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cover of Voice Acting Demo - Characters
Voice Acting Demo - Characters

Voice Acting Demo - Characters


This is my voice acting demo for audio drama.


AI Mastering


There is an unidentified suspect who made several statements. Some of the statements include threats, references to catching people, and warnings about going into a forest. The suspect's whereabouts are unknown, but the statements have made an impact on the audience. The transcription also includes a conversation between two individuals discussing their relationship and deciding to end it. While the suspect's identity and whereabouts are still unknown, audience members distinctly remember hearing the culprit shout, that's for what you did. I don't understand. Is this a joke? Mwahahahaha! I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down! Oh, bother! Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch. From now on, you will be catching men. I told you, boy. Do not go into that accursed forest. I know, but I'm not gonna let anything stop me from saving my sister. I just finished an errand and I'm headed back to town. I can take you along if you want. Really? Are you deaf, boy? Turn up your hearing aid. You need to stop trying to spin this situation and get back to work for the system's people. Oh, Tyrone says we have another caller. Who's this? But I will never forget his words. Unless you are a parent, you cannot know what those words do inside of you. What they do to your very soul. The Romans' conclusion and the confidence with which he said it sparked a desperation in me that I had never felt before. I don't have time to take small steps, Daisy. I'm going places. I'm planning on taking great big leaps and bounds in this life. I just don't see how this is gonna work out between us. What are you saying? I... I don't think we should see each other anymore.

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