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Pray a Verse With Me Holy Spirit 513

Pray a Verse With Me Holy Spirit 513


Lord Jesus Oneness



you emmanuel there is no like you son of david we adore you we adore you we adore you we adore you we adore you we adore you you are god alone god by yourself abba there is none like you there is none like you emmanuel we worship you we worship you we worship you we give you praise there is no god like you you are god alone god by yourself abba father that is why again this morning we step before you we step before the monarch that you are we step before the king that you are we step before the lord that you are we step before the god that you are and we worship you we exalt your name we exalt your name we adore the king that you are father there is no other god like you there is no other god like you you are god by yourself you are god alone god by yourself father we adore you we adore you this morning we worship you this morning you are our god you are our god there is none like you there is none like you son of david we praise your name we adore your name we worship you we praise your name we adore your name we worship you la la la la la father there is none like you you are god by yourself you are god alone there is none like you we will always find our way in you we will always do everything possible to search in you to do the things that concern you son of david we are digging deep because the righteousness the standard of elohim the righteousness the standard of elohim the righteousness the standards of elohim these are the things that we are pursuing in the spirit we are pursuing the holiness the holiness the way that men must go men must understand that they must lost their lust they must let go their lust they must let go their greed they must let go those wicked things that pervert the heart of men and that is why father we are searching your heart because we are about to bring another justice system on earth we are about to tell men that the days of lucifer are over the days when pride caused men to kill others the day when greed caused men to slew many just for them to contain many things on earth those days are over and we are searching in you son of david to bring down the judgment that you introduced in the days of moses to egypt these are the things that we are searching in the spirit and that is why we are mounting this altar that is why we are upon this altar every morning that is why we are calling upon your name that is why we are searching into you because we have understand that the only way to stand and to stand at the cedar tree is to search into you is to find you son of david is to look into you and to be able to go into the spirit search the judgment system that is the only one that can put every man into one strata because it is about to put men into one status that everyone should before the righteousness of jesus christ and that everyone should be given according to his deal according to the quarter that was desired for everyone because many men have become great people they have become many people with envy filled with greed free we lost filled with the power of trying to dominate and subdue many meanwhile their own quarter was reserved in the spirit and that is why father this morning we are we are looking we are operating in you we are searching the spirit and we are saying jesus only your standard jesus only your righteousness this is what we are forcing another hand we are extending another hand and we are telling men you that have decided to serve demon and forces of darkness for greed we are coming to tell you that your deal your potion will be given to you because even lucifer in his day in heaven his own deal was given to him and the deal was that you will be cut out of the heavens and it is our own path to rebuke you out of this cosmos we know jesus has given us back the earth jesus has given us this environment and we are coming to bring the standard of elohim this is not a fluke this is not just a talk this is a search in the spirit this is a mountain in the spirit and we are looking to say father thank you already because we know it is us not being able to tap into this mystery and that is why this morning we come and we say father many have chose to serve demons many have said their allegiance to satan we have said jesus we serve you this is a deliberate we serve you we choose and i know my mouth will keep saying it i will keep declaring it because i know that men they do that by declaring they say this thing by declaring and that is why this morning again i say jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus we have chose you we are coming after your judgment you are the only one that judge righteously you are the only one that gives to men according to their view and you give according to what they deserve you measure with the nature that they have chose to measure everything and that is why we are coming after you lord jesus because you have understand that men will receive what is due to them men must understand that there is another technology at work that is regulating the earth and that technology is according to what you have offered and that is why this morning sir david we come again we we mount again this order we come this morning i will say we are looking in the spirit we are looking we are looking because men again must bring back to their senses men must bring bring back brought back to their senses men must be reorganized they must understand that there is another technology at work in the spirit and that technology is the one that we are in search of this is the one that we are looking deeper keep searching deeper deeper deeper deeper into your things deeper deeper because those things those are the only equalizer those are the only thing that bring men to the honest to their understanding that makes men understand that god is lord he is the only one that reign and reign forevermore in the mighty name of jesus father this morning again we adore you we adore you son of david we adore you emmanuel we worship you we give you praise there is no one like you there is no one like you because we have found out that the only way to accurately judge men the only way to accurately tell men that this is what belongs to you it is by searching you it is by tapping into you lord jesus it is by mounting the mountain it is by standing before you and allowing the earth again to live into the peace that you are in to live into the lordship that you are because you are the only king that rule according to the laws of the spirit that rule according to the rule and the rulership of what was designed before the earth was even thought about you are the only one that rule accurately that rule with excellent that rule with majesticness that rule and gives to every man according to his you because we have come that men are filled with envy men are filled with greed men are filled with lost men are filled with the spirit of subduing and of maturing many others tormenting many others and that is why we are searching you son of david we are looking into you this morning we are saying jesus jesus jesus we must tap into your justice system we must search you we must know your things we must know what you are doing and upon those things ride the earth upon those things operate the earth upon those things tell men that you are not weak tell men all that that thing that they are strong that they are not actually strong yes power is locked up in you because we have understood father that the only way to bring down the balances