cover of Revelations-The Assembly at Ephesus Part -3
Revelations-The Assembly at Ephesus Part -3

Revelations-The Assembly at Ephesus Part -3


My audios about the Seven Assemblies contain reference to the colander, I now hold to the colander as practiced by the sons of Zadok as per the dead sea scrolls.



The radio broadcast discusses the concept of a millennial kingdom and whether it is supported by scripture. The amillennialists, who believe there is no millennium, are criticized for spiritualizing everything and not taking the scriptures literally. The broadcast also addresses the timing of the great day of Yahweh and the gathering of Jacob at the end of the age. The book of Revelation is examined to determine when and to whom it was written, with evidence suggesting it was written before AD 70 and addressed to Israel in the diaspora. The importance of both hearing and doing the words of the prophecy is emphasized. Hello, New Zealand and the world. Welcome to the program, Let Us Reason Together, a weekly radio broadcast to prepare us for the coming of the King and the restoration of the whole house of Israel. Our host today, Boaz Newon. Ok, well as you can see my powerpoint is not working too well, because I, as I said created it in word and then transferred it to my notebook which runs on oracles open and it has not got all the slides that you prepare in windows. So anyway we shall roll with the oars that we have and we return to the book of revelations. In the first part we looked at is there indeed a scriptural base for a millennial kingdom or a reign of Moshiach here on this earth or were the amillennials right, amillennialism of course teaches that there is no millennium, are they right or are the scriptures right? And we found that indeed the scriptures were right that there is indeed a physical millennial kingdom. So why are then the amillennials, why are they wrong? Because they do not take the scriptures literally but they spiritualize everything, they have become the spiritual Israel, the church. The physical land of Israel is spiritualized into heaven, that's where they all go and therefore as Yeshua says my kingdom is not of this world, they say therefore that kingdom is in heaven. We saw from the scriptures that indeed there will be a millennial kingdom as prophesied throughout the prophets and then we looked at when is the great day of Yahweh. If we have an amillennial mindset then of course we say if there is no millennium then the whole book of revelations which tells us about the great day of Yahweh will have to happen at the end of the 6th day or at the end of the 6000 years which is in front of us. However if there is a millennium and we saw from the scriptures that there is then this great day of Yahweh is at the end of the 7th day when the dead are raised, they are transformed in the twinkling of an eye and become like angels and those we see in revelations chapter 5 in a great multitude around the throne of Yahweh and then we briefly looked at what will then befall Jacob at the end of this age and we saw that Jacob is going to be gathered together the two houses of Israel in the nations in a place called Goshen in the wilderness of the nations where Yahweh will reveal himself to his people and he is revealing himself to you right as we speak by and through his word and his word this morning for us has a very important message, a message as to, ah you see you can't see unfortunately the other side because it's too light, anyway before we go any further we have to clear up a very important matter and that is when and to whom was the book of revelations written? It's very important that we get the date of the writings correct because traditionally in traditional Christian circles they say that the book of revelations was written by the apostle John on the island of Patmos by in Greece around 96 AD, now why do they say that it is 96 AD? The question to ask then is well was it before AD 70 the destruction of the temple or was it after AD 70 as they say in AD 96? Well if I was a Christian theologian and had to answer that question and wanted to prove my point that the book of revelations was written to the denominational church, if I were to admit that the book was written before AD 70 like AD 68 then there were no Christian denominations anywhere. But after AD 70 when the dispersion again took place and particularly in 96 and in 100 AD we know that these Christian churches started to be around. Now what we'll do is we will take from the church fathers themselves the proof that the book was written before AD 70. And Irenaeus who lived 140 to 202 AD he met Polycarp as a boy and in his writings he writes that Polycarp told him about this particular matter but he didn't write it down. In other words Irenaeus heard from Polycarp but he says I did not write it down. And he says that John was put on Patmos under the reign of Domitians, 81 to 96 AD. However as he did not write it down we have from Clement of Alexandria who lived 150 to 215 AD that John returned from Patmos to Ephesus after the death of the tyrant. And there was a tyrant reigning called Domitius. Now when you were a boy and you heard all this from Polycarp but you didn't write it down is it conceivable that he got the names wrong? And that tyrant was Nero who lived 54 to 68 AD. So was it Domitian 81 to 96 or was it Domitius Nero 54 to 68. Well Papias gave us the answer and he said that James and John were killed according to Flavius Josephus confirms this in his books in 62 AD. That makes a lot of sense. Because if you take certain of the writings about John when he was in Ephesus and rode on a horse it would be very unlikely that he would be riding horses at the age of a hundred and two hundred and three. Although it's possible but it would be much more that he would be riding them when he was in his 60's or in his 70's. Even that is quite old. But anyway the second point is was this letter written to the institutionalized church as Christianity claims. Well we will see from the context that it certainly was not because if it was written to the institutionalized church then certain things would never have been taken into Christian teachings because it totally contradicts the book of Revelations. We do read from the book of Revelations in the first chapter that the hearers are to be a holy priesthood and a holy nation. And we read about this holy priesthood and a holy nation in 1 Peter chapter 1 of which you are very much aware that in deed the ones this book was written to was to those who are to be a holy priesthood and a holy nation. Also from certain of the writings of the apostles we know that the book was written to Israel. That's the whole point. To the 12 tribes in the dispersion. Yes unfortunately you can't read it. Which is a pity. So I shall go through it and we have to visualize it. If we go to the book of James. James Peter John 1 James chapter 