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HI! HOLA! We are a Bunch of Friend's and Compa's from Middle school, Jr high school. High school.. We talk about our past & present. COMEDY es COMEDIA making Friend's Laugh.. Lots more to come Stay tune. TWITCH.TV & INSTAGRAM ( @ groseros_salivosos ) - @Twitch.tv/eje9999 )



The speaker discusses various topics, including the renaming of the Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, and experiences taking public transportation. They also mention their love for Halloween and the tradition of eating tamales during the holiday season. The conversation also touches on carving pumpkins, auto mechanic classes in middle school, and the lack of fun elective classes in high school. I'm going to go to the bathroom. I'm trying to check here. Yeah, they're going to have a... Well, I was going to say Staples Center, but now it's Crypto.com Arena. That's something I have to get used to. But anyway, they're going to have a Dia de los Muertos. I don't know if this is a new thing, but it seems like a lot of people are celebrating Dia de los Muertos. But usually that's after Halloween, right? It's like November 1st. November 1st, yeah. But usually you just go visit your loved ones who passed away, right? I don't know. It depends. Candy, flowers, prayers, music. Like a gathering in the cemetery. Yeah, you know what? I know people are going to think, oh, what a bad person. I haven't gone to visit my mom for a while now. It's because taking public transportation, especially the blue line, like it is horrible. Horrible. I remember I had this girl I used to go visit. She was pretty hot. She looked like a model. But anyway, she lived in Long Beach. Kind of like a good area of Long Beach, but I used to take the... Well, I don't have a car. Maybe it's time to get one. Especially how metro, LA public transportation is going. But anyway, I would take the blue line. It would be horrible. I remember, like it was close. I know we're talking about Halloween, but anyway. It was like maybe the 23rd. Yeah, because she was going to spend time with her family. She wanted to do something. Some extracurricular activity. Some cardio. But anyway, it was like the 23rd. This older black gentleman came up to me. I thought at first he was going to ask me for money or something. But this guy just came up to me and told me, Hey, you can't be... I think he told me I can't be wearing blue. Like what? You can't be wearing blue? Going through Compton and South LA. You can't be wearing blue. Why? Because there's a rival... He told me something about rival gangs. I told him, well, it's going to be like Christmas. Maybe they could... Yeah, like okay. This guy puts Christmas. He said, they don't care what kind of date. If they believe you're a rival, they'll shoot first and ask questions later. Later, yeah. I don't know. It's just so weird. You got to wear... Certain colors. Yeah. I don't even know. I'm just going because I don't want to get late. I'm not like, oh... I was dressed nice. I wasn't even baggy pants or anything. But yeah, the guy just told me, Hey, just be careful because you can't be wearing, I guess, blue. I don't know. It was just weird. Yeah, but anyway. But long story short, it's just that every time I go to that train, there's always like... Well, the green line too. There's always like something... Something going on? Yeah. I don't know. It's just... I don't know. I wish things were better. But anyway. Yeah. On the 29th, yeah. I'm going to be going to Toronto Maple Leafs and having a... What was it? Dia de los Muertos. That'll be interesting. It's going to be interesting because you know what's so funny? The last week, I think it was Wednesday or Tuesday, I went to a Kings game. And when I came out, there was like a couple... Dude, there were only Halloween parties. I saw a couple of people, more than a couple of people, were dressed up. And it was Wednesday or Tuesday. I mean, I would... It's not even... We're not even close to Halloween. We're getting there. I think, what? One more week? Two more weeks. About two more weeks. And there was already Halloween parties. People are already getting into the spirit, which is good. I'm telling you, it's a fun... I love Halloween. It's a fun time of the year. Like I said, it's different from Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is more about eating. Let's be honest. Tamales. Oh, yeah. Don't get me talking about tamales. You know what? Now I miss them. My mom and grandma would start... Yeah, start at... Well, before she... Because I would get tired of them. They used to start a little before Thanksgiving. And it would be like... From that week of Thanksgiving, tamales. Guess what? Tamales, tamales, tamales. It's all November, December, and January. I would get sick of them. And you start finishing them until February. Yeah, pretty much. I would get sick of them. Now that my mom and grandma passed away, now I kind of miss them. Oh, my God. I would get sick. Like... Guess what's for breakfast? Tamales. Guess what's for lunch? Tamales. Yeah, I know, but it was like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, tamales. In the next day, guess what? Tamales. Have you tried fried tamales? No, I haven't. I heard about them. You would wrap them and deep fry them. Oh, seriously? And then you could put either hot, like spicy sauce on top. Or you could put crema. Or you could... Or you could put rancho sauce. Or you could put like beans. Or some other type of carne. Like on top of it. But yeah. Damn. Or like a pico de gallo type of thing. Oh, seriously? That sounds good. Do you know any good places? I don't think they sell fried... Well, not fried. But like tamale place. Tamales place. Like actually a restaurant. I don't know. They tell me there is some place in East LA. That's the place you go for tamales. And you know what's so funny? Like, everybody knows everything is getting more expensive nowadays. Like even tacos. You buy them from the streets. Back then, they were like what? A dollar? Now they are like... Yeah, pretty much. Or yeah, because I remember back then, it used to be like little... Right. Half a size. Like the candy ones. But now they don't give you enough cheese. Or they don't give you like the corn one. They don't give you enough corn. It tastes like corn, but it's like watered down. And then like the carne is alright. And then the pollo, the carne, it looks too... The meat looks like it's bloody. But you know what? I noticed that they don't even... Let's say you do go and find a good place. They just give you like a little bit of the filling. The meat or whatever. Cheese. They just give you a little bit. It's mostly corn. Like the flour or whatever. Yeah, oh my god. And yeah, so... I don't know. I guess hard times. We're getting to those times. And then the chicken, they give you... The chicken's not even well done. No. It has the... Oh yeah, I know. Oh, they use the thigh meat. I don't know. Yeah, it's just... I know, it's just... I guess it's... I guess hard times now with inflation. It's going up. But yeah, I would remember it. I would be like sick and tired of eating tamales every day all the way to, like you said, to like February. Yeah, February. I get tamales for around, what's it called? Valentine's Day. Hopefully I could find a girl and give her a tamale. Yeah, you're going to be doing right. I couldn't get you flowers this year. I could get you a nice assortment of tamales. Yeah, I could get a dozen tamales. Yeah, but you know what? After a while, I think even my mom was getting sick and tired of them too, and my grandma too, and decided, okay, we'll start maybe a week after Thanksgiving we'll have turkey and all that, which... You know what would happen? She would buy this big turkey, and you know what? I'll be honest with you. Sometimes it would come out nice and juicy. She would try different ingredients or different recipes. Recipes of trying. Some of them would work. The turkey would come out nice and juicy. I think you got to inject it. Get the needle and inject it with whatever you got injected, but you got to inject it like you're a junkie or something. I don't know. Sometimes it would come out almost perfect. Nice and juicy. I don't know how you like your turkey, but when it's too dry, you got to water it down. It feels horrible. But you know what's so funny? The same thing would happen with the turkey. She would buy this large turkey, and then guess what? The next day after Thanksgiving, what's for breakfast? Turkey and stuffing. Lunch, turkey and stuffing. Dinner, turkey and stuffing. Same thing the next day. I don't know. There was one time she was getting smart about it, and she would just buy the turkey breast. That would be enough for two days. Especially if the turkey came out nice and juicy. That would be perfect. The next day it's done. Especially because it's juicy. Everybody loves it. Everyone, I think even my sister, she's a vegetarian now. Everyone would partake, and would just finish the turkey. That week before my mom and grandma starts the tamales. We have that week to try different foods, and before it's just tamales, tamales, tamales. You could even do like torta tamales. Oh yeah, I've seen that too. Or bolillo. Oh yeah, I've seen that too. Or pan bimbo. It's like the sandwiches. I haven't tried that to be honest with you. I don't know, it's just don't get me wrong, it's good, but it's like having it every day, every... It's horrible. You get tired of it. It's like, no, it's not too much. I mean, I did it six, seven days in a row. The same thing with pumpkin spice. Everywhere there's pumpkin spice. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it's just too much. There's pumpkin spice flavored coffee, pumpkin spice donuts, pumpkin spice... Or tamales like pumpkin spice tamales. Pumpkin spice torta. I don't know, it's just a little too much. But other than that, I love this time of year. The weather's changing, it's getting cooler. Perfect weather. The only thing I hate is that women wear more layers of clothing, but other than that... You wish it was summer, bring back the booty shorts? Yeah, pretty much. Now it's colder, now it's cuddly weather. Too bad, I don't have nothing to cuddle with. I do have my pussy, my cat. So that's the only pussy I cuddle with. The meow meow. He does go meow. And you know what, that pussy does get wet. It drools at times. Shout out to Sammy the cat, my pussy. Yeah, so... We'll see what happens this Halloween. Like I said, I'm going to check out this castle gardens. I'm going to go on Thursday and see. It looks pretty nice. I mean, there's a lot of... I think I saw Vince Scully carve his... his face. I'll check it out, see. Have you done that? Carving? Yeah. I only did it once and it's too messy. A lot of people don't... It's almost like an art. You know how to carve the... You gotta get the right tools. Because if you get the wrong tools... Do you over carve it? Because you know what we did have in college? You know, it's just a classic pumpkin. I put the teeth and the eyes and you know what? It was the basic. Yeah, the basic drawing and carving. I was carving it and it didn't look nice. You know what? My drawing was nice but it didn't come out. I was trying to carve it and it didn't look nothing like the drawing I did. But anyway, I think the school was going to have a Halloween event and they did use the pumpkins. They said they were going to use the pumpkins. I don't know. Every time I pass by, it's like, oh yeah, that's my shitty ass carving. Or my pumpkin. That was your first time? Yeah, it was fun. I mean, it didn't come out the way I wanted it to come out. It was messy though. Especially because you have to put your hand in and all the seeds and make sure I don't know, you have to dry it up a little bit or heat it up or something. Yeah, because it was the same way when I put my hand into the pussy. It's messy in there. But... You have to take all the seeds. Yeah, it's wet. It's wet. Yeah, it's... But... It was fun though. I used to dress up too. I know people from Southgate, but I think I still do. They had this little festival at the park where everyone dresses up and Weber dresses up in the best costume. I know some of the parks or some of the city halls are going to have little haunted houses. Oh, seriously? Here in Anishinaabemowin Park too? Hopefully they do. I mean, they're already announcing it on their Facebook page. Hey, have you gone to that scary hayride? I mean, either. But I know during COVID it was... Oh yeah, obviously it was canceled. It seems like after COVID everything is kind of almost back to normal. Some stores still have the requirements. The mask. Proof of vaccination. Yeah. Some of the stores are understandable, but some of them... Yeah, I know. But you know what's so funny? Talking about those haunted houses and those costume contests. I remember when I was a kid I was just a... like the candy. That was the most... exciting part. Then whoever had the best costume had to be creative. You gotta be creative now. You can't just be like, oh... There'd be 10 Power Rangers and... you know. But the thing is that did you dress up during Engage Middle School? No. I think we were out. Oh, maybe. We were out for that. We were out for that because we had vacations around that time. It was... September, October, November. It was like 2 months. 