality these private schools don't get that they didn't get that but yet they were still held to the same standards that the public school was yeah we're we are he's not understanding no no no hold on no no I have been understanding you're not understanding my explanations and I want to clarify this I'm understanding what you're saying I'm not an idiot I guess I'm getting federal level funding easy I get that they're not getting federal or they weren't getting federal level funding but in order for them to be a school those tests are going to need to be done regardless like this is I understand that yes okay they should have been getting government level funding but even if they weren't it's their sole responsibility at that point like now I'm going from an American point of view a capitalist point of view right so they open full well knowing that this was a thing people students were going to these schools knowing full well that this was a thing well no no it might be well before all this so my bad first time I've been trying to bite my tongue all right so you're saying I'm not understanding because you're not letting me talk but either way let's hop on to a new topic here what what else was on the agenda Miller cat fight apparently no I'm just hold on let me let me go I put some things that I want to talk about with him oh we can talk about the classified document scandals that that have been popping up for like oh every like both sides of the aisle yeah oh shit so we have you know the first it was Biden the first it was Trump then it was Biden and then it was Mike Pence and let's let's see who's been added to the list classified documents scandal hmm five key people oh five key people in the Biden classified documents scandal it will open that tab do-do-do-do-do see you know I don't like I have a I have a bad feeling right now because you know it's very odd how the media is actually covering the whole Joe Biden things and then I have a theory about that and that's you know because yo yeah absolutely but I mean it's well founded you know because they they push the whole mentally you know incompetent thing to remove a president yeah and I think they're gonna use that and and and now go back on be like oh well you know he kind of has been off since his brain surgery that he didn't know what do you call it um disclosed to the general public and and and you know that's why he forgot the classified documents and maybe we need to remove him as sitting president and yeah it's what boggles my mind is all these people in top-level positions in government having the having the ability to have these classified documents remove them willy-nilly okay I love that that phrase and word remove them willy-nilly from from you know the Library of Congress or the office building and just do whatever the fuck they want with them and the only one that that actually had the ability to do so was Trump like because Trump was the sitting president at the time declassified those documents like he were they were not and he had him in a locked he had him in a locked locked space there's like that like the Library of Congress and all them had a key this is the thing that didn't make sense to me it was like when the FBI like raided Mar-a-Lago which it wasn't really like a raid but when they went to go and take those documents they cut the lock and they had a key to the lock like why would you cut the lock they're doing like sometimes it's all about optics and I think that's what that one was because he he quite literally hello hello well full beard cut off okay dog can you hear me discord go down can anybody else hear me I law had the ability to help I just lost yeah I just lost you for about a minute I just lost everybody everybody else is super well everyone's muted except for dog and you oh I'm still here it's still coming through yeah I just I just I just lost connection you lost all of a sudden oh did you yeah it's all right hey you're good I've still got it's also clear on my end here we still got a good recording good stuff good stuff um but um yeah I was good did you did you hear what I was saying though no not at all oh okay so I was saying um the only like with the whole classified document thing the only person that's been found with classified documents that had the ability to have them was Trump because he was the president he was the sitting president when he took those documents he well I classified them prior to leaving office and was in communication with the community with the Library of Congress had them in a locked position had them in a locks place they had a key to it they could have gotten to it whenever they wanted to but then when they go and do the raid quote-unquote yeah I mean cut the lock I mean all that all that I'm come out because all that is going to court so I mean all that um all that's going to come out for all of these situations my my only take on all this the only reason I care is the absolute disregard that they have put people away or have warrants out for people like you know Julian Assange and Edward Snowden that yeah did for you know it as far as law is concerned did far less because they were whistleblowers and should have been protected under whistleblower laws but and they are fucking you know villainized by the government and absolute evil and yeah but the people who were in large positions of