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Benefits of college athletics

Benefits of college athletics


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College sports have a significant impact on the overall college experience. Division II athletes face challenges in balancing practice, competitions, social life, and health. However, college sports help shape individuals by instilling qualities like self-discipline, leadership skills, morals, and time management. The discipline gained from sports positively affects academics and prepares students for the real world. Time management is crucial, especially during competition seasons when athletes must plan ahead and complete assignments on the go. College sports also foster lifelong friendships and a strong bond among teammates. The experience of competing at the college level is unique and provides opportunities for travel, meeting dedicated athletes, and developing leadership skills. Although it may differ from the traditional college experience, participating in college sports is valuable and cherished. Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today I will be discussing how college sports have affected my college experience as a whole. As a Division II athlete, I can attest competing in college is no small feat. You have to consider athletes have to juggle practice times, lifts multiple times a week, competitions during the week or on the weekends, maintaining a social life, as well as taking care of your physical and mental health. All of these factors play a role in athletes everyday life. And although they play a role in the college experience as well, I believe that college sports help shape who you are, even if it can be challenging at times. College sports have instilled in me several qualities such as self-discipline, leadership skills, morals, time management, as well as shaping my attitude, in addition to some other attributes. College sports, although challenging, have changed my experience in a very positive way. There is a quote that I like that reads, sports is something of a learning experience. Of all who take up sports, only one may eventually become a champion, but definitely all will be winners. College experience is something that many kids dream of. Young adults are able to be free on their own, away from their parents, able to make their own decisions, go out whenever they want to, and expand their social circle. However, it really does come down to the mindset of each individual and what they truly wish to gain from the college experience as a whole and what is important to them. A college athlete gets a completely different experience from a normal student. And the biggest thing that I have taken away from college sports is the discipline it provides. Academically, sports demands your time. However, it also presents a huge learning curve that is important in navigating the real world. Time management is huge and being an athlete, grades should come first in order to remain eligible. Here is a small snippet of a clip from a guy who's talking about his experience with sports in school and how they have benefited his life. Away from academic progress, as many would expect, I actually found myself more attentive and alert than ever. By juggling the sports and the academics, I found my concentration in both fields greatly improved. However, you may say, with the sheer number of hours you're putting into sport, it will make it impossible to achieve the grades that you desire. And to that, all I can really say is that the preconceptions about sport and academic achievement are just false. In fact, by having to adhere to such a strict training regimen and also do all the schoolwork needed, a student quickly learns to prioritize and work efficiently, which I hope you'll agree is a very important skill, not just in school, but in life as well. Time management is something that I have improved greatly while in college. During the competition season, we are often traveling to other states or hours away. So in order to maintain my academics, I have to plan ahead to make sure that my work is getting done before leaving. Additionally, sometimes there may be a really busy week that hits and we have no extra free time to complete those daily assignments. So we cannot plan ahead. So something that we can do to combat this is get our schoolwork completed on the bus or in the hotel rooms from an away meet. My track and field coach has been somebody that has been a huge mentor for me and has always advocated for college sports. And he kind of talks about the benefits that he likes, the people that he met, and how academics for him improved from his college experience. Hello, my name is James Alaka. I am an assistant coach at Kutztown University and I coach the sprints, hurdles, and relays on the track and field team. And how did the collegiate experience affect your experience in college? Being a collegiate athlete definitely enhanced my college experience. It gave me like-minded friends who turned into roommates, who some of them even became part of my wedding. It gave me lifelong friends who kind of helped me through periods of time that were difficult. It was also good to just know that wherever I went, I could relate with people. Basically, it just helped me through in terms of giving me some friends, giving me some structure, and enjoyment outside of those lovely classes that I love so much. Competing at the college level has truly shaped me into who I am today. I have found my voice. I know that I love to lead. I know that I love cheering my teammates on. That is something that college sports has brought out in me. My time management has improved dramatically in college due to the rigorous schedules that sports provide. And yes, while I don't have the traditional college social life of going out and meeting tons of new people, I've met some of my best friends on my team. We're with each other every single day through the good and the bad. We always find time to support one another. The bond created among teammates is so strong. We're fighting for each other every day. We have each other's backs. We're cheering them on in their successes, and we're lifting them up from their struggles. It truly is a bond set for life, and the memories we've made will last a lifetime. Competing at the college level is an experience like none other. The adrenaline of succeeding after months of hard work, overcoming the setbacks, and developing your characters are qualities and characteristics that, yes, we're making sacrifices, but it makes the college experience and competing collegiately so worth it. So yes, while I may not have gotten the traditional college experience of going out and partying and meeting tons of new friends, competing collegiately has given me so many opportunities. I may not have ever had if I did go out and party and do all the things that a normal college kid values. I get to travel, meet tons of amazing other dedicated athletes, adhere to a schedule that, although can be challenging at times, does provide me with structure, as well as getting me leadership skills that I'll carry with me always. It is a unique experience, but it's something that is priceless in the long run, and being able to compete in the college level is something that I am truly thankful for and will value forever. Thanks for listening!

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