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Wild Game Dinner!

Wild Game Dinner!


What are you doing September 30?


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The speaker discusses an upcoming men's wild game dinner at his church. He mentions that the dinner will include a variety of mystery meats such as ostrich, buffalo, and gator. He shares his recipe for chili, which includes elk, buffalo, and venison. He also talks about adding beans, bourbon, brown sugar, and spicy ingredients like jalapenos and hot sauces to the chili. The speaker mentions that there will be a drawing for prizes at the dinner and invites people to attend. He provides information about tickets and mentions that the dress code is camouflage. He also talks about his experience at a previous dinner, including an axe-throwing contest. The speaker ends by expressing his excitement for the event and offering to talk about various topics on his show. You gotta get that fire hot, and it gets you a big ol' pot, fill it up with a little bit of water and a bottle of beer. No beer. No beer. Root beer. Root beer. Okay, okay. Where did I find that song from? I have no idea. Coming up, oh I can't wait, the end of September, the last Saturday of September, men's wild game dinner at my church. You don't have to be a member of my church, you don't have to go to church, but you're invited. It's a church function, so don't mind if there's a prayer before we do anything. But ain't gonna be no preaching or all that, because our services will just have to do enough. Men, well they allowed women there last year, I gotta check into that. Wild game dinner, 100 tickets, $35 each, what do you get out of it? You get into a drawing for some things, gift cards I think. I'll have to look into the prizes, because I can tell you what was won in the past. Crossbows, a nice little cordless high speed thing with a scope on it for hunting, and many other things. But there's gonna be some mystery meat there, you can guess what it is. In the past, I gotta tell you, it's been ostrich, buffalo, gator. We don't know what it's gonna be, I'm not planning this, the only thing I know is I've been asked to make my chili. And of course I said yes, because it's not to be a mystery meat chili, so it's not gonna be a mystery, but I like to taste the buffalo that we had before as a mystery meat, and then elk. Well I gotta feed 100 people, so I take my recipe, multiply it by 10, now I'm getting 10 pounds of meat. I go to a nice favorite meat market that somebody worked there before that was a friend of my kids, and I would get 5 pounds of elk and 5 pounds of buffalo, mix it all together, make some chili. But this year, somebody gave me 3 pounds of venison, I'm gonna mix that with the other meat. So 3 pounds of meat, but 3 pounds of venison, and of the elk and buffalo, I'll make another 7 pounds in there somewhere. Yeah, there's gonna be beans in the chili. This is my dad's recipe he got, I don't know where he got it from, I'm glad he got it, but back then, the last batch he made before he passed away, I don't think there was any of those bushes grilling beans, and they got lots of really neat flavors. I love the bourbon and brown sugar, and I use that in my chili because the brown sugar gives it a sweet taste, and I put in one can of honey pork and beans. So this is gonna be a sweet batch of chili, and the spiciest thing in my chili, I repeat, the spiciest thing in my chili is an onion and some garlic. It is never, ever, ever going to be spicy, never. What's going to be spicy is what's going to be on the side in some bowls and bottles. If you wish to have your chili spicy, then may I suggest that you go into these bowls and jars and get yourself some. What I would make before is a jalapeno and onion and spicy hot VH juice, blend it, green food coloring, keep it green, and you add that to your own personal bowl of chili or food. Oh, and you say, oh, jalapenos, I don't like jalapenos. One little spoonful in a whole big bowl of chili, you won't taste it at all. Two, you're gonna feel a slight little kick, it's gonna be diluted. So you can just laugh at it like, yeah, I tried the, my pastor named it pond scum. You can say, yeah, I had the pond scum in my chili, yep, mm-hmm. For those of you who want more than jalapeno, you might want to go with what's in the other bowl. I call it kryptonite. My son Josh came up with it, which is probably why you take chemistry class in high school. You just get all the hot sauces from your refrigerator and you throw them in there in the blender and you put it in a separate bowl. That's for people who want a challenge. But