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Feedback LP


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To develop a positive relationship with feedback, the speaker suggests a learning project. They advise coaches to ask their students to bring in two specific examples of feedback every week. This includes one example where they sought feedback and reflected on it, and another where they learned something about themselves and are committed to improving based on the feedback. This approach helps create a positive association with feedback. Now, when it comes to the learning project and you're coaching someone who needs to develop a more positive relationship with feedback, one of the simplest things that you can do is to literally say to somebody, John, every week I want you to come in with two examples specific to feedback. One where you sought feedback and just reflected. And then number two, what's one thing you learned about yourself through the feedback that you're positively committed to improving? Now that's a self-awareness question that we teach. What is one thing you learned about yourself from the feedback that you are positively committed to improving? What that does is it frames out a reaction, yet it also creates a positive association with this thing called feedback.

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