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The speaker discusses their journey from being anti-cannabis to pro-cannabis. They grew up in a community where cannabis was seen as bad due to misinformation. Their children started experimenting with cannabis, which initially upset the speaker. However, their perspective changed when they started working for a cannabis company and learned about its medicinal benefits. They discovered that cannabis is used to treat various illnesses, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. The speaker questions why cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug while opioids, which have caused countless deaths, are classified as Schedule 2. They believe that the pharmaceutical industry's profit motives play a role in this. The speaker also discusses how cannabis helped someone they love overcome opioid addiction. They argue that people should have the right to choose a safer alternative for pain management. The conversation ends with a discussion about society's perception of cannabis and how it is seen as harder Now we're going to talk about cannabis, we're going to talk about the evolution of cannabis and we're definitely going to talk about how I went from anti-cannabis to pro-cannabis. And I am sitting here among some very awesome people that experienced my transformation. So what do you guys think about where I started with cannabis and where I am now that led me to not only write a book about cannabis but launch a podcast about cannabis and we now own 200 acres of cannabis farmland. What do you guys think about that? I think I should say this first, to be honest, I should be able to move back in because the only reason I got kicked out was because I smoked weed. And that is not the only reason you got kicked out. And I never kicked you out. You just threatened me. So that is not what we're here to talk about today. No, you're not moving back in. So what do you guys, come on, let's talk about the things that have transpired. And I will tell you, I grew up in Arkansas, number one, the fact that I grew up in Arkansas country, we were taught that cannabis was dope. And this was talked about because everyone was misinformed and uneducated about the benefits of cannabis because of how, you know, based upon the DARE program, the war against drugs, all of this led up to our parents teaching us and we being taught in school that this was bad. So I passed this along to my own children, but they didn't pay me any attention. They decided to experiment on their own. How did that work? It went well. I am a very experienced pothead still to this day. Yeah, I mean, it's still going good. I mean, it's legal now, so he can say that. At least he lives in a legal state, so he can say that. I never stole it either. So when did you first experiment with cannabis? It was after high school. Tell me about it. I rode up. I smoked. And I was high. But no, but no, but no. I was with some people. I was in a session. You know what a session is? No, what is a session? A smoke session. So you were in this smoke session. So you were in this smoke session. Did they offer you the cannabis? Or how did all that go? And the reason I'm asking these questions is because number one, it takes me back to why legal dispensaries are important. Because the cannabis that you had your session with was purchased from a street vendor. And you had no idea on how that cannabis was grown or what was used. So tell me about that smoke session. We were together. We decided if we wanted to smoke some weed. We said yeah. We pulled up to a spot. We rode up and we smoked seven, eight blunts. At that time, that was my first time smoking. I was high, I kid you not. For a whole week. For a whole week, off that one session. That's when I started smoking. When was your first time? With this young fella here. Me? You started using? Yep. This is our case. He always asked me if I wanted to take a hit, try it. I did. I took two hits and I was high out of my mind. Ever since then. And you? When did you start? My first time was on my 16th birthday. Now this is the truth. This is real talk. I'm not going to say did I continue it after my 16th birthday. It was also with this one. And his friend Josh. And our cousins that came up here. So it was all four of us. And I remember that night very vividly. Because y'all bought pot pies that night. I was a little paranoid, not going to lie. But I ate that chicken. We all went downstairs to disappear. I think we all crashed in the basement. But we put on a movie and crashed in the basement. But we ate that chicken. I was high. I was too. I was paranoid. It was a lot going on. And we smoked in the snow. So all of this is new to me. It is very new to me. And this is my first time hearing it. So I recall the first time I noticed that one of mine had been smoking. He walked into the house. And I noticed his eyes were red. And so he was supposed to start washing dishes. And so I looked at him. And I said, you are high. You are high. You have been smoking. And what did he say? He had some buffalo wings, apparently. So I was told that he had. I'm not high. I just ate buffalo wings. So this is the type of interaction that we have had in regards to how cannabis made its way into my house. And I will tell you, as a mother, I was upset. And, yes, I threatened to kick my kids out. I threatened to send one to NCASA. I threatened to call the police on one. I purchased drug tests, at-home drug tests. And I was going to piss test them. Because I needed to know. I wanted to know. So let's fast forward to a few years. I'm on the job. I'm a cyber security data privacy consultant guru. And I was assigned to a cannabis company to help them to develop their security road map. And I was assigned to a cannabis company to help them to develop their security road map. To help them to develop their security road map to protect their premises. And during that time, I was a little, still, had cannabis stigma in my head. And why was I assigned to this company? And this was dope. And I didn't want any part of this. Only to be assigned to this organization for over a year. And I realized at that particular time that we all have been lied to for years. We have been lied to