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cover of He walks with me- daily devotion (Joann- Thankful Always)
He walks with me- daily devotion (Joann- Thankful Always)

He walks with me- daily devotion (Joann- Thankful Always)


Psalm 9:1 Being thankful.


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The Daily Devotion for August 14th, 2023 is about being thankful always. It emphasizes the importance of having an attitude of appreciation and choosing to see the good in situations. The devotion encourages gratitude for Jesus' forgiveness, the presence of God in our lives, the Holy Spirit's guidance, and the plans God has for us. Hi, guys. Welcome to Daily Devotion. Today is August 14th, 2023. Today's Daily Devotion reads, Thankful Always. I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart. Psalm 9 verse 1. If you desire to have a deep and lasting joy, it's important for you to develop an attitude of appreciation. You must decide to see the good in situations and choose to be thankful regardless of what goes wrong. That is easier said than done. So being right now, by counting your blessings, think about what it costs Jesus to have a relationship with you. Be grateful for the amazing forgiveness he's given. Pardoning your sins, past, present, and future. Meditate on your wonderful God who would never leave or forsake you, but loves, protects, and provides for you always. Consider the Holy Spirit your advocate in all that concerns you. He empowers you to serve successfully and gives you all you need for your life and godliness. Finally, consider the wonderful plans God has for you and all the loved ones he's giving you to share your life with. Have a good day, everyone. Today was Daily Devotion. you you

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