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MCLB hosts Glacier Finance

MCLB hosts Glacier Finance


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The speaker discusses the code base of Glacier Finance and mentions that they started with a base of Velodrome, which had some undisclosed exploits. They have fixed those issues and are using Velodrome with the fixes. The speaker also introduces their developer, DeFi Mark, who will be conducting internal audits of the contracts. They mention not being a fan of rebases and state that Glacier will not have any rebases. The speaker is not familiar with any boosts in the code base and mentions wanting to add weighted pools as a novel feature to the DEX. They believe that weighted pools would be interesting and secure more total value locked (TVL) into the platform. The speaker also discusses the concept of an eight-token ETF and its potential benefits. They mention that the founder of Glacier Finance prefers to stay in the shadows, which is not uncommon in the industry. All right, well, I guess we should get the show started, huh? Yeah, let's get it going. All right, well, you know, like, me personally, I would like to say that the community is the foundation of any DeFi product. But setting that aside, and maybe we can come back to that later, maybe we can just say that perhaps the foundation would be the code base. So can you tell us, with Glacier Finance, what code base you started with? And without revealing anything prior to launching and whatnot, can you also tell us what fundamental changes you've made in the functionality of the code base? Yeah, so we started with a base of Velodrome, which is what we're currently working on right now. The good news is I've had conversations with Athena's founder and Equalizer's founder, who both used Velodrome contracts originally as well. There's a couple of things that Velodrome didn't make public that were exploits. Not necessarily – I don't think they were necessarily exploits, but they could have bricked contracts. One of those being double-voting bricks of the gauge for certain LPPs. And then there was another one that I'd have to go reach back out to my developer to figure out. But they've told us that they weren't made public, and they actually had to have bug bounties go out and fix them. But we are using Velodrome with those fixes in mind. So those are some of the early implementations. And just to kind of talk about who my developer is, is DeFi Mark. He runs a U.S.-based development company that works on Solidity contracts. There's 18 U.S.-based devs. They're LLCs in the States. And he is, of course, the leader of it. He worked at Certik for over a year. He's built over 1,000 custom contract solutions. He is quite good. So he'll be doing internal audits of all the contracts separately, but we also will have an audit beforehand for public consumption before we go live. Nice, nice. Yeah, I think one of the, yeah, there are a little, yeah, some little issues here and there that can break things. I think another one is, like, a rewards overflow. Yeah, we don't have to get too deep into all that. But, yeah, it's good you've got good people on your team because that's always something really important. Yeah, good developers in this space are few and far between, sadly. But the good news is most of the ones that are still here in the space are pretty genuine because they know that there's not a ton of money to be made at this moment. So all the people that kind of just came in and did all their scamming are kind of outside of this. They're looking for money elsewhere because they probably blew all their bags doing something stupid. I hope all the scammers, you know. Right, right. Yeah, it's definitely time to build and build and be patient and just keep working towards a better future. Yep. So what about some of the functionality of these contracts, like, kind of the bigger things, like rebases for issue? Because I know you spoke about Thena and Equalizer. I personally don't know the Thena crew, but, you know, I was a phantom junkie from back in the day. So, you know, Hoops and Gorgory, they're awesome people. And 543, he's amazing. And they got Jay on there now, and he's really doing a banged up job, I think, really putting out the work. And, you know, so Thena kept some of the rebase in and Equalizer got rid of rebases altogether. So what are you doing with the rebase issue? So I don't like rebases. And so my thinking is, is that rebases are a way for people that got in early to kind of secure their position in governance, especially if you're doing, like, initial distributions out to protocols and stuff. It's kind of essential that you make these protocols still continue to engage and buy Glacier and re-add it to their position and continue building that position. So I feel like rebases, it kind of cuts that off at the legs and really does cut some demand off of that token that's so important, being your governance token. So I'm not a fan of rebases, and Glacier won't have any rebases. Yeah, I completely agree with everything you said there, to be honest. Okay, and then so what about the boost? Are you going to do boosts? Are you going to work on people to plug in convex style layers over the boosts, or are the boosts getting gutted? So which boosts are you specifically referring to? The boost for, like, governance voting? I'm sorry, you'll have to clarify it because I don't have any boosts right now as it stands. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I might have cut out for a minute there. Yeah, sorry. Like I said, I'm in the woods. I'm on Starlink. Sometimes it cuts out if that happens. I apologize. You are out there. Yeah, got your Starlink. Okay. Yeah, I'm not familiar with any boosts that we have in our code base right now. So I'm going to have to—I'll opt out, and I can come back and tell you what DeFiMarkz is. But as it stands right now, I don't see any boosts. Right, right. Okay. Yeah, fair enough. I mean, yeah, the boost thing is an interesting concept. I think it could be implemented well, but it opens a lot of doors for politics, kind of. Does Sina have it? I'll look it up right now. I don't think Sina does. I know Equalizer doesn't. So Velo maybe? No, I don't believe Velo has it either. I do know some have left it in, but I don't think any of them have it. But that's okay. We're talking about your protocol now. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I mean, I hate not knowing an answer. But again, since I'm not familiar with any boosts from any of the code base that we've seen, then that's why I don't know. I didn't know any of them had boosts. That's why I was asking. I was like, did Sina or any of them? But yeah, not for right now. I don't know anything about it. Fair enough, fair enough. So then is there anything besides that, is there anything that you guys consider special that you might be doing with the functionality of the code base that separates you from everyone else? Yeah, so before Glacier became this style of DEX, the V33 style DEX, we actually worked on it for quite some time as a balancer DEX, and we built it out for about three or four months. We got some information that I can't share publicly that would have, and you can read kind of between the lines here, is that there was going to be some steep competition in that category by someone I could not take on. So we had to pivot. So there were some things that we really were going to add as novel features to that balancer style DEX that we really want to add over to Glacier as the V33 style. But one of the main ones that I want to add that's on our roadmap is that we really want weighted pools. I think weighted pools in a solidly style DEX would be quite fantastic, because I feel like solidly is like a stripped down version of balancer in a lot of angles, except there's a lot more user engagement. It's more, I think it's more degen approached. So I think it'd be really fun, because I feel like balancer style is more of an investment platform, and these V33 DEXs are more game-fi and trading, which I actually like a lot better. So I really think a weighted style pool with up to eight token ETFs would be an interesting mixture of the two. So those are one of the things that we're going for very early on. Yeah, I think it's been a minute for me. I remember the Velodrome Medium article where they're talking about their V2, and I do believe that was something that was in an article saying that they're going to work towards for their V2 as well. Yeah, I'm assuming after the conversations I've had with Hoops and Themis Founder, that other parties are probably going to try and implement it as well, because they've also seen Velo start talking about it. And it's one of those things that if you can add something like an eight token ETF, why wouldn't you? It just secures more TVL into the platform, right? Right, and especially, I think it's kind of cool, because with balancer and BTOV and X as well, I'm a big fan of BTOV and X and their level of professionality and everyone over there. It's cool because then users can put up their own multi-token pools. And then if they have some BNFPs sitting around or they want to put some bribes on it to get some emissions to themselves, I think that's a really cool concept. Someone called me out in chat, but yes, I agree. Yeah, I agree. And also, one of the