in regards to what cannabis actually was. And where cannabis actually came from. And they made me start to do my own research. In regards to this drug that has been pushed and talked about as being of the devil. It's dope. I never knew the medicinal benefit of cannabis until I started working at that company. It was at that particular time I learned that cannabis not only treats various illnesses. That it's used in the treatment for cancer patients. It's used in the treatment for HIV AIDS patients. It's just used, medicinal. And that it made me start to do my own research. That cannabis back in 1930's or way before then was the medicine of choice. Until the pharmaceutical company stepped in. And once the pharmaceutical company stepped in, they shut all of this down along with the help of Harry Anslinger. And that's when they started to develop and fabricate stories about cannabis. And for what reason to this day, we know that it's monetary. Because if they can put in the minds of people about what cannabis is and what it is not. And how bad cannabis is. Then what it does, it continues to push us. And allow the doctors to prescribe opioids. Which is the main reason that we are now dealing with the opioid addiction crisis. And that very crisis is the reason why I am head hung, gung ho on righting the wrong in regards to cannabis. I have someone that I love very dearly. That was battling opioid addiction. And for years, I felt helpless. And it wasn't until I started educating myself about cannabis. That I finally sat down and had a conversation with this person. And I talked to them vividly and candidly. That if they did not make change in regards to the use of opioids that they were killing themselves. And she listens. And to this day, she is now free from opioid addiction. But that's one person out of millions. Or how many millions of people have died from opioid addiction. I have one question and I want you guys to think about it. Cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 drug. Opioid is listed as a Schedule 2. There has been no reported death for the use of cannabis. But millions have died at the hands of opioids. But doctors still prescribe opioids daily. Make it make sense. Help me to understand how a plant that is grown from the earth is a Schedule 1 drug. When opioids are made in a kitchen, cooked up, is a Schedule 2 and is freely given out. Is it fair that people do not have the right to choose a safer alternative to treat their pain? And how they want to be treated. And be forced at the hands of physicians to take drugs that not only mask the symptoms of what they're being treated for. But causes other symptoms that they have to continue to do that revolving door at different doctors. Being sent to a specialist. Help me to understand how that makes sense. Well it only makes sense because it's based on money. How much money are they charging for these drugs that they're making. Versus weed is natural. For one it's a plant. And two, you never heard of nobody dying of weed. Never. So of course they're going to push the medication so that the pharmaceutical companies can still bring in billions and trillions and stuff a year. Because that's what they want you to do. Because obviously they're going to give you medication. But it's going to cause other problems. So you can keep coming back and keep having to get other medications so they can still make money. So they can still use the people to make profit. That's what they want. What do you think? What was the question? So why do you think that society is still so adamant about cannabis? I feel as if you can't really control cannabis because it's a plant. Anybody can grow cannabis. But not everybody can go in their crib and make their own pills to help out or whatever. So they'd rather push that because they can have more control over that. Instead of trying to push weed when all you need is some seeds and you can grow that in your backyard. You can't really control that. And weed doesn't make you bring up other symptoms. It doesn't cause any harmful things to your body or anything. It's a healing herb. So of course they're going to make it. I mean now a lot of states are trying to make it legal but a lot of states are also on the other side. It depends on how much you consume too. Weed can kind of screw you up. Weed can kill you. It can kill you. It can make you do some shit. I'm going to get up. But I ain't never heard nobody get high. You're going to cook a good meal. You're going to eat good and you're going to chew. I ain't never really seen nobody get high and spaz out. I never heard of nobody that may have had maybe certain medical issues and smoked and said it made it worse. Or just didn't come up. Oh it cured this but it made me have this. Like I never heard that. So it really is less bad things coming from marijuana than it is the drugs that they're trying to push out to people. Do I have to answer this? Because I don't really have an opinion. You don't have a rebuttal? Nah. I'm just showing them. So is it for pills or weed? Pills. 2-5 pills. That's what the pharmaceutical drug is. Are you for pills or are you for weed? I'd rather pop a Percocet or smoke a one. Weed heals everything. That's what I'm saying. That's de-medicine. What I will say is though, when I first, even though I was introduced to weed at 16, based off the feeling, I ain't going to say I continued it after that because it definitely took me a while. That was my first and last time. I didn't continue it throughout high school so don't take that. Because I definitely went through all the rest of high school without touching weed. So you can be proud of that. I just started really getting into it heavily until really I found myself being depressed. And me being depressed and being around people that were like smoking just kind of helped me just temporarily kill all those depressive thoughts and feelings. So it kind of made me just be mellow and in the moment without having to feel what I was going through at that moment. And that's another thing because studies have shown that cannabis actually treats depression and anxiety without the side effects of putting people on Xanax and all the other medications that they have out there. So