cover of #2- Call- May18-2023
#2- Call- May18-2023

#2- Call- May18-2023


Leaders of RCC share Scripture on the Jig'n Podcast--- Jig'n= Jesus is the Good News! On todays episode, Preacher Nate Bryan and Elder Rick Call discuss some of the Psalms.



The JIGIN podcast is about Jesus being the Good News. They discuss John 3:16 and the idea of fishing for men. The guest, Rick Call, shares about his faith and his background at Rochedale Christian Church. They talk about their favorite verses from Psalms and the comfort and hope found in Scripture. They also discuss the importance of serving others and the support of their wives. The episode ends with encouragement to share the good news of Jesus with others. Well it's a beautiful day and welcome to episode 2 of the JIGIN podcast. JIGIN stands for Jesus is the Good News and as we consider Jesus being the Good News I wanted to share with you John 3 16 a verse that so many of us are probably so familiar with but if you haven't heard of the Good News of Jesus Christ here it is. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. And again that's the Good News and not only does JIGIN stand for Jesus is the Good News but JIGIN also is a word that can be used for fishing. You know might have heard of a fishing jig before and so that's also scriptural as we look at the reality that Jesus as he called his first disciples told them that he was going to send them out to fish for men or to make them fishers of men and we find that in Mark 17 as well as in Matthew. So that's what we plan to do here with the JIGIN podcast and again this is our second episode we had our elder Chris Rambis on last week and this week we have another one of our elders on here at Rochedale Christian Church Mr. Rick Call and again this is Nate Bryan and I'm the preacher here but now I'm going to turn it over to Rick and Rick welcome to the JIGIN podcast. Thank you Nate. I'm really glad to be here. So Rick tell us this just tell us about your faith tell us about your background and how did you come to know Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior? Well I think junior high I think is when I was in church here at Rochedale Christian Church and it just hit me to go up front and Roger James was a minister and we had talked before that but it just boy it just come upon me that morning and I got up and went up front and Roger baptized me so that's been that's been a few years ago. Right it's been been a while and I can relay it in regards to the fact that I think it's cool that that you're back home in your home church that you grew up in I share that with you and haven't grown up and also been baptized here and so yeah when when when he calls calls your name it's it's time and it's cool to reflect on those times and each time that someone you know we get to see and to be a part of the joyous occasion of baptism it takes us back to those wonderful memories that we have so that's that's cool and so you've shared a little bit of that already but tell us a little bit more about how did you you grew up here but but Rochedale has always been home but you know now you're serving in leadership so so tell us more about what really brought you to Rochedale Christian Church. Well it's a family I guess that's where my mom's side of the family my granddad and grandma Boozer were members here and so for years and so everybody on the Boozer side would come here this was their home church and so this is really the only church I've ever known I think I've come here since I was a baby I guess right and so it's really it's really something I think to to still be here and be a part of this church to me yeah it means a lot to me and and there's still still a few of us family members that go here and I know my mom is she watches from Florida right on YouTube yeah she's still I think from watching that she's still a big part of the church right she gives me a lot of calls and yeah a lot of advice but yeah it's a it's the only church I really know my whole life right no that's cool and I again I can relate and this is I guess yeah like you said I think I was in the nursery over here at one point probably 30 years ago and and grandma grandma Bonnie ultimately led the family here at some point and lo and behold similar to you got a lot of family still here and involved so it's it's cool to have those family roots in many ways so let's go on from there and let's just talk about scripture a little bit you have a favorite maybe verse or set of verses or favorite portion of scripture that you would want to share with with all of us I like I like psalms I think I've done this in a part of a shepherd's prayer it's really stuck with me was a Psalm 112 6 through 9 and I've got my Bible here and I'll read that surely the righteous will never be shaken they will be remembered forever they will have no fear of bad news their hearts are steadfast trusting in the Lord their hearts are secure they will have no fear in the end they will look in triumph on their foes they have freely scattered their gifts to the poor their righteousness endures forever their horn will be lifted high in honor that's a yeah good stuff there for sure and really yeah I see so many reasons why that'd be a favorite verse of yours but tell us a little bit more as we maybe look at just a couple of those verses what out of those three or four verses what maybe one stands out to you well I think the verse 6 the righteous will never be shaken and the righteous will will be blessed yep along with you give they're getting strength and granted success with the you know believing in God and doing the things that he asked you to do yeah no it's great in verse seven two I look at that portion about have no fear of bad news they'll have no fear of bad news their hearts are steadfast trusting in the Lord and I think about a heart being you know our hearts being steadfast and really just when we trust in him we can our hearts can be steadfast but only can we have that peace you know talk about being steadfast but our hearts can have peace only when we trust in the Lord because if we're trusting in ourselves or humans or or anything in this world our hearts aren't going to be steadfast right and no that's a that's a good one and so that kind of leads us into that next question I know we discussed this briefly before but you know what it what then is your favorite book of the Bible well I'm gonna stick with Psalms I I think if you have any problems and we all do and we all do and you could you could open the book of Psalms and just put your finger down and I mean it would yep it would make you feel so much better by just reading there's just so much in there yep and I know there's been a lot of a lot of hymns come out of it and really the Psalms you know and our songs are are you know it's certainly that the poetry of it that the there's so much there and like you said it's really it's about life everywhere you look you know it's about different things that that different portions of life that David or others were going through and so probably and we've talked about you know one of the most famous I say but but certainly one of the most comforting Psalms and ones that we're most familiar with is probably Psalm 23 and so I thought I might read that real quick and then we might just discuss it briefly so Psalm 23 out of the NIV reads this the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing he makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside quiet waters he refreshes my soul he guides me along the right paths for his namesake even though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and I think as we read that we can see why that's a favorite so many things that you know just from the beginning the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing