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Diamond Edmonds is hosting the Teal Nation News on WCC Radio. She talks about the weather, her love for radio, and upcoming events. She then provides information about the last day to drop fall classes and the process for registration for the spring and summer semesters. She also mentions the benefits of joining the SC Army National Guard for reduced tuition. All righty, and hello everyone. You are listening to WCC Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student-run radio station, and it is your girl, Diamond Edmonds, with this Teal Tuesday edition of Teal Nation News. Thank you for listening. Thank you for joining the broadcast today, and today, the weather is pretty nice. It feels pretty good outside. Pretty excited about what today is going to bring. It's a lot of good stuff going on today. A lot of good stuff going on this week, actually, and I can't wait to talk about it. Yeah, so I'm still getting used to being back here on Thursdays, but it just feels really good to be back. The radio is definitely my safe space. I feel like I can be myself. I feel comfortable. I just wish that I could see y'all. We should do like a live taping or whatever, you know, okay, but it just, you know, I wish I could see y'all, but it is okay. It's okay. Hopefully, y'all are having a good day today. Hopefully, everything is going well for y'all, and hopefully, y'all have a great rest of your day as well, but we do have a good bit of stuff to get into for WCC radio today and for this, oh, Lord, it is not till Tuesday, but for this Thursday edition of Teal Nation News, and I just got to shout out Danny, who was on here with me last semester. Danny, if you're listening, hey, Danny, what up, but Teal Nation News, we used to do it together on Thursdays. When we first started two years ago, we would do it together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but now we, last semester, we used to do it together on Thursdays, and Danny is not here at Coastal anymore, but he graduated. He is on to bigger and better things, but now I'm holding down the fort. I love Teal Nation News. I've been doing it for the last three years, and I'm just really excited to just go ahead and present to y'all everything that we have going on. There's a lot of good stuff going on this week, so you definitely don't want to miss this edition of Teal Nation News, but as I said, I am Diamond Edmonds, and y'all are listening to WCC radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Station, and we will be right back after some music, maybe a song or two, who knows, but we'll be right back, y'all. Main point is, don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. Just hang tight. All righty, everybody, and we are back. You are listening to WCC radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Station, and it is your girl, Diamond Edmonds, back with the gig day, and we are, you are listening to Teal Nation News with me. So I'm going to go ahead and give y'all the info, the tea that I always give y'all at the start of the broadcast, all of the important stuff and the stuff with classes and everything. I always try to give y'all that first, so let me just go ahead and give y'all that now while we at it, while we at it. So as I keep mentioning to y'all, and I'm not going to stop until the day comes, and I don't have to mention it no more, but this is real important info and tea that y'all need to know. The last day to drop a Fall 1 class, y'all should know this by now, because I tell y'all this every time, but the last day to drop a Fall 1 class, Fall 1 being half of a semester, so Fall 1 is half of the semester, so it would be from like August to October, the last day to drop a Fall 1 class with a grade of W and or opt out of repeat forgiveness is Wednesday, September 27th, Wednesday, September 27th. When you drop a Fall 1 class from your schedule, you have to meet with your advisor before considering to drop a course just so they can make sure that you're not just doing it for the wrong reasons, and so that you can be able to find something that will satisfy the credit that you will not have because of the dropped class. So the last day to do that is September 27th. Now it's a Wednesday, so that's about not even, well, yeah, about two weeks from now, a little under two weeks from now. And then if you would like to withdraw from Coastal entirely, you can e-mail withdraw at coastal.edu from your CCU e-mail, and then say that you wish to drop all of your Fall semester classes, and the way to opt out of repeat forgiveness is to use a special form that will be on self-service for you to be able to access. So if you would like to drop a regular Fall class, so that means the duration of the whole semester, so August to December, the last day to do that is Thursday, November 30th. So that means you want to drop, like, one of your Fall classes that lasts a whole semester. You have until November 30th to do so. So that is that. That's all your information on adding and dropping a class and making sure that you have all of that stuff set. So the last day to drop a Fall 1 class is Wednesday, September 27th, and the last day to drop a Fall class is Thursday, November 30th. Speaking of classes, registration time is here, and it's among us. So for registration, that will start for spring and summer 2024. Advanced registration will begin on Halloween, and it will last until November 9th. This will be for currently enrolled students. So if you are currently a student at Coastal, you will begin to enroll for your next set of classes between October 31st and November 9th. So basically, the way that it's going to work is for freshmen and