to equate things to make them look stable it is versatile before you because you are the only one that level the planes you are the only one that guide the minds of men and show them the way to go and that's why this morning we come son of david and we say we worship you holy ghost we worship you jesus we adore you jesus we give you praise hey it is our duty every morning to wake up and to tell you jesus you are our god to tell you jesus we have chose we might not even have everything that deserves to to do it but we i use my tongue and i said you are my god son of david i have deliberately chose you i have deliberately decided to mount you you are the only thing that i am looking after i am upset after you i am upset you don't know the obsession of it is just that when i wake up every morning i i don't want to be eloquent i don't want to sound nice i just want my tongue to be echoing you are my obsession that is the thing that i'm looking into i just want my tongue and everything about this voice because i know voice speaking is energy power and when i'm talking something beyond my understanding is taking place and that's it because you are the only one after assassin you in the scripture after having the privilege to meet the holy ghost and to interact with that being i can now start putting my word accurately and say holy ghost you are the one that i have choosed jesus you are the one that i have choosed son of david you are the one you are the one and i know that it won't take long for things to move to move because you are a majestic being not only majestic the scripture says that you move in power power is the true transcription of the being that you are and that is why this morning we are saying you are our god but we are saying father father life life is war is war is fighting you know men are wicked in a point where they even try to fight what is not fightable you know when you are calm and you are only seeking the peace you know the scripture says that the peace of this world rests upon his shoulder and he's talking about yeshua mashiach even when you are seeking for this peace they are men that they are so tormented in their souls tormented in their mind that they will not let that peace rest and they will pursue you even when you are not pursuing that is why father we come and we say lord jesus lord jesus holy spirit you are the only thing that because we have come to realize that it is not about only peace it is peace through power it is peace through power that when men are moving like that we shut down their soul we shut it down we shut down their mind and we cause what they call thorn that they are using to start demon we rebuke those demons and close their mouth in the mighty name of jesus this is a reality that we are searching in the spirit we are talking this thing calmly we are talking it precisely and we are talking it with intensity to make sure that this reality become our reality these are places that we are longing to travel you know we have been on earth for so long and we have been accommodated by the system of this earth we have been you know led by the way of the flesh led by the way of the soul and that is why i can easily interact with the element visible now father son of david jesus christ yeshua mashiach oh elohim you know this i mean when i call them i know i'm invoking something from the spirit this i think that i'm searching i'm saying teach my soul now i want to operate by the spirit i want to let go my mind my thought everything about me i want to let go them i want to start mounting and i use tongue i use voice i use my mouth to shape that reality into mine to instruct my thought to instruct my mind to instruct the way i think to instruct the the way things happen in my life because i have come to find out that the only way to be accurate it is by declaring them the only way to see the thing that jesus did on the cross to be fully embedded in my physical human being nature is by declaring them calling them to be and that is why this morning i said jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus i have chose you jesus i decide to mount you jesus you are the only accurate thing that i'm looking into this morning and it is not just prayer this is a summoning this is a declaration this is a desperation this is something that i have found out that there is nothing else beyond this one this is all of it and i carefully open my tongue because i know that the first day that i was even thought about darkness had climbed for you reggie lucifer has been concocting things and that is why i am kind of like lost into this demonic war and this war has been oppressing has been fighting and shutting everything about me finding my true blueprint because demons know that when we operate in our true nature the only thing that happens is that we lord we think and that is why father being aware of this truth at this moment being aware of this reality that pertained to me in the spirit i said jesus you are my god i said jesus i come to pursue you i come to find you out i come to do what you want me to do i come to search the thing that were predestined for me for me to mount them and do only that which you have decided me to do because i know in the doing on those things this is where i become a full human being i become the one that you wanted in the garden of heathen this is what i am this morning searching for in the mighty name of jesus these are the things that i'm tapping in the spirit because not only i want to live father but i want to bring your kingdom on earth not only that i want to bring your kingdom i want your will to be in operation on earth because these things they are the functioning system and the things that keep men together because the speed that men are going right now if nothing is done men will be struck very soon and that is why son of david ah it will always take a moses to stand the gap and to set pharaoh go back there is no auto destruction yet because elohim have still have plans you know jesus and that is why father this morning i am saying i want to tap into your mystery i want to go down that drumming drumming drumming you know this morning is quite diverse with me it's quite diverse with me we are we are looking into the things of i don't know we are looking into the things of yes and we are making sure is talking everything possible in his realm everything possible because we have seen him you know willingly he has been guiding things from the spirit realm and jesus cannot do nothing without us look desiring groaning for these things asking for them you know the bible says that long for the things above wrong for the things yonder and that is why this morning we are not only saying jesus be alone we are saying jesus the power the power to shut down demons these are the people we need to touch and we don't need luck and chance we need things that works and works that when we tell demons shut up even the men that cause those demons their mouth will be locked up and that they will not be able to communicate these are things that we are searching that when we say satan your time is over immediately peace the peace of yeshua will rest in an environment these are that we are searching in the spirit that when we say demons of epilepsy demons of possession that lock the souls and the flesh of when we say out men will be set free because we are not talking from our own spread we are talking from the bread that is the everlasting bread this is what we are searching in the spirit you know these things they are away from the brain of men men does not know that