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Let's start a positive conversation about life and community. The social media and the major media news outlets are just really getting too full toxic news continually.Would it not be wonderful if we could just plug our ears and cover or eye for just a few moments a day and think about positive things that are around us. Well maybe the Old Man Ranting has a way to do just that.



The old man is excited about the new format of his show and offers to send it pre-recorded to people's emails. He reassures listeners that their information will not be sold or shared. He talks about the positive effects of music and sports in relieving stress and negativity. He encourages people to turn off negative TV shows and instead listen to podcasts or engage in outdoor activities. He mentions an upcoming event by B&G Sponsored Events and recommends Dr. Troy Munson's podcast for health advice. He ends the show with a positive message and encourages kindness towards neighbors. Hey, welcome everybody. It's the old man ranting from the kitchen. A show that, well, doesn't seem to ever get on time or on the right day. But the old man's always ranting, so it doesn't make any difference. Seven days a week I'm ranting about something, and I'm glad to have you with me. We are coming up with a new format, which we are really excited about. You can now get the show's pre-recorded ship to your email. Or maybe you're a Seahawk fan, and you say, Bill, you're playing during Seahawk time live on Facebook. We're missing the whole conversation because we are diehard Seahawks. Well, okay, number 12, I understand the situation, and I don't want to upset your whole day, especially after all the bum news that I made about the Mariners at the beginning of the season and how they had one whale of a season. By the way, congratulations, Mariners. Even though you didn't win an 18 inning game, after 20 years of trying to put the thing together, the big game together, after having a season that was in the ash can, you came back and you did remarkable baseball. It was exciting baseball. My hat's off to the Mariners. Great team, and we're looking forward to next year for sure. Now, if the Seahawks can just grab the ball and run, because you know this new quarterback, he, Gino, is doing one whale of a job out there. And Metcalf, and Dallas, and all the list goes on of players that are starting to come really to their, I think, prime in the game. And building their skills and teaching the younger rookies how to play football Seahawks style is exciting. So, we've decided to move the show pre-recorded. We can send it to you in your email. All you have to do is send me your email address. Now, I want to make a clarification and a disclaimer. We are not going to sell your email information or private information to anybody, third, fourth, fifth, or 100th party. Stays with us. The minute that you decide to unsubscribe, we will erase all that information. We are not going to turn it over for phone solicitors or anybody else to drive you crazy. In fact, I've got a podcast coming up, and we're going to talk about how it drives me crazy. Ay-yi-yi. There's nothing worse, you know, than to have your cell phone, and you got it turned on. And if you want to keep touch with the family, make sure everything's okay, the cell phone's right there, and you're very confident that if it rings, you can pick it up, and it'll be important message, not a solicitation for the following. Charities, oh, many of those. You know that you need your COVID-19 shots vaccinated. Those appear from nowhere. Oh, wait a minute. Have you checked in on your Medicare plan, insurance plan for health care? Those bombardments are to the point where I would really like to open the door and see how far the phone will fly. But I know it's too big of an investment. So I will assure you that we are not going to turn your information over, period. And you'll notice that on the end, down, down in the fine print of our emails, it's very explicit. So there we go. Just wanted to clear that up. So if you really want to hear the show, which I hope you do, and participate in the show, feel confident that we are not selling any information to anybody. Now, the advertising industry is a big one, needs a lot of stuff to, you know, support different shows, opportunities for people to get involved in the business world. We are financed by the people that hire us to publish and present their shows in our catalogs so that we can put on platforms like Spotify and etc. The advertisements that you hear on our shows at the beginning of the show, and at the end, and you can click it off at the end, are put together by the platform and they have nothing to do with us. We get a big, big paycheck out of these. I think in the last quarter, because of the way we've tightened up the advertising and we don't want it on our catalogs to be pounding advertising, we want to get our message out undisturbed, is about, I think we pulled $11 for three months. Hey, everybody says, well, that's stupid, Bill. Crank up that advertising. No, no, that's why I'm sick and tired of television. I'm sick and tired of radio, because every time you get into the point where there's somebody who's got a really important statement to make, bingo, what happens? I'll tell you what happens. Now it's time to check out your Mickey Mouse hand clock watch. Oh, wait, you don't have one? Send us $29.95 and we'll send you one. That's right. Complete clock with all the material and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's worse than these political campaign issues that we've got going on constantly now that make me ill. And I think that one of the podcasts I brought that to everybody's attention. Today, what I want to bring to attention is a little bit different than I usually do. As everybody knows, we're fighting a war right now of economy. We're fighting a war, I think, of the enemy of negativity. That's the war I'm really feeling that we are losing at. You know, everything has to be sentiently gained. You know, you got to have that shot of negative adrenaline to make your day if you're in the news or media business. Do you ever hear them very often come up with, well, something good for a change? Very seldom. Some of the TV stations in Seattle naturally say