power can just throw these all all willy-nilly all around I had something else and again just want to thank everybody for that sleepy Joe change the files Trump had from declassified declassified and therefore went after him no no I mean according to initial reports they there there are documents that weren't declassified that he had okay and we won't I'm not going to say one way or the other because I don't care really just the fact that this is even an issue with any of these individuals the only thing that really concerns me was the fact that a state Chinese nationalist possibly had long-term access to classified documents regarding Ukraine China India Pakistan that Biden had in that office after receiving a large donation for that office and a charity but yeah yeah I can't move along this because I hate getting into this Trump Biden Pence fucking shit because they just they just they all don't matter to me so like they matter to me so little yeah that they don't even deserve my breath anymore so I want to obviously corrupt yeah I mean most almost every politician is all politicians are corrupt but I we're gonna we're gonna I'm gonna move into a different subject there's one actually I saw there one of my favorites and kid I was mentioning it actually the German tanks being supplied to Ukraine and it's so hold on it's not just German tanks eh so Germany themselves are supplying leopards apparently we're as Canada apparently we're fucking supplying leopards too which is ironic because we can barely supply our own fucking troops that's neither here nor there you guys are actually sending them Abrams I know yeah fuck yeah and one Abrams are you getting me like well at what point like I think we're well past the point that we can say that we're not involved in this war like I don't know how Russia hasn't just flat-out declared war on us 31 31 top-of-the-line modern m1 Abrams yeah like I personally know a guy that lives in my area that is over there fighting a US citizen and he can come back and forth like that's I understand like that's it's all it's mercenary arm is it it's a proxy war yeah but at the same time it's like it's like he shouldn't like for us to say like that we're not involved but yet we're allowing our own citizens to go over there fight and then come back like that's that's kind of to an extent declaring war like you're allowing your people to go and fight against another power well I mean you can't so you can't really you can't say that you know allowing someone to have free will unless you like unless they're going and fighting for a domestic terror group like people who went to fight for Isis which is kind of ironic because what was what Isis was before it became Isis was the Syrian rebels against Assad which we were funding and everybody was like oh Assad so evil and people went to fight Assad with the Syrian rebels and got wrapped up in in in being labeled as Isis terrorists but like so it Russia technically is not an enemy of the state technically I don't even think China is declared an enemy of the state of the United States it is a hostile nation but not a declared enemy we're not at war with anyone we haven't been at war with anyone well officially yeah well we and that's what matters that's what matters these these fucking bureaucratic fucking pencil pushers that's all it as long as we're not officially at war with anybody the the laws and rules regarding war don't come into effect we've just been in a special operation for going on what 60 years 70 years 70 years Korea was our last declared war wasn't it or yeah because I don't even think what was huh or two was our last officially declared war was the World War two Congress voted and declared war World War two Korea was a UN thing Korea was a UN thing Vietnam was also a UN thing and then every other proxy after that has all been illegal as well well not not not just not a declared war okay well it depends on what side Vietnam we have the draft we have the draft in Vietnam and Korea those are only supposed to be during wartime and those were not official wars that is illegal everyone drafted should have been able to sue the government out the ass for that because it's not a declared war therefore the draft shouldn't exist the draft is only for declared wars now with the draft I am curious because again with me being a Canadian citizen not super well versed with the whole draft there so how does that work so when you turn 17 specifically for males when you turn 17 or you're about to turn 18 you have to register for the Selective Service Service program which means between the ages of I think 18 to 34 you can be drafted to fight in the military unless you have like something that keeps you from doing it like if you're severely overweight or you have like health conditions or something like that and our mental health is so fucked up that the majority of people unless there is a very major conflict would not be able to not qualify yeah yeah definitely and the draft itself is arguably unconstitutional as well it was implemented under Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and it arguably would be an unconstitutional thing because the Founding Fathers it was all volunteer it was an all-volunteer force like that was the whole idea of it they didn't draft anybody for the Revolutionary War or fairly certain a conscripted large portion