this thing belongs to them and that is why this morning abba this morning this morning yeshua yeshua yeshua yeshua we we come we come we come intentionally and we save the price we are willing to lay down you know moses dying too many things elisha die into many things this man they die into even jesus himself jesus has to die seven many things of the earth for him to be fully clothed on earth as a man and as a god because him walking the face of the deep in a glorified virgin now he was able to operate because this is one of the mystery that jesus did at the end of his ministry that many of us are not really taken advantage of the fact that he resurrected and he was still walking as a man on earth that was eternity that was eternity in operation in the physical realm and jesus after looking into this thing i am not waiting for this one to come when i'm dead i want to operate here into that glorified virgin i want to function here i want to put it on and to operate with it that nothing would be able to sustain me because we know that the way demons they are working the way satan is at work on earth he is planning to not only ask the will of men again he is planning to subdue and to overrule men and he will take only men that will enter into the frequency that you were when you were on earth men that will literally put on glorified virgin and walk through walls and walk through systems and walk through things and shut down the plan of lucifer because this is what these are things that will require from men these are things that will be required from men in order to push back darkness to push back lucifer and that is why this morning i'm a shiak yes you are the thing they are far beyond our understanding i know i am saying it because you are the only one god in my spirit right now but father i cry i cry i cry and i said these are the things that we are searching in the spirit we don't want to talk bible we don't really want to talk gospel we don't want to talk christianity we want to act you know i have gone into genesis chapter one i have seen that many things there they were nothing talking there were many things acting you know as you spoke many things came to be there was nothing that you spent the time there explaining you just went and said let there be light and light from within nothing appear and from within nothing something called day appear from within nothing expansion appear from within nothing something called the sun and the moon appear and this element keep coming for because your job is acting you bring things to be and that is what we are searching in the spirit this morning we are done explaining the bible we are done you know talking now we want to act we want to enter into the level where we don't only talk that's everything about us minute and integrate with the things in the realm that we are in that many things just emerge emerge emerge when we are saying satan shut up we are not talking just to men we are talking to demonic forces we are talking to spirit and we are bringing the power of yeshua mashiah these are things that we are searching and we are saying abba we open our spirit to you lord jesus we open it we say we serve you and we will go through the period of sacrifice the period of letting down go to flesh the period of matatatia consecration because we know this thing these are the locks in the spirit because even demons they put this burden on me and many men go through this thing and that is why this morning abba father we say we are ready to take on the journey we are ready because if moses could climb mount sinai to interact with you these are the level of sacrifice that we are capable to let go in the mighty name of jesus at the level of sacrifice that we are able to just tell you abba that afflict us with your burden afflict us with your heart afflict us with the things that we know that most of the time we are not even ready to know them but except we are in them but because it is you lord jesus because it is you abba father we are ready to take on everything and we know not only that we are ready but we know that your spirit have gone ahead your sweet holy ghost have done the job we are just enjoying the journey we are just enjoying because that is one of the article of the journey you know one of the article of the trip is to enjoy is to enjoy it and we are putting our mind into the enjoyment part because it is by enjoying that the full potential of this thing is released and that is why this morning father we say we have chose you the summary of everything we are is that we have chose you and we want to operate not only by the things that you have done but by the power that is present right now you know those things have been inherited already i know my soul is secured if i fall now i'm in heaven tomorrow like if i fall now i'm in heaven right now like right now i'm in heaven if anything i know i know but i rather leave that is one thing that paul say that i'd rather be here and confront darkness confront lucifer tell darkness that you have nothing to do on earth earth belongs to man earth has been made for man to go on earth and that is what we are coming to assure that man would walk into his initial blueprint into his sins and this is why we are here upon his altar this morning to just talk jesus to just talk the thing that he has done in the mighty name of jesus thank you father thank you elohim i remember dear friends this is cry a verse with me we are crying a verse with we are looking into the mystery of jesus christ and we are looking to mount up his mountain to carry on the thing that he carried too long to see men we feel we set free to see men walk into the freedom of yeshua mashia demon will never allow this being content we must contend with demon we must contend with those forces until satan not only here runs there not only here basimo not only here maryland america is that space is that ground is that ground that god have deposited his hand on and we are coming to be erect reiterate those covenant that was taken and was done already we are coming to renew those covenant we are coming to reactivate those covenant and to tell satan you have no stake men might be trying to allow you to do things we are coming to tell you out in the mighty name of jesus in the mighty name of jesus and we will be doing this by continuing looking into the vision into the vision of isaiah isaiah this is one of the most wonderful being in the whole story of the bible and when we are looking this man called isaiah he was one like us he know he knew the things of god he was safe he knew that god was for him that was why he could prophesy from isaiah chapter one chapter two chapter three chapter four and chapter five he was prophesying he he was he was in his woe he knew that his life was not his own and that is why he was prophesied but being aware of the life of jesus being aware of the life of god being aware that you are not just a common man is not enough for you to win power because power is another layer of authority that gives you the possibility to walk into the grouping of the things of elohim you know there are many things that god has put in you and it will give power for you to walk into those things because when you operate into the power of elohim one thing will come out is that you will dominate and nothing on earth will stop you because when the grouping of elohim is at work with you the only thing that comes out is your ability to subdue to rule over everything and to crush every contrary forces to just crush them because demon you know i have told you and i will