things that I really like about the eight token ETF is if you have a lot of people that just want to invest in the platform, one of the cool things is that you can put any one of the eight tokens in, and you get swap fees for all of that, which really helps V33 users, because 100% of that revenue goes right back to you all. And I think that really helps engage a bunch of people that just may have a big bag of BTC and wants to put an ETF into it to separate those funds. And you get a lot of swap fees from that way. But someone in the chat did call me out. Yes, I'm not going to claim that, what you just said. But yeah, the founder, I think, is obviously kind of known now, but he still kind of stays in the shadows, which I've noticed a lot about all of these large projects. I don't know if you have Sunfire. There's so many people on alts on these big platforms. It's quite odd to me. Yeah, I mean, my personal perspective is maybe that it's not necessarily quote-unquote odd. I kind of almost feel like that might be the natural way of things, you know, like people get involved, they get experience in the space, they make connections, and they utilize those assets and create other platforms, you know, whether they choose to do it in an add-on alt fashion or not, you know, it is what it is. I don't know. I'm not going to really comment on that. Yeah, I mean, odd so much as in, like, I guess because I'm so out there and publicly doxxed. And I also have a very unique style of speaking, and I obviously do weekly AMAs in every project that I'm in. So I feel like I could not accomplish that goal of being able to move to different platforms under different names. But the leader of Thena is an extremely good guy, and he gave me so much knowledge. So I'm very appreciative to have met him. So I'm not trying to say anything bad about him. I just want to clear that up. Right, right. Yeah, no, I didn't assume that was where it was going for sure, for sure. So circling back around to the community aspect of it, you know, one thing that I think Equalizer did really well is management of their treasury assets. You know, 543 put up that lock bonus program. They were doing bribe matches with partners. They were also bribing Equal onto different pools where they kind of wanted to direct some more emissions. So what are your plans as far as that kind of stuff's concerned with the treasury management and how you're going to use it? Yeah, so the three you just hit on were some of the three that me and my advisor are like the most gut-ho about. I think bribe matching for new partners, especially if they don't have a lot of early capital to put in, but they're lucrative partnerships that we feel like will gain user acquisition, which is one of the main focuses early on for me specifically. But also what we were going to originally do is something that Equalizer actually did was a liquidity bootstrapping pool, is what I would call it, where we give out vGlacier for some of the lucrative pairs that we feel like would be very early success on the platform, such as like AVAX, USDC, Glacier AVAX, some of the top 10 pairings that we feel like would drive a lot of volume in TVL. We were going to give out XS vGlacier. But after talking with Hoops, he said, listen, man, you got to scrap that. It was a pain in the ass. Focus those emissions on something else. So we kind of backtracked on that one. And now we have a lot more emissions early on for bribe matching. And we really want to do lock bonuses as well. We are going to do a max lock of one year. I don't think that four years and I know this is kind of off topic, but I don't think that four years really in DeFi is necessarily something anyone wants to commit to. Even one year is kind of stretching it. And we understand that. So we're going to try and reduce the lock period to at least one year. I know that I think Equalizer has 26 weeks, so they understand that as well. I think a four year lock in DeFi is damn near permanent. So that's another thing that I just wanted to clarify as well. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I agree. That's even one year, you know, yeah, is a pretty big commitment in DeFi, man. Even a week is a long time in DeFi. You're like, what the hell happened when you look at the charts? Yeah, no, it's been a wild ride, especially being full time in this space. You know, it's been a wild one. I guess I could explain a little bit of my background if you're OK with it to your community. I don't know how many people actually know where I came from or the story of where I came into DeFi. And I like to tell it because I think you were talking about community. And it kind of shows like how I'm how impacted I am by my community and how committed I am to it. So if you're OK with it, I'll kind of go on a little 10 minute tangent here. I mean, please do go ahead. I mean, this is we like to we like to do this stuff to get the MCLB crew involved. You know, it's kind of MCLB started, I think, is, you know, like a group of validators and validators and then kind of grew into like, you know, just a crew of people sharing investment information and stuff. And the server is kind of like an informational hub. Everyone's just giving each other tips. And it's a great place for knowledge and whatnot. You know, so we do this to keep our community informed. But, you know, ultimately, like this is your show right now. So please take it away. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, my name my real name is Austin, by the way. And I've been publicly docked since about the second or third month I went full time. And so the way that I did it was I was running or I became a mod in a two fork. And hopefully everybody kind of is deejaying enough to know what two forks are. Yeah, on AVAX, you probably all have heard of it. It was Snowtomb or not Snowtomb, Snowy Owl and Arctic Fox. And it was a one month two four commissions. So if you can look at it like this, two was three hundred sixty five days of emissions for the share token. This was a 30 day one. And so it was obviously very deejay. I got asked early on to come on board to the team as a moderator. I learned very early on that the developers were either young. They weren't docks. They were not. And they were giving up pretty fast. They were just throwing some shit up there and trying to make a bag. But I started, you know, I was kind of new, you know, and I really didn't like that. They were just kind of leaving the community like out to dry realistically. And so what I did was I started chatting with people 15 to 18 hours a day, making marketing connections. And again, just a moderator. And there was four other moderators that weren't saying a word. So I was working 15, 18 hours a day, just gung ho, trying to make things work. And I really kept pegged for over 24 days on a 30 day two four commissions. And we did a fantastic job with that. The developers, again, kind of ceased to exist. And I did eventually find out who they were and convinced them to give me over the contracts. And all the moderators kind of just gave up. All the developers just gave up. And they were renounced contracts. So I had $100,000 treasury of mostly the assets that were built in there. I did a lot that I could, but realistically there was not much more I could do. So what I did was I shifted. I made some connections in the space. And I built Frozen Walrus, which I'm still currently running. And I gave a huge Genesis allocation to all the Snowy Owl and Arctic Fox tokens. And so Frozen Walrus actually went extremely well. And we had about $9 million TVL probably after the second month. And we're doing really fantastic. Of course, like all other two forks, it was hyperinflationary in the market that was kind of on the mend. And once it broke, like everything else, there was a bank run. And we're still fighting that bank run and trying to soak up supply. But there was a certain contract that we did to try and repair that sentiment and that PEG token that ended up costing me a lot. So over that two and a half months, I had amassed over $400,000 of stables in the treasury. And we had built a back-to-PEG campaign through this contract. It became insolvent. And so what was going to happen was people were either going to lose 75% of their investment, or I could give all $400,000 back to the community from that treasury, leaving me kind of dry to do any kind of development and make everybody about 90% to 95% whole. Of course, that's what I chose. And I'd just like to say that story because I've been very adamant about having a lot of honesty and integrity in the space. I felt like it was an issue that I could feel initially. And I think I've done quite well in it. I haven't been in any kind of scandals, and I always try and choose to do the right thing. And so I think it's just really important to say that I built Frozen Walrus from the ground up with zero marketing. I ended up gaining over 2,000 to 3,000 members. So community-oriented has kind of always been my main focus. And I think that's going to really help us when we get into this v33-style DEX. We have a huge amount of users that are already ready for user acquisition, and we have a foundation to build on. So there's already that trust that's there. And I think it's really helpful to get something like this v33-style DEX started. So I always try and tell that story. Yeah, that's