1. Then it is very clear. James a servant of Elohim and of the master Yeshua the Messiah. To the 12 tribes scattered amongst the nations. That's who he is addressing and that's who he is writing his epistle to. If you then go over to the apostle Peter and if you go to 1 Peter chapter 2 and from verse 4 he says. As you come to him the living stones rejected by man but chosen by Elohim and precious to him you also like living stones are to be built into a spiritual house and to be a holy priesthood. The same holy priesthood which is talked about in Revelations chapter 1. And if you turn the page and go to verse 8 or verse 9 of chapter 2. Peter says but you are a chosen people a royal priesthood a holy nation a people belonging to Elohim that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his light. And 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 1 says Peter an apostle of Yeshua the Messiah to Elohim's elect who are strangers in the world scattered throughout Pontius, Galatias, Cappadocia and Asia. And these 7 key lot or these 7 churches are in the province of Asia. For example Ephesus of Revelations 1 is the same Ephesians as the apostle Paul writes to. Ephesus is Ephesians. So therefore it is clear from scripture as to who this book is written to. It is written to Israel in the diaspora or in the wilderness and it gives to Israel a vision of Israel's redemption at the end of the age. You see there was no Christian presence in Asia between 55 and 68 AD when this book was written. So therefore they want to date it much later so that it would then be acceptable for you to believe that it would be written to the Christian church from its inception in the book of Acts. And then they say that these 7 periods are right up to right now. But that unfortunately is not so. So if we look at Revelations chapter 22. Revelations chapter 22 verse 16. My Bible is falling apart and I have to do something about this because it is getting a bit embarrassing. 22 chapter 16. It says I Yeshua have sent my messengers to give you this testimony of the book of Revelations for the key lot. For the congregation. So Yeshua says that he sent this angel with this testimony for the key lot because I am the root and the offspring of David and the morning star. This message is for the assembly of Yahweh throughout the ages. Therefore it writes to 7 specific assemblies. So the message 7 of course is or the number 7 is the number of fullness. The number of fullness and then we see this candle stand or the menorah with the 7 pipes. And in between that key lot or the assemblies Yeshua walks right throughout the ages. And if you look in Revelations chapter 1 then we have gone through that this book is specifically written for the born servants and we looked at that in the Tanakh or in the Old Testament. But there is a very important concept in the opening verses here. Which in Hebrew means much more than what we read in English. If we read from verse 3. Blessed is the one who hears the words of this prophecy, who hears it and who does it. Hearing and doing is inseparable. To hear, shamah and to do or to guard is shomer. Psalm 121 for example says that Yahweh shomers or guards Israel. He does not slumber nor sleep. He shomers, He guards Israel. So you are to hear, to shamah with understanding and obedience. This word of the book of Revelations. Hearing and doing. You cannot say as people say in Christianity as we will find out from this book. Oh well as long as I accept Jesus and believe in Him I am saved. Is that so? Well not according to the scriptures. And this is the very important picture that we will see this morning in relation to what this messenger is to tell the church or the congregation in Ephesus. Hearing and doing. Hearing with understanding and doing with obedience. They cannot be separated. And then we see that that congregation, that first congregation in Ephesus is questioned on a number of issues. And you can see that these issues would have been exactly the same in the time of Adam and Eve. For example if we look at what the story here is in Ephesus. Then we see that there are warnings that there are apostles but they are not. That is important also in our day. Therefore throughout this period of 7000 years this message is written to this whole congregation of Yahweh from beginning to end. And it is identified in these 7 congregations there in Asia. And if you line up all the accusations and what they need to do. Then we see right through history that we have all these things in our midst today. So Yeshua is trying to teach his assembly from Adam to the end of the 7th day what they ought not to do. And if they did it what they should do about it to be able to get right with Yahweh. And in Ephesians chapter 2 verse 1 it says to the angel of the assembly in Ephesus you write. These are the words of him who holds the 7 stars in his right hand and walks among the 7 golden lampstands. The 7 key he lost. Because one lampstand for a congregation. That is what we determined last time. And we determined this from the scriptures. How do we know this? Chapter 1 verse 20. The mystery of the 7 stars that you saw in my right hand and the 7 golden lampstands is this. The 7 stars are the messengers of the 7 key lot or assemblies. And the 7 lampstands are the 7 assemblies. So one lampstand equals an assembly. We then went to Zechariah chapter 4 and we saw that we had these 2 lampstands. Judah and Israel standing before Yahweh and giving testimony. Then it says I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men. And that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but they are not. And have found them false. You see if you look back then it says that they have lost their first love. And he says you look at the height from which you have fallen. If you go back right to the garden of Eden. What happened? Adam and Eve lost their first love. Which is their obedience towards Yahweh and his word. We will see that in a minute. But Yahweh said to them you know here are all these trees. But from the tree of good and evil you are not allowed to eat. Any other tree is fair game. So already then it had to do with dietary and eating habits. And we know that Adam and Eve fell and they ate from this tree. And then they were separated from the tree of life. They were separated from the tree of life because Yahweh said to himself. And his word and his spirit that if we leave them in the garden. And we do not separate them from the tree of life. Then they will eat thereof and they live forever. So how do you live forever? Christians say as long as I believe in Jesus and I accept him as the Lord. I will be saved and live forever. Is that so? Not according to the scriptures. As we will see. Because in Christianity they do not identify Jesus with Yeshua. Who is the word made flesh. And who actually represents and is that tree of life. And in Christianity we have