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live on YouTube - https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCmcVC9pU9_GGZiNT2dIPuRg/editing/sections Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday to discuss "Matters of the Heart"



The speaker is writing a letter to their father, expressing the emotional and psychological impact of growing up without a father figure. They explain how it made them feel unworthy of love and led to destructive behaviors such as self-mutilation and promiscuity. They also mention being sexually assaulted by family members due to their vulnerability. The absence of the father left a void in their heart, resulting in low self-esteem and self-doubt. The speaker invites others dealing with similar issues to join a discussion on finding love from their heavenly father and letting go of the pain caused by their earthly father. The discussion will be held on YouTube at specific times. A letter to my father. Dear father, do you have any idea what growing up without a father does to a little girl? I guess you don't because you never tried to be the father that I needed so desperately in my life as a child. Let me tell you what it did to me. It made me believe that I wasn't worthy of a real man's love. Real, meaning someone who loves God and loves me unconditionally. One who provides and protects his family. Not believing I was worthy induced me into self-mutilating my body. I became promiscuous at an early age and I didn't want to save myself from my boy that God was preparing for me. He was not there to tell me that I was a princess and that I needed to save my body and soul for my prince. Not having a father to protect me as a little girl left me vulnerable. Open to sexual assault by family members both male and female. You were not there to protect me from having those demons deposited into my spirit. Not having you in my life as a child left a hole in my heart. A hole that could never be filled by my earthly father. Your absence left me with low self-esteem and self-doubt as a child. Do you realize what just a little encouragement from you could have done to help me become a beautiful woman inside and out? Are you dealing with daddy issues? Join us as we discuss how to walk in love from our heavenly father as we work through issues that we are holding onto from our earthly father. We will go live Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 7pm on YouTube. The link is listed on the thumbnail. Remember, let it go so you can grow. See you at 7.

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