awesome, man. You know, it's kind of funny. We have maybe a slightly similar story, actually. But for me, it was actually Tomb. I was a Tomb mod right after Harry took over. All through the peak, man. 1.5 billion TVL and 28k t-shares, man. Like, what a ride. But yeah, community, in my opinion, is huge. I think the community at large is a huge untapped resource. And I think the first protocol that really figures it out, how to utilize the community. Because, you know, people come in. They're really gung-ho. They're excited. They have skills. They want to contribute. But then, like, a week later, they're on to something else, right? But if you can get community to contribute, but then also reward them for that through bounties and whatnot. But also, like, commemorate it, you know? Like, make sure that they are known for their contributions in some way. Which I think there's a lot of, like, intermediary protocols that are working on that kind of stuff. But yeah, community is huge. And it's good that you've got community backing behind you. And one thing that I liked about you guys that ties into this and everything you're saying is what you're saying with your initial seed. Because I see a lot of protocols. And I'm not trying to assign values to this, whether it's negative or positive or whatever, you know? People's business is their business. It's just the fact that some protocols are doing, you know, huge pre-seed sales before even launching. And once again, this is just me and my opinion, my perspective. I'm just like, what are you going to do with all that money, right? So you guys have only raised in a pre-seed, I think you told me when I was harassing you in your server, about $25K. Is that correct? No, I wish it was that low. So, you know, we came in with little funding and are very grassroots. Now, the people that I've found in my community are mainly the people that are backing me. There's about four to five members that wanted to put up the capital. So we've raised so far about $100K. And so all of this stuff is there's a certain allocation of Glacier that's going out, and it's 100% Lock-V Glacier. So it'll be the one year max. And it's about 15% total. Obviously, I have to, you know, pay for some things, infrastructure costs and everything else. And considering I haven't been paid in almost eight months, I don't have a large stake to be able to pay these guys. But I want to make sure everyone's fairly compensated. But it's always the thing with me is that, you know, I spoke with Equalizer and I spoke with Thena. And both parties went drastically different routes. One raised a ton of capital and the other one raised no capital. So I think that, you know, my main goal here is to make sure and how I've always been with everything that I've done is to make sure that, you know, if I allow VCs into this or if I allow any kind of early investment into this, how do I make it where these VCs aren't mercenary capital? And I obviously know the people that are investing in me now aren't mercenary capital. So I'm not too concerned about that. But if I were to ever open that door, how do I make sure that it's not mercenary capital? One of those ways is, of course, locking it to V Glacier. But the other is making sure you don't open the door to anybody that wants to come in like a pre-sale round. I know that there are some of these, you know, some of these V33s popping up now that are offering straight up ICOs. I won't be offering anything like that. And most of the time it would have to be people that are already running protocols that want to invest into early governance to help their own protocol out. People like, you know, Fiery Dev and other people that have came out to reach out to me. But the main goal is to make sure that these people are just long-term investors in the platform, not somebody that's coming in, getting a bag and then dumping. And I struggle with that quite often. I actually hate raising capital because it does feel like you're always on the verge of, you know, giving them too much. And I think that we are giving a decent deal. But I don't think it's at the cost of the end user that would be using the platform on a daily basis or something that people have to be concerned about. But just to be transparent, we have raised more than $25K. And we may raise a little bit more. But all of that, again, anything else that we get actually wouldn't go to specifically DevRunway. Because like you said, what would you actually use that money for? The really most impactful way that you can use any of that raised capital after you paid all the infrastructure costs and developer fees and everything else is actually putting it into initial liquidity to put some stability behind that token. And then the other one that I would use it for would be bribe incentives, some of the really good payers that could drive a lot of avalanche volume. Because right now, there really isn't another place to get these APRs on avalanche. If we could take down the king on avalanche currently and really get some early deep liquidity via these heavy bribes, maybe we put like 10K bribes a week on the first couple epochs for like AVAX or BTCB and make some very lucrative pairings for these early users. And some of the bigger platforms that may only trust people like Trader Joe with centralized submission models, we show them another way, we show them another ecosystem, and we drive a lot of early success our way. Yeah, honestly, I can't agree more with everything you said. Yeah, the opening up the door for pre-seed, I also agree. Me personally, at least, you know, it can be tricky. Yeah, you got to watch out for people that are just they want to they want to buy it up and then dump on the first peak, which is, of course, remedied by distributing it locked. But also you want trustworthy people who are going to be there for the good of the protocol. And like you say, mercenary capital, you touched on so many things there. Let me let me rewind for a bit. You mentioned you mentioned Fiery and you also mentioned you might possibly raise a little more. So I have to do this for all my MCLB family is, you know, can so what's up? Can MCLB get in on, you know, some action here? That's happened in the past with another with another solid fork on another chain. You know, some some private private seed was extended to MCLB through Fiery and then the MCLB community forwarded monies to Fiery. And, you know, if you know, if we could if we could do something similar, you know, that would be really, really nifty. Because I I really do like I like you guys. I like that you're launching on AVAX because one thing you don't have to deal with is working in the volume capture shadow of any uni V3 concentrated liquidity stuff. I don't know what the new TJ concentrated liquidity stuff is going on. I don't even know if they launched that yet. But I think you have a unique opportunity on the AVAX chain. So, you know, if we can if you can talk with Fiery at some point and work out some kind of deal and and maybe let us, you know, us little fish get in on a little something. I would love to have some some Locke Glacier and I would love to come by your discord and bug you every day. Yeah. Yeah. So just to also be transparent, because we'll probably put it in the documentations as well. And I'm just kind of a transparent person is that, you know, the the seed cells that I'm selling, they were anything above twenty five K's. I haven't really opened the doors much bigger than that as far as like smaller investment packages. Nothing that I won't. But we have some groundwork to do as far as like how we want to offer it to other users. And so we're doing a what I consider a pretty undervalued approach to it. We're selling at a four point five million FDV. And that's what we're launching with is a three cent launch price with one hundred fifty million tokens. And we are giving these VC investors a hundred percent VLOC Glacier for one year at a two cent price point. So I think it is quite lucrative. I understand that a lot of people are wanting to get into it. The only deal is, is that, you know, the reason that I've even spoken with Fiery or anybody else that I'm allowed to invest in is because either they have something as far as user acquisition to bring or see some. They want to participate in governance for a very long period of time and not saying that you all don't. But it's easier to trust whenever there's tokens getting involved as far as listing on the site. And those are people that I know are going to be long term holders, if that makes sense. Not saying again that I won't offer it up to other communities, because, of course, we want to raise as much capital as we think that we actually need and not be wasteful with it. And just saying, hey, let's raise X amount of dollars and then just sit on our ass. I don't really like raising capital. I've already expressed that. So I want to be efficient with what we're raising. But again, I think that you all have been very welcoming to me ever since I came in. There was a lot of people that reached out to me just for joining this Discord and even talking about it. So I'm very appreciative of the opportunities that you all gave me early on. So if there's anything that I can do as far as early seed sales for participating parties in this Discord, I'll 100 percent make it known and maybe come back and do an AMA