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Healing With Horses Podcast - Episode 1

Healing With Horses Podcast - Episode 1


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Catherine from Medicine Horse introduces herself and her podcast, "Healing with Horses." She shares her journey with horses and how they have helped her understand and navigate her gifts, including psychic mediumship and animal communication. Catherine discusses her experiences with trauma and how her animals saved her. She explains how COVID-19 led her to focus on her spiritual gifts and start her own business. The podcast aims to have real and raw conversations, provide tools for personal growth, and help humanity transition to a better place. Catherine emphasizes the importance of shining a light on our wounds and doing inner work. She believes we are in a transformative time and is excited to share her knowledge and messages from spirit and the animal kingdom. Welcome beautiful souls to the Healing with Horses podcast. I'm your host Catherine from Medicine Horse. Let's take a moment before we get into today's content to allow ourselves to really arrive. Take a big deep breath and to let go of all of the stuff that we have been holding on today to allow our jaws to unclench themselves, to allow our shoulders to drop, to breathe out any tension that we're holding in our body down through our feet and breathing in that beautiful earth energy and grounding ourselves. We don't often give ourselves a moment to arrive anywhere in life and we are so busy moving forward, rush, rush, rush, getting things done with our to-do list and our agendas that we don't actually stop and take a breath and come back into our bodies to notice and let go of the tension that we're carrying and to really allow ourselves to fully be in the moment even if it's just for one moment. The now when we take a breath and just become aware of our body we're able to drop in and there's relief. So this is the very first Healing with Horses podcast. I would love to introduce myself, introduce the podcast, where we are, what this is all about, why we're doing this because I'm so excited. There's so much to share with you especially right now in the transformative time that we're all going through. I just am so excited to be sharing this podcast with you. So I'll start by introducing myself. As I said my name is Catherine. I am based in the Perth Hills in Western Australia. I run my own business called Medicine Horse. It's Healing with Horses where I offer psychic mediumship readings, animal communication readings, healing on its own, healing with horses. I do retreats and workshops and all these amazing things. I have been doing this for a number of years now and it's only recently that we have come onto our own property so we can be offering so much more to humanity to the local people here in Western Australia. It's the perfect time to be sharing this podcast with you. Spirit has been asking me to do it for a long time but it just hasn't felt like the right timing and now is. So I have been a horsey girl for most of my life. I started this journey when I was much younger. I wanted to learn anything and everything about horses. I was just completely obsessed with them and I would spend every second researching, reading books, talking to people about horses and eventually my parents gave in when I got a little part-time job when I was 13 and allowed me and supported me in buying my first horse. So his name was Jake. He unfortunately passed a few years ago and he has been one of the biggest teachers in my life and I love that horse to pieces. He taught me how to understand and regulate my emotions. He taught me how to understand and manage my energy. He took me down a path of learning body work for horses and the energetic side of horses as well as expanding my intuitive gifts. So ever since I was a little girl I'd always been able to see spirits or loved ones, people and animals that had passed but in my family really it was taboo. We didn't talk about that type of thing. We didn't know anything about it. So as my mum would say, if we don't know about it we're not going to go there because you just don't know what you're messing with. And so I became really frightened of it but it was through Jake and my journey with him that he helped me to understand that there's nothing to be afraid of and as I was learning more about massaging horses and doing Bowen therapy with horses, more horses began talking to me including my own and it was astonishing the things that would happen as these animals would talk to me and the more that I talked to the animals, the more spirit would come in and I would meet all these people throughout my time with the horses that would teach me and hold space for me as I was trying to understand and navigate these gifts that I have. So the horses really set me up to be on this journey and I guess what happened for me is I was veering quite far off my path and I had abandoned myself so much as a child that it took a really, really strong character, aka Jake, to be able to bring me back into alignment to where I needed to be and he even put me on the path of healing with horses, coaching with horses and I went through this journey where I traveled to the US and learnt about all of this stuff and learnt more when I came home. So the horses have taught me so, so much. In fact, if I ever want to know anything or I'm confused about anything, I always take it out to my animals and I sit with them around and ask questions because they're just so willing to share and sometimes give me a kick up the bum but they're so willing to share information and to support and guide myself and my clients to where I need to be and I'm so, so blessed that I have them on board and that I have been chosen or my soul has chosen to work with horses this lifetime. So I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life to the point where when I was younger in my early 20s, early to mid 20s, I was actually really suicidal and it was through my horses that they saved me. The reason being that nobody could look after my horses the way that I could and that's the reason that I had to stick around and for me it's not that I wanted to die, it's just that I wanted my life to change but I didn't know how. And so it was through these experiences of trauma and suffering and abuse that I really found myself and the trauma and suffering went on for quite a long time before I was able to bring all of the tools and the gifts that the horses had given me and spirit had given me to step into a better place but I am so, so grateful that they have taken me on this journey. So pre-COVID I lost my horse Jake, it was a beautiful experience but also an incredibly sad and heartbreaking experience and I left an abusive relationship, I was in a domestic abuse relationship and then my dog drowned suddenly, it was quite horrific and all of these things happened and I fell into a huge hole and my friends at the time said to me, you really need to learn more about your spiritual gifts and your animal communication and to be sharing these with people. And as I've been doing Bowen therapy, I used to treat a lot of horses in Perth, I would occasionally share messages if a horse is getting a little bit gnarky with me but most of the time I would keep it to myself thinking, oh my god, people are going to think I'm crazy if I tell them their horse is talking to me. So I went on this journey where I studied with Lisa Williams, she is an incredible psychic medium, healer, whatever you want to call her in the US and I really stepped into all of who I am and my gifts and I'm still continuing to step into all of that today. And as I went on this journey I also hit rock bottom and I was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder with severe anxiety and severe sleep deprivation and it was at that moment and I