for transfers, for those of you all that don't know how registration works, you will meet with your advisor, which you must do before registering for any classes. You have to meet with your advisor first. If you don't, an advisement hold will be placed on your account, and it will prohibit you from a lot of things. Graduation may be being one of them. So you must meet with your advisor before you register for classes. As you can see, if you log on to self-service now, advisement holds have already been put on there. So just make sure that you guys go ahead and set up those meetings with your advisor, make sure that you're getting put in the right classes for your next semester, and then go ahead and keep helping you finish with your college career. So this is the dates that they have allotted for each year so far. And all of this information can be found on self-service. You will go to student planning and then plan and schedule. And then all of your other options that you would like to check out from that point on will be on self-service for you to see. But for seniors and graduate students, seniors being students that have 90-plus credit hours, and for graduate students, advising and class registration will start on October 31st, which is Halloween, and it will last until November 1st. So that's a day. All of these are lasting a day. That's for seniors and graduate students. Y'all will begin registering on Halloween and will end on November 1st. For juniors, which are people that have 60-89 credit hours, advising and class registration will start November 2nd to November 3rd. For sophomores, which is 30-59 credit hours, class registration will be from November 6th to November 7th. And for freshmen, which is anybody with less than 29 credit hours, advising will be from November 8th to November 9th. So you have to meet with your advisor before you schedule for classes, and you will either get a time slot that has 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. So that will be the time that you will register for your classes. But you need to have met with your advisor before you can be able to register for classes. If you haven't met with your advisor before that point, then you will not be able to register for classes and won't have anywhere for you to do so, and you will pretty much waste your time if you think you're just going to register and you haven't met with your advisor yet. And for the general public, Monday, November 13th at 8 a.m. will be the day that they will get to register. So general public, meaning anybody that... Excuse me, y'all. I must be sleepy. I just ate, so maybe I got the itis. I get the itis real bad. I don't know about y'all, but after I eat, it's just why I be so drowsy. I get so sleepy, and I just, ugh, be so lazy. But Monday, November 13th, beginning at 8 a.m. is when open registration for the general public and any students that are returning from an absence will start. So that'll be for spring and summer 2024, like I mentioned. You just have to meet with your advisor. You can set that up throughout MyCCU, and it'll say Student Advising Resources, and you will click on Schedule Advising Appointment, and then that's where you will find all of your scheduling and everything of that nature on there. Or you can go to Coastal's website, and then you will go to MyCCU Info, and that will be there as well. So you can talk to your advisor on the phone to set up an advisement time, email, whatever, or you can do it through the app, whatever way will be easier for you. You just have to make sure that you set up a time with your advisor before you try to register for classes. And that's how you will find out your date for registration. So just make sure that you guys are already going ahead and doing it, and if you are a transfer coming in and you're coming into spring and summer 2024, you will be able to register during your orientation session in January. So that is just something for everybody to look out for, and I'm going to remind y'all of that every show so that y'all can know. If you are interested in qualifying for less than in-state tuition rates and getting some benefits while you're in college, becoming a member of the SC Army National Guard is something for you, and you can qualify for Coastal's Military Tuition Reduction Program. So it will make your tuition $3,750 per semester, which equals up to $7,500 per year. The SC Army National Guard will pay $9,500 per year to your tuition account and tuition assistance each academic year, and that will cover more than 100% of what you owe for tuition. So some of the benefits that you have of joining the National Guard are the Military Reduction Program that I just mentioned, which is $7,500 per year. You get $9,500 per year of tuition assistance and scholarships, a $50,000 student loan repayment program, up to a $20,000 sign-on bonus for highly qualified applicants, up to $1,000 per month in your pocket while attending college, health, dental, and life insurance, full-time job placement assistance, 401K-type retirement funds, and so much more. All you have to do is serve one weekend per month and two weeks per year after completing your training. You have to be 17 to 40 years old to apply, and if you want more information or you're interested in applying, please e-mail Kevin Kirkpatrick or get in touch with Coastal's Army ROTC if you are more interested. And each student got an e-mail to their Coastal e-mail, so just look into that as well. But we got some music, we got a break from commercial coming up, and then I'll be back. You're listening to WTC Radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Session, and it's your girl, Diamond Evans, with TO Nation