about exactly what the offer would be. Yeah, man, that would be great. I mean, I don't know. I'm assuming that in your Discord you're going to be having updates and announcements. So I'm going to be there as soon as your LP drops. I'm going to be there to get some tokens anyways. But yeah, I'll leave it up to you and Fiery. If you all can work something out, though, you know, that'd be amazing if we could get some, you know, through the consolidation of MCLB and then branch that out in smaller pieces to the MCLB users. That would be awesome. Yeah, I know that you all have your fingers in a lot of V33 DEXs, which is also fantastic because the users that I would be giving any kind of initial token distribution to, to you all, would be in the hands of people that understand the model and participating in governance. And then, you know, it's – I saw a question in the AMA text from Cass, and he said, how do you plan – sorry if I'm speaking and you were going to pick these up later. I just always read these. I'm so used to doing my AMAs. How do you plan to retain market share after the initial crazy APRs fall off? It's a good question. I think that some of these are going to be more factual, and other things are going to be kind of more opinionated. So apologies, but these are just how I feel about the situation. So, you know, one of the things is, is that the initial APRs, again, what you have to assume is that what we have to do early on is build trust in the foundation of, like, executing the actual platform and launching something that's, you know, efficient and works as far as, like, security. And once we launch that and are allowed to navigate on AVAX and people actually trust parking big liquidity in there, I think we have a very long while before these APRs, including bribes and also just emissions of Glacier, were to fall anywhere near the next biggest category, which is Trader Joe. So I think that, realistically, we have a lot of time to grow into that market share with having competitive APRs for quite some time. Now, you know, if we get there past in a year or six months, you know, we have plans to implement things like the weighted pools and other things that I don't want to discuss publicly yet. But we do have other plans. But I think this part, again, is opinionated a little bit, is that I think that there's a niche for the trust factor. You know, Trader Joe is a completely undocked team. They've been hard to work with. I know personally from being on AVAX for over a year that they don't really work with a lot of people. And I think that there's a really impactful thing that I can do here. And I've always been very front facing. You know, I do AMAs. If there's a security issue and it's 3 a.m. my time, I'll still be on here. And I think that that credibility of being this kind of leader and being able to lead a team to run a successful DEX will be impactful. You know, I'm definitely not the smartest person. You know, these guys that run Trader Joe and the other guys, they have high level knowledge in this stuff. But what I am good at is allowing everyday users that use DeFi an introduction to platforms and feel secure and safe and understanding of what they're using. And I think that that amount of retail users is what engages a lot of SWOT fees on the platform. And I think that those are the people that I can capture most. And then if I can have higher APRs for a sustainable amount of time, then the big time farmers that are kind of in the shadows that move big liquidity around will also come in there because they see these trade fees from retail. And I think that's one of the big capture points for me. Again, I have an entire YouTube channel that's dedicated to education on different parts of DeFi. And I speak in very layman terms because I try and build DeFi tools for people that didn't go to school for computer science and have to try and understand these financial tools to a high degree, but can still use the platform comfortably and still trust who's behind it. And I think that really does speak volumes. And it's not attainable or something you can write down in a sheet and see it factually. But to me, it feels very important to the people that I speak with on a daily basis. Yeah, I absolutely agree. And even, you know, I mean, I mean, I don't know, TJ has been around for a while. I'm sure, you know, yeah, people, people, people put a lot of a lot of TVL on the platform, you know, so there's obviously like, you know, trust, at least on that level. But yeah, you know, like putting putting a face to situations and then being involved in the community. There also is kind of this like familial aspect. And I actually know some social scientists who do studies and publish their studies in the DeFi world about community. And they actually did one about locking tokens, too, actually recently. But I talk with them sometimes, especially when one person in particular. And, yeah, we both feel that that's also kind of an untapped part of it all is kind of like the social and behavioral psychology aspect. And that's stuff that in traditional finance and business, you know, millions of dollars, tens of years, millions of hours have been put into studying and refining and utilizing and leveraging for the to the advantage of the business, which isn't like, you know, weird or scummy. It's just kind of like understanding how things and communities work. And I really think that that's really awesome what you got going on, you know, because I think there's a balance. You know, you got to have the professionality of the situation, but you also need to have that familial aspect, you know, where people come into your server. They're feeling good. You know, everyone everyone is feeling like family. And, yeah, I think I think I think you got a lot going on there. It definitely sounds sounds like you could have a leg up on others in that aspect. Yeah. And just to reiterate, because Cat Dad did kind of correct me. I don't want to say that like TJ is like not doxed to anybody. I know that they probably work with, you know, Avalanche and also Ava Labs specifically. And they're not going to put their name behind anything that that wouldn't be publicly doxed. So they 100 percent there's somebody knows them and they're definitely not just going to go run to anybody. You know, they're obviously and like he said, and many others are just like that. And there's a lot of reasons to not be publicly doxed. I do have a lawyer and I am U.S. based. So it does limit a lot of things that I can do similar to like just straight up ICO sales. But, yeah, it's 100 percent, you know, that's their choice. And I'm sure that a lot of other people know them more intimately. But for me and the point that I was trying to make is that you all get to know me that intimately. It doesn't have to be some large scale blockchain is that I'm very open and weekly AMAs are very common. And it's actually what I enjoy. You know, I enjoy fixing and delivering sentiment to chats. Right. Like I like coming in when there's an issue and saying, how can we fix this? And I think that a lot of high level projects are blue chip projects or more. How can I fix this solution as far as the actual chain or the actual product? And of course, I put people around me that can do that as well. But a lot of times the community falls short. And it's very important to me because I've seen how impactful communities are. Like I said, snowy on Arctic Fox, keeping a peg for 22 days as just a moderator on a 30 day mission to fork was pretty fantastic to see. And that's really where I learned that, you know, some of the things that things that I was saying was impactful. And it did change the behavior of how users were interacting with the platform. And I just think it's oftentimes looked, you know, look past. I absolutely agree. And because we were just talking about fees there for a second, I want to touch on that. And then Deckard, we'll come back to your question there. We see it. Don't worry. But why? The conversation is flowing nicely. I did want to ask about the fee structure, what you're going to do. I know some other solidly forks, they were trying to split fees in different ways for different purposes. And they have different fee amounts. So what are you guys going to do with the fees? What's your where your volatile and your stable fees going to be? Are these going to be variable in any way and or just hard coded? And furthermore, are they all going to go back to the voters or are you going to split them in some fashion? What's the deal with the fees? So 100 percent go back to the voters first, because I think that's one of the coolest things about this entire model. Is that the fee distribution is 100 percent back to actual holders, making it fully decentralized. If someone just happened to assassinate me or anything else, the platform could still work completely efficiently without me. But also, yeah, the variable fee rate. I'm glad you picked that up. That that's something that we've considered. And one of the things that my advisor was very keen on when he first heard it, because we had talked about doing it for the balancer style decks. And like I said, we're trying to bring up as much as we can from one to the other. And variable fees have always been talked about. I think it would be nice. But at launch, again, we're trying to be first movers because I