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cover of Tucker podcast - episode #2 | speaking about gaming news and more
Tucker podcast - episode #2 | speaking about gaming news and more

Tucker podcast - episode #2 | speaking about gaming news and more


all about the latest gaming news and more



This podcast episode discusses various gaming news. The host mentions a game called Retro Gadgets, which involves soldering and tinkering with old school electronics. They also talk about the latest news on Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Overwatch 2. There is a discussion about a Steam Deck add-on called Kill Switch, which has been temporarily suspended due to concerns over its magnetic kickstand. The host also mentions a legal issue between a tattoo artist and Take Two over Randy Orton Inc. and WWE games. They briefly mention the release of Farming Simulator 2022 and provide information about a third-party pack called Pumps and Hoses. The episode ends with a request for listeners to subscribe, like, and share the podcast. Hello and welcome to the Tucked Off Podcast channel and today we are speaking about gaming news and more. Hang on let me just organise my desktop here. Ok so, latest news, well latest gaming news is that here's a game about soldiering and tinkering with old school electronics. And yeah, so um, let's see, this is by Max Georgi or don't know, sorry, don't know how to say that if he's listening. I don't know how to say it so I apologise for that. And it was published two days ago. So um, it's called Retro Gadgets because that's apparently what it's all about. Now there is an article thing that you can listen to, like an audio thing. And the article says, not long ago I played the last Call BBS a puzzle and a trilogy that included a mini game and assembling a model rocket kit. Well it's a mini game about assembling a model robot kit. Using tools to snip them off the plastic sprues, then connecting, painting and even sticking them. So I get a sense of stuff. If you hear some yelling and stuff that's my, that's some people in the background. So yeah, next, you can read that on pcgamers.com. It's hot here in, it's hot here where I am. I'm in a hot pink location. Transformers cards are coming to Magic, apparently the gathering. Founding members of Disco, thing, that's another thing. Latest news, Fortnite is down for extended maintenance apparently. Due to planned maintenance and an unexpected issue. Apparently Fortnite servers won't be back up online until Tuesday, October 4th, which is today. Tattoo Artist lays a legal RKO on Take Two over Randy Orton Inc. and WWE, two games, two K games apparently. Overwatch 2 launch in a previous podcast I've mentioned is coming out. Anyway it says Overwatch 2 launch time when does it actually release? Which I have mentioned about in the last podcast. Oh heck, Steam Deck and, Steam Deck add on Kill Switch to be redesigned after a million dollar mistake apparently. The creator of Kill Switch case for the Steam Deck is asking owners to not use the maintenance kickstand apparently. Don't know why, but yeah. Gadget accessory maker DBD Brand has temporarily suspended sales of its Project Kill Switch Steam Deck case. Due to concerns over the case's magnetic kickstand, sorry, losing my words here, a Reddit post is titled, our million dollar mistake, apparently spotted by gaming on Linux or however you say it, sorry. DBD Brand points to a recent report from The Verge which says that's the magic magnetic kickstand, I don't know why I'm saying magic when it does not say magic. I'm losing my words. Steam Deck contain fans from one of two possible producers, Delta and Huyang, don't know how to say that but sorry. Which is actually surprising, I don't know. Okay, those are some of the things I've seen. Now since I'm running a program for something, not going to exclude what it is for privacy stuff reasons, but there was this person who said that, so this person asked the people where do people go or something when they die, this kid answered, this person answered oh they go to California. Well that is a good guess but not really, it's more heaven. I was like, that's so cute, but no that's not where people go to when they die, which is unfortunately sad but that's the way that has been set by this thing. By the way if you haven't already please subscribe and like the video and also share this with other people because they might like this podcast because they might like our podcast too. So yeah, that's a little thing off gaming. Hang on. I'm going to head to the new released game, sort of, not really, of Farming Simulator, made by GIMS but it's Farming Simulator 2022. I like Farming Simulator, I reckon it's a good sort of a game to play. You can get it on Windows and Apple devices, Playstation, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and Xbox One, Mobile, of course, Nintendo Switch, 3DS and don't know how to play that, well don't know how to say it, play it, but don't know how to say it. They also have their own podcast, so I recommend you also go to their thing and I'll probably link it down below maybe, I don't know. Their latest news from the farm apparently, it says, latest news from the farm, apparently now available Pumps and Hoses third party pack backed by Creative Mesh apparently. Pumps and Hoses fact sheet collection apparently, it has been updated. It says pre-order Pumps and Hoses pack apparently. There's a whole range of stuff, photos, about Creative Mesh. Creative Mesh was founded in 2016, some members of BM Modding which have been active in the Farming Simulator community since 2011, which is actually pretty impressive. They created many acclaimed mods for several instruments, installments, sorry, of the Farming Simulator series and won the official Farming Simulator mod contest in 2015. For Farming Simulator 17 and 19, Creative Mesh developed the Straw Harvest expansion focusing on the pellet industry. Which is actually cool. Now there's a here explanation on something, saying, Pumps and Hoses pack will be available for Farming Simulator 2022 on September 27th, which is out by now, for PC, Mac, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Google Video apparently. You can pre-order now, apparently they say, and presented and published by Giant Software, Pumps and Hoses is made by Creative Mesh, as I read out about here. By pre-ordering and purchasing the third party pack for Farming Simulator 2022, you can support the developing studio of modding veterinarians directly, according to them. If I had the money, I'd probably buy it. Apparently they have, they are farming latest, under their latest news from the farm, they're saying, watch our aftermovie from Gamescom 2022 apparently. I'm looking and it just has a virtual beast people and a cow, literally just a cow. Vulture Q is coming soon to Farming Simulator, so try the AR model now, apparently they're also saying. And free content update, hashtag 5 feet Vulture Q series now available, and they're saying they're back talking to the Vermo farming simulator podcast 25. Featured DLC apparently, Class Xeron, don't know how to say that, sorry. They do track pack, they also are on social media on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Discord. I'm surprised they have a Discord. But who cares, they're good. They're on their page beside the Farming Simulator, also I won't say available for, double-plus I read out before, they're saying welcome to Farming Simulator. Here you will find the latest news, updates and other information about the games, such as the first game from Giants Software, which is also what they make as well. Which is what I like. And yes I do have Farming Simulator 2020, ah yeah 2020, got that in 2020, so yeah we had COVID I think, don't know. Downloads apparently, download portal, please enter your key apparently, I don't know what I want to do. Anyway that's probably time, so thank you for watching, ah listening, sorry you're not watching this video, well it is a video but it's not one that you can see my face. Anyway thank you for listening and please do subscribe to support us and also share this with other people as they might like our podcast too. And we will see you all later. Bye!

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