keep remember remembering you this thing is that it was never made for lucifer to contend lucifer has no ground with jesus everywhere jesus christ taught the scripture says that demon fled demon fled they fled and these are the reality when you enter your blueprint in the spirit when you mount up your altar and you stand where god has stitched has set you to stand now you you you have another because most of the things that we are struggling with we are struggling because we are not on the place where god has set us you know our love and greed can set us into places where we don't belong and when you are in a place where you don't supposed to be what happened is that the devil will subdue you the devil will torment you because you are not aligned and one of the power that we are looking into wielding this morning is the power of walking into the blueprint of elohim of mounting the altar of el shaddai and of doing what he has assigned us to do on earth and we'll be doing that by looking at this man called eziah because eziah he was an excellent man you know when you are reading eziah chapter one you will see that everything that he was talking about the children of judah you know these men that were called the praise of god you know all those things were accurate because these men were wicked and many of them turned their face away from god because they have god has been so good to them that they forgot that god was the one allowing them to enjoy the way they were enjoying and they start now serving other gods and this man eziah because he knew that god was the one that actually saved them started speaking he started mounting knowing that no we are not here because we are strong we are not here because you know we we have a military mind we are here because the hand of god has shown mercy and he was now prophesying and by telling them the calamity that will happen to them and many things he was saying many things and even in chapter five he was now you know god now was now putting before them through eziah a vision of a vignette showing them that you know god because god has chosen his heart to bring his peace into the environment of this man called the children of judah he has chosen to bring to make them enjoy what it means to be a man but because they have chose now to instead you know produce the good wine that god has planted they have now produced the the the white one the the worthless one by deriving away from god now god through eziah was telling them that i will take out those vineyards and i will burn them and this is what will happen to many of us many of us you know you are saved in the mighty name of jesus you know you stood in that of in front of that altar and you say father my life is a work and jesus came and allowed the holy ghost to show you the true reality of you and many of you because of the interaction that you have with jesus from the altar your job came back you find that beautiful wife and you raise now a beautiful family but because you became too comfortable and now you you drifted away you start to say no it is because i was too you know i was too awesome no it was because i am too smart and you start now doing other things that have nothing to do with what jesus did with you on the altar what will happen is that god will come and he will take everything from you and he will allow you now to your great mind because many especially here in this beautiful land core america many are lost now because they have been so comfortable they have been in the island of pleasure now they have forgotten that that pleasure was offered by an ancient spirit and that ancient spirit demand consistent worship and consistent awareness of the fact that there is a demon waiting for you to let him in and america is in the place where demon have get access into the in this environment and he his heart is to bring genesis chapter one verse two to this land is to completely blot out light and to only operate by darkness and that is why demons is so bold now to attack children and that is one of the mistakes that satan have made this time around because god is not only coming to to to destroy the vanguard god is coming to judge those demonic forces especially men that have allowed access into the realm of children you know i have told you this particular narrative before that jesus that was the one talking and giving the illustration of this thing to the disciple by saying that if anyone caused one of these children to fall jesus told them that it was better for them to tie their neck with a heavy piece of iron and fall into the bottom of a sea than to face the judgment of elohim and this is what would happen to many in this particular wonderful nation called america because demons have used men to attempt to cause the little one the one that are not willing to defend themselves or not only willing they are not capable to defend themselves to corrupt their mind and to allow them to walk in babylon before they are aware of the things of god and on the account of these things there will be a judgment and walk there is a judgment and walk and that judgment will be very soon mighty men in this nation and this mighty man that i'm talking i'm talking canary mighty men they are mighty in their money they are mighty in their influence among men these men you will see them falling falling falling from their mountains they will because god has given mountain to many days god has introduced new priests they have introduced new priests on mountains and many will fall many you will see them collapsing from those mountains for no reason because they have allowed power principality to add to attack the vulnerable ones because when you are looking at this particular story of aziah you will see that when god is done dealing with you know especially in aziah chapter five from verse one to six as we are reading because from verse five four downward to six it is what god will do to the vineyard and i really want you to look at that story when you read at it you will see what will happen you know and this only comes after men have been fear free they don't realize that freedom is for you to build into yeshua when you are living a a a warless life a life that does not contain you to be warring to be fighting you you have to be praying to be worrying in the spirit to secure that peace for it to last according to the plan of elohim but because men you know most of the time we are addicted to peace when peace become a sleeping ground many people now forget quickly that jesus is the one that has initially introduced that peace and he require us to be on the mountain of prayer constantly for that peace to be perpetual and that is why we are doing this morning we are just making sure that our mind is aligned it's aligned because we are ready to mount up the mountain of elohim and to bring down his judgment system to bring down his justice system because only his justice is the righteous justice there is no other justice system there is no other thing on earth that will bring the peace of jesus christ like him himself in the mighty name of jesus and what will happen now is that when we mount this order accurately because one of the things we are desiring to do upon this order is to come back into the alignment of yeshua mashiah you know i me personally i am not a man that like to see order to suffer and this is just me as a natural man and many times i have cried before people that are struggling and most of the time i will not even cry before them but in my spirit i will be grieving because most of the time when you look at these