2-3 months of vacations. This was the time we were out. Yeah, because... I don't know if they do it elsewhere, but here in LA the LA Unified School District has these I guess tracks, right? We were track C, right? Like every... how many months? It was every 4 months and then 2 months of vacation. 2 months of vacation. And then 4 months and then 2 months of vacation. The best education here in LA. Anyway, yeah. I never understood being in... I guess because we were overcrowded. Yeah, they had to kind of break it. Yeah, so they could fit more kids. More students. Yeah, but I remember it was... Oh, but you know what they offer? Like almost like... I don't want to say... because it wasn't necessarily summer. But you know... Yeah, summer classes, but I don't know what they called it back then, but they offered... Some of them were for extra credit. Some of them were for... I think they were for... I think the more credit you had at the end of the semester or the end of the year, it's for college. College, yeah. It will kind of benefit you for college. Yeah, you know what I would do is just take all the boring... Well, not boring. All the classes like math, English, all the electives, like woodshop during those two months. You know what, those two months, I don't know. I get bored easily. If I'm not doing anything, like, okay, it's fun for maybe a couple of days not doing anything, waking up in the middle of the day, but it gets... It gets boring after a while. I don't know for me, but other people, they could do it forever. For me, it's just, man, it's too much already. I got to do something. I would tell my counselor, you know what, just give me all the classes I need to take and then I'll take all the electives. Because most of those electives were kind of fun, like music and woodshop was a good one. Woodshop, yeah. What was it called? A drafting. What was the other elective? I remember in Gage... Was it in Gage or in HP? No, HP. They had, I think, in 4th and 9th grade, they used to have auto mechanics. Oh, seriously? I didn't know about that. I would have taken that shot. It was pretty good. I mean, to be honest, they didn't have a car to fix on. They only had like a body and no engine. And they only had a chassis. Oh, seriously. Actually, I know in LA Trade Tech, I believe, they have an automotive class. People really bring in their cars. Their own cars, yeah. Or people bring in other cars and I guess they'll still charge it but let's say half price or something. Like a student discount? I don't know. I think it's anyone from the public can take their car and, you know, something's wrong with the car, I need a tune-up and they won't charge you like the whole price. I mean, they'll charge you but not the whole price. That's what someone told me. And the thing is, a lot of people don't do it because their students are trying to learn mechanics. What do you call that? They're trying to learn how to diagnose and how to fix or try to perform something as menial as a tune-up. I think it was mostly oil change. How to change the oil. The spark plugs. Yeah, the spark plugs and all that. It's like a whole routine. How to check the engine with the little needle. I don't know what it's called. The little where you put your feet where it marks the rod. How much you got oil in. The transmission. But it was just like the super basics. It wasn't like nothing. How to pour and polish the whole block or something. It was something simple. How to change the gasket from an oil pan. I heard in LA Trade Tech, they do teach you all that stuff. I guess because it was just... What was that? Middle school or high school? High school. For... It was in high school but they only had it for certain tracks. Oh, seriously? I remember I had it because I wanted it and they only gave it to me for one semester. When I went back for the second semester they didn't have it. They only had it for A and B. Oh, seriously. You know what? I would take it... Honestly, I wouldn't have taken it in a wood shop. Unless I wanted to be a carpenter. Then, yeah. It's nice that they had it but oh my god. I remember I took that and I didn't learn a thing. I just remember just be careful with the machinery because you don't want to lose a finger. The horror stories they would tell us. Oh, you know. This happened and that happened. Even the teacher was missing a finger. I think it was the thing you probably learned the most was how to do baseball bats, a picture frame and do graffiti on one of the plates. That was it. Some people would exaggerate and try to do a heart and keep it out for Valentine's Day or something for a friend. You know those high school sweethearts do stick around. Yeah. Anyway, Jose is not with us right now because he's busy during the laundering. Doing errands. Being a father. Being a father, yeah. That's a full time job. He was telling me that there was even a home ec. They had it for... I don't remember engaged. They engaged over here right next to the... Across the street. Across from the library. Oh, seriously? I would have taken those classes. Right there by where we used to get slushies. It was right next to it. Oh, seriously? They didn't teach you nothing. We never baked. It was something simple. It was something like get the yolk from the egg and then spread it in a... In a pan or something? In a pan or in a bread and just boil and cook the bread with the egg. That's it. And just flip it over and then if you know how to flip it over without getting burned, those parts would be great. I wish there was a little more... I'm not saying like, oh, you got to teach me how to be a... A chef. Yeah, blue ribbon. Whatever. French cuisine or anything. No, no, but I wish there'd be a little more... Yeah, because there was nothing... They didn't have no machines. They didn't have no toasters or anything like that. They didn't have no microwave or nothing. Everything was through a stove. Oh, shit. Yeah. Alright. Alright, but I don't know. How was it in high school? I forgot to ask Jose about that. But to be honest, they never told me about those classes. My counselor told me, there's a wood shop, there's music. Was there metal? Welding? Welding? There was, but only for certain tracks. They said they only had it for A track or they only had it for B track. So you would have to wait in line or wait in transfer to the next track. Oh, I see. I think my counselor offered me those lectures, but I don't know. I just... I think music... I think a different language, a foreign language. They even had they had paint. Water brushes. Water paint. They had that too. But it was like and again, they only did it for certain tracks. Our tracks sucked, huh? We didn't have anything fun. Yeah, I know. I mean, the only thing fun we had was just the good weather on our vacation. Yeah, pretty much. But everything else kind of sucked. Yeah, pretty much. That and if you had like fourth, fifth, or sixth P, that was horrible because you were in the sun. But if you had it first, second, third, or fourth, it was like in the morning. I also wanted to take up tennis because all the girls were all the girls were... But you know what? They were separated. There would be a girls team and guys team. That sucked. The basketball was pretty good. The girl-female basketball. Did they win any championships? They won a couple of them, but they didn't win the NL. Well, the NL, I don't think so. And then they had the softball. I know the softball was pretty good too. And our football team too. Yeah, our football team sucked. Well. Some of the games we won for miracles or something. It was just bad. You know what I noticed? After we left, I saw that they were playing lacrosse. Yeah, they changed it. They don't have lacrosse anymore? No, I'm pretty sure they have lacrosse, but they don't have no more football. They don't have no more football? What happened? I don't know. I think it was just not enough money for the football team. Oh, shoot. You know what? I'd be surprised because I know for lacrosse, they need a little more equipment. I think it's a little more expensive, right? I mean, for lacrosse, it was just to stick with a little ball and that was it. And the pads. But for football, it was just the ball, the helmet. Yeah, the helmet, the football, the shoulder pads, the pads, the knee pads, the leg pads, and the cleats. But the cleats, I think you had to buy separate. It didn't come with the school uniform. The football uniform. And the jersey too. I didn't know they didn't have any more football. Yeah. Well, that's a... Marneau ball now. Because I haven't seen anything on Instagram or Facebook that they were showing that they had football games. Yeah, poor Spartans. Yeah. That's what we get for... Yeah, it was pretty bad. The time we were there, I don't think they ever won a championship. We ended up losing really bad to a lot of... Because I remember who in our group was in the football team. There was... There was a couple people? Or just... Like from the 15 or 20 people that we were, I think like 5 of them. Oh, seriously? They were in the football team? Yeah, the football team. Like, what was it? Last podcast we were discussing that we were the outcasts of the school. Pretty much. But I'm surprised that there were like a couple football players that were... Like I would have thought they'd be like hanging around with their... I think it was... With their fellow jocks. Yeah, we couldn't... Well, we can't mention any names, but it was... The one that actually stayed, it was like 3 or 4. Yeah. And surprised. Yeah, and then... They were pretty... I mean... Because we know... They were good players. I'm not going to say they were the best, but they were good players. Because I was going to say like, once you make it make it to like a... Like your high school sports team... I want to say like your status is... Is elevated. Like, okay, you're not part of the outcasts anymore. You're, you know, more into the... The jocks are more into the popular kids. But... Yeah, I think you're right. Like 3 of them. Like I knew one of them. He was cool. Like... Yeah, I'm surprised he stayed with us and just decided to hang with us. Yeah, I mean some of them were younger. They were younger than us. One or two years younger than us. And they ended up hanging out with us. Yeah, they ended up enjoying... Because I remember... But there was also a couple that... Oh, sorry. The soccer team and they started... They were... Maybe like 2 or... But I remember they were hanging with us a lot less. Yeah, they were into their soccer team. Again, the... You know, the jocks. Yeah, so... I'm surprised those... I'm telling you, I'm surprised that they stayed. You know what? This is my group. I feel comfortable here. Yeah, staying with a whole bunch of... The outcasts. Yeah, the... We had... And the only one that I... Like in 11th or 12th grade was one of them. When they had... He was in volleyball but he sucked. And then there was one... I don't remember if they used to call him Waterboy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then... And he sucked really bad. And he was over there pretending like he was like the volleyball coach but he really wasn't. He was just a waterboy. And then... I guess when they had lacrosse. He was welcome there, I guess. Oh, he was in the lacrosse team? Oh, they had lacrosse when we were there? Yeah, when we were there. That was the last year. Oh, really? Yeah, he was younger than us. I don't know if they had lacrosse or not. I didn't know. They did it back in 2002. 