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The person is asking about the cost of a room for one night. They are given the option of a dorm room or a private room. They choose a dorm room for one female. They are then asked if they want a room with a bathroom or a shared bathroom. They are offered a room for $42 or $49, and they choose the cheaper option. Hello, I need information about the room. What is the cost for one night? Depends on the room that you get. You want a dorm room or a private one? Excuse me? You want a dorm room, a shared room with other three people or five people? Dorm, yes. Okay. Is it for one person, female? Uh, same room? What? Female. Is it for one person, female? Yes. Okay, perfect. Do you want a room with a bathroom inside or a shared bathroom with everybody? Uh, excuse me? You have rooms with bathroom inside and without bathroom. Do you want one without bathroom or with bathroom? Any is good. I have one for $42. I have one upstairs for $49. Which bathroom do you want, without bathroom? $42 or $49? Any cheaper? No. Okay, $42. Thank you. Bye.

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