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We need to be recording. It's prime. It's prime time. We only have like, okay, we have a 45-minute episode It's this is just the pilot like it's just trying it out Do you think this is the, um, take off? You have to use plain metaphors It's done. Oh We don't have a name yet either That's not our fault. That's Bailey and Kat's fault. They haven't answered it yet. Nobody likes my Idea. Because it's stupid. It's not the name of the whole podcast. It has to be the name of like everything. I like it. Just like, like canceled Yeah, that's one word One word like broski report two words emergency intercom two words What's Emma Chamberlain? Emma Chamberlain? Is it? I don't know That's because that's why I like that's how I say those words together Okay, anyways, we don't have a name right now because no names are our Friends fell through Oh Shrek raves. Yeah. Why are you on Instagram right now? I just opened my phone and that's wait Okay, focus focus Okay What's your first? Okay, so what we got going on here. Let me see. Oh, you know what? Let's talk about Getting into this place. Let's talk about us getting into this place first because we are in a Yeah, we're in a whisper room at our at my school and We get in and First of all No shade to this man, but he's a little creepy. He's not creepy. He's just like a He had a shirt that said something about eating corndogs on it. Yeah, and so the athletic They get in. I'm like, okay. Yeah, we've been in here before we don't need any help, but usually our Friend does it so like I'm not really sure we get in I go to log in can't do it Try it five times cannot do it The computer like killed itself a little bit. Yeah, the computer kills itself and so I tried She's here Anyway, so we started the screen goes red It's freaking the fuck out to try to go get the guy again But I was freaked out and then he was like, you know I don't know and then you start to it does the same thing and it gets full manager. It's like Yeah, sure manager And Anyways, I was just nerve-wracking and I've been really be real And I've been reading a book where the main one of the main characters It's like a romance book is way too much like me way too much. And so oh my god, I So whenever I read about her being anxious about anything I'm like, oh my god I have anxiety for this girl right now, and it's like piquing my anxiety, but it's like also really cute I don't want to stop reading it Yeah You took it away before I can finish my book Anyway, I Already told you this but I wrote down that I needed to watch a Compilation of every Santana and Britney moment from Glee They're just so sweet and it made me sad when I saw it on Valentine's Day Valentine's Valentine kind. Oh There's no M in that word Valentine Yeah, I agree cuz Santana Britney we're like I don't even remember when I watch But they were like one of the first like lesbian couples that I saw on screen and I was like Yeah, that makes sense, but they weren't even like yeah, they were like they were like it wasn't like I Really did it. Well. Yeah, they did it. Well like the show. It's just it's really It's just really sweet. Yeah, I mean, I just I love Britney You love Britney cuz you're like like her that's rude. No, but like in a good way Britney's like one of the best characters Yeah Anyway, I said in my notes that and then I need a drink bleach and call it a day Oh, that would make me so happy Wait, wait, wait for for Glee. Who is your favorite character? Britney, why miss Santana? Okay Okay Okay, you need a drink we should call it a day why for like it's cleaning properties or just like to kill yourself I Think after I watch the compilation. There's really nothing more in life. Mm-hmm. That needs to be done. I Said today after I I ate too much caffeine everybody. Hey, oh, you did I didn't eat I And So I had a caffeinated jelly beans Which don't get those I've never even heard of a really bad they're called sport beans They're made by Jelly Belly. So what is that? It's like the main jelly beans jelly, but like the red bean Jelly Belly like that's who makes the jelly like the logo has it's a red. Oh, yeah You trusted that with caffeine. I don't know. I just thought it looked cool. It was candy Anyways, anyways, I ate too and I thought my heart was gonna explode Well, this has what I was saying was like you drinking bleach like I feel like I needed in that moment for somebody to take my heart out and clean all the arteries like I really need that like somebody to take one of those like straw cleaners and go like I Can't see me Video oh, yeah podcast podcast I saw this a talk about madam web reviews A lot of people are talking about it, but not like because it's madam web just because of how bad it is No bunny it is Wait, what was my review of madam web? I think okay. Yeah, it was good if you haven't seen the movie You should go see it. Yeah, I love the actors in it were great. I don't know good people. I love them a lot How do I