2002. Oh, but we left in 2001. 2001, yeah. July, June. July, June, yeah. Then they had lacrosse. You would see... Because I think it was mostly because they didn't have enough... I'm pretty sure it was something else. But they would say that they didn't have enough funds or enough money for the football team or for the baseball team. Not the softball, but the baseball team. Oh, yeah, and since the baseball team was way better than the football team. Yeah, they would win more games than the football and soccer. That's right. So they had to replace a lot of the sports with... With baseball. No, they had baseball. I think the most important... I mean, it was baseball and football. They had more money, more people. But then they started losing. So nobody would actually fund the football, baseball. So they ended up funding a little bit. Started going to the volleyball. Started going to the girls' baseball, guys' basketball, softball. But then after that, it just got worse. But then after that, they replaced I think two main sports with lacrosse. Okay. I don't know. I find baseball... Yeah, we didn't... I don't know. I mean, we had good players. We would actually win, but we didn't have the proper field because the field was nothing but dirt. Yeah, remember. They would use the football field, right? Classic movie, huh? Yeah, no, you're right. They would actually use the football field as a baseball field, right? I mean, to place catch only. But we would have two diamond baseball fields. And one of them actually was really good because it was really full of grass. And the other one was just... Nothing but dirt in the basement. But you know what? Our high school was like small compared to the other high schools. Yeah, because I remember I used to be in track and field. And when you would go to Carfield or somewhere else, you would have to do five laps to make a mile. And in HP High, you had to do four laps to make a mile. Wow. This shows you... You know what? I never understood... There was like a like an old abandoned factory next door, remember? And then they tore it down. What was it? I mean, Old Depot was there for a good minute. But in front of it was Henry's. It was I think Chapapote or something. Oh, okay. Oh, for that roof? For the roof? Yeah, the car roof. Oh, okay. Yeah. You know what? And then right next to it was something else, but they never finished it. Oh, I see. It just shows you that we had a... Around the school, we had plenty of pollution. Yeah, I know. Yeah. But you know what? I also see like a... What's that high school just across from Southgate? Southgate? I don't know. It's just like where Tweedy? No, no. It's in... I guess they call it now... Is it Watts or South Philly? It's on Alameda. Oh, yeah. Southeast? That's Southeast? And then another one called... Oh, wait a minute. Is it Jordan? Oh, that place looks... Yeah, it's there too. I don't know. I don't know how they decided that we're going to place a high school right next to... I don't even want to talk about that. Yeah, I know. That's a conversation in and of itself. But I just never understood the planning that, hey, guess what? There's a... We're going to put a school right next to a... You know, a... It was right next to the railroad tracks. Right next to the railroad tracks. Next to some lumber companies. And then next to... Just the middle, like... Basically, the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I know. It's just... I don't know. It's just... A school... A school, like an industrial area. Yeah, very, very industrial. Just an area. You know, there's a... This factory, you know, creating a lot of dangerous carcinogens and, you know, causes cancer. But hey, let's build a school right next to it. And it's still there. I know. I know. I don't know. It's just... Anyway, that's a conversation in and of itself. We don't want to get into too much detail about that. That's another... I don't know. It's LA. I don't know. Anyway, so... Yeah, so... I never understood why they never bought that area and built more, like... You know, put a actual baseball field and, you know, maybe more buildings for work. Yeah. Or... Placing your friends. Yeah. Like storage. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I guess they didn't have the funds or something. Probably. They didn't have the funds or... By the way, in Huntington Park, in our high school, did they have anything for Halloween or... I don't remember. Like a band? Yeah. No. No, huh? We'll be that poor. Yeah. I mean, you can come dressed up. That's about it. But... And meet up at Tams. That was the thing to do. Just meet up at Tams. And meet up at Tams. Or Gus Burgers. But it's already closed down. Oh, seriously? Yeah. Damn. You will meet up there. And... I don't know. It's just that... I don't know. We didn't have a... That's a sad thing. I'm pretty sure every kid... I mean, there's Christmas when you get gifts, right? But there's also Halloween. That's something you look forward to. I mean, there were some teachers that were actually bringing little bags of candies. You would have candies in little pumpkin jars. But you also have these... Or pumpkin bowls. But you also have these... Maybe I'm going to be a little bit offensive, but these religious people that... They don't understand what's Halloween about. They just see it as something bad. It's just like... You know what? Like... Everything I knew about the holiday is just that... Okay, the Druids... If you go back, they were celebrating a festival. But it was really like... They would dress up to scare the ghosts. So they would have something like a good harvest or something. Just to have a good year. I remember they used to have... For the summer, they would have like summer... I don't know what they called. But they would have like little dance festivals. Yeah. I don't get it. Like all of a sudden... Even for the Hawaiian... Oh, yeah. Hallelujah, whatever. You wear like a Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian shirt, yeah. I remember those. And then... They had something for Halloween, but it wasn't... You couldn't wear a mask. You could only wear a costume. That's a funny thing. Yeah, because the principal wanted to see your face. Oh, my God. Yeah. I don't know. There's so much... Like... No hats, no beanies, and no mask. Yeah. It kills the spirit. But anyway, it's just sad. I don't know. And then you have these also, like I said, these religious people. Like, hey, you can't... Don't celebrate Halloween if you're just celebrating the day of the devil. The day of the devil. Yeah, something like that. I don't know. It's just like people... Misinterpret the Halloween. Yeah. They don't have the spirit for it. Yeah, they get misinformed. Though it's like a day... I feel like it's more... Like masks, a little more geared to adults. Like dressing... Like girls dressing slutty. But for kids, it's just dressing up and get candy. Yeah, that too. I mean, there's a whole bunch of living legends and tales because of the witches or whatever, vampires. But I mean, there's religious people that believe that there is real witches and real devils. And there's like... There's that spectrum and there's that other part of the spectrum that there are people that go out there and sacrifice black cats. It's like... I don't know. It's just... I don't know. It's just people take it... I mean, people just believe what they... Want to believe it. They're just cats of the underworld. Gods of the underworld. Yeah, pretty much. It's just that... I don't know. People take it... It's sad that people take it to the extremes. It's just sad. It's just a day for... If you're a young adult, you go and look at these girls that dress pretty slutty or you're a kid, it means candy. You have kids of your own and you just want to show them a good time. Show them what Halloween is really about. Yeah. Like I tell you, what I do around this time of year is just watch... Horror movies. The classic ones. I don't know. The newer ones, they... Over 2 Exaggerated. Yeah. I don't know. I feel like now they're just... CGI. I feel like they're doing it now just to milk as much money as they can in the studios. It's not like back then. They'd do something fun that's zombie. Yeah, creative. It's Halloween. Let's make a good little movie here. But now, I feel like they're trying to milk it for money. As killing the neighbor. Kill the something. Or the grandma. Or the babysitter. Yeah. They have these stories that don't go nowhere. Yeah. Try to watch some... Some good movies. Good Halloween movies. If not, like I said, go out and look at the girls. Yeah. When I was a kid, it was just about the candy. But now, I don't know. I'm telling you. Some people take the honey. Your mind starts growing up. I don't really care about the candy. I want people who... Who has the best costume. Who dresses nice. Who's going to show off more skin. Yeah. So that's my Halloween. I don't know about your Halloween, but that's my Halloween. But I'm telling you, I'm going to check out this... Sorry. This place at Disconciled Garden. I think it's going to be nice. It's like 30 something bucks. But I'll check it out. See how it is. Try to do... I guess, tradition for Halloween. But I'm telling you, there's... I mean, I know there's other people that celebrate Halloween differently. But I'm telling you, there's other people that... Yeah. That just take it to the extremes. It's so weird. It's so weird. It's really... People don't really understand what it means. It's to celebrate with people. With your loved ones. With close people. But... But I guess... Yeah. But people... I don't know. People are different. Let's just say. Copyright time. Alright. So that's Halloween. But like you said, do you have any plans? Not really. I don't even know. And then my nephew, my nieces come over. Then yeah. I might dress up. Maybe. I don't know what I'm going to dress up as. But I'll probably just be one of those... That they just put a mask on. And yeah, I'm already ugly. I'm already ugly. I always tell like... Sometimes I tell people like... My previous job... They always ask me like... Are you going to be dressing up? And I tell them, yeah, I'm already dressed up. I tell them. I'll give them my costume. 