even feel emotional talking about it now, that I knew my entire life had to change. I could no longer go on living through these traumatic experiences over and over and over and I didn't want to lose any of my animals anymore because no matter what I went through or how severe it was or wasn't, they are what saved me each and every time and I am so so grateful and so blessed to have all of these animals in my life, past and present and future because they have taught me pretty much everything that I need to know. So as we headed into COVID, I had really been doing a lot of work on myself. I realized that I needed to become whole and complete and I had to go into this place even though I guess I had been working on myself for a number of years, it probably wasn't to the depth that I had to pre-COVID and then I was really starting to shine and share lots of messages and get out there doing lots of platform mediumship and I was absolutely loving it. Then COVID hit and I lost my job. Now I have worked in the mining industry, construction industry for a really long time, never ever had a problem getting a job. In fact, I've always been headhunted for jobs so I've never really had to worry about what's coming next and during this time, nobody was hiring and nobody wanted to take me on board because no one really knew what was happening and this was terrifying. I had four horses, a dog, a cat to feed myself, debts to pay off and I had no idea where I was going. I just met the most amazing man and here I was falling in a heap again and I realized that the universe had set me up because I knew that everything in my life had to change and in 12 months, everything changed so dramatically that they were pushing me to say, hey you need to do this job. Well, I call it a job but really it's my heart work. It's helping to heal my heart and to heal the hearts of others no matter what I do, whether it's doing a psychic mediumship reading, whether it's healing, coaching, just sitting in space and being with someone. I freaking love what I do and the universe knew that that's where I needed to be. So they set me up for success and I have been working in my business for a few years now. I absolutely love it and I'm just going from strength to strength. The more I trust spirit, the more I drop deeper into my heart space and ground my soul's energy, the more amazing life becomes. So that's me in a nutshell. I'm so blessed to be able to share this podcast with you and to have such supportive and amazing people around me, clients, friends, family members, my partner, animals who are so supportive of me shining a light and holding space as humanity transitions to where it needs to be. So what's this podcast about? Well it's funny, I had all these ideas around what I wanted this podcast to be and spirit were like, just stop, take a breath. This podcast is about having real and raw conversations. It's about bringing community together. It's about calling the elephant in the room, whether it's on our staff, whether it's on the collective. It's providing tools to share with you so you can take away and practice or sit with, see if it resonates with you so that we can all shift to a higher, lighter, easier, more peaceful place in life. Now this podcast is going to consist of a variety of me having conversations with you, me having guests and having conversations with you, all kinds of things. So we're going to be providing one podcast a week and sharing a different topic each week, having a different conversation. I'm super duper excited. Everything that is shared is channeled from spirit. It's raw and real from the heart space and really we're getting away from the old type of being, the old type of living, the old type of I guess spiritual beliefs and we're slowing down creating a simpler life and spirit are calling everyone to stand in their light, to heal their wounds and to shine bright. So part of this is me standing in my light, shining bright to help humanity come home to their heart spaces. So I'm very, very excited to have you joining me. If you have any ideas or any content that you would like me to cover, please email me at admin at medicinehorse.com.au because I would love to hear what you would love to hear about and talk about and be a part of because healing with horses is not just about me talking to you, this is about sitting in the trenches and having those hard conversations around what is happening for everyone in the world right now because if we don't start shining our lights on our darkness and by saying this I mean having a look at our pains, our wounds, our unseen, unfelt, unacknowledged stuff, we're going to keep experiencing the same things over and over and over and that's not what we're here to do. We are here to learn and grow and shine and life should be easy and peaceful and comfortable, not hard and heavy and exhausting like it has been for a very, very long time. I truly believe the last few years has pretty much been about turning humanity upside down, shaking them out, shaking them out a little bit more and saying let's sit in these trenches and have a good long hard look and do some inner work so that we can move to a better place and we're so blessed that we have Mother Earth, Gaia, the universe, the animals who are all supporting us. I believe that there's actually three waves of lightworkers. The first wave is those who are on the front line. They are holding their light and shining it into the darkness and walking humanity home. Then you've got the second wave who has I guess woken up in the last year or so. They are beginning to stand in their light, understand who they are and really evolving at quite a rapid pace. Then you've got the third wave of lightworkers or really the majority of humanity who aren't really waking up just yet. There are a few people who are starting to rise and to see that there's more to life than just this nine-to-five. Monday to Friday, buy a house, get a job, go to uni, all these things that we're supposedly meant to do. There is so much more to life. Each of these stages has a unique job but I'm very blessed to be in the stage that I'm able to hold space and share and shine the light so that you beautiful lightworkers out there can find your way in this world to shine your light for those who are about to step into their light. We are in such a magical, such a transformative time and I am so excited about where we are heading even though the narrative out there looks terrifying and frightening and exhausting and like it's never going to end. The messages that spirits share with me are so beautiful and the Animal Kingdom who are helping us and showing us where we all need to shine a light on, where we all need to see and heal and do and change some things. We are in the most magical time that you could ever experience on earth. There will never be another period like there currently is in the world right now. So this is what this podcast is about, having conversations around fear, anxiety, what's happening in the world, talking about who are you, how do you find who you are, how do you find what your purpose is, what do the animals have to offer us, especially the horses. The horses really wanted to be a big part of this podcast because they hold such a sacred space for humanity. Horses are all about the heart chakra and we will get into these conversations around the messages that they want to share but I'm so excited to be able to share this with you. So I look forward to sharing the next podcast. If you have any questions in the meantime please reach out or check out my website allthews.medicinehorse.com.au or check me out on Instagram and Facebook at Medicine Horse by Catherine. I'm there, I would love to connect with you and until next time sending you lots of blessings, lots of love and may everything be easy and effortless. Bye.

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