News. Don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. Hi, everyone, and welcome back. Backity, back, back, back. You're listening to WTC Radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Session, and you're listening to TO Nation News with your girl, Diamond Evans. It's me. And we're just going to continue to get into the news going around TO Nation, TO Nation News, the News of the Nation of TO, whatever you want to call it. It's TO Nation News. And we're just going to keep getting into it. All right. So the IZ Office is hosting Hispanic Heritage Month. So make sure that, and for those of you that don't know, the IZ Office is the Office of Intercultural and Inclusion Student Services, and they have a fantastic lineup, y'all. I'm going to tell y'all this lineup. The lineup is popping, okay? They got a good lineup for the rest of this month. All right. So starting on September 18th, which is next week, there is a game night kickoff from 7 to 9 p.m., and that will be in the Lib Jackson Student Union A201. So that is Monday night. It's a game night kickoff. Then Tuesday, the week after that, September 26th, there's a Latin meetup from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room A102. So, so far, we got September 18th, game night kickoff, 7 to 9 p.m. in Lib Jackson Student Union A201. Then we got September 26th, Latin meetup, and from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room A102. Then October 5th, we have Latinos in Leadership panel from 5.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in HTC 207. And then to cap it off, on October 10th, there's Latin and dot, dot, dot, intersectionality panel. So if you want more info on that, I guess you just got to show up. It will be from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room A201. So that's four events that I just gave y'all. Y'all can pop out. And if you want more information, all you got to do is follow the AIDS office on Instagram. It's I-I-S-S-C-C-U. So follow them on Instagram. All of the information is posted in there for you. But make sure that y'all pop out to those events. Now, when I talk to y'all on Tuesday, I'm hoping that y'all already went to that Monday event, okay, from 7 to 9 p.m. in Lib Jackson Student Union, A201. Who don't love a good game night, okay? And that's that game night for you. All right. Speaking of games, the women's basketball schedule has been released, both the non-conference schedule and the conference schedule. So it's plenty of events and games for y'all to look out for. They want to let y'all know that they coming. All right. They are coming. So the full schedule is here. The season is starting sooner than we think, the first game being on November 6th. So that's sooner than y'all think, man, it's sooner than y'all think. They have all of the home games listed out, the away games listed out, both conference and non-conference, like I said. And I can go ahead and give y'all a preview of what the schedule is looking like if you are trying to plan out the games that you want to go to. The first four games are away, but it's okay because they are all in a good stand-in from the university, so we can definitely go support our Lady Sharks. The first game of their season is at Georgia Tech, November 6th, so that's a Monday. They'll be playing at Georgia Tech. Then they're playing at Duke, November 9th. They're playing at South Carolina State University, November 15th. And they're playing at Furman, November 18th. But their first home game is November 22nd. They want us to pack out the HTC Center. It will be November 22nd, which is a Wednesday, at 4 p.m. That's their first home game. And then they will have another one to follow, College of Charleston. They will be coming here on December 2nd, and that is at 1 p.m. So the rest of the games, we can get into the schedule once the season officially starts, but they just want to make sure that everybody knows that the season is coming. It's soon approaching, and it's coming fast. If you would like season tickets, now remember, students, we get in free to the games. But if you are listening and you are not a student of Coastal at Coastal, the season ticket price is $60. Each account and each price includes parking passes for the HTC Center lot. And if you would like to get a season ticket package, you can do that at www.goccusports.com slash wbbtickets. That's www.goccusports.com slash wbbtickets. So once again, season tickets are only $60, and that is a really good price. So go ahead and hop on that opportunity. As y'all know, the home football game went off without a hitch last week. Well, it was one hitch. Okay, y'all know the weather. The weather just be crazy, okay? Y'all know that by now. But the weather did hinder us for a little bit. The game was delayed for about 30 minutes, I want to say, 30, 35 minutes. But we came back stronger than ever and won the game. So they want that same turnout and that same energy for the game this Saturday. It will be against Duquesne, and it's at 7 p.m., same time as last week's game. Kickoff is going to start at 7 p.m., and they want us to pack out the stadium. There is no set attire for the game, but they want everybody to pack out the game. So 7 on Saturday against Duquesne. Make sure that you guys get tickets. Students, make sure that y'all reserve your tickets. And Coach Tim Beck, who is the head coach of the football team, he wants everybody to know that he has a radio show. So the Tim Beck Radio Show will be happening every Tuesday at Walk-On Sports Bistro 501 location. And he wants everybody to join him, whether you listen in or you go in person, because this radio show will have a live taping. So it will be every Tuesday at the