365 days a week. Yeah, yeah. I can't get no more uglier, bro. Yeah, so... That's Halloween. It's always fun. Oh, by the way. I was going to say... Are you going to go to that auto show? The LA auto show? No, I don't think so. I'll check it out. I'll ask my little brother. I want to go to the... Oh yeah, because you told me he's into cars and all that stuff, right? Yeah. That or probably the other one, the hot import nights. Oh, right, right. The Japanese one. When do they have those? They said they were going to have it. Is it in November? Let me check. Yeah, because ever since... Well, you know what? Last year, they had the... Well, they did have the auto show, but it wasn't as good as before. I wanted to go, but... You know what? I'm about to take it soon. Oh, seriously? Yeah, but you know what, Eddie? They felt like it was going to happen, that we were just going to put something up. But I feel like maybe this time around, it's going to be better than last year. Yeah. But last year was in... I just bought tickets just to be like... Because I didn't have anything to do, and I wanted to check it out. It wasn't as great as the attempt. This is Ray Hardy, import nights worldwide, 25th anniversary. Hint tour, NFT drop, hint energy launch, hint city AR, hint the game release. Yeah, here we go, December 10th. Oh, December 10th. Where at? Um... Convention Center? LA3C Festival? I'm guessing where it is. LAFC? Oh, that's where the... Oh, you know they built a new stadium at Expo Park, right? Yeah, I know. So I think it's at Expo Park. Oh, LA3C. I've never heard of it. Where is that at? Oh, LA State... It's a historic park. It's pretty nice. It's a pretty nice park. It's like near Broadway. It's like near Chinatown. I think it's in Chinatown, actually. Alright, that's pretty good. It's a pretty sized park, too. Not bad. Because they didn't have a lot. Look, I mean... Until we're in October. We had one yesterday. And then we're... I mean, in Colorado Springs. November... Next month. In Vegas. And then the 20th of next month. Honolulu, Hawaii. And then December 3rd, Portland. And then December... In LA. Wow. So they're having like a tour around the country, huh? Yeah. And then they take it to Japan. And then they take it to New York. And then they take it to Japan. Germany, Spain, Dubai. What's that... What is it about, though? Is it just Japanese cars? Basically, yeah. It says right here the release date of one of the games. So that's part of what the NNM is having. Additional events added throughout the season. Looks interesting. Yeah. So, yeah. I don't know what else I'm going to do in November. I'm kind of looking forward to this car show event. We'll see. I'm pretty sure it's going to be nothing but electric cars. Yeah. Which is going to be whack. You don't like electric cars? No. I want to have... It seems like that's the future. I want to see gas cars. Do you have any one? You don't like it? No? You have your doubts? Yeah. I mean, the public, what they say is that it can't have that much pounds. Oh, yeah. You know what? It's going to be heavy. Yeah, because the battery is going to drain really fast. Yeah, you know what? That's the biggest weight of the car. For an electric car, it's the battery. Yeah. I know in Tesla, the batteries are the heaviest component of the car. The heaviest component of electric vehicles. Yeah. You know what? The motors are pretty... I mean, they're pretty fast. Compared to gasoline cars. But they can... I mean, the only part that seems to suck is the charging. It can take you... Yeah, the charging. Around here, yeah, charging. And then, you can't really tow anything with those cars. Oh, you can't tow? So, probably the more you tow, anything that's... Heavier than what? Heavier than certain pounds, the battery drains out. Oh, damn. Yeah. I don't know. We'll see. I'm kind of excited. I want to check it out. Because I'm telling you, I went last year and it kind of sucked. But I feel like they just rushed it and put it together. Yeah. Because they didn't know, I guess, because of COVID. Yeah, they had the last minute. Yeah, pretty much. I'm kind of excited about it. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. But, like you're right, I feel like there's going to be a lot more electric vehicles, especially that... I don't know if you've heard, the state of California banned new gas car sales for... Yeah, 20... 23 now? 24? Around, somewhere around there. In two more years. No more gas in cars. I don't know. I don't know if it's true. I mean... So there's going to be some new transportation. I mean, what else can it be? Horses and horses... Yeah, from horses... I mean, from carriage to horses, to gas, to electric. I don't know. Flying cars maybe next. Flying cars? We'll see how it goes. But, yeah. So, we'll see what's the future of transportation. It's interesting going to these shows. They show you the new, the latest in technology and where transportation is going. Yeah. We'll see. I'm kind of excited about it. We'll see how it goes. I don't know. I don't know. I'm thinking of doing something for my birthday. Like, I don't know. But then again, I don't know. I don't know. Have you ever celebrated your birthday? Not really. I'm already at that age where I don't even want nothing for my birthday. Yeah. That age will be skipped. Yeah, I know. Every time people celebrate, especially like after, what would you say? After your 20s? When you're young, yeah, because of the presents. Yeah, presents. But after you get 35, I'm pretty sure it's probably less. But then you start getting less presents, less hugs, more sadness because nobody's around. Yeah. But you know what? I feel like after, I felt that way after 25. I felt, oh, great. I'm one year closer to it. That's what people are celebrating. One more year. You're getting closer to it. The thing is that you don't know when it's going to happen. I don't know. Maybe go to a nice restaurant. That's the only thing you could take. It's funny because they give you all these presents and okay, yeah, it's nice and all, but the thing is like, let's say, God forbid, but if you do that, the only thing you'll take is like, oh, okay, but I remember eating here and it was like, but material stuff, you can't take that with you. No, you can't. I don't know. It's going to be funny, the big four-oh. I don't know. I've been thinking about it. I mean, what people would put, at that age, what people actually do. Celebrate, I mean. But you know what's so funny? I felt that way after I was 29 and I was going to hit 30. I felt like it was like, it's over. From now on, it's going to be down, but it's just going to be different. I mean, what can we expect? Yeah. More friends? Well, yeah. Less friends to show up? Well, you know what? I just feel like, okay, people are, I mean, people, like our friends from high school, they're already, some of them already got married, already have kids, already have disabilities, already have, what's that word? They already have different priorities in life. Like us that are single, we got to, just got to, got to respect that and got to have fun on our own. Because you know what I did? This is, not you guys, but other friends from where I used to work. Like this guy, we were talking about earlier, well, I'm not recording this, but we're talking about girls, but this guy met this girl from work and really fell in love with this girl. It was weird because it was just a couple of days, and in his mind he already knew that he was going to get married with her, he was going to have kids with her, and in the end, a couple of months later, it was over. This girl, and you know what's so funny? She met this gay guy, supposedly he was gay, I guess he was bi, and now, just because they shared the same lack of music, the same genre of music, she decided, okay, you know, I'm sorry, but I'm done with you. And this guy was just, he was just so depressed. You know, every time I get depressed, I go to the mountains or something, just to, because I know some guys do drugs or alcohol just to, just to... Spend the time? Yeah, just to forget about things. Yeah, yeah, and that has never been my thing, because the thing is that, okay, after a couple of hours, or after that, you're already done, you're done with your drugs, the feeling will still be there. Because even if you go walking for a certain amount, it kind of clears your mind. Yeah, it does, that's what I did, I go to the mountains, and yeah, it's for the, I don't know, it just makes you, it makes you, yeah, like you said, it clears your mind, and it just makes you, like, wait a minute. It kind of resets your mood or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, I'm not saying like, oh, one trip and you're cured, your heart breaks, but no, I mean, it does help, it does help. So I took this guy, and I know I shouldn't, because he was like the one that complains a lot, like a little kid, because I go to this place, it's like five hours from here, from LA, it's a long trip, but it's worth it, it's so beautiful up there. And he was like, oh, along the way, and I was like, oh, a little kid, like, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? And I don't know, it's just that... Maybe you might see Smokey the Bear or something, or Yogi the Bear. Yogi the Bear, yeah. Maybe find a gorgeous bear out there. Or gorgeous. Yeah, and, well, you know, there was the other, the other two people I took, I would have never thought they'd be into nature, but this guy is just, I don't know, he's just so out of it, I don't know, he's... Yeah, everybody's different. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's true. Everybody thinks that alcohol and drugs are going to fix their problems, but you just get there, and their situation gets worse. Yeah, yeah, and that's what happened, and I just... Because I think that's just another reminder of their problems. Yeah, yeah. But I know, he reminded me, like, when I was young, like an outcast, and yeah, but anyway, but I don't know if it helped them, because after that we stopped, well, we stopped communicating, because during COVID, I sent a message to all those guys, and I don't know, like, you know, on Snap, you get a message, oh, yeah, they saw your message, but nobody responded, so I said, oh, okay, sorry, and I guess we're just work buddies, and that's it. So I kind of appreciate now, like, you get a... I don't know, I always seem, to get back to your question, like, yeah, I always seem like it's better... It's good to depend on yourself, not depend on others for your happiness, or anything like that. Recently, with this breakup I had, like, well, not recently, yeah, it was recent, but I just, you know, I can't depend on anyone to be happy, I had to depend, I guess that's just maybe, that's the thing to do, just depend on yourself, you know, love yourself, you know, go to places, I know, like, when I go to Kings games, it's kind of, it does get a little bit sad, because I see, you know, Buddy Buddy, or, yeah, or sharing a hot dog, you know, like, juicy, long hot dog, the buns, yeah, well, anyway, yeah, but, you know what, I just concentrate on the game, and, you know, just appreciate, you know, being by myself, you know, and that's good, because if you... and that's the thing I feel like, social media is kind of bad, because they only show you, supposedly, you know, people are, like, happy, and maybe that's true, that, you know, that point in time, but other times, you know, a lot of people go through the same struggles, like, oh, maybe they did break up, but they won't tell you, or, because I didn't tell anyone about, you know, social, yeah, my breakup, or anything, but yeah, but I'm trying, I'm learning, like, yeah, it's good to, it's good to be by yourself, I'm not saying be a loner, but, there will be, there will be people, you know, that, you know, you go along, you know, on your travels to life, like, oh yeah, you know, maybe friends for, maybe they're meant to be friends for, you know, that period of time, but I feel like there's a, I'm not saying all friends, but, you know, some friends do come and go, like, they were meant to maybe help you along the way for that period of time, and then they're meant to, you know, just try to guide you on your way to life, and they're meant to, you know, stick into, stick there, stay there, I mean, travel with you along the way. Yeah, because even, even, anywhere you go, you meet somebody, and you never know, they might, they might have answers to your questions, or solutions, yeah, they might help you, and then they're the ones that are going to come, become a better friend, person that you've known for a good while. Yeah, and like I said, there's people, or maybe, well, there's people that, you know, come into your life and cause drama, trouble, but, I mean, we've got to treat it as, like, a learning experience, because if not, that's why I don't want to be those kind of, like, old and, you know, become angry and bitter at the world, dude, it's like, life's so, so short, and I've seen these old guys, like, oh, you know, they're just angry and bitter at the world, and dude, you're about to leave this earth, and you want to leave angry? Like, what's the point? What's the point? There's no point to it, like, we've got to, I mean, I'm telling you that people come and go, but in the end, you're stuck with your, if that makes sense, you're stuck with yourself, you've got to love yourself, you've got to enjoy yourself, enjoy your company, and that's what I'm trying to learn, you know, I'm trying to, yeah, improve