true, it is. And there are a lot of medicinal purposes that are out there for cannabis that need to be evaluated. And although we have states that are legalizing marijuana, it's not going to be until the federal government legalized marijuana to where there is open access to more weed and not just in the state. So it is true, you cannot transport cannabis from across state lines. So the weed that you're getting has to be the weed that is within the state that you reside in. But if and when, and we're going to say when, not if, the federal government legalizes marijuana, it opens up to be able to get that transport. More access to different strains of weed. Yes, weed has its medicinal purposes. Yes, it can be abused. Yes, there are people that do abuse cannabis, but it has not killed them. Not like the abuse of heroin and opioids. So this has been an awesome conversation. And this is the opening trailer to my podcast that will also accompany the launching of my book, Cannabirl Talk. Thank you for joining us today. If any of you guys have anything else that you want to share, you want to say, any stories. Alright, you guys have a good night and we look forward to episode one of Cannabirl Talk. That's what I'm saying. Talk about my experiences. Well, you need to first start talking about why you started getting interested. Why were you so anal? I was anal? You've been waiting to say that, huh? I don't think that I was anal. I think that I came into it according to how it was brought up. Never listened to it. What made you change? What changed in you that made you say, okay, well, I didn't like it. I didn't agree with it. But let me just start with my research. The knowledge of what we really do. So what changed me, as I stated, is when I started working for the cannabis company that I was assigned to. And I started doing my own research. And once I started doing my own research, I started to develop a sense that for years we had been lied to. And that cannabis was not a culprit. That cannabis was actually a healing property. And so that is how I began to make the shift from being anti to pro. Is when I started realizing that there was benefits to cannabis. Not just the psycho effect, but see, what people fail to understand is that CBD, hemp, is also cannabis. And they have both the same properties. It's just that one has the psycho effect and CBD does not. But they still have the same healing properties. So case in point, I suffer from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Because of my job and the requirements, I suffer and I suffer from pain daily. Because I'm not allowed to use cannabis. But my doctor has written several prescriptions for oxycodone, Percocet, and other schedule 2 drugs. That will cause me to become an addict. And I refuse to take it. So because I refuse to take the medications that are being prescribed to me, I deal with that pain every day. I wake up every morning at 4 o'clock. I sit on the side of the bed and I warm up like an old beauty. To allow myself time to start moving. Because I wake up, I'm still, I'm in pain. That is the only recourse I had because I refused to take the narcotics that the doctors are prescribing me. I do, however, now, use hemp. I use CBD to help treat my pain, to help me sleep at night, and it helps. Why are people not allowed that same choice to have access to an alternative safe? To treat their pain, to treat their issues, and not just be subject. And I will say, I walked outside a couple of times and saw my child. I think we should talk about your experience first. Come on, come on. Alright, I got something to say. So, what is it that you said about my brownies? I just thought you were going to go in there about your experiences with cannabis. Oh. Sorry, I was going to brown you. So, I mean, it's only right up here. We're all coming out through it. And obviously, you had a problem with it initially. So, it's only right to talk about your personal experiences as far as starting out with the edibles. So, my personal experiences. This one particular time, I was in extreme, extreme, extreme, extreme pain. I was going through a lupus flare. I was confined to the bed. And I had a friend. Well, I have a friend who lives in another state. And she said, girl, I'm about to send you something. And so, she brought me some brownies. That was my first experience was eating that brownie. And I did not, me being uneducated about cannabis still, I didn't know what eating an edible would make me feel like. And I will say, I ate that edible and my pain was gone. I slept good. And I don't remember anything else other than my daughter saying that I came to the bedroom door. And I opened up the door and I said, Kira, I ate my brownie. And then I closed the door and went back to bed. I don't remember saying that to her. But it was just as vivid to her that it was funny. So then fast forward to my daughter being in the garage. And she was partaking in her cannabis. And I wanted to know what it felt like. So what did I say to you, Kira? Yeah, it was very awkward for once. Because coming from somebody who was so against it in the beginning. And obviously, I'm trying to tap out of it a long time. And trying to, you know, get out there and be my maker for a while. And she comes out. And I rolled down my window and she says to me, Kira, I want to get high too. Can you blow some of that in my mouth? And that threw me back because that is so weird. I'm like your mom is the one. Like I know you are okay with it now. But it's like that's still weird because I think everybody or any child would feel weird talking to their parents. At least I did it fastly for somebody who was just so hard on it being wrong. And we're not supposed to do it. So that kind of confused me a little bit. But trust me, I did not blow it in her mouth. I told her to get away from me. And I made her ruin the house. Because it just threw me off and I didn't want her to ruin my house. So, yeah, that was a good experience. So again, thank you guys. And please do not let this be the last episode that you tune in. We will have some awesome guests. We will have some awesome topics coming up. And always tune in to Canada Girl Talk.

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