said no this tree of life we don't want. It is being rendered inoperative and we don't want to know this anymore. We now live under grace. So in fact they have done away with the priority. Of where we need to go back to. Yahweh says I am going to separate you from the tree of life. Because if you eat thereof you will live forever. And the tree of life as we will see represents the Torah of Yahweh. And who is the Torah made flesh? Yeshua who is Yahweh who saves. It clearly says. You have investigated these apostles. And you have proven to be false. Eve also met another spirit in the garden. Who gave her another gospel. Because if what I am saying from scripture is true. Then Christianity has invented another gospel. They have said no no no no. We are not going to take the scriptures literally. We are going to take it spiritually. We spiritualize everything. We become spiritual Israel. And there will be the kingdom in the heavens. And so on. That is another gospel. That is not the gospel that the scripture teaches. Now I have to tell you that in Galatians chapter 1. The apostle Paul says very clearly. What happens to people who preach another gospel. In Galatians chapter 1 it says. You will stand accursed. So people who are teaching another gospel. Other than what is portrayed in scripture. According to the apostle Paul. Not according to me. I am only giving you what he says. You can look it up for yourself. In Galatians chapter 1 he says. Anybody who teaches another gospel. Than what we teach. Stands accursed. So if you alter the word of Yahweh. And you say this tree of life. Or this Torah is no longer in place. And you do not longer need to follow it. Because Jesus did away with it. And therefore now we live under grace. Then you are teaching another gospel. According to the book of revelations. Which later on tells you. That because the church in Ephesus. And Adam and Eve lost their first love. And he says. Look at the height from which you fell. You fell from walking with Yahweh in the garden. To being expelled. And excluded from the tree of life. Should you be able to touch or eat from it. You would live forever. That is how far you have fallen. And we can see it. In traditional Christianity. How far they have fallen. And how far we fell. At one stage. In our walk. Because that is what we also believe. I was rendered inoperative. Let me speak for myself. And we are all under grace. And it does not really matter if you eat pig. Or that you do not go to keep the Sabbath. It does not really matter. Because Jesus loves us anyway. And as long as we believe in him. Everything will be fine. That is not what it says here. In the scriptures. Let us have a look at John. 2 John chapter 1. And define what is love really is. Because you see a lot of people. When they talk about. About love. That is to them some sort of warm. Fuzzy feeling. This of course also is true. But it is not all of that. John chapter 2. Verse. No 2 John chapter 1. Get it right. 2 John chapter 1. Verse 5. And now dear lady. I am not writing to you a new command. But one that we have had from the beginning. When was the beginning? In the Garden of Eden right? So that command. What we are going to talk about now. Was already in the first assembly. If you like. With Adam and Eve. I ask that we love one another. And that is love. That we walk. In obedience. To the commands. So. If we want to define scriptural love. Then it is love. Which is obedient. To the commandments of Yahweh. And we hear Yeshua say. Repeatedly. If you love me. You will keep my commands. If you love me. You will keep my commands. 1 John. Chapter 5. 1 John chapter 5. Verse 3. This is. Love for Elohim. So. If you say I love Elohim. Or if you say I love Yahweh. Or if you say I love Yeshua. Right? Then this is it. This is love for Elohim. To obey his commandments. And. It says. His commandments are not burdensome. Some people say we can't keep them. So what is the point? It is not burdensome. You can keep the commandments. Not stealing, killing, committing adultery, swearing. It is not a big deal. If you do it in Yahweh. But if we try to do it by ourselves. We will fail all over the place. Because we are weak creatures. Remember. We must hear. The word. And we must do it. Not just hearing. If I just love Jesus. I will be fine. But he must do. He must express that love by doing. And what do you need to do? You need to do and keep. The commandments of Yahweh. So. If we go through the scriptures. And I had them all on nice pictures here. But it doesn't work because. I made it in. For the others who just joined. I made it in. Word. And then I transferred it to my notebook. Which runs on. Oracle's free software. And it doesn't. Translate the slides very well. So. You can see the background. On my originals was dark. With white. But the other one changed it into another color. And being the board white. It doesn't show us very well. But anyway. This is about. Keeping and doing. The Shammah. And Shomer. That we are the Shomer. The Hebrew meaning of hearing and keeping and doing. Gives deeper insight into what is being said. Here in the book of revelations. Hearing. Shammah. To hear and understand. And of obedience. Yahweh Shomer. Or God's Israel. Says in Psalm 121. To guard, protect, attend. And to take heed, to observe. And to preserve. You are to preserve. And guard. This tree of life. Because doesn't Moses say. Through all of his teachings. Listen. I set before you the blessings and the curses. You choose wisely so you may live. So life is in the word. Of Yahweh. Because that is from which he has separated men. Because men ate from that tree. Violated. The command of Yahweh. Not to eat. And the immediate thing that happened. Is that they were separated from the tree of life. Because if you eat from that tree of life. He says. They will live forever. And there they went. Outside the garden. Am I going backwards again? Or what? Yeah. Then we talk about this number 7. This number 7 is very significant. It is significant in Hebrew culture and faith. Having come to symbolize both a number of completion. So 7 is the number of completion. So therefore the 7 assemblies is the total assembly from Adam to the end of the 7th day. And that is signified in this little peninsula of Asia which is now Turkey. In which were the 7 individual congregations. And they all had issues. And as you can see throughout the 7000 years the assembly of Yahweh always had issues and very often they were the same. Because what was, what is, was and will be again because there is nothing new under the sun. Adam and Eve were attacked by false representatives. Who said no no no no no. What if you do it this way? No. She listened. The consequences that they were separated from the tree of life. The 7th day of creation. The 7 feasts of Yahweh and the 7th day. Yesterday I sent you this thing about this moon sabbath keeping business. You know that people