myself, like, I've been exercising a little bit, like, after work, I go, like, okay, you know what, I'm going to go from City Hall, I'm going to walk all the way to Silver Lake, I'll walk down to Echo Park, maybe walk a little bit, and call it a day, and yeah, losing a little, a couple pounds, I mean, not noticeable, but hopefully over time, but yeah, but, you know, or going to Kings games, or going to, like, that Halloween event, just to... That's cool, yeah, just to kind of refresh your mind? Yeah, well, yeah, you know, so to, you know, just to distract me, just to... I don't know if there's a secret to life, I know like, to other people, be stupid, like, oh, you know, just a pumpkin carving, but, you know, just to, you know, see if you like it, I mean, it might be enjoyable, I know it's more geared to families, but... That are sort of like little kids? Yeah, probably, but... I think pumpkin craving is for any age. Yeah, yeah, and you just got to enjoy it. It's something you're going to... It's a craft, I guess, or something you're going to do. Yeah, because there's some people that, like, I saw, like, I think I told you, there's Vince Cully pumpkin, and it looks pretty cool, I mean, I'm going to go check it out, like, I can't do that, I mean, I'm telling you, like, when was it, in college, like, I told you, like, I drew, okay, I drew perfectly the classic, what do you call that, that grimace of a pumpkin, and dude, as soon as I started carving, it was like, it was horrible. Yeah, it didn't look nothing like the way I drew it, yeah. But anyway, yeah, so, you know, and just enjoy, you know, the little things of life, you know, and just be grateful you're here one more day. Because it's really, don't want to seem grim about it, but, yeah, we live in moral time. And you never know what later today or tomorrow will bring you. But, yeah, so, just, people come and go in your life, and you've got to respect that. Like, it sucks, like, there's a lot of people we wish we could be hanging out right now, but I know they have other priorities. Other goals and other priorities. Oh, yeah. They're, um, washing. Yeah, washing or taking a shower. But, yeah, we've got to respect that. But, hopefully, hopefully, you know, I'm telling you, it's funny how life goes, like, I never, like, I know we were going to, you know, we were going to communicate, but I never thought I'd be, like, here. Like, today, like I said, we haven't seen each other in, like, seven years. Six, seven years. Six, yeah, six, seven years, and look, we're back. We're back, like, nothing happened, huh? Weird, huh? Yeah. Good to see you, too. I'm telling you, it's funny how life, yeah, like I said, has its way to bring people together, or meet other, like I said, the warehouse, this last job that I left, I didn't know, like, a lot of people were going to miss me and all that, but it's funny how life is, but it's just, it's... Some of it, they say, is like full circle. Yeah, it does. But we don't see it. Yeah, because we don't, we don't think about it. Yeah, I guess we only think about the here and now. We're kind of short-sighted. Is that something where you maybe gotta move on from? Yeah, yeah. That's the thing, it's like... It's because... You'll probably learn experience soon. Yeah, it's because, I don't know with you, but with me, like, even though, like, I'm not going to get into the details, I'm just going to say that my, this previous job that my boss was promising me, like, oh, big fat checks, like, over a year. Yeah. I was doing a lot. And he was promising me, like, promotions and big fat checks. Nothing was happening. I said, you know what? I don't know, I was just, like, at the point, like, I get tired, I'm done with this. And that's what happens, you know, in your career. Well, I wouldn't call it a career because it wasn't a career, but it was just a job, a gig, to pay your bills. But the thing is, like, I don't know, it was getting harder to wake up in the morning, and then you get on the bus all the way to Commerce, and then, I don't know, it's just, I mean, you love the people working there, and other times, you know what happens is you get comfortable, even though it's weird, like, you hate it. You might not like the work, but you enjoy the people that are around. Yeah, and that's what I was enjoying with the people and I was working with. But I guess I was getting comfortable with it, because I knew what to do, it was easy, like, it was weird, because I would do my job, but talk to people, and my supervisor thought I'd be like, I wasn't doing my job, but every time he checked my numbers in the system, like, oh shit, yeah, you know, he's doing a lot more, yeah, he's doing work, and plus more. But every time that he would be walking, I'd be like, telling jokes to ladies, or you know, flirting. Nah, just joking around with people, talking to them, but I would do my work, and I got comfortable, and you know what, it was hard, but I wasn't going nowhere. I was only getting empty promises that said, you know what, time to move on. And sometimes, you know, you won't see it, like, you feel like sad and depressed about it, because you know, you've seen these people, like, not every day, but you know, majority of your life, like, five days a week, eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. You're going to be at work like a home. Yeah, pretty much. You're going to be most of your time there. Seeing these people. Yeah, it was hard, but I was just trying. We got a... Because I felt like I wasn't growing, so you know what, I need somewhere else where I could grow. You know, to find something better. And that's what happened. I feel like what happens to people, they get too comfortable, and they're afraid to... Because I met a couple people at work that... Same thing with me, they would complain, and they would tell me, like, oh, I hate it here. You know, my boss promised me this, this, and nothing happened. But they wouldn't do anything about it. They would just complain. Maybe they didn't want to get hired. No, it's because you feel comfortable, because the work was easy. It was in rocket science. And then you like the work... There was no... Honestly, there was no... Like other places I used to work, there wasn't drama. I mean, it was just boring. But I mean, you'd be happy with that. And then... But again, you can't be complacent. You gotta look for something better. And it's happening. Yeah, and now you just be satisfied with what you got. I mean, it's always like a... Proceed to something better. Yeah, and there is. You gotta just work on yourself. And that's what I've been doing, little by little, you know. Just baby steps. But... Yeah, because during COVID, I gained a couple pounds. And I remember like... Dude, it was crazy back then. People were going to stores and just... Emptying... Toilet paper. What was it? Water? Yeah, water. Everything. It was just a crazy time. And I panicked too. I didn't know what was happening. I seen these rushes of people just grabbing anything they could. I grabbed a couple... I remember I got a couple... That's what I would do. I would just eat pizza. Morning, day, and night. Just pizza, pizza. And... It's funny. For the big markets, you know. You would get... Instead of getting something else, you would get toilet paper. Or water. From all the things in the damn store. But you know what? I went to the store and there was nothing. I'm serious. There was nothing. There wasn't toilet paper. There wasn't water. I just saw the pizzas and said, okay, well, I'll figure something out. I just took the pizzas. And then after the quarantine, what was it? During the riots? The riot kill? The running king? No, no. For the... The burn down? I know people are going to say it just barely happened. For Black Lives Matter. I forgot his name. George Floyd? George Floyd, yeah. There was a lockdown. So there was the quarantine and the lockdown. And yeah, there was a job I used to do for a contractor for the buses. And the only thing I hated about that, that was an easy job too, but the only thing I hated, I worked from 7pm to 3.30 in the morning. That was... I don't know. I don't know. Somehow I did it. It was from Sunday to Thursday. And it was only because we would work Friday night, I mean Friday morning. And it felt like only had one day, the rest. Because I guess we worked that Friday morning. So I don't know. It was just horrible. But I mean the job was easy. There was no... Just the schedule was horrible. I don't know. When they told me this has never happened in our history of our company, that we got to lay you off because there wasn't money coming in for movies or anything because everything stopped. And I just... I don't know. I just said, oh shit. And then I found this by a previous job I used to work in. It was fun. It was like a small company and then it grew to this medium sized company. I don't know what happened. It just... There wasn't any work. They were just cutting our hours. And that's the thing I was telling myself. Why would I go all the way from where I live to Commerce because I take the public transportation. It's like my car is like 15 maybe traffic, 30 minutes. But by bus it was like almost like 2 hours. Just to work. Well technically 6 but you have to take a lunch. So 5 and a half hours. It wasn't worth it. And then I saw that there was a lot of favoritism to... You know what? It was his family members, his friends and family members. They were getting their 8 hours. It was a stepfather. I don't know if he was a relative or a friend of the family. I don't know. That should be another podcast. Yeah, podcast. But you can't be complacent like I said. You do get comfortable. You love the people you work with. But you got to... There's better things out there. Yeah. That's why you got to fix yourself. Work on yourself. Just be grateful. You're growing. You're learning. Just worry when you stop growing and learning. That's when you... It's time to die I guess. You start giving up. Yeah, pretty much. And... You don't want that. No. We're not... We're not going to quit. We're not going to give up. I'm telling you that when you do... It's probably just a learning lesson in life. Yeah, it is. I know a lot of people want to stop growing and learning. I feel like that's bad. That's really bad. It's not good. Especially being complacent and being comfortable and how things are. Because there's always... There's always ways we can improve and become better. We're never going to become that perfect person. But we could always try. Work on it. So yeah. Alright, so... That's life. So what are you doing now? Right now I'm working at this... You know what? This friend from... I wish I could say... Well, we used to work. The news said I used to work. Oh, at Kepner? No, because we didn't want to get sued. Yeah. Well, I used to work at the first place. The first warehouse I worked at. I had a couple friends. And again, because this warehouse moved to Riverside, because you know everything's cheaper out there. Labor and... building warehouses out there. There's a couple people... Like you said, there's other people that... I don't know if you thought we were friends, but I mean, they were friends. But they have their different priorities right now. They're on another path. There's other people that still communicate with you and how you're doing and everything. And she told me... Well, after that she got a job working with disabled kids. I told her, you know what? I feel like that job is for somebody that loves kids with disabilities. I mean, I'm just working for the money. I mean, I don't feel like I'm the right person. First of all, it's a big responsibility. This new job I have, it's like I have to pick up the kids. Then during the day, TA. It's like a split shift because it's a non-profit organization, so they don't have money to pay you overtime. So I have a split shift, so the first four hours... Well, the first... Pick up the kids, right? Bring them to class. Then be a TA in the middle, and then take them back home. So, I mean, it's... It's not difficult. It's not rocket science, but it's not for me. Yeah. So, again, I'm just trying to find