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The Right now God!


Do we know God the Father’s voice? Are we willing to hear what He has to say? Do we know what He is saying today?



The transcription is a conversation about the importance of knowing and following the voice of the Lord in everyday life. The speakers emphasize the need to trust and submit to God's will, and to constantly seek His guidance. They also discuss the dangers of relying on personal desires and opinions instead of seeking God's direction. They emphasize the need to be flexible and open to whatever new thing God may be speaking, rather than holding onto past experiences or doctrines. The overall message is to be attentive to the voice of the Lord and to have a deep relationship with Him. Welcome to Live Behind the Veil, an atmosphere where men and women of God speak His Word to this age and bring His Kingdom to this earth. Do you have ears to hear and eyes to see what God is doing in this hour? Let us join our host and the family's conversation as the Holy Spirit is unfolding the Word behind the veil. Are we reaching in to know the voice of the Lord more every day? How do we relate to the Lord in our everyday life? Are we trusting Him to lead our life? What is the Lord speaking to you today? I'm Ron, your host, and today the family dives right in to these questions. Let's listen in. I still think we're barely touching on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are trying and we're reaching every day, giving your whole spirit, your life, your will over to Him every day and little by little He's encroaching into us because we allow Him to. We're giving Him our will by faith and totally submissive to His will and actually hear His voice and actually be speaking His Word. If we're speaking it, there's going to be authority and power behind that because we're just a servant. We're just a vessel and we know it to the depth of our core. You know, we need to know the voice of the Lord so clearly. We don't know it as clearly as we ought and we should be on our knees asking Him to show us. And we want to know and recognize that voice. I don't want to come out and say, I think this ought to happen in the world. Well, Jesus didn't do that. He only spoke what He heard the Father say. That's where we want to be. There's something coming, I believe, and it's going to be a continuous waiting before God in our spirits. Our spirits are being refined and focused and we're very careful of what we listen to and what we accept as the will of God or the Word of God. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on this earth. And whatever means it takes to get there, I'm for it. We are so used to Satan coming in saying, hath God said? Let me create a little bit of doubt for you. Let me create a little bit of fear for you because that will be just enough where God won't do it. Like you said, I believe we're very much being refined. We're going through bit by bit. We're going to know God's will above and beyond any other thing in the earth because we're going to be so driven. And sometimes He creates circumstances to cause people to get on their knees and seek Him more. One of the things we have to look carefully to, like you say, Ron and Alan, is that human nature can take over what we think is spiritual. And John, it talks about, didn't we prophesy in your name? Didn't we do this in your name? And then they say, get away from me, you who commit lawlessness. Correct. We're learning how to take the Word that is spoken to us individually and offer it as confirmation. And I think that too many times our personal desires, our personal opinions, enter in as confirmation. And it goes back to, have I done my work before the Lord? So what is the most precious thing I have? His voice. My free will to be obedient to the vision, obedient to what He's doing. And it's moment by moment. The most important thing is my relationship with the Lord. The most important thing is how do I relate to Him? How do I relate to Him in a situation? Do I just trust Him? Yes, I trust Him because I know who He is. And I know that His Word is faithful and His Word will come about. And His Word is what I stand on. And that's because I have a relationship with my Father because I know that He is not going to do anything that is wrong. I know that He is going to be faithful. His kingdom is going to come on this earth. And I'm believing that. I'm standing in His presence and just drawing on Him. That's the way I relate to things that are going on right now. If I don't understand them, I go before the Lord and just say, okay, Lord, how am I to think about this? What do You want me to do? How do You want me to relate to this? Am I to relate to it or am I just to wait and be still and know that You're God? Debbie, you know, I'm glad you said that because there's many times, probably most people that are trying to walk with the Lord, when they have circumstances that don't go the way they thought they were going to go or they don't understand, they probably