Walk-On Sports Bistro at the 501 location, and you can tune in on WRNN 99.5 from 7 to 8 p.m., or you can just go to the Walk-On Sports Bistro location that is at 501, on 501. So make sure that you are supporting y'all. What am I talking about? What am I talking about? Make sure that y'all are supporting Coach Beck. Now, as I mentioned, the football game is on Saturday against Duquesne, and there is a women's soccer match going on. So this will be at Old Dominion, and it will be at the Coastal Soccer Stadium. So it's at 6 p.m., and it is International Student-Athlete Night at that soccer game. So if you're a student-athlete, make sure you show up, and you're going to get a lot of love from everybody. Once again, this is women's soccer, and it's happening Friday, September 15th, at 6 p.m., against Old Dominion. Admission is free to everybody, so make sure that y'all show up and give the soccer team a lot of love and make them feel very appreciated. University Recreation is offering lifeguard certifications, so get certified to be a lifeguard. They are doing this at the Williams-Brice Aquatic Center here at Coastal, and if you do not know, it is attached to the – well, not attached, but right near the Williams-Brice, the gym. So it's on the other side, like it's behind it, so closer to the baseball field. But the dates are September 30th to October 1st and November 3rd to November 5th. So you can register at recreation.coastal.edu. The prices for Coastal students are – it's $150, and if you are from the community, it's $200. Once again, this is to be certified as a lifeguard, and you can go ahead and do that now. And they have a waterfall trek going on, so it's camping and a waterfall trek for September 22nd through the 24th. The cost is $60, and you can register for that at www.recreation.coastal.edu as well. So make sure that y'all go ahead and handle those matters accordingly. Now we got some music and a little break. This is WCC Radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Station. I'm your girl, Diamond Emmons, with Teal Nation News, and we'll be right back. Don't go nowhere. All right, and we are back. You're listening to WCC Radio, Coastal Carolina University Student Radio Station, and this is your girl, Diamond Emmons, just here to wrap up some important information and to give y'all the goods, give y'all the inside scoop on what we got going on on campus for the rest of this week and what is some important stuff for y'all to know about as we go forward within the semester. Coastal is proud to announce, along with the Board of Trustees and University Marketing and Communication, that they have approved, they being the Board of Trustees here at Coastal, have approved a new online STEM degree program and academic building. The Coastal Carolina University Board of Trustees has approved a new online Master of Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which is STEM, degree program during their meeting on September 8th. The board has also approved constructing a new building to house the university's Conway Medical Center College of Health and Human Performance, which is the CMCHHP. You know if you are CMC or HHP, so you know who you are. This area will include a nearby structure that will accommodate up to 400 parking spaces. The new degree program must first be approved by South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools before it is officially added to the university curriculum, but they want to go ahead and give us a heads up that this is what we got coming for us so far. This massive in STEM education is an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty and multiple colleges, but it will primarily be housed within the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences. The new degree program will prepare students to teach STEM in pre-K through grade 12 instructional settings with a focus on project-based learning experiences. Many of the courses required for this degree program are already taught at Coastal in support of add-on licensure or certification coursework. That includes, you know, the Master's in Instructional Technology and the Master's of Science in Information Systems and the Certificate Program in Computer Education and Science. So it will help with your professional development of STEM and they'll be able to teach it to younger children and children in K through 12 period. So it's very exciting. The new building, which will house CMCHHP, this will be 64,000 square feet and it will house the following academic units. So listen up, okay? Y'all got a new building on the way, so I'm going to tell y'all who's going to be housed in it. Public Health, Nursing, Health Administration, Exercise Science, Recreation and Sports Management, so RSM, and Sports Management period. In addition to providing space for classrooms, laboratories, and administrative offices, this facility will include a medical clinic for students, faculty, and staff to access health care. So the budget for this and the nearby parking facility is $53 million and they will discuss more as a board on their meetings that are scheduled for October 26th and 27th. But it's very exciting. I mean, sounds exciting to me. I can't wait to see more about what they're going to do and more on what's going on with that matter. For game day parking, DPS and Public Safety want to make sure that y'all know what to do come Saturday and making sure is, you know, how y'all going to park. And so there's no confusion. They sent out a notice so that everybody knows what to do for parking-wise. So this will happen when I'm about to announce for traffic flow and parking on game days. We'll apply to all of the following home games that we have. So the