I mean just that he provides for us he cares for us it continues on you know I'll fear no evil for you're with me you're on your staff they comfort me and I think about again you would talk about being comforted just by the Word of God and comforted by him in general and then I think that the ending there surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ultimately that is the hope that we have dwelling in the house of the Lord well turn I would have God's love and lots of loving from God and the good Shepherd tends to sheep that's right and the sheep are well taken care of and we're the you know we're the sheep absolutely yeah no doubt about it and another sort of one of my favorites as we're talking about the Psalms is the 116th Psalm and I thought we might share just a little bit out of there but this is one that has been you know really important to our family in recent weeks too is my grandfather went to be with the Lord and but 116 song there's so many things in here that are comforting there is a great song as we consider the end of life and we won't read the entire thing but as I thought I might pick up in verse 10 and read through the end it says I I trusted in the Lord when I said I am greatly afflicted and my alarm I said everyone is a liar what shall I return to the Lord for all of his goodness to me I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants truly I am your servant Lord I serve you just as my mother did you have freed me from my chains I will sacrifice to thank offering to you and call in the name of the Lord I will fulfill my vows the Lord in the presence of all his people in the course of the house of the Lord in your midst Jerusalem praise the Lord and there's just again a lot there and a lot even in that first section but that's just again another good one as we you know especially think about the end of life but I that that verse that's in there verse 15 precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants and ultimately that's what we all hope to be yeah are his faithful servants and you have as believers we have the hope of salvation that's that's really big the hope that we have and the hope that let's just face it we've said it but the world can't give us that hope you know a question I think we will talk about asking people and maybe as people are considering the faith or you know are they really most people in this a lot of people in the world don't know what they believe but a question I would like to ask there's three big ones but how did you get here what are you doing here and how are you leaving here and how you leave in here is talking about death and people don't like to talk about that you know if we have to have well how you leaving here and and you know some people might if you ask the how you get here they might go down a big bang evolution path but if they go there when you ask them that what are you doing here they don't feel like they got much purpose but then you ask them how they're leaving and I mean what are they going to say it's over it's done that's it I mean where's the hope in that message and I've shared before I had it when I was a teacher I had a young girl one day come up to me and we were talking something was said about faith and and she said you know I just don't know what I believe she said but I'm afraid when I die it's going to be all dark and black or something and that has stuck with me because in her mind this is an 18 year old girl and all she could think about with death was it's going to be all dark and it's going to be all black and and she was scared of it but we don't have to be scared of death when we place our faith in Jesus Christ and that hope is is so brings me so much comfort yeah I was telling well matter of fact I was telling Megan and Kay yesterday when they were in here I said you all better throw a big old party for me whenever whenever the good Lord calls me home because we can be we we can joke about it I mean in some ways and I don't mean joke about it but we can be looking forward to it yeah at the end of the day because that's our home and that's where we belong so anyhow good stuff there well hey a couple more well just really one more question for you Rick as we people here at Roast Doe Christian Church you know a lot of them know you you've been in this community forever but if there's people here that don't know you what do you want the people at Roast Doe Christian Church in this congregation to know about Rick Hall and his wife Kay and what do you want to know about you well we were here to help anybody that needs help I mean I know the bulletins now have the phone numbers running and people can anybody can call they got the number in there and they can call but I I like serving and to me part of that is helping helping people and you know why I fear God and I have Jesus in my heart right and so Kay and I help quite a bit we help we help Sally here Sally Mott's here at the food pantry and Kay's her ministry is a hygiene which goes along with the food pantry yeah so there are several things that you know we're constantly in here at the church seems like yeah doing something so yeah it really feels it's a good feeling to be serving absolutely yeah and so and those you know the work that they do with the pantry is I mean they're able to minister to so many different people by you know helping them give them food giving them those hygiene products cleanliness products that a lot of people struggle to get because if it comes down to if they're having to choose do I feed my family or do we have shampoo or deodorant yeah you're usually going to choose to feed the family and so it's a it's a great ministry that y'all are involved with and we thank you for that but we know that you are servants we're blessed with our entire leadership team I feel like we are so blessed with you know our elders from yourself and we had Chris Ramos on yesterday but Bill brothers and Keith Ford and Tom Amenhower just a great group and their wives all excellent and a great group of just deacons and and servants across the board from volunteers running the praise team and the music and the different services and again we mentioned the pantry and and so many other ministries so since you said the wives I have my wife Kay is such a she backs me so much and I think it's really important that a man if you see this successful man or a leader has a successful life that's absolutely with him yeah and I think that's really important we like you say all the elders and deacons and but she's a big influence in my life and then you know we have five kids and 11 grandkids and right five great-grandkids yeah so you know we're we're busy with that too absolutely well I can yeah as we and there's a reason too I think as we look at scripture and you look in first Timothy chapter 3 as these you know Paul's telling Timothy about the elders and the deacons and and and what it's supposed to look like that the women are addressed in that also because you know and when we know you've got a good one in K and then I feel very blessed too I I'm certainly know that that that I couldn't be doing this in ministry if my wife was not who she is as supportive as she is and she's all in for the Lord too and when I know we are blessed in that capacity so anyhow well Rick thank you for coming on the jigging podcast and all you out there that might give this a listen I hope maybe you'll flip over the book of Psalms and spend some time there the next couple days there's so much good stuff there and again we just want to encourage you to go out and be fishers of men go out and do some jigging for men yourself go out and share the good news of Jesus Christ with others have a blessed day and we will see you soon

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