of the Navy but hold on during the American Revolution were any soldiers conscripted I love Google the state is sometimes drafted drafted men for militia duty or to fill state continental army units but the central government did not have the authority to conscript except for purposes of naval impressment so then yeah I was correct I need the Navy had conscriptment so they would take over a they would take over a ship generally flying a flag of you know not France or Spain and conscript its crew and tell them they're gonna go fight for the Continental Navy so hmm yeah you guys think the conflict will escalate from Ukraine further out into Europe um me personally yes but it honestly I think it depends on a couple factors if they keep if it's going as it keeps going you bet your ass it will because eventually one of these countries is gonna cross the line or Putin's gonna say enough and just fucking declare formal war I thought he was going to so I didn't mean to interrupt you I did I thought he was going to when they blew up the Nord Stream 2 I've really thought that that that was gonna kick everything off I kind of figured it would but again like he doesn't and I'm gonna sound biased I don't care I I'm still convinced he doesn't want a full-out war the main goal for this attack was those Republics the Natsk Luhansk and Crimea yeah now needed a port well it's not even just that Crimea was already Russian control that that will not even Russian control but it was it was supposed to be a free state because they voted democratically to leave in 2014 it was internationally recognized everybody saw it but they said no they won by legitimate vote actually they held multiple of them well the rest of the world well no the United States is allowed to is allowed to claim that there was voter fraud yeah when when Purochenko was fucking elected in Ukraine and then you know in you know the things in Crimea that there was voter fraud there but not anywhere else I mean I'm not saying like I mean there's massive voter fraud on all both on both sides of the aisle don't get me fucked up like it and I think I think at this point it's just who can outfraud the other and it's no longer just by who can outfraud the other by words it's by electronic manipulation of votes and records and thing you know things like that but speaking of which did you just see that the the Twitter files like Elon just released like a new thing about all the supposedly Russian bot accounts and shit were fake well I mean yes Russian bot accounts would be fake well no no like they like a lot of them just straight up didn't exist and there was like no proof that any ever I I would love yeah actually I have to see this because I don't believe that because Russia Russia has Russia has even admitted in the past that they know they have bot farms yeah like and there's been let me let me find it really quick circling back here a second uses no I'm honestly I don't see the conflict wrapping up anytime soon like I said especially if it's going the way that it's going with the amount of support that they're getting from the West it's a matter of time before either Putin snaps or somebody goes too far and it's just pushed into a formal war these tanks are one of the bigger escalations we've seen in this war like this is yeah this is no longer defensive like no this isn't this isn't a missile systems that we you know the Patriot missile systems this is like purely offensive I found an article specifically how did they worded that it was it was something about the leopards being given specifically attacks now that right there that's what's unsettling if they're going to be trying to do counterattacks on Russia you bet your fucking ass Putin's declaring war and the second he declares war on Ukraine but like formal war on Ukraine bunch of other countries are gonna end up getting dragged in jump in there still NATO NATO and you know NATO in the UN like they're not they're not NATO is still not giving them no we have yet to allow them status within NATO they are not an actual NATO member and honestly at this point it's fucking good by article 5 at this point we should have more than likely been at war as well oh yeah for sure this is a little more intense because the article 5 if any of the countries within NATO go to war the rest of the country's treated as a direct attack dumbest fucking shit like did they not learn from fucking World War two World War one like the entire thousand years before of of European history like I just man yeah in I they're supposed to be the more learned people you know yeah talk about all this history they have and but don't realize that they're just repeating it over and over so I found the tweet that I was looking for it was Elon Musk retweeted Matt Taibbi with a news article that says Hamilton 68 that group that was basically pushing the Russian bot accounts thing on Twitter like they were saying like that was going on all the time and pushing that to like MSNBC and all them it turns out that most of the accounts that they that they were saying were Russian bots were actually real people that were actually American that we're just talking about the political situation in the country and they were saying that they're already in a conversations were Russian scheming information well and I'm sure I'm literally disinformation I'm sure that a lot of