can believe this. Is to me is just amazing. Because it is so contradictory to the scriptures that even if you would have this time counted the Omar consciously which says that you have to count 7 sabbaths within 50 days. If you keep a looming sabbath it is impossible. They always say the sabbath must be some say on the 7th 14th 21st 29th day. And then the 30th and the 31st well they are non days. You know. They are there. But otherwise it doesn't work. They call them non days. Anyway we are not going to go into all this. But Yahweh says that there must be 6 days labor and then the day of rest. Even in moon sabbath keeping sometimes you only have 4 days and then you start a new week. So you haven't had your 6 days yet. You can see it in the collection of the manna. If you look at what I sent you yesterday and go to the bottom one and take the video of the guy who is teaching And then you see how deceptive this is. You see this is the false apostles trying to take you away from what's the sign and seal between Yahweh and his people? The sabbath. Right? So the moon was only ever used to set the month. The moon doesn't set the day. The moon doesn't set the week. But the moon sets the month. It's Kodash. It's a new month. The moon sets the month. Nothing else. But as we have here in Revelation chapter 2 he says to the Ephesians you have tested these false apostles. And that's what you need to do. You need to test against the word of Yahweh if these things are right or wrong and what's happening here. Particularly in the last age it says that this will become so rampant that if it were possible even the elect of Yah would be deceived. So here we have these 7 congregations spread through what's then called Asia which is now Turkey. There on the left hand side you have the port of Izmir. Now I hope we can see the others. Then you of course have the 2 congregations of Yahweh or the 2 key lot one of Judah and Israel and we went last time into Zechariah chapter 4 and we went through this whole thing So here is 2 witnesses. Ok They lost their first love and they were separated from the tree of life So unless something happens which brings us back to that tree of life we can have all the faith in Yah that we may have and we can have all the best of intentions we might be scrutinizing all the apostles we might be against all the wickedness in the world then you hear the phrase we are very good people. They are very good people of course they are but they have lost their first love and are separated from the tree of life and that tree of life was in the garden and the promise here to this congregation in Ephesus is that if they repent they will be given access again to this tree of life so what's that important we accept Yeshua as our saviour and master we are cleansed from all our sins by his blood and then he promises to save us if we stay in the vine but if we through false apostles as happened here in the church in Ephesus are being led astray and we start adhering to another gospel which in fact makes us accursed Galatians chapter 1 then what do we need to do? we need to repent and repentance in accordance with the scriptures now repentance in accordance with the scriptures is something totally different than repentance that we have learned in traditional christianity so let's go to Leviticus chapter 26 and this is vital vital for the period that we are currently living in because you see we are moving into the second year of the famine of Joseph if we've got our counting right and I am personally convinced that we have so if we look at the repentance as we see in Leviticus 26 it is a national repentance we as Israel need to repent we need to repent individually and we need to repent collectively let me read it to you from verse say 38 Leviticus 26 from verse 38 you will perish amongst the nations the land of your enemies will devour you those of you who are left most will be devoured amongst the nations those of you who are left will waste away in the lands of their enemies because of their sins violation of Yahweh's tree of life or Torah also because of their father's sins they will waste away so we have sinned our fathers have sinned the sins of the fathers will be put on the heads of the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me unless you repent so not only do we have to repent of our sins but we also have to repent of our father's sins this is exactly what Daniel did in the book of Daniel when he was met by the messenger of Yahweh he was also praying for the sins of the nations then number then verse 40 verse 40 says but if they will confess their Torah violations and the Torah violations of their fathers their treachery against me their hostility towards me which made me hostile towards them so that I sent them into the land of their enemies then when their uncircumcised hearts are humbled and they pay for their sin ok so we need to confess of our sin and we need to confess of our father's sins and in particularly that we have been hostile towards Yahweh our fathers were hostile towards Yahweh because we went into a golden calf religion we were hostile to Yahweh because we were also in a golden calf religion and he says because you and your fathers were hostile towards me I was hostile towards you and we have to confess and say to Yahweh your hostility is only because of our hardness of our hearts and your judgment and your punishment was fair and correct and we accept that and we will not hold you responsible we have no hard feeling because we deserve that and we have to humble our uncircumcised hearts you see it's like those dead bones of Ezekiel 37 slowly Yahweh puts his ruach back upon these bones and these bones start to come alive the same happened to us we were blinded in our golden calf religion and we walked totally hostile towards Yahweh whilst we were thinking that we were doing the right thing well we were absolutely not as with our fathers we were hostile against Yahweh and the most incredible thing that we did was that what would ultimately give us life we rejected and said no no we don't want this this is rendered inoperative this is for the Jews this is nothing to do with us because we are Dutch people from the reformed churches of the Netherlands so we don't have Torah's and we have the Heidelberg Catechism which says that all this is done away with and we can eat as much pig and pork as we want that's it in a nutshell so what's going to happen if you do not repent in relation to what it says here in Leviticus 26 because he says then I will remember my covenant with Jacob my covenant with Isaac and my covenant with Abraham we were dispersed throughout the nations because we rejected the Torah of Yahweh so if you repent and want Yahweh to remember you you must go back to the beginning and you have to accept Yahweh's commandments if that is true from scripture then we were a big task because everywhere where