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cover of The Lord teaches all things / Mark 10:46 (NIV)
The Lord teaches all things / Mark 10:46 (NIV)

The Lord teaches all things / Mark 10:46 (NIV)


This is a story about "Blind Bartimaeus receives his sight" - Mark 10:46



The podcast episode discusses the story of blind Bartimaeus from Mark 10:46. Bartimaeus, meaning "son of darkness," called out to Jesus for mercy despite being rebuked by others. Jesus heard him and called him over. Bartimaeus asked to see, not just physically, but spiritually. Jesus told the unclean spirit within Bartimaeus to go, and the man's faith healed him. He followed Jesus and his name was changed. The passage emphasizes Jesus' role as Lord, teacher, and healer. The message encourages listeners to trust in the Lord, follow his path, and let him reveal hidden truths. Hello everybody and welcome to my podcast. My name is Scholar and you are listening to Revealed. Thank you for joining me and I hope all is well with you all and you guys are doing the things you are supposed to do and living the life you were made to do. So first things first I would like to commit this podcast into the hands of the Lord and I pray that anything he wants me to say is only the things that come from him and nothing from me. So everybody listen and confirm it with the Lord should you need to and be blessed. Right so today I'll be discussing something a little bit different. This will be based on a reading from Mark 10 verse 46. I'm using the NIV Bible translation so I hope you guys are all able to follow me. The title of this message is The Lord Teaches All Things. Again The Lord Teaches All Things. Okay so in Mark chapter 10 verse 46 it discusses the story of blind Bartimaeus who receives his son. Bartimaeus I think it's important to understand what the name actually means and the name Bar means son in Hebrew. Bartimaeus means unclean, impure, defiled, contaminated and polluted etc etc etc. Effectively sin. Someone that is contaminated due to sin. The son of sin effectively is the name Bartimaeus. The contaminated person. The children from the dark kingdom effectively. The son from the dark kingdom. Okay we all know what the dark kingdom is. The kingdom not of light but the kingdom of darkness. Okay so the scripture reads. Then they came to Jericho as Jesus and his disciples together with a large crowd were leaving the city a blind man Bartimaeus which means son of Timaeus. Remember I broke that down for you about what it means. Bartimaeus was sitting by the roadside begging. When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth he began to shout. Jesus son of David have mercy on me. Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet but he shouted all the more. Son of David have mercy on me. Jesus stopped and said call him. So they called to the blind man. Chair up on your feet he is calling you. Throwing his cloak aside he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. What do you want me to do for you Jesus asked him. The blind man said Rabbi I want to see. Go said Jesus your faith has healed you. Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the path. So that's the reading. Thank you for listening. Now I'm going to break it down to the understanding that was given to me through the Holy Spirit. Now like I explained before Bartimaeus is broken into two parts which is Bar and Timaeus which means son of Timaeus. Which is unclean, impure, defiled, contaminated and polluted etc etc. Effectively someone that is contaminated with sin. He was by the side begging. Right? Because you know when you are in darkness, darkness doesn't want the best for you. It will put you in a place of disarray and you know just horrible. You don't want to be there. So, Bartimaeus kept calling out to Jesus. He did not stay quiet. He kept pushing for Jesus' attention to have mercy on him. We all know that mercy is to have pity on him. You know? But the fact that the people rebuked him meant that sometimes when you are seeking God you do get people that want to come against you. And to a degree want you to stay in a position of uncleanliness. But in effect he kept pushing. Bartimaeus kept pushing. He did not give up. He wanted to be clean by all means and ignored the people that rebuked him and refused to give up and kept calling out for Jesus to have mercy on him. He was blind. Keep that in mind. Blind means that it is not just a physical sight. Yes it might affect you physically but remember God is spirit. So he works from the spirit. So therefore all things happen via the spirit and then it comes to life in the physical world. So when God says it, it then becomes. Ok? So remember God is spirit. He is word of spirit. He says it. It is released and then it is later revealed to those in the earth or those physically. That blindness is also darkness. You don't see anything. So that means he was looking for Jesus to give him light. Because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is also the light of the world. Ok? One cannot have sight with the absence of light. Ok? You cannot see unless you have light. Right. So let's move on. Bartimaeus kept calling for mercy. Jesus heard his cry then called him. His disciples went to the blind man and told him to cheer up that Jesus is calling you. Right? So this means when Jesus has heard you, he will send his disciples for you. He himself will come for you. He himself will call you. He will knock on your door and respond to you because you want him. You are seeking him. You want his help. You need him. Ok? His disciples went to the blind man and told him to cheer up that Jesus is calling him. Jesus then asked, what do you want me to do for you? What do you want me to do for you? That is quite significant because ask and you shall receive. Right? So, Bartimaeus that was once called in Jesus, the son of David, now changes his approach and calls him Rabbi, which means teacher. I want to see. That is significant. That is significant because as you know Rabbi means teacher and Bartimaeus wants to see because he was blind. But he called him Rabbi. That is significant because it's not just that he's asking for physical eyesight. He's asking for spiritual sight. He's asking for God, for Jesus Christ, to teach him the things he needs to know so that he is able to see. Jesus being the light, he can switch on that light for you which enables you to see. Before, Bartimaeus was shouting the son of David like I explained before. Now he turns it into teacher. And then Jesus responds and said, go. Was go for the man to go? I don't believe so. No. He spoke to the unclean spirit. He spoke to Timaeus, the son of iniquity, the son of calamity, the son of darkness. He spoke to that that was within the man and said go with authority, with power. There's many times that we see when Jesus sends spirits that are unclean out just by saying go. And then there's proof again that the go wasn't really meant for the man to leave but instead for that spirit to leave that was unclean. He spoke to darkness and commanded it to go. That darkness left. Then Jesus said to the man, your faith has healed you. Faith is knowing that Jesus can heal by the man pushing and fighting for his salvation and fighting for his healing and fighting for the things that he knew that only Jesus could do. That faith freed him. That faith freed him from the spirit of Timaeus, Bartimaeus. I noticed also that in the end Jesus immediately healed the man and the man followed Jesus. The man followed Jesus along the path. So that's the evidence that I mean by when Jesus told the spirit to go, he wasn't talking to the man. He was talking to that thing that caused all that darkness, that caused him not to see and he sent that spirit away because now the man starts to follow Jesus along the path. Followed Jesus along the path. I noticed also that they never called him Bartimaeus the minute Jesus said call him to his disciples. The minute Jesus calls you, he is ready and willing to change you completely. Even down to your name. Whatever it was that people have called you in the past, he will change it and you will then start to reflect the things of Christ. The more you follow him, the more you walk in his kingdom, the more you take on your cross and start the mission that he has set out for you. He will cleanse you, he will repair you, he will redeem you. He is the Lord with power and authority. Jesus in this passage alone is called Lord because he leads, he is the master, he teaches, he heals, he is the one with authority and he loves and is completely full of power. So guys, if you know the Lord and want to get to know him, let him lead you. Let him help you to see the things that are hidden in his word. Let him help you to see from the spirit and not just physically. Let him show you what he really means by these things and how powerful he is. For he is the Lord God that lives in anyone that believes in him. He has also given us the authority. So trust in the Lord, stay on the right path, the righteous path, the one that he lays out for you. Follow his word, do as he tells you to do and do not depart from him. For the Lord is the way, the truth and the life. Thank you all for listening. I bid you a great day at whichever time that you need this message. Thank you for listening again and may the Lord be with you, bless you, cover you, protect you and keep you in his step. Let everything that you put your hands on prosper and let God's will be done in your life and in the world. His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, now and forevermore. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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