that is you know parameters put into their content moderation artificial intelligence because you know I you know I know most people listening have been flagged for things taken out of context by AI so like you know so they probably had keywords and phrases but but the thing is those people may have been flagged because they're repeating things from actual Russian bots you know I'm saying or or or foreign you know foreign actor bots or they're repeating things or or the Russian bots are repeating things from their shit yeah I'm yeah I mean you can go whatever way with that like because like my whole thing is like the us getting further and further towards like AI and and and that shit like running everything is is genuinely dangerous like we're getting to it we're gonna do a spot where it's like will you ever truly know what's real and what's not I mean you never but you never will you never you never will in in an age of pure unfettered information you will never be able to discern the absolute truth from this is this is why I want to go and just live in the woods and build a cabin but see then but I you say that and I I wanted to do that for a very long time but eventually the world's problems will come to you and I rather be one of those individuals that can at least you know die one day thinking that I did something that I believe you know I at least tried you know I yeah the canary in the coal mine you know right before it hits the carbon monoxide you know like it's just like hey there's fucking carbon monoxide down here like you know it's like you know maybe you guys shouldn't come down here you know it's kind of bad things are gonna get bad you guys need to check yourselves yeah it's I'd rather be I'd rather die as I carry then anything else I don't know man a lot of us do that same way there yeah I'm sure and the thing is I I there's more of us that believe that and feel that way I think then don't but social pressure propaganda stop people from you know putting forth those views and ideals and it's sad that the the worst ideals and the worst beliefs are just the loudest and the most pushed into you know our faces all the time yeah and so it's I don't know if it weren't for my kids I would I would want a absolute just worldwide societal collapse and and just you know be playing rust real life and fucking but I have kids and I don't want the world to collapse and then have to live in some fucking post-apocalyptic world and you know fun I'd be a raider need probably dead pretty quick though like I mean you know as much as in but the thing is as much as life sucks a lot a lot like you know I it's I have it pretty good still and I feel when I think about what my good life is built upon it pains my soul because you know it's built upon the theft and and you know violence against others it to build this world for me and like it it goes down this just depressive tract in my mind and you could you could go out into the woods and and and tell yourself you're not a part of it but in in the long run if you're not a part of it you're not helping to debate the effect that it's having on society and one thing that you know one thing that I've always liked to think about as a friend of mine was like dude listen you know you have a kid or two and you instill these beliefs you at least keep these beliefs alive for future generations and if they teach their kids and their kids teach their friends you know it's just a couple of their friends and those friends have kids you at least keep that spark alive through generations no matter what happens and hopefully you know that that's that's what survives in a post-apocalyptic world is you know non-violence and and you know you know just non-aggression and and helping fellow man and shit but yeah I think that is kind of the core of being human you know we always do want to help each other when we can it feels a lot better to help somebody than just fuck them over for most there's always you know the few bad apples but yeah honestly I don't want to be that guy but that might be a good place to wrap it there yeah yeah um and yeah again everybody we appreciate you showing up I was very happy with you know people just actually come into the discord and I'm sorry things fell apart today again it's going to be 6 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow right right my short-term memory is terrible so 6 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow spike is going to be here apologize he had emergency and but we appreciate you guys sticking by and listening and joining in the conversation I really like how this chat is set up now like with because I I didn't know that there was even a chat there until the other day when we're talking about it yeah no I like it's clean that's one of the reasons I was kind of okay with this channel specifically or a channel of this format because it's like it's like a Facebook live like but almost in like a in like a better way but yeah I know where you're going yeah yeah all right no thank you again for everybody that came out again apologies for today but tomorrow we will be getting mr. spike himself on we'll finish up that interview with him enjoy the double back-to-back episode yeah yeah content whoo-hoo yeah all right everybody have a good day take care of you tomorrow bye

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