something else. And she was right, because the job is just across the street from where I live. So, yeah, it's closer, but the thing is, it's less money than I'm making. I used to make in this other job. But I think I was just... Like I told you, I was getting comfortable, but I was like not satisfied, especially because of all the promises my boss made. I felt like, okay, you know what? This is like an avenue of escape, so I got to get out of there. I mean, I didn't want it to, because like the last day, I just felt super sad. I don't know why. I just felt super sad, super depressed. I felt my depression was back, especially with the breakup and now this. But I think I needed to... I don't know. I have this feeling like I wasn't supposed to be there longer. Yeah, I was there just to pay bills. But your time has come. You got to move. I don't know. Sometimes in life, sometimes you ignore it, and sometimes you're like, okay, you listen to it. Okay, time to move on. So right now, I've got to be there for a little bit. Like I said, that job is for somebody that really loves these kids, because it's a lot of responsibility. I mean, I'm not afraid to take the responsibilities. I'm being paid for it, right? But I feel like, I don't know. I don't know. I feel like I'm not... It's not you. It's not my job. So it's not my calling. But yeah, so that's where I work. Like I said, eventually I'll find something better. This part here is going to be yours. Why? Yeah. Stay tuned for more. Subscribe. You know, more to come. Hopefully, Jose will be with us and not be doing the laundry or showering or anything. And we were broadcasting from the lovely city of Huntington Park. Hello. Hello, man. Hey, Jose. Quebec, your fantasies come true. Welcome to the hotline. To the hotline podcast. The hotline. Are you guys heading out or where? Yeah, we're... We'll finish it up. I mean, we can have a little for a minute. A couple more minutes. We did like an hour. An hour? Yeah. And we were talking about Halloween. Are you going to do anything for Halloween, Jose? Probably take the kid out trick or treating. He's old enough to go trick or treating? Oh, yeah. He's been old enough. He knows about candy. See, I'm telling you, when you're a kid, it's about the candy. And then when you're our age, it's more like girls dressing slutty, right? Pretty much. They have the best costume. Yeah, the best costume. The less, the better. The little devil, huh? Oh, yeah. But be careful with the ones with the tail. They might try to poke you. They might try to poke you. That's true. That's true. They're going to take out the quadnails and get you. I know. They're going to treat you like Gustavo. Don't get us started with that. Don't get us started with that. Trick joke, trick joke. I had to put one in. I had to put one in. Hey, by the way, Jose, I know we're talking about Halloween, but did you see any scary movies? What are you doing to be festive or get into the spirit of Halloween, I guess? Right now? Nothing. I guess they're... No, not really. We just kind of prepared costumes and things like that. You already have a costume for your kid? Oh, yeah. He chose it already. He chose it last year. He chose a Deadpool. Oh, yeah. There's going to be a new Deadpool movie coming up, right? I hope so. By when, though? I don't know. They probably told me so. I thought it was going to be ready in 10 weeks. If they're taking it down with it, it should be a good movie, but if they rush it out, it's going to be shit. Yeah, that's true. Me and Eddie saw that new Michael Myers movie that came out in... Halloween? Halloween-y? Yeah. That was alright. That was alright? Yeah. The way they killed them is kind of dumb. How did they kill them? Can we give the end of the movie out? The spoilers, I guess? Spoiler alert. I'm not sure people are even talking about it. How did he die, though? Yeah. How did he die this time? By a metal grinder. Oh, seriously? Yeah. Every time he dies, he comes back to do another movie. Wait a minute. Did he die this week? For this movie, they're making it so you have to destroy his whole body to kill him? Ah, okay. So he won't be able to come back? So he is like a demon or something, huh? That's what they're trying to portray him as. The last movie, he gets powers or he gets his energy from him... Not going through with your feelings. Not going through with my feelings. But... By seeing other people kill. Oh, I thought you meant by seeing other people chaka chaka. Oh, that's just... I was going to say something else. Yeah, that's how you get energy or something. That's so weird. Yeah. You need to see people die. People pipe down on him dying, yeah. That's so weird. But yeah, but you know what? You know what it was like? I don't know, it's just that I think Halloween is like the best time of the year. I know like the next holiday will be what? Thanksgiving, right? And then Christmas and New Year's. But that's more like for families and couples, right? Halloween is more like for everyone. You know? It is. Oh, it is in the little skirt demon girl. Yeah, that's true. And then you can ask to make it R-rated. Yeah, pretty much. Or triple X, you know. Whatever comes to mind. The triple X is generally something else. You know, something like that. Everybody wants to have tamales. Oh yeah, we were talking about... We were also talking about tamales. Does your girl make tamales? Because you know what? My mom used to tell me that Sometimes. Sometimes. Yeah, my mom used to tell me that they're very labor intensive. But I mean, she would... Not hard to make, they're tedious. But I was telling Eddie, you know what's so funny? My mom would start Thanksgiving week and just make... Thanksgiving week all the way to February we'd see tamales every day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three, four months. I mean, now I kind of miss them, but back then, I'd be like... I'm pretty sure by the end of the week I was already sick and tired of tamales. Like, can we eat something else? And you know what's so funny? She would make the... I think she would make the chicken... The one with the... She would put pineapple in one of them. Yeah, the piña. The sweet ones? Yeah, those are the ones. They're pretty good. Eddie used to own a dulce. Eddie used to eat the dulce. I met a girl named Dulce. Oh, seriously? Oh, shoot. The one on the... What the hell was the name of that street? By the project, no? That project? That was owned by the project? I forget the name of the street, but I know where you're talking about. Oh! No, 105, right? Oh, shit. I remember... Yeah, you know, Mola. She was Mola. She was Mola. You met her Mola? Yeah. I remember a girl named Mona from Pomona. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Damn. You mean to drop a freestyle on us or what? You wish you would. I heard you like it nice. Was it a prison freestyle? That's what the girls like, you know. Well, yeah, I mean... By the way, Jose, I was going to ask you, I was telling Eddie and the audience, last... The Halloween before COVID and all that crap. I went to this museum called... What was it again? The... Oh, the Museum of Death. I always forget the name of that. Have you gone to that place? I haven't been to it, but I've heard a lot about it. I've heard many people talk about it. Yeah, I don't know. Good things or bad things? It depends. I guess it depends on the person, but most people that I've heard talk about it say that it's depressing. Yeah, because you know what? I was telling Eddie, that's what me and... Well, we're still friends. But anyway, this was our plan for that Halloween. We were going to go to the Museum of Death, and then after that, I think it's on... It's in Hollywood, but I forgot the street. We were going to go on the street. I think it was... I want to say Sunset or Hollywood. Sunset. Yeah, I think it's Sunset. So after the Museum of Death, we were going to walk on Sunset and look at the girls with their... with their slutty... No, no, no, the Halloween costume. You were going to appreciate the Halloween costume. Yeah, I was going to appreciate the women's appreciation of the Halloween spirit, you know? You're going to convert Halloween into women appreciation day. Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much. I appreciate those long legs. Oh, yeah, yeah. Especially those big... those big boobs so you can't feed our future... Yeah. Or ask for, you know, a couple ounces of milk. Yeah. Do you know how to milk a milk cow? I can learn. I can learn. Make sure you practice a lot. Alright, I will. And mommy Luke... I was going to say... Never mind. I'm going to try. Yeah, no worries. So, yeah, so we... I remember the tickets were expensive and it looked like a... I'm telling you... It looked like his apartment but a little bigger and it just had like a... News clippings or... They had these TVs with plain documentaries about serial killers. I forgot the serial killer was dressed like a clown. He was a serial killer. Richard Ramirez. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess he had drawings of... I don't know, it's just weird. Yeah, he did his own artwork. Yeah, weird. Every room would be dedicated to a serial killer or there were different coffins from different periods of time. But I mean, I don't know, it was like... I paid like... I forgot how much I paid but let's say like 40 bucks just for this? I could have gone to Eddie's place and watched the... I don't know... A couple of documentaries. Yeah, pretty good. And then they had a gift shop selling like t-shirts for 50 or 60 bucks. I've been to the Museum of Death. And it was kind of... I don't know... Yeah, depressing and kind of like a little bit cheated on like oh, I paid 40 bucks for this? They oversell it at that time. The name kind of oversells it. Like, you know, Museum of Death and you're expecting something new. Yeah, something totally different. But it was like serial killers and... I don't know, it's just... I wasn't expecting... Yeah, pretty much. It was a different experience. Yeah, it's true. His closet and watching people porn. You know what? There was like a couple... And a bunch of soul in there. Oh, man. And... His jizz magazine. Oh, shit! Oh, he's kidding me! He's kidding me! Oh, I don't know. It's just so fucking... I got it. It was different. It was way different. If you go walking down Sunset, you'll probably run into the Scientology people there. Oh, yeah, yeah. Back in the day when we went out there and worked in high school, me and my friend, we were walking through there by the refrigerator or not. As soon as we walked out, right away those Scientology people formed us. They were like, oh, yeah, you want to come check this whole thing out? You can watch a free movie and all this shit. And I was like, oh, Scientology. Oh, yeah, yeah. They'd have to brainwash you. But, oh, you know what happened, Jose? When was it? On... I think I went to the Kings game on Sunday. Yeah, I saw the picture you were putting up. I think it was a preseason game against the Duds. And guess who was there after the game? The people from Scientology. Oh, yeah, I went. Yeah, dude, they were like, hey, you want to... They gave me a little... Dude, it wasn't little. It was like a big flyer. And this lady was trying to convince me that I'm going to set up an appointment with them to try that E-meter thing or whatever. Yeah, no, thank you. They lost a lot of people because of all the documentaries that were coming out about it. And all the people speaking out against it. They're demeaning a lot of people to try to recruit. And they had their own infomercial on TV. They were on the paper like, oh, okay. I just took it just to be not rude to them. And the sad part is the reason why a lot of people fell for it is because some of the things they talk are actually legitimate. When they're talking about the whole... What is it? The pills they give you for mental disorders and all that, those don't work. That's not true. That's the sad part. They're using true information to coax people into going to the organization. Yeah, but... But did I hear that depending on how much you... Well, they call it a contribution, right? But it's mandatory to pay the contribution. Oh, yeah, yeah, pay to play. The more you pay, the more you can play. Yeah, supposedly the more you... Yeah, you're right. The more money you give, supposedly the more information they give you. You know. I heard something about aliens and reincarnation. Yeah, yeah. All of that is fiction. Okay, let's put it like this. The founder of it was a fiction writer. Right, right. So, you know, he took liberty of taking a little small element from every... Not just religion, but even science fiction books. Like, not science books, but science fiction books. He took liberty of taking a little bit of information from everywhere, putting it into a religion, and he even wrote about, he even talked about before he started the religion that the best way to make a lot of money fast is to start a religion. Start your own religion. And then he did it. You know what, Eddie? We should set up like a bogus mega church. Yeah. Rent the Sanchez, right? Yeah. Rent the tower of Sanchez. Yeah. I'll worship her all night long, you know? Yeah. The more she prays on her knees. Yeah. Ha, ha, ha. I like to milk those chugs. You know what I mean, Jose? Yeah, you got to make your deposit every day. Yeah, yeah. Donation. Hey, man. You need to donate some of your skin. Hey, I'm more than happy to donate a milky... Ha, ha, ha. A milky donation. Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. Hey, I'm nonfat. A lot of protein. A lot of protein. So, yeah. So I was surprised. I went to the King's game and I came out like, okay. I was just, in my mind, okay, I'm, you know, I'm hungry. I'm going to go get something to eat. And no, I got the... I won't say harassed, but I just like, oh, you know, give us a, you know, give us a chance, you know, blah, blah, blah. There was a lot of media, you know, misinformation and all that. I was just surprised, like, I don't know, I wouldn't expect that. They're running damage control right now. Yeah, yeah. But I'm surprised, like, during the King's game, though. Come on. Well, not during the game, like, after the game, but... Like I said, I mean, when we came out of the Rift, believe it or not, they were right there waiting. They ambushed. Maybe any type of event, they're probably just trying to recruit. Yeah, that's what scares me. But you know what's so funny? I notice, like, people that are sad, like, I guess they know where to go. Like, I'm telling you, some of the people that were getting out of the game, like, they knew, like, okay, not these people, but, oh, you know, this guy looks, like, sad and depressed, so, you know, try to take advantage of him. Yeah. Anybody who looks like they're looking for something, or seeking something, they'll go after them. Yeah, I know. It's scary. I wish women were like that, but no. I wish Brenda Sanchez was like that, but no. No. But anyway, what are you doing right now? Washing clothes. That's fun. Always fun. So, it's fun. But, hey, we still got time for the podcast. Yeah. The second we got the clothes into the dryer, I came outside, I was like, okay, I gotta talk to you guys. Yeah. Are you almost done, or? No, no, we just started. It's gonna be another, like, hour or two. Oh, shit. At least, yeah. I love that photo. Yeah, alright. Yeah, because I'm telling Eddie that I might go into it a couple of days, because I hope you put this in the podcast, that Metro sucks. Like, it sucks horribly. I don't know. What was that? Oh. Like, did she do it? I want something to go. From Rainbow Thunder? Oh, that, yeah, that too. Yeah. Wait. Wait, uh, how long have you been going for now? It's been, uh... On the podcast. Has it been a while? It's gonna be an hour and 43 minutes. Holy shit. Damn. Yeah, but we're getting to the good... Well, I told Eddie that we were gonna talk about Halloween, but we went to, like, tamales and different topics. Yeah, you know, I think it might be better if we don't write down topics to talk about and we just start kind of winging it, because it seems like we go a little bit everywhere. No, but the thing is, we weren't winging it. It's just, like, Eddie brought, like, a good point. Like, okay, after, like, Halloween, like, it's Thanksgiving, right? But then, I don't know about you, but my mom used to start, like, making... Well, she started making tamales, and that'd be, like... I mean, like, I was telling Eddie, like, I would love them, but then after, like, a week, I'd be like... No, not even after a week, like, half of the week, half through the week, I'd be, like, sick. Yeah, I'd be, like, sick and tired of them, and we'd be eating all the way to, like, after... Yeah, until February. It'd be like, oh, my God. But no, actually... That's too much, yeah. Like, the whole week? Like, one day, maybe, but, like, the whole week, you know? Yeah, but then I was telling Eddie that, like, after, uh... Well, so, after that, so, when me and my sister were complaining that it's just, we'd so sick and tired of tamales, she started making turkey. But then, it'd be the same thing with the turkey. That whole freaking two weeks, we'd be eating nothing but turkey and stuffing, and you'd be, like, sick and tired of it. I don't know. It's just, like... And then, she got smart about it. She was just buying the turkey breast, and so, we would eat, like, turkey, maybe, for, maybe, three days tops, and have, like, a break. Until it was all gone? Yeah, until it was all gone, and then we had, like, a break, and then, oh, my God, the tamales for a couple of months. But, yeah, but I mean, it's not... Now, like, after, you know, my mom's gone, and then, grandma, she's gone. So, I kind of miss them, but still, I wouldn't eat them. I know some people, like, every day, like, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, tamales, like, oh, God, like, I don't know. It's just too much. Too much. It's too much. It is. You gotta, kind of, you gotta search it out, you know. You see, if you would have alternated between turkey and tamales, you probably would have been okay. Yeah, I know, but the thing is that, knowing, like, I don't know, like, I don't know, my mom was... I don't know. But, I mean, sometimes, the turkey would be that good, but other times, that'd be, like, super dry. And, uh, I don't know, just that, uh, you, I mean, you get tired of eating the same stuff, like, Yeah, tamales. Yeah. Or too much turkey. Like, come on. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. And then, Eddie was, uh, telling me that there's places that they serve, uh, like, fried, uh, tamales, or, or, what was it, the other ones? Like, fried tamales. Yeah, and, well, I think I've seen the torta one, and I haven't seen the fried one. But, uh, Yeah. But, uh, I would imagine there's, like, super greasy, huh? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you could try it. Not to change the topic too much, but, uh, Evan, I forgot to ask you last time, when we were doing this, if you've ever, like, looked into your, uh, into your ancestry, and stuff like that. Oh, yeah, you know what? And I was, uh, I was looking into, like, uh, what was it, 23andMe? Yeah. Yeah, something like that. And, uh, you know what? It's like, uh, I think it's, like, 99 bucks. I think I'm gonna do it. Like, but then, uh, they get into, like, if you pay, uh, um, other, like, uh, if you pay, like, an additional, uh, cost, they'll even tell you, like, like, uh, diseases that you might be, uh, Does that double tune? Yeah. Yeah. According to your, uh, DNA. Yeah, but, you know what? I might do it, because I'm kind of curious. Like, like, I feel like, uh, my whole line's, like, uh, very mixed, but I want to see, like, mixed with what. I'm pretty sure there's, like, a little bit of Greek, a little bit of, uh, you know, a little bit of Mexican, a little bit of, uh, You're probably Aladdin. You probably got a flying carpet. Yeah. Maybe you got a couple of monkeys over there. Oh, yeah. Monkey servants. Do you know, do you know what part of Iran you, um, your family comes from? Is it the north, the south? Near the, the, uh, near the capital, but, but you know what's so funny? The capital was Esfahan, and then the new capital now is Tehran. So, um, I know my DNA is, uh, so, um, I know my dad was born in Esfahan, so, uh, Um, where? Esfahan. Like, that was the capital during the time of the Shah. Oh, before Isla- The Islamic Republic, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then the new- This was before the revolution. Yeah, yeah. Right, right, right. But then, it's so funny, but my last name is kind of, it seems Armenian, though, but that's the thing, like, Iran and, uh, well, back then Persia, I think they called themselves Persia, had a- Yeah, so they had, uh, as, uh, Armenians, part of their province, and then a war between the Ottomans, so they moved a huge Armenian community to, uh, to Esfahan, to the capital. That was during the genocide, no? The Armenian genocide? No, that was before the genocide. It was, uh- Oh, before. Oh, right, right, because it was before the revolution. Yeah, yeah, so the Ottoman, I guess the Ottoman Empire wanted to expand and wanted that Armenian community, because Armenians were, well, back then were, like, known as great merchants, great, uh, you know, people that will grow your economy, right? So the Ottomans wanted that area, and then Persia, well, saw the value that, you know, we have tradesmen, we have merchants from Armenia, so... Yeah, and oil fields. Yeah, yeah. They followed afterwards. Yeah, afterwards, but, uh, back then it's just merchants and, you know, a great deal of money, so, so what they did- They were trading clothes. Yeah, so, you know what- So what they did is, like, to force the Armenian- they didn't- they want- the- the king of Iran didn't want to, uh, like, harm the Persian- I mean, the Armenian people, but he wanted to force them, somehow, so what he did, he told his soldiers, you're not going to hurt anybody, and you're not going to destroy their belongings, but you will destroy their houses, so they can, you know, so they can be forced to move to the capital, which was Esfahan. So, I want to know if, uh, if I'm Armenian, Persian, or everything, so... Right, what was, um, there was another country that was fighting with Armenia, too. Oh, yeah, the- After the Soviet collapse, um... Oh, Georgia, right? Oh, no, not Georgia. No, no, no, no, no, no, um, it's right next to Armenia, uh, their neighbors. Um... Azerbaijan, or... Azerbaijan, yeah, that's- yeah, Azerbaijan, yeah, exactly. Because it's weird that- Yeah, I heard- there's, like, a- a part of Azerbaijan that's supposed to be, like, almost 99% Armenian, but it's part of Azerbaijan, and that's been a disputed area between them, too. Yeah, because it's so weird, like, there's, like, uh, like, it's so weird, if you look at the map, it's like, there's, like, uh, like, inside Armenia, there's a small area of Azerbaijan, and then in Azerbaijan, there's a little bit of- I think, there's a- like, you said, there's a huge population of, uh, Armen- I don't know who decided that, okay, we're gonna draw the borders like this, or... It's so weird, like... I don't know how people or whoever it was that decided, oh, this is gonna be the new border, this is gonna be Azerbaijan, and this is gonna be Armenia. But, you know what's so funny? That Armenia stretched from, uh, well, back in the days, like, you know, like, in the- I'm talking about 1500s, like, during the Middle Ages. Yeah. Like, uh, even during the Roman- before the Romans conquered it, but it was like, um, like, uh, an area where Turkey's at. It was like a bordering- yeah, it was bordering Iran, and it was bordering- well, back then, it was the Roman Empire, so, and then, I don't know, it's just, uh, it just changed, like, you know, the Ottomans, and, you know, the Islamic, uh, you know, the people were spreading the Islam, and it just- the borders, like, changed radically, so. Well, the weird thing is that there's still, uh, Zoroastrianism, like, it's still prevalent in Iraq. Oh, yeah, I know. There's still a huge following of Zoroastrianism. I was surprised. Yeah, there is. I thought that the religion went away, but no, they kept it alive. No. But, you know