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cover of Tristan Audacity technology use on a daily basis
Tristan Audacity technology use on a daily basis

Tristan Audacity technology use on a daily basis


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The speaker talks about their daily use of technology. They start their day with an alarm and check their sleep. They use social media apps like Snapchat and TikTok to communicate with friends and share content. They also use messaging apps to talk to their parents and handle school-related tasks. They play video games on their Xbox and Nintendo Switch, with favorites being Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Just Dance, and Splatoon. They enjoy taking pictures and listening to music, particularly pop music. They use technology for reminders, appointments, and assignments. They also play games on their phone, like Clash Royale and Rocket League. Overall, they use technology for entertainment and school purposes. Hello, today I'll be talking about my daily use of technology on this podcast. I start my morning off with an alarm going off to get me out of bed. I check how much sleep I got that day and if I need to improve. But then after that I'll go on social media like Snapchat to talk or call people and see if they want to hang or something. Then I'll go on TikTok to send people funny or sad things, maybe even sometimes quotes or see if they sent that and responded to it. Then I'll go to messages and respond to my mom or dad about things or if they want to make plans or hang out or anything like that. Then I'll see if I have any homework that day or if I got anything new in class or if there's no bus or anything and I'll study for that stuff. And then at home I'll be on video games like my Xbox or my Nintendo. On my Xbox I'll play Rainbow Six Siege or Fortnite. Sometimes I'll also go play Call of Duty and Rock League but that's a rare occasion. But when I'm on my Nintendo Switch, when I'm done playing my Xbox, I'll only play two games. One of them is Just Dance and the other one is called Splatoon. But anyways, when I'm not playing video games I like to take a ton of pictures of the sky, the flowers and memories I make with a ton of people. And just a lot of other things. I also listen to a good chunk of music but I don't really have a specific genre of music. But if I had to really pick one, it would probably be pop music because I personally love that. And my favorite song if I had to pick would probably be I Always Fall. I also use technology when I don't remember if I have an appointment, a scheduled assignment or anything. So I'll check that or special occasions. I'll make sure I check my phone to make sure I don't forget about that and to make sure it's on time and stuff, my assignments. But other than that, I'll mostly use my technology for games. But when I'm using games on my phone, I'll be playing Clash Royale with my cousin or other things like that like Rocket League on mobile and stuff. But other than that, I use my phone for school purposes. But thanks for listening to my podcast and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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