think that's probably one of the most impactful things we can do. At first launch, we're going to be going for point two percent for volatile and 0.02 percent for stable. Now, it's important to also know that because Trader Joe's changed into this new V3 liquidity book system, that you're able to add liquidity at different points and price points, that they are able to offer lower fees. So we are going to start with that. But as the protocol matures a little bit, we're going to be looking at Dune Analytics and whatever else we can get and see if we're losing to that, if we're losing to Trader Joe in those aspects and we may have to reduce it a little bit more. The good thing about us is that the team is compensated exactly like the users. So whatever we can do to drive more fees and more success to the platform is exactly what we're going to do. In fact, all of the team tokens are probably going to be locked in 100 percent vGlacier and we'll distribute those funds from the actual platform swapping. So I see other teams doing it a couple of other different directions. But to me, I don't see any need to actually own Glacier to sell as far as my team. And most of my team members feel the exact same way. So I wanted to put that out there as well. Right. And I mean, again, I can't I couldn't agree more. And yeah, I think I think getting getting launched and keeping it smooth and simple is probably the smarter idea. You can come back and push further iterations later. And yeah, the whole like variable fee thing with the with the the composable stack of solidly contracts and all the logic for the front end and the UI, it's actually really hard to implement from what I gather. I know some yeah, there are some other people, people I think you're probably talking with are are working on that goal. I'm not going to look, I don't know what I don't know. It's publicly known, so I'm not going to say much, but it's definitely it's definitely a cool feature. And there could be a lot of fun stuff centered around that. And I'd like to hear you. You have that in mind because it could be really awesome. And and yeah, there's there's a protocol. I forget the name right now, but they're doing something that sounds like something else that I've been wanting to see for a long time. That when I talked about before, I just called it smart fees because it just sounded cool. But essentially, like variable fees that adjust based on what's going on in the pool and what's going on the market. And I don't know how to implement that. I'm sure it would be a huge pain in the ass at the code base level. But but yeah, that's always something I thought about. So it's good to hear that you you guys got your got your ears to the ground on that. And and keeping that all in mind. Let's get back here to our. Deckard asked, can you tell us about the security on the contracts, the multi sig, external signs, audits, et cetera? Yeah, obviously, everything that we have right now is on test net. So we're not we're not on main net yet at all. You know, we're we're still a couple of weeks, if not a month out. So once we get our main net, you know, anything that interacts with the actual contracts that can do anything of damage will be multi sig to some extent. And that'll be with me on there and my lead developer. Again, he worked at Certik and he does know all the security practices for the industry standards. So anything that can interact, the team wallet, of course, the treasury, everything that could be in contact that could have something malicious happening. I'm open to it. I'll be on there as a signer. And so will most of my other team members. But I'm saying that because we're not we're on test net now. So I can't really tell everybody what these actual treasury addresses or anything else will be yet. But those will also all be public knowledge as well. By the way, I'm very, very open with that kind of stuff. And I like to make sure that anything that I have, I want people to be able to monitor. It keeps us honest and also builds trust that that we always try and build. Right, right. And then. You want to know about the team can manually adjust the fees, which, yeah, I think I think there could there could be some dangers if you if you would let individual users that make polls to just change the fees whenever they wanted to. That would most likely to be something that behind behind a multisig for the team. But, yeah, I'm assuming that when you do go that path, you would be able to you would be able to change the fees based on what was going on. I think that's essentially what you're saying earlier. Yeah, I think like you were saying in the AMA chat, one of the things about dynamic fees, when we were first introducing ourselves to BalancerTech and kind of getting all those contracts, together was it's kind of cool to have variable fees based on something like volume. You know, the better it performs, changing the fee based on that and really kind of gaming the system on fees, I think, drives a lot of a lot of traction to your ecosystem. So that's one of the things that I really like. But like you said, I think allowing people to come in and just kind of add their own fee system to it could be a recipe for disaster. And it would have to be something like behind a multisig of the team. And we also have that power. We're going to be doing something like I think they call it the concierge or something for Velodrome, where we'll have a five person multisig. And we'll be able to cut off, you know, gauges if there's people that are being unproductive or just kind of throwing up shit tokens on there. So we will have that opportunity to stop them from getting any kind of bribes or anything like that. Yeah, and you're going to I mean, your multisig is going to be what controls tokens getting whitelisted for gauges, though, initially in the beginning, correct? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Seems seems standard. Standard issue. So is there anything else that I'm kind of out of? I'm kind of out of things to to try to. To try to drag out of you myself personally, is there anything else that you would like to share? Yeah, listen, we we don't have some of the same backing that other people do. We're very grassroots. And like I said, I don't have major connections in the space. But what I do have is a lot of passion, a lot of integrity. And I'm very front facing about issues. And I think that, you know, these are the things that I try and talk to as many people as I can. And I think a lot of people take to that kind of ethos. Right. And I think that people want that kind of stuff in this space. If we ever plan on doing better as far as DeFi, you know, it's one of my major things. DeFi is that I actually do think that my kids are going to be using DeFi. And so anything I can do to to personally change that for the better, that's what I try to do. And so with that in mind, you know, I think that with that special place of of what I try and provide for DeFi, where I didn't see it when I first got into the space is what I want to do. And I've done it very well for a year and I plan on getting better at it over the course. I'll be increasing my team size. I'll be you know, I'll be increasing the networking that I do. And I'll try and grow Glacier to the biggest platform on Avalanche. And it won't be an easy path, but I do think that I do have the team and the knowledge to be able to get there. And so if you're early on it, I think that you will be rewarded. And I do appreciate everybody asking questions and being interested and showing some support. It does mean a lot. You know, I put a lot of risk on the table when I came full time in DeFi. I didn't really have any savings. And so even being here a year later, still my only income being this is truly a blessing and I don't take it for granted. So I appreciate every day that I get here. And I love this. You know, I really do love what I do. And I think that also goes into the kind of products that I try and develop. I have a lot of passion for communities and I have a lot of passion for just being here and being able to do what I love. And, you know, you might be able to give Fiery a run for the money in the Swedish guy in crypto competition. There's one other guy, this developer. Oh, it's been around for a while. Zero X Kalakua. He's not like super well-known, but if you ever have a private conversation with him, God, he is just the sweetest guy ever. But you might be able to, you know, I'm still going to say because I know Fiery a lot better, you know, but you might be able to give him a run for the money on that. Fiery is a great guy. We talked for about an hour and a half and he had a lot of great things to say about me. And I felt the same about him. And he kind of came from the same similar story. He took over a project where there was no faith in it. Right. And that's very special to me. And that's why I really opened the door to that kind of communication with him. You don't meet a lot of people like that in the space. And there's very few and far between of people that I actually genuinely trust. I've seen a lot of people that came out as friends and ended up scamming people or ended up just talking horseshit on a mic and doing completely separate actions in the background. And it happens time and time again. And it just hasn't happened for me because I truly just don't do