they tell the truth. Oh, great. Wouldn't it be nice to have the truth on a positive leg? Other radio stations or television or media specialty stations, which are now streaming and even in the podcast world, it's the same old thing. Negativity. Negativity can mentally and just change your mind altogether. You know, you get to the point where, oh yeah, those guys are going to do it to us again. We're going to lose this. We're going to lose that. When in eventuality, we didn't lose anything. It was speculation that we might lose something. You know what I mean? Just pure speculation. And I don't know about you, but I get tired of that. I really do. It's it's beloviating. It's a jibber jabber. It's just negative stuff that affects our lifestyles. Now, in community living, and I'm really game whole for community living because I feel the state of Washington is a community, even though it covers many, many miles and millions of people, we are a community here in the state. And I have many times mentioned that Olympia I feel is a daycare center for politicians. But let's overlook that. Let's take a positive approach. Let's take the approach that we're going to go out and vote. We're going to vote some good candidates in in the midterm. We're going to make some substantial changes which will benefit this state and get people back on the road to positive community spirit. Oh, gee, I hope so. I really do. I worry about it because you know, the kids nowadays it's going to affect them. You have negativity around them 24 seven everywhere they go. There's a school shooting or many of the podcasts that I've already talked on have been violent activities going on and that's that's negative. We want some positive or change. Everybody wonders why thousands of people each year go out to entertainment such as sports or special events. It's really basically kind of gives me an opening for the story of a good friend of mine, Steve Linder of Linder and Brock, which is now Vocal Trash is the name of their game in the music world. I asked him one day, I said, Steve, I notice when you're playing because we had sponsored a couple of his shows here in the Pacific Northwest, and I look at the audience and I watch people that are just when they first come in, they're kind of, well, yeah, oh, well, I get a little rest, but they're a little tense. And by the time the show's over, they aren't. I mean, it's amazing. The attitude change. Why do you think that is? And Steve very carefully picked his words and said, it is because music takes away all of that for a few moments, that problems that you're facing. Maybe you're upset because you haven't got enough money to buy that new Lincoln Continental that you want to buy. Or maybe you can't send your kids to Yale University or maybe your trip to the moon has been canceled. In the time that you come to our shows, we want to relax you. We want to take all your troubles, put them in an invisible make-believe paper bag, fold the top closed and play good music that brings back good memories, positive memories, and gives you a time to smile. At the end of the show, Steve always stood out and shook everybody's hand as they left. And you could just see the magic that was going on. It was always incredible. So then when I started thinking about all this, I thought about the fact that, wait a minute, you know, maybe that's what's going on with sports fans. Because they can put on that jersey and paint their face with different colors and do goofy things and tailgate and have big barbecues. And for that period of time on that Sunday, for those two, three or four hours it takes, they actually get to take all their problems and put them in that invisible paper bag, close the lid and get involved in camaraderie, get involved in excitement, get involved in a completely different world. Maybe that's the magic key to entertainment. And I think that when I thought about it at first, of course, a lot of people, big businesses are making massive amounts of dollars off of it. Football is not cheap. Of course, we all know quarterbacks make $280 million or whatever ridiculous sum it is. But I'm going to try to flush those ideas, negative ideas out of my mind when I watch a game now and think about something more important. And that more important aspect is just simply this. That time I get relaxed, forget about things going on, like right now, I'm outside doing this podcast, by the way, I can relax and it's all good stuff. Reminisce, think about the old days, say hi to my neighbors and just have a good couple of hours of relaxation before I strap on the boots and head back to work Monday morning. You know, you can do a lot more at work, you can be a lot happier if you're thinking positive. So try to take and put some positive thoughts. I'll tell you another way of doing it that will also excite you, that will work you to a conclusion that I've come up with. One of the ways that I really negatively lock those negatives down is I just sit down, watch a little television, the negativity starts growing and then I turn it off. That's right, folks, I turn it off because the creativity is not there, it's aggravating and why should I sit there and listen to what just doesn't make sense to me? Now, maybe some of the ads are cheery and half full and colors and action. Some people that affects positively for those that doesn't walk away. It's as simple as one, two, three, turn it off, find something, a good book or turn on a good podcast. You know, there's 280 million podcasters now in operation. Wow, that's quite a few. So you can just about take any subject that you're thinking about. Maybe it's making ice cream, maybe it's listening to the old man bloating in the kitchen. You can actually get a few moments away from your busy life and listen and develop thoughts, come out with some new ideas or even get involved in the shows simply by picking up your cell phone and calling in. It's a lot of fun and it does a lot of good. You know, when we sit down and have a conversation, we get things done. Do you realize that? You know, I never thought about it until I started podcasting six years ago when our theme was, let's start a conversation. How important it was for people to sit down and have the opportunity to sit down and exchange ideas. Yeah. Conference of ideas. I love that conference because