you look around you you see people who are then in a state that they will not be remembered and as it says here in verse 38 you will perish amongst the nations that carries responsibility that goes for my family my parents my daughter my close friends say Bill you take it all too serious we all live under grace don't worry about it Yahweh is gracious and he is loving and he is kind and he will never do this but his word says that he is going to destroy at one stage one third of the population of the world and it says that the others did not repent because they say well it's an act of God and we have a tsunami but you know it's a natural disaster you look around the world today we have natural disasters all over the place and nobody is repenting nobody is saying oh this would be from Yahweh to wake us up because he says I am going to give you pestilences and diseases and earthquakes and all these things as birth pains of my intended arrival and the world says no no these are natural disasters and they happen just a little bit more frequent and don't worry about it you will perish amongst the nations in the land of the enemies you will be devoured unless you repent confess your sins all of them because the sins have to be on the altar in the tabernacle all confessed because that's why the priest went to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on that altar where all our sins were laid so Yeshua paid the price for all your confessed sins he who confesses his sins to him I will be faithful so if there are sins in your life which are not confessed please do that and bring them into the tabernacle so that they are confessed sins for which Yeshua died and paid the price and then make sure that you do not continue sinning because sin separates you from the tree of life and that tree of life gives you eternal life and he says very very clearly to these people here in Ephesus now listen guys you have lost your first love and the love to Yahweh is always expressed in doing in actions so actively keep and do my word only let Yahweh give you wisdom and understanding and commands you concerning Israel so that you guard the Torah of Yahweh your Elohim 1 Chronicles 22 verse 12 and if you remember the DVD's I gave you from Avi Ben Mordecai called Divining Biblical Terms Biblical Terms in relation to the word wisdom if you go back to Psalm 119 and so on you see that wisdom is the Torah the Torah of Yahweh is wisdom and he says he is the tree of life to those that take hold of her and blessed are all who retain her Proverbs 3 verse 18 she, wisdom is the tree of life because if you do not have wisdom according to the Torah which is wisdom you don't have life because Moses says you choose wisely because it is your life and Yahshua is now in the wilderness of the nations confronting to you with his word he is saying to you this is the wisdom that you must choose because this is your life so therefore if you have lost at one stage your first love as they did here in Ephesus then the only thing you can do is repent repent of all your sins, put all your sins in the tabernacle and then remember the sins of your fathers why were you separated from the tree of life because you made wrong choices I told you you do A but you went and did B and because you did B you were separated from life eternal and you are to die as a penalty for your decisions so now as the age is coming to a close we as believers of Yahshua who are firmly now grounded in history of life may I suggest to you that at this festival of Yom Kippur coming the festival of Yom Kippur is the the festival where the nations sins were atoned for that when Yom Kippur is coming this year that we collectively all confess our sins and the sins of our fathers and ask Yahweh to forgive us so that he will then remember his covenant that he made with Jacob Isaac and Abraham which is that we should be restored to the land number one and of course also to the tree of life now if you go to the last chapter of the book of Revelations and it will be best to read that in a King James version Revelations chapter 22 and to be able to get it in context I shall read it to you from verse 1 Then the angels showed me the river of the water of life as clear as crystal flowing from the throne of Elohim and of the Lamb down to the middle of the great street in the city. Which city am I talking about? I am talking about the renewed Jerusalem in the eighth day yeah so this is the new Jerusalem where it says that water will flow from the throne of Elohim if you look at it in Ezekiel 47 you see that the water in the millennial kingdom in the seventh day flows from the altar next to the altar in the house of Yahweh but in the eighth day it flows from the throne of Yahweh through the middle of the great street in that city on each side of the river stood the tree of life bearing twelve crops of fruit yielding its fruit every month exactly the same as in Ezekiel 47 Ezekiel 47 says that the fruit was for the healing of Israel in the millennial kingdom right but here it says and the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations you see because Israel is already in the eighth day no longer will there be any curse the throne of Elohim and of the Lamb will be in the city from which the water will flow and his servants will serve him they will see his face and his name will be on their forehead there will be no more night they will not need the light of the lamp or the light of the sun for Yahweh Elohim will give them light and they will reign forever and ever you see it's going back to as it was in the beginning before the sun and the moon and the stars were created you see the moon was only ever created on the fourth day and on the seventh day Yahweh rested that alone should alarm you that this moon sabbath keeping cannot be because there were not six days of labour Yahweh worked six days then he rested the moon was only created on the fourth day the angel said to me these words are trustworthy and true Yahweh the Elohim of the Shaddaa or the spirits and the prophets sent his messengers to show his servants the thing that must soon take place behold I am coming soon what's the point here the point here is that water flows outside the street to the street and it goes to the gate and it's outside the city because that's where the nations are the nations are not in the city the nations are outside the city and the grace of Yahweh which is from eternity to eternity because it is part of his character says here that it is for the healing of the nations not for the healing of Israel they are inside the city because it says here I John am the one who heard and saw all these things and when I heard and see them I fell down and worshipped at the feet of the messenger who had shown them to me but he said to me do not do this I am a fellow servant with you and with you brothers, the prophets and of all who keep the words of