that. I have a lot of – I don't know. I just never have the ideas of trying to scam people here. I think there's so much money to be made. It's just an honest and good project. And I just could never imagine stealing from people. Yeah, I feel you 100%. And I'm sure that also goes back to what you're saying about not liking to raise seed money because I feel you 100% on that. It does feel weird. But yeah, I feel you 100% because I've been in crypto for a little over two years now. I've been really deep in DeFi for probably a little over a year and a half. And oh yeah, man, anyone who's been around in this space has probably experienced some of the stuff you're talking about. People who you thought were good friends end up throwing you under the bus or putting thousands of hours into a project all for nothing. But we keep going on. We keep doing it for the passion. We keep doing it for the love of the community and the space. And something you said earlier is some of this stuff is kind of fun, like having these AMAs and things. Yeah, it is kind of fun. I enjoy it, man. My job is – I've given probably past the $400K that I've given back to my community. I've given probably out of my own funds and just from the actual treasury for my projects. I've probably given another $250K back. I love being a philanthropist and trying to give back. I'm trying to open up some type of thing where you can stake cryptocurrency. And any of the interest that you can get, it actually goes straight to charity. I'm working on it with a lawyer. I want to give back. I think there's so many good people in the crypto space, and we're so focused always on our own self and trying to be financially independent, which is an amazing goal. But there's so much money here, and there's so much good that crypto can do for everybody. And I just really – that's kind of my goal, right? And I'm doing it by building blocks of building myself up to make me a sellable item that people want to buy into. And with that, try and do as much good as I can. So I really do try and practice what I preach. I am a good person, and hopefully after hours and hours and thousands of hours of watching all my YouTube videos and being live, people see that passion and that drive, and it's something they can take, too. Right, man. Yeah, 100%, absolutely. We got Kat here in the chat asking, how much runway does Glacier have for your DevOps? So for the 100K that we have, some of that, of course, is going to audits and bug bounties. The contract has been paid for all my developers that are actually on the team, but I did give them some upfront pay. The only people that haven't been paid yet are actually me and my brother. I always get paid last. The team gets fed first. So everybody's been paid, so that's all good before launch. And then post-launch, of course, we're going to be compensating with the Glacier team fund that will be voting on things like the Glacier pair, the AVAX pair, the BTC pair. We'll be dispersing those funds evenly amongst the team. So we're good on that end. The only thing that I would like is any kind of DevOps or runway that we get would be securing a bigger team. I would love some extra developers on frontend and backend. Frontend is very important to me. And I say that because a lot of people don't focus on the frontend, and they have shit frontends, and then users have a terrible experience. So I do want to bring in more developers. I still need a CMO position. I'm terrible at marketing because I'm so honest. And there's so many bad marketers out there that literally just say whatever it takes to get people to buy into their tokens, and I hate that. So it's hard for me to find someone that can market in the style that I want them to market. So I'm still looking for a CMO. So if anybody thinks they can take up the job, reach out. I would love to speak with anybody. I have some people that have been reaching out from like AlphaDao and stuff, and I'm very happy about that because it's very hard to find a marketer. But yeah, that would be what the extra DevOps runway would be for if we raised more capital. We would keep some for, you know, a war chest for any months that we have low volume, maybe, or anything like that. Yeah, man, and you know, like, I feel you on the whole honesty thing. You know, there are, like I was saying before, you know, there's tens of years, millions of dollars, millions of hours that have gone into researching this kind of stuff. And it is an art. You know, everything we do in life is essentially a negotiation in some form or another. And like University of Stanford, I think it has a negotiations department that's been going on for like 50 years. And the guy who leads it has some cool books. And then there's also people who put out like, you know, counter thesis books to his. And it is really tricky, you know, when you are being honest. And you're not like you're saying, just trying to like get your token sold at all costs. Yeah, it definitely can be done, but it definitely is is difficult. It definitely will take the right person with the right experience. But I think it's really I think for me, it's really narrative building, right? You don't have to build this thing that your token is going to go 1000x. You have to say that this thing is going to be here for a while. The narrative is, is that, you know, you have a compassionate person that's leading the project and that wants good for everyone that's in it. And so it's one of those things that they just have to hold the similar values of being able to sell what I think is actually good for the market and make it in a way that that people want to buy in. And it's also brand loyalty, right? The big things that I want marketed is for user acquisition and brand loyalty. When you go to AVAX, the first place I want you to go is Glacier, not Trader Joe. Right now, it's default is Trader Joe. But I think over time that I can make it Glacier. And so that's very, very, very important. It's getting brand loyalty in a community that says, why would I go to Trader Joe? But I know the people that are behind Glacier when I when I understand what they're trying to build. It's just a no brainer. And that happens subconsciously over time to more and more users. And we're looking for big marketing to just getting our name and people to recognize our brand. I've got some really big ideas for marketing that I really want to take to the next level. Once we get that funding for it, I think it'll be really cool if I could actually get it done. But I haven't seen the DeFi space and I think it will be impactful. Yeah, one step at a time. I think you're on the right path. You know, I think those pieces will fall into place for you later down the road. I think you've got great ideas. I really like your guys vibe. You're saying a lot of stuff that that I myself have probably said before many times. And I completely agree with everything. So I think those pieces will fall into place for you later down the road. You know, just one step at a time. Yeah. Yeah, I really appreciate it. It's been awesome, man. You've had some really good questions that haven't been asked before. So I'm glad that we've got it recorded. And I'm glad that your community was here. It is. It's I think it's late for but I don't know what time it is. It's 11 here, but to have so many people here at 11, it's pretty nice. So I appreciate everybody for coming out and asking questions. And of course, I like to make this known is that my DMs are always open. I've never closed them off in over a year. It does get exhausting sometimes. But if you have a question, feel free to reach out directly to me. If you don't want to do it in the chat. Of course, I have like eight mods there. So you can always go and reach out there. But if you want to hear from the horse's mouth, I'm always trying to do that. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. And if you want to hear from the horse's mouth, I've always tried to be available. I may be busy, but I will try and get back with you. So anybody that wants to reach out about any of the things that I've said tonight, please don't hesitate. Do you do you do you put a higher preference over DMs that come in that lead with feet pics? Or do you want to just get straight to business and answer the question? Because I personally, like I said, I've been I've been modding by service for a really long time. And doing bits of like CM and DD work here and there. And yeah, there's only like I hate it when people send me a DM and it starts off with like small talk and things. And I'm just like, how can I help you, sir? Like, like, go ahead, like state state your business. So if you guys do send them a DM, I was joking about the feet pics. And keep keep the small talk to the to the to the discord server. Just leave with your biggest question. Yeah, I highly recommend that. I do get a lot of people they'll say hello, or they'll send that wave. And I'm like, you know, it's okay. You can just send everything at once. It's usually in business inquiries. It's always best to just send the entire thing anyway. But also speaking of the feet pics is that there's so many people in my discord that make that joke. And I think it's big and deep. But I did say I wouldn't do it for charity. If we ever got big in Glacier, I would sell NFT feet pics for for charity. And I will do that. I don't think anybody