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The narrator had a cancellation and reached out to someone they had met before for dinner. They had a pleasant evening and shared a kiss. They went on a second date to a pizza place, where they shared more kisses and intimate moments. They continued their conversation for hours, discussing personal experiences and vulnerabilities. They decided to find a coffee shop but ended up parking in a parking lot instead. They continued kissing and exploring each other's bodies, eventually bringing the narrator to multiple orgasms. They expressed a desire for more intimate moments in the future. The evening ended, and the narrator had a peaceful sleep. I had a cancellation with a girlfriend to my schedule and broke my standard code of wait for an invitation. I reached out to a gentleman I had met one time right before New Year's to see if he was available for dinner later that evening. We had had such a fantastic dinner in the domain and I was interested in continuing our December conversation. As the evening had drawn to a close, he walked me to my car and at the last moment we shared a kiss. A kiss that led to a second, more extended kiss. I leaned into him and let his hands gently rest on my hip. A tender moment, but I'm being pretty guarded right now. I let the experience be what it was and nothing more. No expectations. Based on our conversation, I was interested to see him and see if anything worked out. I was pleased to learn he was available and we planned to meet. He initially offered to provide dinner at his home, but I said I had not been fishing. And after my last relationship experience and not wanting to date, I was going incredibly slow with meeting new friends, so I was seeking a dinner companion. We met at a neutral pizza place between our homes. Not too loud of an establishment, but open with long booth tables. Public and safe. On his arrival, he respectfully asked to kiss me and, on my consent, gave me the most gentle intimate little kiss. I felt my face wholly flush and my heart gave the slightest of flutters. He took a seat across from me and began chatting. At that moment, I felt zero pressure and found myself relaxing. Standing at the counter to place our dinner order, he made a whispered request to put his hands on my waist. I felt my brain race, my body tensing as it sought to protect itself. Mental wall shot up as splashes of past physical abuse pressed for attention. I breathed in and descended. I learned the importance of baby steps when it comes to touch. With the most incredible tenderness, his hand rested on my right hip and applied the slightest of pressure, carefully pulling me close. I breathed out, feeling the aura's calming strength as he discussed the menu. I felt my body relax into the closeness. We're okay, I assured myself. I won't let anything happen to us. Our conversation flowed in an unending rhythm for the next several hours, ranging from light hearted nothings to profound personal revelations. I shared about the hurt and pain of 2022, seeking to explain my garden-ness and caution. He listened intently and revealed some of his experiences with significant vulnerability. I confessed my darkness to him, explaining the curse that hangs over my life. I was upfront about being a creature of pain and chaos, warning him about involving himself with me and the need to protect himself. While gracious, I received a normal response, not brushing me off exactly, but disbelieving my many examples. After delivering my warning, I maneuvered the subject to a lighter, more pleasant conversation, but I could see the wheels turning and I knew there would be more questions, but not tonight. Not ready for the evening to come to a close, we decided to find a coffee shop to prolong the evening. Unfortunately, after driving around for some time, we discovered many places had already closed and were unavailable for the evening, so I offered to simply park in a random parking lot to continue enjoying each other's company. He asked for another kiss in the dim light of the streetlights. I leaned over from the driver's seat and our lips gently met. One kiss turned into three and his fingers tenderly brushed the curls of my hair, outlined the curve of my ear, and glided ever so slowly down my neck. My inner goddess began to awaken my desire, wanting to overcome my nervousness. His kisses tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream on my lips, my favorite ice cream and guilty pleasure. His kisses were strong and true, delicious. I wanted more. I was intentionally grateful I had chosen to be cautious and insisted on a public meeting rather than the unknown privacy of his home, but as the kisses progressed and yearning bloomed, I felt torn. My inner goddess complained about the lack of privacy and her intense needs. She reminded me of the freedom I have to enjoy my sexuality, yet I felt gratitude emanating from my body for taking things slowly as my body reminded me of past trauma. His kisses and his fingers distracted me from my darkness. I pushed the thoughts aside as his fingers traced my soft cheek and he tucked a curl behind my ear. My inner goddess smirked in