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Matt 14 and John

Matt 14 and John


Jesus' response to the crowd following him when he left for a desert place apart after hearing of John the baptist death.



Jesus goes to a desert place to be alone but is followed by a large crowd. He feels compassion for them and heals their sick. After teaching and healing all day, he wants to feed them. The story will continue in the next module. The speaker asks for insights and lessons from the story to help a friend who experienced a loss. Okay, we're picking up right where we left off in verse 13. Remember, the Savior heard about John the Baptist, his cousin's death, and he goes out into a desert place apart, presumably to be alone. He even gets in a boat to get there. And here's what happens. When the people had heard thereof, they followed him on foot out of the cities. So he goes out to be alone, and the people just follow him. And Jesus went forth and saw the great multitude and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. He stays out there healing their sick and teaching them all day long until it's evening. And after it's evening, he wants to feed them. And we're going to pick that story up in the page after next in this module. But for now, what stands out to you? What do you think could help my friend who just had an experience where a loved one passed away? Can you see some lessons in there? Did the Holy Ghost reach out and help you get some inspiration or some thoughts? Please share below, and maybe I'll even share some of this with my friend. Thanks, guys. Take care.

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