people you will see the grace of god in their life you will see things that they are capable of doing but because they are so lost into the hand of lucifer that they are unable to manifest this reality and that is why naturally in me i like to see men you know enjoy their life not necessarily depending on anyone not necessarily doing anything to to please any human being but to just live their life to the fullest capacity that they deserve this is just a natural me within me and i've come to find out that being nice like that you know just being the type of a person that want to see peace that want to see harmony that want to see people in joy is not enough for joy to be especially as a man it's not enough and i'm pretty sure that ezekiel in this particular story was that type of a person that he had nothing to do with wickedness he never want anybody to suffer he never looked into tormenting anybody or to take advantage of anybody because these are the things that is part of who i am i never i never look into taking to some someone's things i never intend to even look into you know be like someone i always if i look at something from someone and i like it what i would do is that i would give myself time to acquire it the way i want it and this a reality that i have come to find out and i have been operating into this journey so and one of the things that have actually healed my spirit to clearly see these things is because God always operate with who we are and God will never operate out of who you are out of who you are so one of my nature one of who i am is that i hate when someone is struggling i hate when someone is unable to get food you know i always tell people especially when it comes to my surroundings that i i never want to be thinking about what i will eat i mean i might be thinking about what i will put on where to sleep or how to go from point a to b these are things that i think about but when it comes to food i have always aside from christianity religious spirituality and every other thing i've always told my flesh and myself that i will never lack food so food is the least thing in my spirit in my life in that i will even think about i know that if i want to eat something i will eat it and i will eat it to the fullest capacity that i want to do this is not something that is talking about praying about it or asking about it because i know i say man these are possibility that are available in our cosmos and even most people that say that they are they are you know hungry and all these other things is because these are reality that are missing in the mind of men but this is just me in this particular context i have just given myself that reality and it has always been my reality i have always worked with it i have never lacked food i have never every time when i said i want to eat i will always eat now but when it comes to other things yes i know it put i have some order around it and this thing that i'm saying does not mean that i am not hungry sometimes sometime i will choose to fast for instance or because i can't have food i will just take it as an opportunity to fast but every time when i said i want to i will have it and we we must understand that in you there are always things that god has deposited for you to operate with because if you are not capable to walk into those blueprint that are given into you as a man because as a man you know i always like to remind most of us that we are container of power we are packages of power you know the power that is at work with me is not the same like the power that is at work in you and if you are not aware of this reality you will spend most of your time on earth struggling thinking that you are doing the right thing meanwhile demon forces of darkness at advantage of the life of god that is at work with you and that is why we must be aware of these things we must be aware of them in order to pipe back in into the things of elohim and take advantages of it because is it uh is i in this particular context with that type of a person until when king osiria died because when king osiria died something happened you know isaiah saw now a vision he saw a vision and in that vision you know something beyond his understanding you know being me now deciding to say no i will never eat this was a natural me you know taking a step on a natural environment like this one that is called earth and determine the outcome of what i would be doing you know i will never be hungry like a natural man now imagine isaiah now because in my own case one thing that i realized after finding jesus is that i don't only have the power to say i will not eat now i only have the power to say i will not suffer because when i found jesus one of the things that came in that struggling is not part of my portion and in compact in that i in compact poverty and i said i will never be poor because i saw what my biological parents were not capable of doing i saw it i saw it i saw that they were not capable of putting me where i supposed to be and from then not being able of doing this thing the consequence was that i will be poor so when i found jesus i told myself in compassing with the fact that i will never be hungry because i will always eat when i need food but this one was a kind of natural man of me now when i found jesus the power of living came in me i had now the power of life i said i will not be poor i will not suffer and ever since then everything i ever want i'm not talking about need you know if i look at something and i say i want this thing jesus will give it to me now i'm not even talking about need because most of the time we as believers we don't realize that the life that god has given us on earth it is a higher life and you can do things that your brain cannot understand most of the time there are things that happen to me that i will sit down and i will start asking myself how and most of the time i will even be afraid thinking that maybe i've overstepped or i've overdone something and by the time i'm done you know going through all those things the holy spirit will come and tell me based you you know all these things belongs to you naturally so the earth is the lord so he pleased god for you to walk in joy he pleased him to to have everything you need to overflow you know the scripture called jesus el shaddai that is who god is he means that if you are not overflowing in your christian life it means something is not right you should be overflowing you should be in the place where you have multiple choice you should be in that place where you you you don't even know what to do these are things that i have found in the spirit and you know this thing is a trip it's a journey it's a good thing and you need to be deliberate because one of the calamity of christianity is that christian they always like to to to to beg you know people are doing prayer in it they are always pleasing the spirit they are always pleading please jesus please holy god you know the holy spirit most of the time want you to go fast please please because sometime please is good when you are dealing with greed when you are dealing with selfishness in your spirit in your soul but there is a time when you go past it you go past it and you're not saying jesus america must be safe it is not now please it is a must because i you know i i have been kind of like exercising this thing for a very long time now and the holy spirit recently remind me that he is not something separate out of me he is a full personality in me it means i'm standing it is not just centric standing here talking it is the holy ghost in me