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In this episode of the Dance Dreaming Podcast, Marisa Omar explores different dance types and their cultural significance. She discusses how dance allows us to express emotions and have fun. The three dance styles she focuses on are hip-hop, ballet, and Irish dances. Marisa emphasizes that learning to dance is simple: just observe and follow others. She also thanks Dance Moms for sponsoring the episode and recommends the show as a relaxing watch. In the next episode, Marisa will discuss three more dance styles based on suggestions from listeners. Hi guys! Welcome to the Dance Dreaming Podcast. I'm Marisa Omar. I am 13 years old. I'm about to turn 15 to learn more about different dance types and how these dance cultures work. We will be receiving this information through the study of the internet and TikTok. I'm excited to have you go through the dance culture with me today where dance do come, where dreams do come true through dancing. What we'll be studying are the ways through different styles of dancing that help us as humans to express our emotions in the culture and transformations and fun. Today's episode from this podcast is Diving Through Transformations. We will be discussing three different types of dance types today or how they come from past cultures and how these dances have now changed with today's society. These three styles will be hip-hop, ballet, and Irish dances. Today, we will be really communicating with each other and learning new things and how people are really good at following each other. How different you learn how to dance is really simple and easy. Just follow how people dance and learn new things and just have fun with it. It doesn't really matter if you're not really good or bad. Just have fun and be yourself with it. As we get to the end of this podcast, I would like to take another break to thank my sponsor, Abby Lee from Dance Moms for supporting this episode. Dance Moms is an American variety TV show season that follows the training and careers of house and dancing and shows business under the tutelage of my good Abby Lee Miller. I do recommend jumping on Dance Moms season when you are looking for something to watch while preparing to relax or as a relaxing show with almost 40 episodes to dive in. Again, thank you listeners. Thank you for diving into my discussion of dance and how they come. Coming in on to my next episode, on my next upcoming episode, we will be choosing another three different styles of dance to talk about. and learn more about. If you have any styles of dancing that you would like to include in the next episode, feel free to comment on my most up-to-date Instagram posts as these are building and comment on what style you want me to talk about. Bye guys!

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