go before the Lord and say, okay, Lord, how do I think about this? What do I do about it? I'll just speak from personal experience. Most of the time, God doesn't answer me. Or if He does, it's so much later than it doesn't even matter anymore. And then He gives me a revelation of it. But I like what you said. It's trusting Him and being honest with yourself. If you're waiting on Him and He's not speaking to you, don't conjure it up. Just realize He's not speaking to me about this. Whether I understand it or not, I have to trust Him in my relationship with Him. So it's learning my relationship with Him and always keeping in mind that He is the Lord. He has the last say. He's the Father. He knows best. Father knows best. We don't want to be the ones who try to tell God what to do. Boy. He's the Creator. He's invested in all of us. And I know that we will be what He wants us to be when He needs us and says, I want you to do this. Right. Oh, it's such a wonderful day to be alive. And the more we keep our eye on Him, I want all of us to learn what God is doing and go on with what He's doing. Yeah. You know, I don't want to have a concept of what's going to happen tomorrow. I want to know, like Adele says, I want to know what the Lord is saying today. Moment by moment. What do we need to know right now? You know, I don't want to read the scriptures and start planning things ahead because we don't know the day or the time. Right. We shouldn't research the Bible to do things. That's what Satan does. He knows that Bible inside and out. He knows exactly when to say it when it's in the wrong time. You know, I care about what is the Lord saying today. I think that needs to be our focus. And the reason I want to bring this out is that simple scripture that says, behold, I will do something new. Will you be aware if he's doing something new? I think we need to be in tune with what he has to say, even if he's repeating something that's in the scriptures. But it just hasn't been the same spirit behind it. You know, just like Peter quoted Joel. You know, today we're going to find a scripture and quote it for today. And it's not going to have the same context as it had 2,000 years ago. The context is going to be different. It's going to be fresh for today. And that's who I think we serve as a right now God. Today, if you hear my word, don't harden your hearts. Would God every day take a right hand turn just to create within us a flexibility so that we learn that yesterday's manna is not good enough? We don't take scriptures and build doctrines, which has been done forever. We don't use scriptures to prove our point. Exactly. It's something new of spirit, because one day he may be speaking salvation. The next day he may be speaking the cross. The next day he may be speaking evangelism. I mean, you're talking about being flexible, hearing his voice, hearing what he's saying every day. And then not taking that in tomorrow. So God speaks to you today and makes himself very real to you today about whatever topic. You're excited because God just really made this real to you. The next day he may be speaking something totally different. You're still on what he spoke to you yesterday. Because you have such a high emotional status of the fact that he spoke to you and you've got to hold it. Right. You know, and my concern is he's going to make X amount of right turns. Are you going to be aware when he makes that left turn? The hard part is the mountaintop experiences. Yeah. Because they're so exciting. You're hanging. It's like, Peter, can we just build three tabernacles and stay here a while? You know, and but God's moving on. All of a sudden they're down in the valley casting out a devil out of a kid, you know, and then whatever's next. I mean, boom, boom, boom. We get a run in our spirits to keep up with him. He's not slow. It's us that's too rigid. And so he has to slow way up so that we can even kind of get a clue of what he's speaking. I think that he's trying to create in our spirits a flexibility and ears to hear so that every day he can speak something totally different. And we're not building a doctrine around it. We're not building three tabernacles around it. We're just going, OK, Lord, this is what you're speaking today. Thank you. I move in it. Next day you wake up, get the racer out, erase the blackboard because it's a whole new day. Well, family, it sounds like it's a whole new day. And the Lord is requiring us to be on our tiptoes, reaching into him to learn his voice and to follow him each and every day. Experiencing the impartation of God's word through his family is life. At this time in his presence bless you. Then please subscribe to our podcast at LifeBehindTheVeil.com. If you would like to contact the family with questions or topics that you would like to discuss, you can email them to livingepistles at LifeBehindTheVeil.com. Stay connected, tuned in, and grow with the family as the Lord unveils his word to us live. LifeBehindTheVeil.com

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