clothed by jesus christ talking from within me and i must have that understanding every time when i'm communicating because if i don't have that understanding that it is not just centric because by the way by saying centric now you are checking jesus out and anything negative that can happen will happen but when you understand that it is not centric at work it is not said to talk it is jesus operating that means when you are saying satan out you know that it is not you talking it is that ancient spirit called yeshua mashiah in inspection and contrary now everything that you say happen it must happen because there are many situations that you will come that you will realize that god is not even in it but because you know that you are standing with god you can talk and things happen because we are actually dominion a dominion is not someone that negotiates it's not someone that pleads it's someone that rules and rule with power when you come to a place where you have seen demon because demon are actually they are how will i even use the word they are noisy beings not even noisy annoying they are annoying being they never go when they find a comfortable place especially demons of smoking when you find someone that is possessed by the demon of cigarette for you to rebuke that demon you must be in a place where you are not pleasing the holy spirit you are not say please holy spirit oh please jesus i mean when you are being healed within those are processes that we all go through most of the time you all you know we learn how to say please jesus please but when you keep growing a place come you understand that you are a dominion you are power when you are talking to a drug addict you are not talking to the person because the person is a vessel most of these people they are basically they are just being mounted by demons you need to come to a place where you know and this power this dominion this ruling power most of the time is not voice is not loud it's spiritual it is spiritual there are some that you just whisper in their ear that you just come just by the present when you move with that presence and you whisper the words of sin is dirt as you are whispering this type of which you know it talks into the core soul of that person and the demon will hear and immediately those demons they will flee and these are the things that i want us to look into because when you see this man called Isaiah when he saw the vision because that vision first of all take you into places it put you into pedestal where your mind will not be forced to try to stabilize into that frequency because this man Isaiah from chapter one right to chapter five you know he was keep talking about the judgment and the things that the spirit of god was willing to do in order to correct the injustice that was at work in judah but when he came now into the vision where he saw the lord of hosts sitting and that he dread seeing the whole temple and that he had seraphim you know six wing one covering their face covering their feet and another one they used to fly and they were shouting holy holy first of all that scenario alone now was on chatting ground for him those were places that he has never been he has never seen a being that majestic he have never seen seraphim that fly with that six wing they have never seen this thing so his mind and his brain were now fighting to stand into that place to stay into that place and one of the declaration for us to clearly see how he was struggling with those things was the fact that he said war on to me you know that that declaration was actually a surrender he was giving up his mind could not maintain that frequency you know the holiness of jesus the purity of that environment the majesticness the glory you know the power that that being came with subdue him and he give up war on to me i am the man of euclid and he was giving up like that and he declared that even where he dwell where he is speaking the people that he's talking to you know he's saying that the men of uncleanly as he was talking and he was going out immediately one of the seraphim ran towards him ran towards him with the code of fire and touch his tongue and those were the things that caused him now to be stable into the environment of that ancient spirit because only that ancient spirit can maintain you know our brain and many times when i'm praying i always tell myself i know there are many things that i'm saying that normally if you sit down and you start saying one plus one it will be hard for you to say two because you know that the equation is not two what you have been saying does not equate to two it equates to the spirit of god and these are the things that you must allow now to guide you to those ground to guide you to those places where you know that the only one that is sustaining you it is not you it is not your brain it is something locked in the spirit and these are one of the things that i personally i am joining into those things i have come to find out that you know when you look at the financial market you know you look at the hospital department when you look at the education department when you look at the societal department you look at this mountain every man that is ruling there they are serving spirit they are given to the service of a demon and many of them they have chose lucifer only few are kanna men because there are also men that are serving the spirit of men you know men have a spirit and one of the spirit of men is their greed their capacity of using their mind you say i'm too smart and he spent his life reading all the books on the earth and gathering the information on the earth meanwhile there are super powers in the spirit that's why most of the men they are more likely to switch to switch overnight like you will see a man he will say oh i'm neither god i'm neither satan i'm just reading books and i know science and i can explain technology and suddenly because the power of demon is the power that dominate upon the flesh of men you know your knowledge and the accumulation of information that you have gathered on earth is nothing before a demon of 10 years old it's nothing and that is why i'm urging you if you have read those book and you are smart and you are able to put together three sentences by actually explaining something from your flesh quickly run to jesus christ and allow him to use you like he did before because this is the only thing that will make those your mental knowledge to be relevant into the spirit world if you don't because there will be a time when you will be moving moving into those corridors and lucifer will be interested in you and when he comes if you don't have a rock on which you are standing you will be swept away and all those wonderful that is why most of these men when you read even this history book one of the time i have chose not to even go to those books because most of those books have been influenced by demonic forces many of them have now been expired i know that evil spirit at work in them and if you're reading those books and you are not careful you are not led by the spirit you will end up finding yourself doubting the thing that the spirit have been inflicting in your spirit and that is why i'm urging you if you you are capable to put two together you know scientific policy for politic statement you are capable to put together you know intellectual arguments search for jesus because jesus will put you on a rock where nothing will be able to move you remember freedom and the power of choice is in jesus and that is why i'm telling most of these ladies that believe that their