oh, oh, okay. I found it my I did I read it at two stars on Letterboxd and I said Enjoyable, but awful and so much potential whoever wrote this movie should be shunned from Hollywood Yeah, I thought that was a bit much shunned from Hollywood. Yes How do you know because I feel like it was AI but like but not I feel like the same people who did madam web Well, it's the same studio. Obviously it did Oh Morbius yeah, okay awful. Yeah, like who keeps it. I didn't seem like it was AI My review was Dakota Johnson has nothing happening in her brain. I said what I said, but it's not her fault Yeah, it's like I love Dakota. She was connected to it before it turned bad. Yeah, she just gave up Yeah, that's that's that's good on her. Yeah She showed them. Oh, let me get to let me get the reviews up Funny and you might have already seen it though. Well the reviews don't pick that. Yeah But the tick-tock you showed me a Dakota Johnson like showing around her house, oh You said it made me it made my heart like no away Oh my my sweatshirt has been secured. Oh Yesterday Our good friend ripped her pants on the ass and it was pretty bad. I mean it's like nothing was showing Obviously, but it was like ass was out and so I gave her my sweater But a little ass was out and so I gave her my sweater to cover up. She didn't give it back And it's my favorite sweater Find it What the ticker? Just like I Did not see that This what is that? It's a one at it. Did I say you yeah Why are you asking that? Because Jenna Ortega and I are three years apart. I think she's 23 Dinner okay. No, that's what I thought. Hey, okay for 20 that makes us like Five years Gonna say that but then I double That is your response to an edit is crazy You stop stop you see my ear Yeah, I don't know I think it's gone well just like explain regarding I have no idea They were all just basically like it's an enjoyable watch But it's definitely awfully made Like they're like at the beginning. I was like, oh Something's off Things wrong with this movie Definitely like in the first scene Nine months pregnant. Yeah in the jungle. Thank you for the umbrella. I understand that like your child is Like has like something wrong with her genetically and you want to help but like go after she's born if you're that pregnant Like it's not like the spider can't heal her before she's born But it did no but like this but what I mean like, oh no after she's born like the spider can heal her after she's born no Peptides and they kept saying peptides peptides Polly peptides not my major Polly peptides. That's the thing Good job. Can you stop being on tick-tock? Yeah, I guess I can't find it We'll go with oh This year my dad just started using a credit card Like he has how I Remember when I was young he pulled out a credit card and I had no idea he had one of those But then now I'm seeing him use it and I asked my mom and she said he still spends the check to pay in the mail So he uses it. He pays it with checks. Yeah, so like he just started using a consonant this year I Man Your dad Laura good crazy He's he is something else It's just great. It just blows my mind what this man has been through and what he's done and his stories and stuff Yeah, my dad too. He's like talking about like his He had a girlfriend in high school and then like she had a stalker and then the stalker showed up at his friend's house that he was staying at and Like locked him out of his friend's house with the girl inside and then he got in the door and then started fighting this big-ass Dude, and I was like dad. I seen your pictures when you were young. You were scrawny. How did you do that? Wait, I think I have a picture of this self-portrait you did He drew that yeah, that's him is it that's him? Yeah, I just put a thought that's like Val Kilmer It kind of does I was like, oh that kind of looks like my dad like the pictures. I've seen. Oh, I've never seen Yeah, wait cover up the top maybe Well, I think he was embellishing a little bit because yeah, but it's a good art I guess You're gonna go in my one minute. Yeah. Okay. So the other day Wednesday today's Friday It's that target we're gonna go after they're in New York And they're in the vicinity of The United States of America go on That has nothing to do with what I was gonna say, you know, it's Friday, but we're very excited It's great. I'm gonna go after this to go get albums. But anyways on Wednesday, I Took a mental health day. I didn't get any night glasses and like You know, this isn't gonna sound crazy. But to us we were sitting on the balcony pickup truck rolls by and then like to with like shirtless men in it, you know, first of all, and then Yeah, I'll get to it. I'll get to it and then Then to like I'm guessing they were like with the other guys They were like two guys on skateboards like one at a time go down the road and then they like like Yeah, well to this girl who's walking the dog. How are you doing today? Yeah, it was it was definitely like a skit like they had planned that