I don't think anybody wants it. But if it will raise money for charity, that'd be really cool. So I'll do that for sure. Oh, hit me up if that happens. I will docks my feet. I will dock my dog feet. I will go get the cutest cat beans I can find around the neighborhood. I will contribute any way I can to that. Yeah, man, I think it'd be cool to get some defy leaders to sell some like pixelated feet pics or something. And get them all to sell it for charity to the highest bidder. And then we give that out. There needs to be a lot more charity in this in this space. There's so much scamming going on and so many people that are cutthroat. It's because it's a PVP business. And sometimes I always at the end of all my AMAs, if you ever listen or tune into any of my AMAs, I always end off with a positive note of how we can do better. Sometimes we get so hyper focused on ourselves. We very often forget that we're humans. And a lot of people out there need help. So I always try to end with that. Yeah, it's internal versus external. I think I was I was just talking about this the other day that, you know, you hear a lot of people talk with their projects, you know, like, oh, we got this this V2 coming and we're doing this. And that's great. And it's internal. But you don't hear a lot of talk about like contributing and building externally. You know, like, hey, we're going to get this all-star team of devs together. And we're going to do all these great things like what you're talking about. And being kind of more external and giving back to the community in that way. And that's one million percent something I resonate with. And I don't know, Matt, you know, good people. It's like a law of attraction, magnetism kind of thing, you know, like, I don't know what it was, but like when you first came into the MCLB Discord, there was just I could just tell, like, I liked you guys' vibes. And everything you said is I cannot agree more with. And I feel you. A hundred percent on all of it. Yeah. Some people go into communities to sell. I don't go into communities to sell. I go into communities to interact and to meet people. Right. I've met so many good people from the space. And it's just by doing outreaches like this. And so my main focus when I come into AMA is to give the information that, of course, the community wants. But it's also, I think, a moment where it's ask me anything. You also need to learn about me as a person. And that kind of hopefully if it's a good thing, and that kind of hopefully if anybody has levels of inference to them, they can see, like, kind of the intention. And I'm not just up here speaking about these are exactly the points that that is going to be Glacier and that's holistically it. Right. No, I'm not up here just to talk about Glacier. It's more than just Glacier to me. And hopefully that's impactful to, you know, how you all respond in your investments. And then I know I know I know it's late for you. But Deckard has I'm going to hijack your time. Deckard has no man. I'm good. Keep going. I've got all the time. And this is this is this is something this is relevant because I know different different protocols are doing different things with their emissions. As far as I remember one time myself, personally, I did a comparison, a comparative analysis of what the initial meant that different solidly forests were doing and the amount of emissions. And I was trying to recognize patterns and put ratios to things and then compare how their their charts and their TVL was all lining up. So I completely missed this. And thank you, Deckard, for bringing this up, because I do think that this is kind of important and relevant, relevant. Deckard says regarding to emissions, I see one percent decay until week one hundred. After that, zero point five percent. Do you consider to apply three three regarding to reduce weekly emissions linked to the lock percentage? So how are you handling the emissions and decay? So right now, as is stated in that medium article, that's kind of the amount of forethought that we went into it. There's still a lot of building to do, guys. So I don't have all the answers yet. So if you have suggestions of what you've seen in other solidly forks, please send them to me. But as of right now, we have a two percent decay. But as of right now, we have a two percent as the initial epoch one and then a one percent decay week over week until that week one oh four. And then it goes to point five percent. But if there's another model that you all seem more successful, please send it to me and I'll send it to my team and we'll discuss it because not everything is one hundred percent solidified. Like I said, we're almost, you know, two weeks to a month out. And I know two weeks sounds short, but it's because we've been running and gunning on this for almost a month. So we have a lot of the bare bones done. So most of the extension on time that we're getting here is a lot of times for partnerships and editing things that we see in the market and trying to pivot as fast as possible. So that's the best answer I can give you right now, is that we're starting with that and we may make it more advanced as the time gets closer. Yeah, like we said before, you know, like a month of defy is a long time. So there's going to be a lot more data to gather by then. And yeah, you might you might recognize some patterns and try to try to switch something up. I'm pretty sure just the one percent straight up decay until around one hundred weeks. And then after that, like I think they dropped it to point one percent or something was that equalizer was doing one hundred weeks. You know, it's damn near two years. It's a long time. Yeah. So we'll see about that. But yeah, that's another thing that I. I liked about. Another thing I like about the whole situation is, you know, you're you're realistic about the time frames. I think a lot of people, for some reason, you see in defy a lot of this desire for instant gratification. You know, everyone wants things now. And that's not the reality of it. And also, like I was saying before, with with this composable stack of solidity contracts and all the the logic for the for the UI and the front end involved, like it's very complicated, man. Like you change one little thing. The sub graphs crash like you're getting errors everywhere. You're like Jesus. So I think it's a really good thing that that that Glacier is realistic about all of that. And please, everyone, don't don't spam them when in their in their discord. No, it's OK. I told people I was like, that keeps me on my shit. Right. Like you are kind of my bosses in that capacity because you are investors and you are or who drives the platform. I'm always OK with people saying when I always just, you know, I don't feel pressured to give out launch dates because I know what happens in defy and I see how many people miss deadlines. Right. The the time that you will know when Glacier launches will be a time that I already have the green button to press deploy and it's all good to go. Right. I want to make sure that the launch is smooth because I think that is more essential and I can do all of the momentum stuff and community sentiment stuff because I'm so front facing. All that stuff can be done without a launch date, without anything else. I'm very transparent about the things that we've worked on and the things that we will be working on. So if you if you're somebody that's interested in the entire development process, I say follow along. We're going to be talking and changing and pivoting and trying to be, you know, essentially the best X platform on the AVAX. So, of course, things are going to change from now until then. And a lot of people try and come to to these things with like a full product or they already have everything made up in their mind. And I'm just not like that. It's not that I'm not confident about the product. It's that I understand that defy changes quite fast and I don't want to solidify myself into one category and then there be a pivot that can be made later and then me feel bad about changing it or having to extend deadlines. So that's just how I personally build and it's done me a lot of favors in the past and I think it will here as well. Yeah, you know, my bad. I take it back. I kind of said that in jest, you know, because like the spamming when thing is just so common. I thought I was trying to like proactively help in that situation. I take it back. Everyone get in their spam. I love it. Yeah, I love engagement. Even if it's just when, man, at least people are in there talking and that makes them feel like they want to speak. And if they're open and speaking, you know, this is one of the things I'm very good at is that we try and build our discord to be a place that's a hub similar to like what you explain this place to be that it's people that want to engage with each other and build that brand loyalty and build a position where it's not just them holding certain ecosystem tokens and making money off of it. It's them being ingrained in what Glacier is and is trying to do where they are word of mouth spreading that word to other people and saying, look, you should come to Glacier. And that really is extremely impactful and oftentimes not being looked at by other larger platforms because they're already so big they don't care. But for grassroots projects and V3 3Dex that are