body is their choice and they want to you know you can never choose in the realm of darkness especially in the realm of your flesh and flesh by default means demons this this is something that most of us man when i'm talking to man i'm talking to the fallen one the one that is according to adam man according to adam is equals to demon because demon has access to you willingly and you can never choose in that equation and i've taken a very simple example by telling you that all the bills that you are paying now none of you have chose none of them you have chose they were already set forth and the only thing left for you to do is to enter into one is to take one either be your rent either be your phone book phone bill either be even your food because there are even some program now that you have to pay money to have food those are things set up now when you come into jesus you know this thing become choices you you choose them you you you you now do them willingly because jesus will give you more choice he will not allow you to know that you are not doing it because you were automatically set up for it now you are doing it to achieve something that is beyond your mind because most of the time when you are not you don't choose jesus you'll be doing it to survive to live tomorrow meanwhile with jesus you are not doing it to survive you are doing it for a generation to be kept for a dispensation to be kept this is the difference and at that moment you you are not choosing you know that your life anchor on it and at that moment jesus will give you many resources to put together all these things because when you see the vision like is that i did here as i did here you you will understand that now it is not just about judging you know telling people that god will judge you now it is about talking about a messiah it is about talking about the plan that was written a fourth time you know as i in this particular vision he had nothing about jesus christ he had nothing about a virgin that would before chapter six he had nothing he was a normal man keep telling men that you know you have lost your way jesus christ is the true reality god is the true reality of your life he's the one that have brought you here he's the one that have made you be what you are and he's calling you back this was the language that is i was talking before eziah chapter five i mean chapter six and many times we find ourselves in those places where we think we are smart we think we know what we are doing meanwhile god is the one choosing everything for us meanwhile god is the one that has settled those places now it demand us to mount up the altar and to go back to him and to now tell him father what do you want me to do because when as i in this particular context saw the vision and saw god seated on his throne when when he saw that the seraphim touched his tongue and said that your iniquity your sin has been taken away from you and he realized he realized that he was now capable of talking from the blueprint of who he was now he was now capable at that moment to talk accurately accurately now he was talking things that in his own time many people thought that he was crazy and this is one sign for you to know that you're walking into the path of jesua mashiach is that many things that you'll be saying canna men will judge you canna men will condemn you and that should not be a concern for you because if you are concerned when canna men are judging you it means that you have not met him you have not met jesua mashiach because when you meet him when canna men are using their flesh to talk to you stay in the place of the spirit don't come down because you're trying to please them remain there and make sure that what jesus has shown you be the only reality in which you're walking because the only way to that which jesus is doing canna men will not understand because when isaiah starts saying that a virgin will give birth you know in that time in the day of isaiah when he said things like that because there were no no way up to that point you know men women always give birth when they come together with a man now when a prophet that has been talking accurately for a very long time you know i've told you when you read chapter one two three four you know he was a logical human being telling people to repent from their sins to do the things of god suddenly this man that many has been trying to you know to do things correctly because of his warning started talking about a virgin that was you know that was a controversy many will be will go mad because of those statements many and he's talking about something that is not even physical in his realm he's talking about a virgin that will be a child and that child will be called the savior of mankind one man will be called the savior you know those languages they were they were at rage raging word and this like it is this particular day when you are telling men you are a god man it is crazy for many people to contain it to understand that they have a nature the nature of god at work in them and they are capable to literally cause things to change they are capable of moving needles and of judging demons these are things like that when you are talking this type of language many are confused and these men that are confused they are carna men and that is why we believe as the one that are calling jesus christ lord we must pay attention into these things of yeshua mashiach we must pay attention to them and go beyond our grain go beyond it go beyond it and please the holy ghost to take you into that trip because only him can take you to that trip and i'm sorry this is what i had in my heart this morning because there are many mountains that god is about to let to release for us to mount those mountains and i've named few of them already and it will take men that are capable to travel beyond their mind beyond their brain beyond what you have studied beyond what you have read because many things that we read you know they will never meet the standard of god many things that we have studied on earth here will never meet the standard of god and it will only take men that are willing to let go their mind to let go their thought and to tap into the mystery of el shaddai because those things they are deeper there are things that most of the time you will you will fight you will continue to stand to those ground because those are uncharted ground you know one of the reason why they are strange and they are uncharted and that it is we have to fight to standing because most of us have been instructed the way of the earth since we were born in my own case it took over 30 years over 30 years so sometime when my brain is struggling to stand into those environments i don't overstress myself because i know that the flesh is normally trying to adjust my brain is trying to adjust because it is new but i know that as i am putting in the wheel because one of the things that we need to do as men is that you must choose you must be deliberate about it it is not a feeling thing it's not even a wanting thing at this point it is a desperate situation it is where we know because i know now that if i don't operate by the power because i'm in the place of power if i don't operate by power of jesus christ there will be places where i will say satan go back and men will be now forced to use physical hand to to harm me to put me down now it will take power for me now to bring the authority of jesus because there are ground when you keep climbing higher you you don't need only a lingo you will need to bring something that is beyond the perspective