out They saw this poor woman walking her dog and decided Let's take our shirts off and go ride and go see you see how she is. Okay, but my note was Men shouldn't be able to take shirts off. It got one degree hotter and everyone decided to take Really there's been a lot there's people at the pool like calm down. It's not even in the 70s yet it is but It wasn't It was I don't remember But yeah, like I think either I think men should be fully clothed women take your shirts off Hey guys, that's how it should be. Why do we have to pay to see? Cuz we do that all the time Speaking of we went to the gym like a week ago and I go to the gym. Yeah. Yeah, I've fallen off a little bit Anyways, we went to the gym you're walking to the gym from our place and these dudes are on their balcony and then they go I was like, okay, we would probably do that. Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn't I wouldn't do that. Yeah, but I'd be like Suddenly Yeah, too much and it wasn't funny you're not funny you're not you think you are but you're not Mm-hmm And then right after that happened on Wednesday, I was I wrote down I hate young people I hate old people Clear ages just like when I rap. Well, I hate young people too Because I'm gonna say something that's gonna make me sound really old our generation is stupid Like really stupid, but they're also smart but like I get that awful I get it's awful the way people treat each other I think we grew up way too fast. And then now we're just like Come out Yeah, great Then also the way you treat each other is just yeah Like you said people think it's okay to do in public like we were watching Madame Webb bringing it back Stupid man behind us screaming. They love laughing and it was like, okay. Sure. You don't like the movie I understand it's bad. But like there are other people in the theater that are trying get your man Now there was a lady is sitting next to him but control get him on a leash at least and we and it was like Oh my god, who? Laughs like it was like laughing to where you know that he was doing. Oh, yeah He was doing it to show other people that he was laughing at the movie It was like, okay, you hate women so bad Like you just want to laugh at us all the time like I understand but like like I'm gonna kill you after this like that's What's gonna happen? Oh I really like playing fortnight and we just sound like nerds now. We've brought up kpop We've had a fortnight Okay, no We're like, we're just really chill people. Yeah, we're not really I wouldn't say gamers. Yeah, we're we switch We say like Foxy sometimes. Once. I wouldn't tell myself I was a gamer. I've played Minecraft on my laptop. What's the word? Identify I don't identify as a gamer. My brother is a gamer. I don't identify with that. I don't identify with your lifestyle With gamers. Yeah. You gay-mers We are too much. We're becoming like a political party. No we're not, we're just having fun. We're young and we're having fun. Oh, yeah, we brought the switches to the the gym. Yeah, that was the day that the man farted at us Oh, yeah, and we were just like bike a bike bicycling Bicycling With our switch and we were playing Fortnite. It was pretty chill. Yeah, and I didn't even feel it. Yeah, we biked like 3 miles. Yeah You know, we have fun. We're engaging our minds and our bodies at the same time without having to do anything socially. We were not doing drugs. No, yeah. No alcohol. Yeah, nothing was happening in that gym other than Fortnite. And exercising. Mm-hmm. Didn't we play pool after that? Yeah, I thought my heart was gonna explode. I really need to get some sleep. Oh, right, yeah. Like I tried to get to like what I was trying to get to like 4 miles or something. I think so, yeah. And I was just like cranking it and then like after I was like, oh, oh my god. Oh my god. The blood's rushing too fast. Everything's moving too fast and I need to sit down. It's really concerning actually. It's just my joints and my heart. That's the only thing that's bad about my body. It's like everything you need to live and breathe. Whatever. At least my liver's not exploding. I'm out. My liver's not either. Okay. When is the last time you've been on a ladder? Yeah. I can't remember the last time I was on a ladder. I don't think I have to use a ladder a lot. Oh, wait. When was it? It was like New Year. Like traditional ladder? Like a rung? Yeah. Just like a ladder. Because I was watching a movie and they were going up a ladder. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. And I was like, oh my god. I think I have like two more notes. Oh, what the fuck is sourdough starter and why is she alive? Oh, what the fuck is sourdough starter and why is she alive? Who? Sourdough starter. You've never seen that before? What do you mean? Like a sourdough starter, like a real thing? Yeah, like a real thing. Like, they feed it every morning. Yeah, like a real thing. Yeah, like a real thing. It's just like, it's like yeast. It's just like, it's like yeast. It's just like, it's like yeast. It's bacteria. But it's like alive. But it's bacteria. And it turns into bread when you bake it. That's crazy. Because bread, like you can like grow it or whatever. I don't really know. I'm not a bread expert. I am not a bread expert. Who doesn't come off the ground though? Wheat. Wheat does? Yeah, it comes from wheat. So wheat's alive? Yeah, I guess so. White people. White people. They cut off an arm, a finger, and then they grow it. Then they cut it up. Then they cut it up. That's so not funny. That's so not funny. That's so not funny. Seriously, like wheat, I guess, Seriously, like wheat, I guess, comes from wheat. Like the wheat bread comes from wheat. Does the white bread come from wheat? Is it just bleached? Yeah, we have some. Yeah, we have some. White bread. Where does white bread come from? I was going to say meat. I was going to say meat. I was going to say meat. It says wheat flour. It says wheat flour. We should just chill out. We should just chill out. We don't know nothing about bread. I don't need to know anything about bread. I don't need to know anything about bread. I just need to eat it. I just need to know it's not going to kill me eventually or now. I just need to know it's not going to kill me eventually or now. And then we're fine. And then we're fine. I don't know, man. Oh, I made a bet with Kayla about Oh, I made a bet with Kayla about not drinking caffeine. You? Yeah, after today, I can't drink caffeine for a week. I can't intake any caffeine. And she's going to give me $10 if I win. But if I lose, I have to give her $20. I think it's going to be good for me because I think it's going to be good for me because my heart is at a tipping point. It's not bad. Nobody needs to worry. But it's your health. But then it's also your brain. Yeah, I'm also very tired all the time. Yeah, that might be difficult. And then I get $10 at the end. Which would be good. What are you going to substitute your caffeine for? Juice. I can't drink soda that has caffeine in it. I can't drink soda that has caffeine in it. No, really? I only got juice. I can't drink soda that has caffeine in it. I only got juice. I can't drink soda that has caffeine in it. That has sugar. I can drink Gatorade. But not the energy. But not the energy. I love an ice cold. I love an ice cold. I love an ice cold. I love it. I love an ice cold. Don't you? It's an ice cold blue Powerade. And it tastes so refreshing. And it tastes so refreshing. I love an ice cold yellow Gatorade. Don't even say it. Yellow Gatorade is the best Gatorade. I disagree. I know you do. It's so good. It's lemon-lime. Lemon-lime is the best drink flavor. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. I don't like lemon or lime. What was that? I don't know. My southern roots. Can we talk about Jena? What? She was just on the Vanity Fair. I don't know what it was. There was a bunch of celebrities. They're like Jena. We're three years apart. Jena, if you're listening. Oh, we have a caller. We have a caller. I don't know what to do. Pick her up. Pick her up. Hello? We're in the Annex. We're in the Annex. Oh, you are? We're in the studio. Yeah. In the sixth floor. Yeah, we're in one of the rooms. We are in the middle of something. We're filming a podcast for Bailey and Kat. You're on right now. In the podcast room. We got a delivery coming. Anyway, Jena. Respectfully, I think that you're really nice-looking. Is Jena your holy grail celebrity crush? Nobody could go up against her? I don't believe so, no. I've been with Jena since day one. Since her American Girl days. Through Disney Channel. I've never actually seen the show. Only a couple episodes. The one episode that was released on YouTube. And there's one episode that I saw in a hotel room. Because we didn't have cable. Oh my god. Jena, we're three years apart. I bring this up every time my roommate's boyfriend is three years apart. Our roommate's boyfriend is our age. And she's 21. I mean, it works. It does. And she's older than Jena Ortega. All my celebrity crushes are like five years apart. Wait a second. The one, Laura Poplin or something. Alex Voss. Orange is the New Black. She is respectfully 40-something. Close to my mom's age. Which I find really weird. She's got a jacket back. I got a jacket back. Okay, but my celebrity, wait let me think. My number one is 27. And then how old is Olivia Rodrigo? Olivia Rodrigo is only 20. Olivia Rodrigo But I feel like she's more mature. Wait, is she only 20? No, she just turned 21. But it's still three. Olivia Rodrigo I just think we could get along really well. Yeah, she loves music. I love music. Jena, we should like exchange playlists. Oh, I haven't stopped talking about you. Oh, okay. How old is Renee Rapp? I'm gonna say like 23. Five years? I can do that. But Renee Rapp is, are you still talking about Jena Ortega? Okay, Renee Rapp is, but she said in interviews that she likes older women. Oh, that's true. I'm so sorry Renee. Sorry about that. Kacey Musgraves