this book you worship Elohim then he told me do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book because the time is near let him who does wrong continue to do wrong let him who is vile continue to be vile and let him who does right continue to do right and let him who is holy continue to be holy behold I am coming soon my reward is with me I will give to everyone according to what he has done I am the olive and the tough the first and the last the beginning and the end here it comes blessed are those who what keep my commandments other translations say who wash their robes who keep my commandments that's the original translation let's not water this down those who keep the commandments of Yahweh they have the right to the tree of life so what does that mean that those who keep the commandments of Yahweh have the right to the tree of life so those then have right to eternal life because that's what the tree of life gives yeah so if you believe in Jesus but you do not keep Yahweh's commandments do you then have right to the tree of life that's the question or if you are a messianic and you don't believe in having to keep this and do that and it's all irrelevant do you what gives you the right to the tree of life you who shomer who guard the Torah of Yahweh and that's what we have to now do in accordance to Leviticus 26 we must now come to terms with where we have been at with what we have done wrong and we must go back to that tree of life that will give us life eternal and if we don't and we feel well you know this is all irrelevant and not very important then what can I say well I can only say what the scripture says that only those who keep my commandments they have the rights to the tree of life and they may go through the gates into the city who are outside the city dogs those who practice magic arts sexual immorality murders, idolaters everyone who wants to practice falsehood they live outside that city but you see the context here is that here is that throne the water goes out to the city and outside are the nations and even those nations if they repent and start keeping the commandments of Yahweh they have the right to access that city that's what I call grace then most people say ahh you see but then people get a second chance well how many chances have you had I think I get one every other day at least and the kingdom of Yahweh is like a man who had a vineyard isn't that what it says and in the morning he went to the marketplace and there he hired a labourer and we know the whole story and all right through the day right throughout the 7000 years he employed labourers and at the last minute here is this guy sitting outside the gates in the eighth day and he comes to realise there is that Torah there is that tree of life I must eat from its leaves in other words I must study what it says and I must change my life and I must do this and the other then I may go into the city well he said hang on a minute but we have been at this for the last 7000 years that's unfair he just slipped in at the last minute and then Yahweh says am I not allowed to do what is mine what's the problem here that's what the kingdom of Elohim is like says Yeshua I mean I am not making this up so where are we here he says in Genesis 3 verse 22 and Yahweh Elohim said see that the man has become like one of us he has become like one of us plural father Abba Yahweh his word Yeshua and his Ruach makes us but being one they have come to know good and evil you see before that we didn't know we didn't know good and evil we only knew what was good because we walked in the Torah of Yahweh we were absolutely in that tree of life and we were immortal and then we said no no no we are going to go for there came the false apostle he says to the Ephesians you have tested these false apostles there comes a false apostle and he says if you eat from that tree you will be like God that's what the world wants to be today they all want to be like God because that's what new age is all about you see you can be like God is satanic we know what happened they ate from the tree and Yahweh now says they have become like one of us to know good and evil and now let he put his hand and take also the tree of life and eat and live forever so that tree of life gives you food forever here we are the three things blessed are those who are doing his commandments so that they have the authority or the right to the tree of life and they enter through the gates into the city so the prerequisite to enter the heavenly Jerusalem is that you return to the tree of life or the Torah that's the message to this Kila in Ephesus that has never been taught like this in any Christian church because they have rejected the tree of life but that's what it means because the whole book of revelations of Israel at the end of the age and what it is for us is if Yahweh is going to remember his covenant then he must remember that he has covenanted with Abraham Isaac and Jacob to regather the two houses of Israel from the ends of the earth and bring them back to the land but the prerequisite is that you repent and be cleansed and we talked about that cleansing briefly the other week and I want to read you again from Ezekiel chapter 36 because you see your sins when you confess them in Yeshua are washed away by his blood but you are ritually unclean and if you are ritually unclean you cannot live in the presence of Yahweh it's impossible because Yahweh does not live with that which is unclean so I hope that all of us including those who listen to these teachings and for your information here we had 118 downloads of these revelations messages praise Yahweh may he bless those who hear and that they may also do that we realize yes we have confessed our sins and he is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins when we have confessed them but we are unclean and there is a big difference between unforgiven sin and being unclean why are we unclean? because we are part of the dead bones of Ezekiel 37 and you are not allowed to touch dead bones dead bones make you unclean now if we like I did over the last 2 or 3 weeks I have to confess because this has been on my mind for quite some time I went as far back to my childhood that I could remember and then I summed up from what I could remember all the things that I have done wrong if you had to write those down man you get a fright I am 63 years old let's say I could remember till I was 5 years old I can remember pinching the first 25 cents out of my mothers purse that's the first thing I remember stealing and I confessed all this to Yahweh till the sins of the day that I was doing this 63 years old and if you read it man I tell you they go from here right up and down but I have placed it all in the tabernacle and even driving down here this morning I remembered a couple more it's serious because Yahweh says that's what you got to do it certainly then humbles