game that is Saturday on the 16th, the game that is this coming Thursday next week, well, a week from today, September 21st, Saturday, October 28th, Saturday, November 11th, and Saturday, November 25th. There will be designated parking lots on campus for game day parking, and they will be used as paid parking, as always. And football parking permits are required to have access to those lots. You are liable to get a ticket if you are parking in one of those lots and you do not have a game day parking pass. And there are parking dependents at each one of these lots, making sure that you have a parking pass before you can go into one of those lots. So all of the lots will be closed to the general public six hours prior to kickoff, but if the game is scheduled for 2 p.m. or earlier, then it will close at 8 a.m. And 4 p.m. on weekday games, regardless of what time kickoff is. So 4 p.m. on days that there are games during the week, which I think as of right now, for regular season, it is just one, being next Thursday. So the following lots that require game day parking permits are the Science Lot, which is HH, the Singleton Lot, which is J, Williams-Brice Lot, M, Hampton Hall, which is O, P, which is Edwards, and Q, which is Edwards, R, which is Britton, S is Walls, YY is the one that's on 544, GG, which is on 501, Lot 2, which is Scholars Academy, Lot E, which is the Student Union, A, which is Walls Circle, B and C are both Penny Hall, UU is Arcadia, and that will be closed to general parking and will be open prior to kickoff for game day parking, and QQ, which is Brooks Stadium, and AA, which is the HTC Center. So that is, AA is going to be dedicated to ADA, so access to, you know, disability. And that will have access to the complimentary lot, but you will need to have proof of a state issue ADA hang tag or a license plate. Now, just make sure that y'all do not park in those parking lots that I just told y'all y'all cannot park in unless you have a game day pass. You are liable to get ticketed if you park in one of those parking lots without a game day pass, okay? Okay, get it, got it, good, we good. I just realized we have a Thursday game next week. I'm pretty excited about that. I can't wait to see how that's going to go. It feels like it's been forever since I've been to a weekday game, but I'm pretty excited about it. We're just going to go ahead and run straight through into, you know, what we got for the rest of the week. So let me just go ahead and give y'all the tee of what we got for the rest of the week. So we got, hold on, I'm trying to make sure I got everything right for y'all. Okay, so for the rest of the week, the rest of the week, week, y'all, oh, my goodness. So for the rest of the week, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, so excited, tonight we got the back-to-school cookout. I know if y'all didn't hear about it, I'm about to tell y'all everything that y'all need to know now. It is tonight, September 14th, on Singleton Lawn from 6 to 9 p.m. It's going to be free food, a bunch of games, music, et cetera, et cetera, and CCU and HGT students are welcome and invited, so that's a question that happens a lot. Horry, Georgetown students, as long as you have your student ID, you are welcome to come to the event tonight. This is being put on by yours truly, the Coastal Activities Board, which is CAB. If you want more information, follow us on Instagram at CoastalCAB. But that full cookout happening from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight on Singleton Lawn, free food, games, music, and just all-around good time and good vibes. And then tomorrow, yes, we coming at y'all back-to-back with these events, okay? Tomorrow we have a special guest, the hypnotist David Anthony. He'll be coming to Wheelwright Auditorium at 6 p.m. And once again, excuse me, CCU and HGT students are invited. Y'all, I got the hiccups today. I don't know what it is, but I got my water right here, so we going to fix it. But that is hypnotist David Anthony. He is coming tomorrow at Wheelwright Auditorium, 6 p.m., CCU and HGT students only. So I know it has been a lot of confusion. You do not need to pay for tickets to the hypnotist. You don't need to pay for tickets. So it's free. You just show up, and that's about it. So it's free to go to the hypnotist, okay? Hopefully we see y'all there. Be us there. Don't meet us there. Get there before us. How about that? Get there before us. It's going to be kind of hard, but try to be us there, all right? But most importantly, come out to the cookout tonight, the back-to-school cookout. It is going to be a really good time. Y'all are not going to want to miss it. And for following up for the other events that we have coming up with the IS office, make sure that y'all pop out today, our game night, which will be Monday. So that will be before I talk to y'all again. Come out to the game night. It's the kickoff of Spanish Heritage Month. It will be Monday, September 18th from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Lib Jackson Student Union Room A201. So that is about all of the events that I have for y'all that are coming up before. I will talk to y'all again on Tuesday. Please make sure that y'all pop out and show these events some love. I am your girl, Diamond Edmonds. You are listening to WCC Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student radio station. Thanks for vibing with me on this Thursday edition of Teal Nation News. And I will talk to y'all again on Teal Tuesday. All right? Y'all have a great weekend. Stay safe. Come to the football game and just support. Come to Batten School. Click out. Support. All right, y'all.

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