that means you have a bunch of people that are really talking within a conversation that can start action. Simple word, action. Action makes this world go around. Let's take a look at, for instance, the moron that's running Russia. Putin. Yeah, yeah. There's action and a half for you. But that's negative. Let's take a look at the positive things that are going on. And back in the good old US of A. Well, we've got inflation, high gas prices, groceries are going up. We got elections coming up. I can't think of too much, but I can do this for you. Mother Nature has a positive program too. It's called going outside, taking a walk and looking at the amazing things that Mother Nature does. Now, winter's coming on. The leaves and the trees are going to change colors. It's a great time to go out and just enjoy the great outdoors. We are so lucky in Washington because we have lakes, we have seashores, we have all these different things in activities that we can participate in versus if you get back in some other states, they don't have that. Or if you're packed in like a great place like New York, you have Central Park with the Muggers, but don't let that bother you. But you really don't have what we have. And we've been blessed with mountains and skiing and fishing and hunting and the list just continues to go on. And these, when you enjoy it, are positive moves that cause relaxation, clears your mind, gets you ready for a good conversation. They can change your life or your community's outlook and make it a safer and better place to live. So I hope that you've thought about these things. I have. That's why today was a positive rant and rave. And I want to also thank everybody over at B&G Sponsored Events. You know, without B&G, we wouldn't be able to do these shows. B&G Sponsored Events will be having their final wrap up of the season coming up November 5th. It's going to be at the First Christian Church of Tacoma at 602 North Orchard. Yeah, right on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Orchard. It's this beautiful big campus and a wonderful church. And they've got big facilities and areas in the gymnasium and different rooms and outdoor corridors where vendors are going to be setting up. And they're going to be bringing their wares and their hobbyists and their products to this great event. Now, you know, we've been pretty well packed in the house because of COVID-19. The virus, the fungus and all the other ugly stuff that came along with it. And people for a long time now have been kind of locked up. They just don't leave their house. They're scared to death. They're going to come down with a disease or whatever for the last two years. Well, things are getting better now. Vaccines are available and things are really starting to go together. And B&G wants to bring up all the good, wonderful people that have been a part of their family for over 10 years now, the vendors and the community people back together for one last big show for the year. So come on down. The hours will be 10 till 5 at the First Christian Church. It's wonderful parking, free parking, free admission, everything that you'd like under one roof. Spend a couple hours, enjoy yourself in a positive setup of wonderful entrepreneurship, good friends, good people. That's where you can meet them at B&G sponsored events coming up November 5th. Write that on the calendar. And when you get down there, look up Gail and tell Gail that you heard this podcast and their advertising on, are you ready for this? The old man running from the kitchen. She knows me personally and I've been trying to get her to understand that I'm still ranting and still talking about B&G. So let her know. And then if you get a chance, they've locked me in the back room again for this particular event. I'm back in the stone room so far back that I hope you can find me. But I'll be back there. We'll be set it up. We're going to be doing some podcasting live, some Facebook shows and doing some interviews for podcasts in the future. So come on down B&G special events. Check out the event and come back and say hello. Yeah, I really enjoy it. OK, well, that pretty well wraps up today's show. I always try to put a, you know, short show, a little bit of facts. And while I'm wrapping and closing the door on this show, I also want to remind you of are you feeling a little achy? You know, maybe you're like, oh gee whiz, I just don't have that that power that, oh, that vitamin push I need. Body's tired. I want to sleep. I just I just don't feel excited about life. I need a pick me up. I've got a suggestion for you. Listen to Dr. Troy Munson's revealing wholeness as he talks about different vitamin supplements, chiropractic care and more. That's revealing wholeness on your favorite platform for podcasts. And check that show out. You can get some wonderful ideas. He talks about all different types of ailments, chiropractic treatment and vitamin supplements that can give you that that really complete feeling of good health. It's great for the children, too. Some great, wonderful ideas for the children and the family. And winter's coming on and with the cold seasons right around the corner. So it's a good idea just to check him out. If you have questions or if you have some sort of a medical problem that you'd like to discuss, give him a drop him a line so he can help you find the right person if he can help you to discuss these particular ailments. And here's how you can get a hold of him. Email him at chiroman at C-H-I-R-O-M-A-N at doc dc dot com. That's right. Chiroman at doc dc dot com. And let him know you heard this advertisement on the old man running from the kitchen. I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Well, until next weekend, we can get together. Boy, what beautiful weather was today, wasn't it? On a Sunday. Beautiful, sunny, of course, a lot of smoke from the forest fires. But it's been a Sunday, a wonderful Sunday for sure. And well, if we really keep our fingers crossed, maybe this winter will be as fun as the summer has been. Let's hope so. Keep a positive thought in your mind. Love in your heart for everyone. And say hello to your next door neighbor the next time you get a chance. Or a simple wave. It may make their day. And it'll always keep a you smiling.

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