your uncircumcised heart because sometimes we think well we are not too bad but if you seriously go and sit down and go through your whole life seriously it might take you 3 or 4 days because after half an hour you are already sick of yourself because now you judge everything in the light of Yahweh's word whereas when we were younger we have all these excuses we can make well it was his fault it was never my fault it was my brothers fault but now when we are honest to ourselves and we look in the mirror of the Torah what do we see well now we see that we have put all the sin in the tabernacle and it is atoned for by Yeshua and then Yahweh says ok when I see you it is as though you have never sinned because you have confessed everything but I am still unclean because I do not know if I go on the bus if I sit on the seat where a lady has sat who is in her menstrual period I don't know that I don't know if I shake hands with a man who just buried a dead animal which he found and I shake his hand he didn't unclean we live in this world this world is totally unclean and Yahweh says I am going to you see the restoration of Israel happens in the nations you can see it when Israel left Egypt right it was restored in the wilderness and then Yahweh says I am going to bring you to the promised land right and there you will live and I didn't believe it and they perished in the desert so the picture for us is the same there is going to be a wilderness wandering we are right in it right now and it is a wilderness you can see the place collapsing around people's ears I was talking to my family in Holland Dutch government had to pay 80 million New Zealand dollars last week to bail out the farmers who are growing the vegetables because of this E.coli business there in Germany you know but these people's livelihood they were all going broke Spain which is absolutely financially it ruins 200 million euros a week in lost revenue you know this whole thing economically is collapsing as we speak America has reached their debt level which is 14.3 trillion unless the congress votes to uplift that ceiling they are going to default on their payments and there will be chaos around the world right because this cannot go on any longer but is men repenting no they are asking for more this and more that and more this and more that we are unclean and because we are unclean it says here in Ezekiel 36 from verse 22 therefore say to the house of Israel are you the house of Israel yes then this is for you this is what the sovereign Yahweh says it is not for your sake O house of Israel that I am going to do these things return you back to the land of Israel right but for the sake of my set apart name you see because Yahweh is going to make his name great under the nations because we have profaned it for my holy namesake which you Israel have profaned amongst the nations where you have gone I will show my set apartness of my great name which has been profaned among the nations the name you have profaned among them and then the nations will know that I am Yahweh so he is going to do that not for you but so that the nations may know that he is Yahweh and what do we read throughout this book of revelations they couldn't care less you see how just and how righteous Yahweh is that nobody ultimately will be judged or condemned without having the opportunity to see I mean if you read the book of revelations then you see at the end of the seventh day after Israel has been in this millennial kingdom for a thousand years and their duty then will be as they were called to be originally a light to the nations to go out and proclaim the name of Yahweh and to show the nations how to live righteously and just before him right even on the end of that he takes messengers which he sends out angels right around the world right to teach the gospels because he says in Matthew 24 that the end of this world at the end of the seventh day can only come once everybody has been confronted with the gospel of the kingdom the gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all nations and then the end can come he says well if we have a thousand years to run and there's all sorts of people who are not yet born they also have to hear about this gospel of the kingdom the end cannot come until then that's why people take Matthew 24 out of total context Yahweh is going to do it for his god name and as a warning to the nations but he says you Israel have profound my name then the nations will know that I am Yahweh declares the sovereign Yahweh and I show myself set apart through you before their eyes so how can Yahweh set himself apart through us before the eyes of the nations he has to transform us because as we are now nobody is taking any notice they couldn't care less most of them say right they can't even agree amongst themselves if you take the people they have three different groups one says this the other one says that you know and in messianic it's messy we need to be transformed that's exactly what he is going to do otherwise no gentile or no nation is ever going to take any notice of us and we have had 7000 years of doing it 6000 years of doing it and we haven't done a very good job have we so let's be frank when we confess our sins to Yahweh let us confess our inactiveness and thereby we can see that it can only be Yahweh and by his grace that he can bring us to anything I am Yahweh I declare the sovereignty of Yahweh when I show myself set apart through you before their, the nations eyes for I will take you out of the nations so there is going to be a separation taking place and I can see it happening right in front of my eyes even in the city where I live I see more and more messianics for example 7, 8 years ago we were talking to them about this is going to happen and you may want to set yourself apart you may want to sell your house in the city you may want to go a little bit out in the country and there you can grow your own this and do your own that and be separate from the world more and more are doing it I have now seen people who are in their 80's doing it praise Yahweh this is going to happen I will take you out of the world rather the nations and then he says I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land and some want to say that is Uganda they wanted to give Israel Uganda before they gave them Israel what is the difference and one of the great White House correspondents Jewish lady in America said that we should all go home and when they asked her where is home she said Poland yeah huh that is how the world thinks you should be going back to Poland what are you doing here for I will take you out of the nations and I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land and we are gathered here and dispersed here in New Zealand and then after the separation I will sprinkle clean water on you we read from numbers 19 that you need to be sprinkled with this water of