small like Glacier, it's one of the important things for me. And it's a driving factor. Right. Yeah, I completely agree and understand. Yeah. Like I said, I said that in jest. I take it back. So, yeah. Do we have I know I know Fiery wanted to be here. He's traveling. He's he's he's in the car right now. So we just send his love to you. He really wanted to be here, but he's got he's he's doing some some family stuff and some traveling. So he told me to send you his love. And if we have any more questions from the audience, I know God just dropped an idea for for some charity stuff. But, I mean, I don't know if we really need to take the conversation in that direction and dig into that. He's talking about something that we actually did speak about, which is raising money like Athena way. The only problem I have with that, right, is that you're making an early commitment of cutting your revenue off to potential holders in the future. And it's a good thing because they can buy later something that we considered. But it's one of the things that at the end of the day, I did not want to cut early revenue off and maybe it's small. It's only 10 percent. Right. But actually, it's 20 percent at the launch. And then after like three or six months, it goes down. But regardless, I feel like all that revenue should be given back to the users. And I think that's one of the most impactful things about this platform. And so that's why I'm so adamant about saying, hey, anybody that wants to get in can buy in and earn off of these fees and a hundred percent of these fees go back to users. But that platform that Athena did use was very smart. And I think it worked out really well for them. Also, BSE is literally a cheat code for liquidity. I'm almost positive. ABAX is not as simple, sadly. Yeah, I don't I think. Yeah, I think I think I think Athena's timing was really good. I remember when they when I first heard about it, I was like, wow, you know, like they might have picked the right time on the right train with the right protocol to launch. And yeah, they've they've been very successful so far. So hats off to them and hats off to equalizer as well. Like I've been bugging them and their discord since the beginning. And I I think they've been doing such a good job. And. Yeah, if there's anything else, anything else you want to cover. I think that's it. Unless anybody else has other questions, of course, I'm available. You know, when I clear my night, I'm ready for two to three hour AMAs. I do podcast, you know, once a week. I do AMAs once a week. This is what I do is I produce content. And so it bothers me not to speak. I enjoy it. If there's people that want to listen to me, it gashes me up. It makes me feel like I'm important for the day. So as long as you all want to keep me up here and keep asking me questions. But I think I've covered most of everything that we currently have on the Glacier platform. Again, there's going to be a lot of things developing the timelines. I know or a little bit shifty. And I know that there's some information that changes or some information you guys want it that I'm unable to provide at this time. And that sucks. I'm sorry. I don't have all the answers yet, but we have a good team behind us. We're driven individuals. And I think that Glacier is going to be wildly successful. And I hope that people that are here are able to get in and earn a fat bag off of it. Yeah. That sounds like a plan. I just want to leave a positive impact. I want people, you know, early on in Frozen Walrus, I had so many stories of people that made like bookus of money and they're reaching out about all these things they can do for their families. Like that shit motivates me. Like if you all are better off and you are able to feed your families or do something impactful with money that you've made off the platforms that I'm developing, you have no idea what that means to me. It's why I do it. So, yeah, send me all that shit whenever we go live. Make me happy. Yeah, man. Yeah. I agree 100 percent. It's really awesome to see that because this kind of is in a way, you know, giving back. You hear of these stories where, you know, the situation. It's definitely very heartwarming. Yeah, I had a guy that bought a satellite phone off of profits he made from Frozen Walrus. Gave it to his brother and his brother fell off. He was in some kind of icy environment, slipped and fell and was trapped by himself and used that satellite phone to call for help. So I always tell people that I saved a life by launching Frozen Walrus. Now, obviously, that's not the case, but it's still pretty cool. Something I did was that impactful that it did end up saving someone's life. So, you know, lame hillbilly, the lifesaver. Wow, that's crazy. And of course, you know, like the whole the whole like frozen environment, Arctic Tundra. You know, yeah, it kind of fits right in, doesn't it? It does. I thought so as well. Wow. Yeah. Monkey Mayhem. That's that is. That is a good little quote there. He says, there is nothing lame about this hillbilly. And your name is lame hillbilly in your discord. Yeah, there's always going to be a little self-deprecation. You can't come in too cocky. So I had to go with lame hillbilly. It matched me to perfect. At first, everybody told me to change it. But eventually it kind of just fit. And now there's a lot of people that call me I am hillbilly, which is cool, too. I guess it works. But, yeah, I appreciate all the positive comments and also appreciate criticism. So you guys let me know if I if I said something wrong in the chat. You know. I don't have any any criticisms right now, I feel. You've done a really good job. Very informative. We really appreciate your time. I can only imagine, you know, how busy you are. And I'm sure your time is very valuable to not just you, but your community and your team. So thank you for sharing some of that with us. We really, really honestly do appreciate it. And once again, Tyree says, you know, to send you his love. Wishes he could have been here and circling back around. I don't know. I'm going to harass him to harass you about maybe we can do do something to get the MCLB crew, you know, a little something, something, you know, get their beak wet. But regardless, I know myself and probably the entire MCLB community because we keep each other well informed. We're all going to be there the second the Glacier LP drops. So we're looking forward to that. We're really excited. Like I said, just from the start, I don't know what it is. It just, you know, always had good vibes and everything you said tonight, in my opinion, was was spot on. So thank you very much. And yeah, you want to you want to close it out for us? Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of people in this space that that that will sell you a lot of snake oil. I'm not one of those people. And I think that that's probably one of the reasons that you all think this AMA went smoothly is because when you're not full of shit, you can actually speak with some confidence. And if I don't know something, I don't know it. And that's just kind of how I lead and how I've always ran my projects. And if you kind of appreciate that level, I've been doing it for a year and I don't plan on stopping. So, you know, be sure to join in on the discord. If there's anything I can do for the Millennium Club discord, you know, I'm going to reach back out to Fiery. We've already been talking. I've talked to Seeker as well. There's going to be more that we're going to do to get involved with each other. And I really do appreciate all the interest and the engagement and the questions. If you have suggestions coming to the chat, DM me, whatever. You know, I never throw away a question. Anybody that ever wants to throw one cent in my project has to say if it's a good idea, then, of course, I'll implement it. I can't guarantee that everything is a good idea that you all send me. I've been sent some crazy shit before, but I always do respect it and always try and give an honest answer and feedback back. So if you have some ideas, always feel free to shoot them. And you know what? You're early if you're in this. Glacier's only got 500 members. I don't have a CMO. We haven't marketed. We're still, you know, a month out maybe. There's going to be plenty of time to learn and get involved. If you are somebody that's interested in trying to be a part of the team, you know, there's positions open. Reach out to me. I'd be more than willing to hear you out. And that's got to be it. That's all I've got. I really appreciate everybody's time. Not only is it my time that I'm taking away, but I've taken away your all's time. So if you've been here and you've been involved, just know that I genuinely appreciate it. It means a lot. All right. Thanks a lot, man. There you have it, folks. Wish you all a good night. Again, thanks a lot for coming here, and we look forward to the great future of Glacier Finance. Yes, sir. Everybody have a wonderful night, and hopefully we will talk again soon. There should be an AMA popping up in Glacier Discord with the entire team. So be on the lookout for that in the next week. And past that, I'll be posting updates as long as the development and anything else. And other than that, that is it for me. And again, always reach out in DMs if you have a question.

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