of men you know and this thing jesus was the only one that murdered it to us he showed us this clear beautiful exercise you know there was a situation where jesus was telling them that you are god jews when you tell them things like that they go mad because they have spent most of their lives studying the torah you know learning how moses did it with the israelite and learning the book of numbers and leviticus you know practicing the things that the laws of moses have given them so they knew these things so in their mind it never occurred to them that moses was a man like them and that moses was tapping into god and operating as a god so by looking at moses like that automatically them also became god they never put those link together but when jesus came down and tell them that they are god because they are the children of moses god the bible says that they picked the stone and they put jesus cry on this on the cliff and they were about to stone him now jesus brought an economy that was beyond their reach the scripture says that suddenly they did not know why they wanted to do it and jesus walk among them and go away and they just throw the stone in the ground and they left because jesus brought the reign of zion power power this is what we are searching for this is one of the things that we are upon this altar we are not more asking for bread and wine you know we have gone past it i've told you bread and wine was even something that i had it naturally as a man when i found jesus jesus now was the possibility for me to to deny poverty to deny struggle i've gone past that place already now i'm in the place where i am searching for power because i know i can easily tell someone that is smoking stop smoking i know i can easily tell someone that is drunk stop being drunk but i have come to understand that it's not just about advice anymore it is not about lingo it is about power now you are not talking to someone to stop smoking you are addressing the demons you are talking to the forces that put men down and it only takes you to open your mouth and declare these things in the mighty name top them with because you know one of the things that i have found out personally is that we are not men you are not a common man you are a package of power and this power is not necessarily about you you know fighting it is from your tongue and it takes you places environment like this one that i've created for myself by the help of the holy ghost to talk them into reality because one of the things that go with you is your word when you say things those words go ahead of you set up environment and give you possibility to overrule spheres to dominate here you know there are some places where i stand i will realize that just the weight of my present will contain with forces you know when you see group of children that i gather maybe they're smoking well because i walk past by they will stop smoking and they will start looking at me these are forces these are forces that compare men to turn the attention and i have observed it and it is a building walk you know with jesus jesus cannot just dive your mind like that one morning because if he does that you will become stupid so you need to grow into it and you even need to take the rigs to be beat up to face physical violence for the reality of those power to rest because man i have told you and i will keep repeating this you are not just a normal human you are a celestial being you know christianity is divinity expressed through humanity and i've told you that the birth of man is called excellent but the best in god is called divinity and it's only divine that can now bring everything on earth on that subjection and these are the forces that you know when i wake up every morning i'm searching for it the power to stand before a confused man a mind that is confused that know that thing that it is by shooting another one that gives you the power to stand before that mind and to say no it is by surrendering your life to jesus that gives you power actually it is by seeking peace among men that gives you power these are the type of movement that we are searching in the spirit and it would take us to die into many things to allow jesus to come and rest rest into the heart and to also be capable to lay down your life because you know the true expression of love it's not the best in me serving the best in you according to george peterson which i think in the realm of men yes that one can be productive because you actually need the best in you to serve the best in another man in order to express you know your sympathy or your love to that person but according to god the realm of the spirit it is only the power of laying down your life for another person that will express love and god have done it and i've already shown you that god did not only lay down the life of his son for us him himself in genesis chapter one chapter two you know he was the one that came there and kissed the lifeless virgin that was the first expression of love and there was nothing more than that you know i've told you that before that kiss to the lifeless virgin god has been creating god has been creating it means god could have loved any order of his creation but because the love that god had for man was beyond his creation god had to kiss that wretched lifeless virgin on the ground so sending jesus christ was a love upon love and these are the things that we need to tap into the spirit we need to suck it and wield those power because the days ahead there are days of contention there are days that when you stand you will not just say no yes because a time will come when your yes will not be enough but if you say yes to demon to serve them you will not be enough they will still find an excuse to torment you so you we we are walking into a place where we will be able to wield the power of yeshua mashiach that every word that is coming from our mouth it is not for us it is coming to bring the judgment of an ancient spirit in the mighty name of jesus and this was quite a verse we made this morning looking into the scripture building in our innermost being in order to shape the future to ship it because you know the bible says that in the day of the lord that people shall be willing and the willingness of these people is the power to bring down heaven on earth and to impose the will of yeshua mashiach on the heaven on the earth impose it it is not begging it imposing remember jesus say cast out demon one of the reason why he said cast out demon because he knew that there is no negotiable point with demons you don't negotiate with satan and when men are possessed by demon you cast them out in the mighty name of jesus remember like comment share subscribe and follow jesus christ this is the only thing i always tell you when i'm about to get out and also remember the blood the blood the blood the blood the blood is the only focus focus on that thing the blood you know when you are looking at the blood you know that nothing no sin in fact every time when you find yourself falling is because the devil is trying to keep you down wake up and cry unto yeshua mashiach wake up and cast an umbrella forgiveness wake up and know that he has already forgiven you you don't even need to necessarily ask for it i mean asking is a sign of humility it's a sign of brokenness and everything but beyond those things mount up that altar call upon the name of the lord and with the power that belongs to you in the spirit in the mighty name of jesus and on that note see you in my next video wow you

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