purification and what was this water of purification we see this in the book of Acts when in the book of John when Yeshua goes to this welling feast and he says bring me the vessels of the purification water of the Jews and he threw that water in the well so he was messing with the purification then the disciples believed in him hey man if you can do that and that is the water he is going to sprinkle on us because Yahweh is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and he will find the ingredients he don't need orthodox Jews to say well we will grow a few red heifers in Canada and we will take those don't worry he knows exactly where all this ash was scattered throughout all those years the water was burned they had to gather the ash to a set apart place it says and then that ash was put in jars and was sent all over Israel and that was used as the purification they mixed that with the water and purified people he knows where it is, don't worry now I will cleanse you from your impurities and also from your idols, you see like Jacob and like Abraham they all came to the great oak tree at Mamre and Jacob said to his wives and his household here we bury our idols they got to go so have you got any of them bury them and I will give you a new heart that is number one you see because we have hearts of stone and he says when you repent your uncircumcised heart may be humbled well if you are going to sit down for the next four days and think about your sins from your childhood and write them all down on a piece of paper you will be as humble as humble can be by the time you come by the last one and then you still three days later get a few more well we need to do this because unless you repent and put your sins in the sanctuary I will not remember my covenant it is a condition that is why the whole of the messianic movement and those believing in Yahweh must may I recommend this Yom Kippur do that I will give you a new heart and I put a new spirit the Ruach of Yahweh in you and I will remove from you your heart of stone and I give you a heart of flesh you see because a heart of flesh Yahweh can mould and change and alter a heart of stone he can't do anything with you know a heart of stone we used to have right I know it much better than him, him and him and this is the way it is and if you don't like it you can go somewhere else right because I am Dutch Reformed and we have the truth and the rest are all wrong we are dogmatic you see we stand behind this, we stand behind that all these people are wrong and if you do not come into our denomination right you cannot be saved that is the heart of stone because that is not what the scripture says the scripture says you must repent from your sins and you must go back to the tree of life which is the Torah of Yahweh because that is what you ought to bring out to the nations because then they will recognize you and they say hey these people are different they don't do this, they don't do that, they don't desist they are kind, they are warm, look at them how they deal with each other they don't deal with each other very well at all that is why this change has to come so let us pray for this change that he comes and puts clean water on us gives us this new heart and this new spirit and remove all the stony heart from us and gives us this heart of flesh because how do you know that you have the right person say for example you live in a place outside town and things are going to go really bad and you are going to have all this scarcity of food and so on and here comes somebody to your house and says I want to stay with you are you going to let him in he might no no you have to say to him what is your testimony oh I believe in Jesus and I keep Christmas and Easter are you going to let him in no because you will have war in your camp in no time there will be division everywhere but if he says to you my heart has been humbled I confess my sins and I put them in the sanctuary and I went back to the tree of life the Torah of Yahweh and I keep Sabbath and I do this and the other absolutely because I don't have to argue with him and say listen friend it is Sabbath today we don't work because with somebody else I have to argue the whole doctrine of law and grace and we go on and on and on in circles there is aching in the camp and discontent can't have that therefore now is the time to repent and get ourselves right with Yahweh because he is at the door he says in the book of Revelations I am knocking on your door and those who will hear and open unto me this is the Torah knocking at your door are you going to walk into my lifestyle yes are you going to ride to the tree of life no and he says you will perish in the nations like your fathers and I will put my spirit in you and move you to follow what the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort and the Book of Mormon no he says I move you to follow my decrees and to carefully read the Torah that's the whole object of the exercise so when we look at the Kihilah in Ephesus then the message is you have had false teachers who have led you astray and he says you have lost your first love because they took you away from the Torah and they fed you from the other tree of life and now you know good and evil and you are terrible because that's what you liked that's where you felt at home because you wanted to be like the nations and I let you go even though the silver and the gold and the food that I gave you Hosea chapter 2 you gave in the service of Baal so whilst we were serving Baal Yahweh gave us silver in other words he took care of all our needs and we didn't even know it if you can't call that grace then what is grace right because in the church they say grace started in Matthew chapter 1 verse 1 that's grace he was feeding us and taking care of us whilst we were serving Baal that's the fact walk in all the ways which Yahweh your Elohim has commanded you so that you live and it be well with you and you shall prolong your days in the land which you will possess we must return to the tree of life you will live in the land that I gave your forefathers which is not Uganda or Poland you will be my people and I will be your Elohim but that will not happen until you are separated cleansed given a new heart a new spirit and you follow the Torah of Yahweh you have been listening to let us reason together a weekly radio program hosted by Boaz Nuaf please do contact Boaz by email at the following email address Boaz that's B-O-A-Z at batel.org B-E-I-T hyphen E-L dot org also if you would like to make a donation to cover the costs of this broadcast please do so on our website at www dot batel.org that's B-E-I-T hyphen E-L dot org also you can download this program and the programs hosted by Rob Moore entitled In That Day at www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net www.inthatday.net

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