there was one time, a friend of mine, like Superman, he put the pond scum on scrambled eggs over at a men's breakfast, and like, is this supposed to bother me? Didn't bother him. So the next time I made chili, made the pond scum, I was growing ghost reaper and scorpion peppers in my backyard. I just took the stems off and threw them bad boys in the blender. Oh my gosh. Found a plastic bowl, my wife's looking at the blender like, is it supposed to be bubbling? I don't know. Put it in a plastic bowl, took it to church, couldn't find Kevin, but I found his wife and said, you might want to take this home, the bowl's getting soft, it might eat through the pew. He used it for a chip dip during Bible study and didn't let anybody know. And he only tried one chip. And he told me that's the spiciest thing he had, he might give it to his in-laws. I said, okay, that's called kryptonite. So those, the pond scum and kryptonite will be there. But I am doing something. I ordered some, I had some hot sauces and the bottles and the caps looked like grenade bottles, looked like hand grenades. And you're going to get some spicy stuff out of that. Maybe I'll end up giving it away when I'm done, but there's going to be one that's, it's called what's, the company's called the General's Hot Sauce. This is called a salt weapon. And it's going to have in it sun-dried ground habaneros and then some sea salt in it. And I'm like, oh boy, there's a six-pack of bottles I'm getting. You're not getting the six-pack, you're getting a five-pack, that's one of them I want. But then also, I got to see if we can do this. I suggest people look up on YouTube a show called The Hot Ones. And that's from a show called First We Feast. And the host, he interviews celebrities while they're eating wings. What's so big about that one? The first one, it's got some hot sauce on it and a Scoville unit is about 2,000 Scoville. And you've got to eat nine more wings while you're being interviewed by this guy. Halfway through, the Scoville unit is 75,000. And then at the very end, you're hitting around two to three million Scoville units. A lot of celebrities have made it. Very few have not made it. They've given up. Go watch the show. But anyway, the latest season of those spices will be at the Wild Game Dinner. I've already purchased three tickets. There's 100 total that's going to be gone. I got tickets number two, three, and four. I got to buy one more this weekend, as far as I know. I'm inviting people. We'll see if people show up. There'll be more updates later on, like, are women going to be invited this year? And the proper dress code is camouflage. I think there's going to be another axe-throwing contest. And I was very safe in being out of range, like I was 300 feet behind the people. That's very safe. Got compliments on the chili. Last year, it was just venison. I had hunters asking me, how did I get it to not taste like venison? I just gave away the recipe. Said, there, that's the recipe. But I'm letting people know. Yeah, tickets, they may be going fast. I'll check in this Sunday to get more. And what ticket number I've gotten, 100 of them are going to be there, going to be able to be sold. And you will be in for a drawing. And there's just going to be some good food and great people to talk to. And you'll get some laughs and stuff like that. And it's just an awesome thing to do. And I am anxious for it. So if you are interested, if you can hear this and you're interested, you know, give me a shout out. I'll see if I can get you a ticket. And it's $35. If you have trouble, you know, making payments, some people do. Well, you can make payments. It's OK. You got till the end of the month, but just need to reserve your ticket. Can't wait, September 30th, Saturday. Oh, boy. Yum, yum, yum. It's going to be a great time. And I enjoy it. Thank you for being my therapy, my therapist. I'm going to go lay down now, because you don't have a couch. And I would lay down by this microphone. But it's a hard floor. And I prefer my bed. 325 AM. Talk to you all later. Anything else you want to talk about? Yeah, I'll talk about anything. The name of this show, I call it The Exclusive Blend, because the blend was already taken up. But I'll talk spiritual, natural. I'll talk politics. I'll talk whatever subject that's on my mind, and maybe give you some advice. And maybe I'll learn something, too. But overall, this is my therapy, too. Anyway, I got to go. You got to go. Listen to this any time, but comment. OK, thank you. For a written transcript of this show, please write really, really fast. Thank you.

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