not much as a celebrity crush I just, I admire you. You're very good at what you do and I was watching Kacey Musgraves um, what was it? What's AD? The YouTube channel? Architectural Digest or something? I don't know. Whatever, the thing where you show through their house. That's not Vanity Fair? No, it's Architectural Digest. It's AD. Yeah. Yay! You are a funny gal. You and Dakota Johnson are like in the same vein, I feel. Oh, I can see that. I can see that, yeah. Like with how they compose themselves in that one interview. So I haven't seen it. Oh, sorry. Oh yeah, I haven't seen a single Madden Webb interview that everyone's talking about. I haven't seen it. I don't know, everyone says that she's like trashing it. I don't think she's trashing it, I think she's just like over it. Yeah. Okay, here's my list. Okay, let's see. I think Olivia Okay, I want to start over. Jenna, if you're listening my number is No, no, we're on the air! No! Okay, okay, okay. Jenna, if you ever find yourself in Texas. Okay, in Texas, my Instagram is Yes, it's public domain, I have a private account, but you can follow me. It is V-I-A-N-A What? Um, like, is it? I thought it was V-S I thought it was V-S Just look up V-I-A-N-N-N, so it can't be a lot of them. What is it? Okay, it's V-I-A-N-N-underscore-zero-five- T-X Do you have Texas in your thing? I'm from Texas! Okay, and I like music a lot Um, I think we have Or, like, we can We can definitely exchange music recommendations And I feel like you might like coffee, we can go get coffee I think your three defining factors are music, movies, cats Oh, I hope she's not allergic to cats. I actually don't know that. But I think that if we can go to, like, a bookstore If she was allergic to cats, what would you do? Like, in a hypothetical you have a chance with Jenna Ortega. Like, it could happen but to get with her you have to get rid of Lana. Okay, like, how in the future, like, right now in this moment I think if she really loves me, she'll put up with the cat. And she'll, like, take care of it. You could keep her, yeah Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, because I can get a turtle. I'ma tell Lana what you just said, and she's gonna love me instead of you. Lana does not like you, right? Yeah, she does not like me. Okay, I did nothing to Lana. Lana is a scaredy cat. I'm trying to develop a relationship. She has anxiety. Yes, I'm trying. I'm trying to develop a relationship. I love her. And you, Jenna. Okay. Next topic. Do you want to talk about some of your questions? Sure, go ahead, Jenna. We only have seven minutes left. Um, I'm looking at my list now. The youngest, Olivia Rodrigo. That's the youngest? Oh, I guess that's appropriate, yeah. Is it appropriate? Isn't there, like, 18-year-olds? There aren't really any, are there? There's, like, Sochie Gomez. She's, like, 17, 16? Yeah. Yeah. I would say, definitely. Are you into older people? I don't know. I would say I'd go for my age, but 21 would be the limit. Really? Yeah. I think I would go over 21. Maybe 20. Two. I don't know, yeah. We haven't been there. Realistically, depending where we live right now, if you're over 21, that might be really weird. Yeah. We live in the middle of nowhere. Like this, right now. This is temporary. We're city girls at heart. Yes, we are. I love a good city. We're gonna go to places. But I think, like, celebrity crushes wise, if you're young, your celebrity crushes have to be old. Because there's no celebrity crushes that are your age. Yeah, and if you have, like, a celebrity crush that's, like, younger than you, that's weird. Unless you're, like, if you're our age, and you have a celebrity crush that's younger than you, ILLEGAL. Go to the police. The police. Turn yourself in. Oh, but also, because we are barely legal, too, so everything would be minor. I mean, everyone. Yeah, that's what I said. Um. Elizabeth Olsen is 32. Is she? Yeah. 33. How old is she? She is 33. 15 years. Is that 15 years? No. No, 16 years. Oh my god. Oh my god. That's almost double her age. That's fucking crazy. We did go to Elizabeth Olsen's day. Yeah. She's so great. I have her book. I love her husband's music. Her husband's band needs to release more music. Milo Green? That is really good music. I love the sounds in their songs. Have you listened to the sounds in their songs? No, I haven't. Well, it's, like, a rock or something. I would say, like, very indie. Yeah. And it's, like, a guy. Well, it's a band. There's a girl in the band. I'm not, you know, I'm expanding, but slowly. She's anti-man. Yes. I am realistic, like, in real life, but not in the music. I think in music, there are certain men that I listen to a lot, actually. Harry Styles, Nat King Cole, Kai. Yeah. I love Nat King Cole, you guys. He's awesome. Who else? I listened to some Frank Sinatra. Mostly just dead jazz artists. Yeah. They did not get out of the park with that. Yeah. They probably weren't good people. Yeah, they probably weren't good people. It's like Elvis. You don't