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cover of Ed Sheeran "Perfect" Love Analysis
Ed Sheeran "Perfect" Love Analysis

Ed Sheeran "Perfect" Love Analysis


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The analysis discusses Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect," highlighting its exploration of love through the dimensions of intimacy, passion, and commitment. The lyrics demonstrate emotional closeness, intense desire, and a willingness to commit in a romantic relationship. The song allows individuals to deepen their understanding of love and appreciate its various facets, enriching personal experiences and relationships. This is an analysis of the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Throughout history, love, a complex and multi-faceted emotion, has inspired the creation of countless songs, poems, and stories. It has the ability to bring a great deal of joy and happiness, but it can also bring heartbreak and sorrow. One love song that looks into the difficulty of love is Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Perfect is a love song by Ed Sheeran featured in his album Divide. This song gained a lot of popularity and recognition as one of Sheeran's most well-known and adored songs. Lyrically, Perfect is a celebration of the perfection and beauty of a relationship since it tells the tale of a deep and enduring love. This presentation explores the lyrics of Perfect. It analyzes how they align with Thornburg's triangle theory of love, which gives a framework for understanding the dimensions of love and their contribution to the overall experience. First is intimacy, the importance of emotional closeness. A significant component of Thornburg's triangle theory of love is intimacy, which emphasizes emotional closeness and connection between people in a romantic relationship. In Perfect, Ed Sheeran vividly demonstrates this element of love through the use of his lyrics. For example, Sheeran sings, When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath, but you heard it, darling. You look perfect tonight. These heartfelt words act as a demonstration of the deep emotional connection and the vulnerability between the speaker and their partner. Sheeran's lyrics emphasize intimacy, emotional closeness, and heartfelt communication in a romantic relationship, showcasing the importance of open expressions and meaningful connections. Second is passion, the intensity and desire of love's passion. Another component of Thornburg's triangle theory of love captures love's intense and desire-driven components. In Perfect, Ed Sheeran masterfully demonstrates the passionate dimension of love through his lyrics. In Perfect, Ed Sheeran skillfully paints a vivid picture of moments that are passionately shared between the couple with lines such as, Dancing in the dark between my arms, barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song. These words tend to evoke feelings of excitement and longing, effectively capturing the intense emotions associated with passionate love. Sheeran's lyrics display the intensity of passion and emotional aspects of love through vivid imagery and passionate descriptions. They transport readers to a place of warmth and overwhelming desire, allowing them to connect with emotional depths of love. It serves as a reminder of strength and happiness that comes with intense love, striking a chord with listeners who have felt similar connections and emotions in their own lives. Finally, commitment, the endurance and future of love. Commitment, the third component of Thornburg's triangle theory of love, demonstrates the willingness to maintain a long-term relationship. In the song, Ed Sheeran demonstrates a deep commitment by repeating, I found a love for me. This repetition demonstrates profound dedication towards a relationship, emphasizing the long-lasting bond. Sheeran further alludes to a commitment by mentioning growing old together. Darling, just hold my hand, be my girl, I'll be your man, I see my future in your eyes. According to Frowerman, these lines demonstrate a strong sense of dedication and an unending willingness to pass the test of time. They demonstrate the need for a lasting and meaningful love escaping the present moment. The lyrics of Perfect lead to developing a sense of devotion and a willingness to invest in a future together. These subtle indications of commitment highlight the importance of commitment when it comes to development of a deep and lasting love connection. The conclusion, Perfect, by Ed Sheeran beautifully showcases the importance of intimacy, passion, and commitment in a romantic relationship. Through his lyrics, Ed Sheeran allows individuals to explore complexities and dimensions of love. There is the demonstration of the essence of emotional closeness, the intensity of desire, and the utmost willingness to commit. Love, as in this song, encompasses many emotions and experiences. Through the analysis of love, through the lens of Sternberg's theory, individuals can deepen their understanding and connection to this powerful emotion, music. Like Perfect gives individuals a medium for exploring and appreciating various facets of love, enriching personal experiences and relationships.

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