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The information discusses the challenges faced by the beaches and dunes in Florida, such as erosion, plastic pollution, and dune trampling. It emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues through the efforts of government, non-profit organizations, and individuals. The message highlights the need for everyone to be mindful of their actions at the beach and to take responsibility for protecting this precious resource. Well, that's all we have time for folks. We hope that you enjoy learning about the beautiful beaches and dunes of our great state. Florida beaches and dunes have undergone great amounts of difficulty, with erosion, plastic pollution, and dune trampling being some of the issues we focus on today. There are numerous ways to fix the issues facing Florida's beaches, from governmental and non-profit organizations to everyday people like us. Being mindful of what we leave at the beach and where we step. While protecting one of Florida's greatest treasures is no walk on the beach, it's crucial that we take on the task, otherwise there will be no beaches to walk on.

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