what's- but, uh, the thing is that, uh, nobody can- I mean, if you're- if you're, uh, part of, uh, Islam, you can convert to Zoroastrianism, but- Zoroastrianism? Yeah, right. Yeah, and then Zoroastrianism can easily convert into Islam. But, I mean, there's- people would be shocked, but there's, like, there's- like, there's, uh, like I said, there's a still community of Armenians, and they're still Christian. So, there is Christianity, there is- there's a- there's a lot in Iran, so, it's not, like, just pure Persians, there's Armenians, there's, um, different groups of people. Uh, I think there's even, like, Turks, there's, uh, you know, there's a lot of communities of, uh, different races of, uh, people living in Iran, and different religions as well. Well, right now, remember, uh, Azerbaijan, the country, the thing that was starting with Armenia? Yeah. They've got- they got deep in Iran, too, because they've got a huge community of, like, I think it's, uh, something like 10 million or something like that? Yeah. People living in- more people living in Iran than Azerbaijan. Yeah, because, uh- And, uh, they're trying to break away and become part of Azerbaijan. But, yeah, but, I don't- well, that's going to be, uh, that's going to be a- I was going to say, yeah, well, that's- that's why, uh, Iran is kind of like, hey, what are you guys doing, you know? Like, why are you trying to take away our land? Yeah, I know. Yeah, but I'm telling you, like, uh, like, during, uh, the Persian Empire, and, you know, it conquered a lot of these, uh, these little nations, and I don't know, like I said, now, I don't know, just people are, like, in- even though they're the same, um, same race, but they're in different countries, so it's weird how they decided, okay, these are borders, you know, that's it, you can't, uh, you can't, you can't argue with it unless, you know, you want to go to war. So it's weird how they draw their lines. Yeah, no, I've been meaning to, uh, catch up on my additional history there. It's been a while, like, most of the stuff I read a while ago, quite honestly, like, when I was just, uh, researching the Zoroastrianism, and then I kind of, like, slowly crept into the modern, uh, modern Iran from the revolution, uh, sponsored by the CIA all the way up to, uh, the current times, but it was kind of like a brief summary of everything, you know, but I didn't really read much of it, so I'm not sure. It's kind of like a brief summary of everything, you know, but I want to go more into detail with all that. Maybe, like, from the times of Alexander. Yeah, I mean, it's just, uh, I mean, Iran's being conquered by, yeah, by, sorry, Alexander the Great, and then, uh, then, uh, I forgot the, um, I don't know. Thousands of years of autonomy, you know. Yeah, and then, uh, one of the, I think one of the Khans from, uh, the Mongolian, I don't know, they conquered everyone. The Mongols conquered everyone. Yeah, pretty much, yeah. They would have conquered all of Europe if, um, if Genghis Khan wouldn't have died. He called all the generals. That's the only reason they didn't conquer Europe. But, I don't know, that guy was like, uh, I don't know, it seemed like he was ready to, I don't know, like, master the old world. Oh, yeah, no, definitely. Like I said, the only countries that didn't, the countries that got saved from being invaded by the Mongols, it was because somebody died and everybody got recalled to go select a new leader. Yeah. Like, even Japan, too. They got invaded, they almost got invaded twice. The first time they beat them back and then, um, it was so terrible, the losses, they had to wait for a second time. Yeah. Because there was a storm that, you know, struck their, their ships off the coast and destroyed them. Oh, yeah, that's true. Yeah, yeah. I think that was like a typhoon or something. Exactly, yeah. They were, they did make it for, like, they landed, a couple of, some troops did land, a few hundred, but they got beaten back by the Samurai. Right. But they both suffered heavy losses. Yeah, because you know what, I heard that, uh, well, back then, the Samurai had, like, a, a, like, a ritual they needed to do before fighting and the Mongolians had, like, a different style of, uh, of fighting, but the thing was that they were coming from China and they could only land a couple, you know, because of the resources and all that, built, you know, a couple of transport ships, so that's where they were able to, you know, beat back, because, uh, Yeah, they invaded from the, from the Korean Peninsula. Yeah. I remember that's always been there, uh, this is why, why Japan ended up invading Korea. Yeah. It was because that was the staging point for every invasion on the Japanese homeland. Yeah. That's always been the staging point. But, uh, yeah. Yeah, you don't mess with Mongols. That's true. That's true. Isn't, uh, there's a bicycle canyon called the Mongols? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Right, right? Alright. So, should we end the podcast or continue? Four more minutes. Four more minutes? Alright. Anything you want to add, Jose, for, for, like, the Kings game or Halloween or... Actually, yeah, I was going to say, um, have you seen this? They finally won their first game yesterday? Yeah, I did. You know what? 76. That's a crazy game. Yeah, I know. Like, you know what? How do you feel about Cal Peterson? As a goalie? Yeah, like, I felt like he was in, like, the top of his game at all. Like, I felt like there were a couple shots from the wild, like, he could have easily, uh, stopped. Yeah. He's no jugglers in quick. He's no quick. But at the same time, it's like, there's a penalty for playing, like, quick, too. You see it in his injury. Like, how often he gets injured. That's the penalty for playing that aggressive. Yeah. And then I saw that, uh, the offense of the Kings were, uh, was really popping yesterday. Right, but that also compromised their defense. Yeah, I saw that, too. Like, uh, this is what I thought. I felt like, okay, the first couple of games, like, I was worried about, first of all, our new player, Kevin Fiala. Like, Oh, the star right now? Yeah. I mean, yeah, don't get me wrong, but he's good. He's very good. But the thing is, like, when he sees his team struggling, he gets frustrated, and he takes, like, dumb penalties. Yeah, he overdoes things. Yeah, like, that preseason game, I was telling you about the Kings against the Ducks. Like, he stuck his knee out and got a dumb penalty. Yeah, that's a dumb penalty. And then, what was the other one? Against, uh, I think it was, no, no, it wasn't Seattle. It was against the Vegas. He checked somebody in the head. Like, come on, like, I understood where his frustration was. He felt like he was in, like, contributing or helping the team. But then, um... Yeah, but you don't do illegal things. Yeah, I know, I know. Like, dumb penalties. And then, you know what? I'll give him props on, what was it? Wednesday? When I saw the Kings play against the Kraken? He was more disciplined. Like, okay, that's a good start. He's not taking dumb penalties. And he was giving opportunities to like, Kempe, or other, well, Doughty, you know, or Kopitar, that, you know, take, you know, get some goals. And unfortunately, it didn't generate... Well, I mean, there were possibilities that, you know, that he generated, but, you know, nothing happened. But this, uh... But yesterday's game, he was just just clicking, as the kids say. Yeah, I'll tell you this, like, the Kings have to find a new goalie, no matter what. Because, like, Kopitar's team is good, but he's not going to be consistently good. That's the issue. And, um, like, Quick, he was always consistently good, it's just that he never plays up to their potential to the time in front of him. Yeah. Which is why he had to bail them out so many times. Yeah, yeah, I was just, uh, noticed that, yeah, like, I saw like a couple goals that he was... I thought, like, for sure, he was able to, like, stop and and unfortunately, they went in. But, uh, but I was like, I feel like the Kings have, like, they do have the offense, but they need to work on defense. And you know what? I saw this time, yesterday's game, that, uh, like, the other games, they looked like they were lost. In this game? I saw that were... I'm going to say this, like, expect that every, at least every other game. Just because, um, most of these guys are rookies, you know, they don't have the consistency yet. Like, the difference between a rookie and a veteran is that the veterans can usually play at the same level all the time. Right, right. Whereas the rookies are kind of fluctuating, like, they're kind of figuring themselves out still. Right. So they go a little bit back and forth. No, but I feel like these last two games were horrible because they were passing to each other and some of the passes... I'm going to say majority of the passes weren't connecting. So, they were, like, becoming turnovers and giving opportunities to the opponent, uh, the opponents and, uh, I don't know. And this time around, I think it was a little, I mean, it was a, it was a a major turnaround, major turnaround. But still, they still need to work on it. They still need to work on that and their defense. Their defense and... A 7-6 score means you have to work on a lot of defense. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No matter who you play. Yeah, yeah. Especially... Don't worry, man. There's a rebuilding here. This is how it's going to be. One game they're going to play, like, a world-class OBD team and the next they're going to play, like, the worst team in the NHL. Yeah, yeah. But, uh, but it just... I don't know if that game showed you that, uh, they do have the offense. They do. And it's just not, like... Oh, yeah. So, that's a good thing. Since they're implementing a different playstyle, like, I remember during the summer years, even after, they had a huge defense-heavy style. Right, right. That worked for them. But that also meant they never scored a lot of goals in the LDS team. Yeah, and I feel like that hurt them because they were playing the same style last year against Edmonton. And Edmonton has a lot of, uh, let's say a lot of heavy hitters, a lot of firepower from, you know, from Connor McDavid, Dryside, I think... They got more than enough people to score. Yeah, yeah. So, I felt like that's what they needed. And, I don't know, yesterday they kind of proved that they do have... Now they do have the firepower to, let's say, take on, like, Edmonton or... You know what I noticed, too? I watched the... This morning I was watching Calgary versus, uh, versus Edmonton, and those two teams have a lot of firepower. A lot of firepower. Oh, yeah. But they developed them through their pharmacists. So, of course, they're gonna have, like, really good players over there. Plus, they also had the number one pick, like, how many times in a row? Yeah, I know. Yeah, that's kind of cheesy. That was set up by the NHL, but still, you know, they were trying to, like, get them to keep going again. Like, during the time when they kept giving them personal picks, that was around the time when, like, very few uh, all the Canadian teams were making it to the playoffs, even. They kept losing. They wanted the Canadian team to win. Yeah, I know. And that never had to happen. Yeah, I know. It's so weird. It's so weird for Edmonton. Like, they have... Just, like, having, uh, Leon Dreisider that could easily score more than 40 points a season, and then Connor McDavid. Another guy that could easily score 40 points... uh, more than 40 points a season, and they can't, uh, they can't go, you know, past the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Yeah, that has to do with, uh, just having the best players in the league isn't gonna guarantee you anything. Yeah, that's true. They have to know how to play together. Yeah, you gotta play... If everybody's trying to score, then nobody's passing it. Yeah, I know. And that's what I tell, uh, I don't know about other sports, but in hockey, it's all about, you know, teamwork. If there's no team, then... It is.

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