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In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss the pickle theory, which suggests that opposites attract and that a pickle lover and a pickle hater belong together. They have a lively debate between a pickle lover and a pickle hater, discussing their reasons for loving or hating pickles. They also touch on the difference between homemade and store-bought pickles. The hosts mention a similar theory called the Olive Theory from the show How I Met Your Mother. They end the episode by asking listeners to share their thoughts on the Pickle Theory. Hello everyone and welcome, pickle enthusiasts and skeptics alike, to another episode of our podcast, Deliberate. My name is Orion Thompson and I will be your host. Today I have with me a pickle lover, hey y'all, my name is Lexi Douglas, and a pickle hater. Hi, my name is Tassie Fletz. Today we've got a special episode lined up for you. We're going to explore the pickle theory and listen to a lively debate between our pickle lover, Lexi, and our pickle hater, Tassie, and you guys will be the ones determining who won this debate. That's right, we're on a mission to bridge the gap between pickle lovers and haters, one crunchy bite at a time. So to get this debate started, I want to know your guys' main reasons for why you love pickles and why you hate pickles. So let's start with you, Tassie, why do you hate pickles? I just really don't like the texture and I don't like that all I can taste is vinegar. So Lexi, why do you love pickles? I don't really notice the vinegar taste, I feel like if it's on a sandwich or something, it's just complimenting the food, otherwise it just has a good taste and I really like the crunchiness of the pickle. So there's crunchy pickles, there's soggy pickles, do you not like soggy pickles at all, you'll only eat crunchy ones? Not really, I really hate the burger pickle chips, but just a regular crunchy pickle, I love those. I'll usually take off a soggy pickle if it's on my burger. Interesting that you'll remove the pickle from the food as a pickle lover. So there's also the difference between homemade and store-bought pickles, do you have a preference on those? I always think homemade pickles are way better, they're just made with more love and I think it's probably more time taken to make them a pickle, but you can never go wrong with a store-bought pickle. So Cassie, because you prefer homemade pickles, have you tried homemade pickles versus store-bought pickles to see if you really like them? So actually yes I have, because all of my friends are pickle lovers and so basically our entire lives they've just been trying to get me to like pickles, so they've made me try so many types of store-bought, and then my best friend's family actually makes homemade pickles, and her and her mom are just like convinced that I will love them every year, and so I try one every year and I have yet to like it. I think it's interesting that you say that all of your friends are pickle lovers and you're a pickle hater. That reminds me of this thing I've heard of called the Pickle Theory. Oh yeah, I saw that on TikTok. It's pretty much the idea of opposites attract and a pickle lover and a pickle hater belong together. Actually, that theory came from a theory from one of my favorite shows called How I Met Your Mother, called the Olive Theory, where two of the main characters, Marshall and Lily, are convinced that since one of them loves olives and one of them hates olives, they are perfectly compatible. Well I guess you're proving the theory to be true, Cassie, since you and I have become great friends over this semester. Well actually, even in the show, it turns out that both Marshall and Lily actually love olives, so I don't know. Well hey now, this is the Pickle Theory, not the Olive Theory. Well that's all we have time for today. Let us know in the comments if you believe in the Pickle Theory. And there you have it, another episode of Deliberate in the Pickle Jar. Whether you're a pickle lover, hater, or somewhere in between, we hope you enjoyed this journey into the world of pickles. Until next time, pickle on!

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