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cover of Cyber Bullying Opportunities
Cyber Bullying Opportunities

Cyber Bullying Opportunities


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Teachers have the chance to address cyberbullying by incorporating character education and social justice into social studies curriculum. This can help students develop qualities that go beyond their in-person interactions and affect their online presence. By extending character education and citizenship lessons, social studies teachers can help students become better individuals and citizens both offline and online. Considering all of the challenges with cyberbullying, there are opportunities for teachers to step in. For example, social studies curriculum has the potential to foster elements of character education, equality, and social justice that coalesce to help students develop dispositions that transfer beyond their daily face-to-face interactions and impact their social media presence. Also, social studies teachers can extend character education and citizenship lessons to provide students with the opportunity to become better people and, by extension, better citizens both on and offline.

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