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cover of Podcast 1 with Xavier and Brandon
Podcast 1 with Xavier and Brandon

Podcast 1 with Xavier and Brandon


Overview and opinions on the Oklahoma Sooners 2022 Football season and thing they could improve on for next season.



A group of friends discuss their thoughts on the Oklahoma Sooners' disappointing season and upcoming game. They express disappointment in the team's performance, particularly the defense and play calling. They also discuss potential player transfers and the future of the team. They have differing opinions on the quarterback and offensive coordinator. They predict a win for Oklahoma in their upcoming game against Florida State, but one friend is skeptical due to the team's readiness and the absence of key players. What it do, what it do, it's your boy J2 and we're back with another episode of Part of My Language. Let's go man! Welcome back to Part of My Language, it's your boy J2. And today I got my dogs with me, two very close friends of mine who I'm allowed to introduce themselves. X5 honey. Boy's got all the youngins doin' it. And today we're on the topic of the Oklahoma Sooners and their disappointing season and also their upcoming ball game. Beginning with Xavier. How do you feel about the season the Oklahoma Sooners had this year and the first year here at Cosbury Veterans? I feel like it was a very disappointing season. But, you know, we don't get too down on it because Brandt's his first year, you know, his first year being a head coach. So, you know, he's gonna go through the struggles. But our quarterback has to go. It's time for him to go. Our defense is terrible. You're the one proof. I'll get to that. Brandy, how do you feel about the season this year and how do you feel about Bird Venerables? I'm not liking what I'm seeing. What you not liking? I'm not liking. It's not the OU that I've come to know and love. Right, right, right. But it is the first year so I can't weigh too much on it. I mean, but we did see that at the spring game. What you think? At the spring game we did see. I did. I've seen a few better quarterbacks at the spring game. We did see that. But, you know, Brandt gonna be Brandt doin' his dues so he's gotta see, you know. So how y'all feel about Jeff Libby, the offensive coordinator? That is fire. Why you think that? The play callin' of him. He's callin' was terrible. What plays didn't you like? Or what? What didn't you like about the offense? The tempo, the play callin'? What was it? I would say really a little bit of both. Really a little bit of both. The play callin' The play callin'. Third and shorts or third and longs. Third and longs. Terrible. You can't throw the ball. Can't throw the ball. Had no receivers. Exactly. How you feel about Jeff Libby? I don't think he's that bad. How do you feel? I feel like it is a bad defense, but they showed good signs against OSU. So you think, do y'all think we look stronger out there compared to last year? No. No. Just because our defense is not consistent. One time they're gonna, one game they're gonna do good, next game they're gonna give a 40. True, true, true. It's very inconsistent. We need a little consistency in doing our job the way we're supposed to do it. So if you've been on Twitter, I know y'all seen a couple players in the transfer portal. Brendan, how you feel about the OEs? I know you kinda liked them a little bit. I wouldn't say your favorite player, but... I feel like Brent wasted his chance, man. You think it was just Brent or you think it was Lincoln and Brent? Both of them, really. Or maybe it's something we don't know. He wasn't handling stuff in practice, we know. He was injured, though. Gotta remember. Yeah. I feel like he should've been on the field, though. I don't know. I mean, they should've thrown the ball in real life. Did you like Theo? Have you heard about Theo? So far, he's the top player, I think, that's in the portal for Oklahoma. Yeah, I like Theo. But I feel like, you know, if you don't wanna weather the storm, then we don't need him. We'll get him out of here. Alright, we're gonna take a couple minutes to get our responses in. With COVID still lingering the air, having a cleaner world should be a top priority. If you're ever in need of any cleaning services, call a cleaner world of OKC Disinfecting and Sanitizing. Their number is 405-473-0881. Whether it be your home, a daycare facility, or even an office building, they will take care of all your cleaning needs. Call 405-473-0881 and tell them John sent you. We're back from break. Got a couple more questions for him. First question, what's your opinion on Demi Gabriel and what do you think he can improve on for next year? And do you also think he will start, knowing that we have a five-star QB coming in? Um, I feel like that he has a lot to work on. First of all, he's gotta work on to stop overthrowing our receivers, because he missed a lot of touchdowns from doing that. And, but he might start off, but then he's gonna, they're gonna switch positions mid-season. Brandy, how you feel about Demi Gabriel? I feel like he does have a lot to work on, but he won't be in Norman. I feel like he does have a lot to work on, but he won't be in Norman. That's the way he's done. Jackson Arnold's gonna come in, take over, and get us back to winning football. So I got another question. So, y'all said y'all kinda didn't like Jeff Baby's offense. Do you think it's cause Demi Gabriel was the quarterback? Do you think he messed up his offense? If we would've had a better quarterback, the offense would've been better? I wouldn't say he just messed it up, but I don't find like the fit with the offense. He's not the guy. Alright, what you think? You think Demi Gabriel more so the offense, why the offense was bad, or Jeff Libby? Um, I feel that, I feel like it's really both of them to blame. It's because, he, Jeff, he said, what the fuck, what's his name? Libby? Jeff Libby. Libby. What if, um, like, he can't control how his players execute the play that he calls. He calls good plays, but if the quarterback don't execute it, then it's the quarterback's fault, not his fault. So, I think in the end, it's a little bit of both. A little bit of both. Alright, alright. So, the last question to wrap up the show. December 29th, Oklahoma, our 50th season. Florida State, 9-3. Do you think they will win? What's your prediction of the game? Because, you know, we got a lot of opt-outs, a lot of people not playing this game. So, do you think Oklahoma should win? Florida State is kind of good this year. Yeah, yeah, I think Oklahoma's going to win. How do you think they're going to win? They should win, they should win pretty comfortably against Florida State. Even though we're not the same OU, we win our ballgames. Right, right, right. What you think? You think they're going to win? Well, I don't think they're going to win. Just because they're not ready. They're just not ready. Like Yankee said, they're good. They're like, not everybody's playing, it's like, it's not even worth watching. We already said six things to them. I don't even know, man, who's our ballgames. You don't. Seriously, not Florida State. We beat Florida State like 20 years ago. They're trying to get their revenge. So, what's y'all prediction? Is Garibald playing? I don't know. He should be. Well, Garibald plays and then we'll put up like 28. Florida State will score like 24. Oh, man, that's a good prediction. I was about to talk about their prediction. I like that one. Well, there you have it, fellas. I'd like to thank Xavier, H5Honey, Brandy, Shadow, and Youngin. For coming on the show and answering a couple questions for me. I hope you enjoyed today's spurt. Find more part of my latest content and behind-the-scenes footage on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Thank you for the support, and as always, Zaytoon out. Zaytoon out.

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