triumph. I take great pride in my wardrobe and my skill in wearing appropriate outfits for outings and events, but in this unexpected turn of events, our desire growing, I found to my dismay that I was utterly wearing the wrong outfit for a steamy car make-out session. Dressed in a simple forest green blouse, a short plaid skirt paired with chocolate tights and elegant riding boots, I found it uncomfortable and complicated as his fingers sought to explore my naked skin. Between kisses, I unzipped my skirt and slipped out of my tights. My skin was eager for the embrace of his touch and the caress of his naked flesh. His body was warm and unexpectedly intoxicating. I traced his many tattoos, my lips brushing and kissing his neck and down his chest. His fingers never stopped their exploration of my body. Our mutual touches were curious and exploratory, so careful to seek consent as new areas were discovered. Reclining his seat with a tender pull, I slipped out of my seat to straddle his laps. Our kisses deepened. My hands clasped the back of his head as I drew him deeper into my kisses while my body moved above him with the flow of our desire. After a time we slowed, catching our breath, and I rested my head in the comfort of his chest while he brushed the ringlets from my cheek with the softest brush of his fingertips. I kissed his neck, down the curve of his muscular bicep and across his collarbone. I inhaled his essence. His fingers slipped beneath the hem of my skirt, my body ascending as his fingers slowly, deftly sought my goddess. The revelation of my intense need and wetness caused him to gasp. My body tingled with pleasure at his delight, and my inner goddess glowed with rapture and anticipation. With expert care, he slowly and deliberately brought me to orgasm. I clutched his body as waves rolled over and through me. I stifled my moans against his chest, not wanting to give ourselves away despite the empty parking lot. Time ceased, and only pleasure and his body existed. I caught my breath, and he pulled me deeper into his embrace, but was far finished with me. Two more orgasms from his fingers left me quaking in his arms. Kisses, desire, I berated myself for declining his initial dinner invitation. His hands played with my hair, and I pressed my naked breast to his bare chest. He took a delicate nipple in his mouth and sucked, teasing the other breast and causing my back to arch as electric desire coursed through my body. My inner goddess moaned. He felt my craving and, with deliberate intention, brought me to the peak of pleasure once again, and I was left gasping on his body. My heart pounded as my fifth orgasm receded, and I tried to focus my thoughts and pull my reason back together. Kissing my neck, he growled, My submissive body melted into the depth of his embrace. Far from sated, my inner goddess demanded more. I slid my hand down the length of his chest, slowly, intentionally, until my fingers found their prize. He groaned, and my heart skipped with glee. His body welcomed my touch, his head thrown back as my fingers played and listened to the requests from his body. No, not here, not like this, he gasped after a time. I want you to go down on me, but not here, not like this. I want to take our time. Slightly disappointed, I once more mentally kicked myself for my initial hesitancy while commending my caution. Time and space no longer mattered. Alone in the darkness, our bodies pressed tightly together, the small space no longer mattered. Tiny smiles danced as our lips' gasps of pleasure emanated from one another, giving and receiving with every touch. Our fingers intertwined, reminding him of the song, Little Things. The words delicately filled the air while his fingers traced my body in time to the melody. I closed my eyes, letting the music and the spirit caress the pieces of my heart. We let the music repeat as our lips once more sought each other's embrace. My fingers searched for the bobby pins restraining my sapphire curls. He gasped as my hair cascaded down my shoulders and framed my face. Oh God, he moaned, I want to start this evening all over again. I was rewarded with another delicious kiss, his fingers finding purchase in the softness of my free tresses. Surprising us out of our reverie, my phone chirped my nightly bedtime reminder, and I was dismayed to see the lateness of the hour. I grung internally as I began to mentally count down the hours until my 5 a.m. alarm went off for work. Our kisses lingered as we silently acknowledged the closing of the evening and our time together. When can I see you again, he asked, still beneath me, clasped in the tiny space between my thighs. I'm free Tuesday or Saturday, I purred as I glanced at my planner for verification. Saturday. I want to slowly devour your breath and take my time pleasuring your body, he whispered. As he claimed another kiss from my lips, he whispered, and Tuesday too. Later I fulfilled my promise, letting him know I had safely arrived home. Then as I snuggled into my bed, my inner goddess simply glowed, and for the first time in weeks I slipped into a sleep devoid of troubling nightmares.

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