like Elvis? I like Elvis. I don't know if I listen to him a lot. I wouldn't say a lot, but I do like listening to him. See, now I got a look. Love Me Tender? I don't know. Do you see SZA releasing a new song today? What's it called? Saturn? Yeah, her voice kind of brings me back to, like, high school. You know, there are a lot of, like, K-pop boy groups that I listen to. I don't. I don't like them. They're too aggressive. Except for Enhypen? Enhypen? Just by me, though. I think he's like TXT, maybe. But I say I like K-pop boy groups because they know how to make a groovy, sexy song. I... I don't know, what is it about, like, girl groups? I guess because, like, misogyny. They're girly pop. Yeah, they're girly pop, but, like, sometimes you need to, like, you know. Well, for me personally, I just think they're too loud and too aggressive. Yeah, but sometimes I like them. They're like, like, woah! They're too much for me. I prefer, like, a simple ballad at best. Yeah, but I tried to show you some of the BTS ones, and you were like, no, they're too popular. Yeah, no hate towards them. You know, they're all in the army now, so. I don't know if they're... I don't know what the situation is over there. Hope they're okay. But, I don't know, I just feel like everyone talked about BTS. It was kind of like a Justin Bieber thing. I really hated him for a long time because everybody liked him. It all goes back to, like, when my brother liked the Lego music, so I hated the Lego music, but now I like it. I, um, I said music. The Lego movie. Going back to Justin Bieber. You know, I don't think I would... He's a ballet boy! I... I just think that his songs, there are some that are a little groovy. You know, it gets me off my feet. But, you know, when I was, like, nine, I was like, I'm gonna marry this man. Really? Wow. But I think that was just because everybody else was like, I'm gonna marry this man. Yeah, he's a man. He's a man, he's there. And everybody likes him, so... Why don't I like him? You know? I never, even with One Direction, I just love the vamps. I love the vamps. You're into, like, emo... Not emo, but, like, emo-adjacent. Like, bands are like, ba-da-ba-da-ba-da. That's what I think they sound like. No, I... The vamps I listen to, I kind of blame for how, um... I'm not gonna say hopeless romantic, but they're, like, their songs are very lovey-dovey. Yeah, they're like, I wanna love a girl and she doesn't love me. But, no, not really. It's just, like, I just... I love them. I'm trying to, literally, I'm looking on, like, on the Spotify pop mix they created, Not One Man. Oh, Jungkook. Justin Bieber does have... Alarm. I forgot my medicine. Anyway, Justin Bieber... Oh, it's three. Justin Bieber does have some good songs. He does. I thought I saw his name. Oh, we didn't talk about Aileen! It's Aileen. We were gonna talk about our book, but I guess we didn't start off on the right time. Well, I mean, there's nothing really much to talk about. We just started the book. Anne Hathaway... I had some points to talk about, but it's okay, we can do it next week. I like it so far. Yeah, it's really good. The way she wrote it is, like, really beautiful. I'm really looking forward to, like, the movie and my year. Is it, like, out-out? Like a digital release? But if it, we need to finish it, that's what I was gonna say, because if it's out-out, I'm gonna wanna watch it immediately. No, we need to release the book. Yeah, okay. Okay! Unnamed podcast. We will get a name by next week. That's our goal. That's our goal. This is episode one. It was fun. We actually talked for the whole time, which is crazy. How long is it? I was kind of, like, really tired. Now we're gonna go get albums. White! I'm gonna get three white albums. All three of them. One Le Seraphim album. It's gonna be so good. Olivia Rodrigo March. I'm gonna get a DigiPak and gonna be... I'm also gonna get a DigiPak. Wow. We... Stans are amazing. I love Bane and Stan. Stan. Stan. Like, from Dog with a Blog. Stan the Dog. No, I think he was more of, like, a I really want Stan. Yeah, whatever. But, like, a Stan. Like, you know, like, I stan for you. Oh! Yeah. I love being a Stan. I stan, like, almost anything I can. Unless it's bad. Or I'm not that into it. But, anyways, we're gonna go do that. It's gonna be amazing. You guys have no idea. We have to go back to our hometown. Oh, my birthday is this week! Woo! Too loud! Too loud! It hit the red zone. Sorry, guys. Anyway, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to turning 19. You do not deserve it. Oh, you're so old. I don't turn 19 for 7 more months. Oh, my God. 5 months. Baby. You are a baby girl. I am a baby girl. Anyway. Bye-bye. Bye! You sounded like Stampy Longnose from Minecraft. Who the fuck is Stampy Longnose? Minecraft Let's Play. He's got, like, a really high voice. Bye! Yeah, he sounds exactly like that. Don't say I sound like a man. Okay, final bye. Ready? 3, 2, 1. Bye! Bye!

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