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Iris left her country, Gabon, to pursue her dream of playing basketball and studying in the United States. She faced many challenges, including language barriers and getting lost in New York. Despite these obstacles, she was able to start her classes and training. However, she injured her knee just before the start of the season, which left her feeling sad and powerless. After months of rehabilitation, she returned to the field and finished the season. Through this experience, Iris learned the importance of resilience and perseverance in overcoming life's obstacles. How far can you go for a dream? Hello everyone, my name is Iris. I'm about to share my story with you. A long time ago, I left my country Gabon, my round little country, to come to Yuma in United States to play basketball and continue my studies thanks to a scholarship. I thought everything would go well, but I didn't know yet how complicated it would become. Excuse me, I'm lost. I'm looking for my flight to Yuma. Sorry, I don't speak English very well. Can you help me? Bonjour, comment allez-vous? S'il vous plaît. I had to spend a night alone in New York, sitting on the bench, the hurry passenger by hurry home while I was lost in the, you know, metropole. I sat down, feeling the freshness of the night on my skin, the distant noise of the car and the Murphy conversation passenger by Miley with the sweet melody of the ladies dancing in the wine. I looked at a starry sky, wondering how I got there. Finally, I arrived in Yuma. The brewing fell well on me and I realized that I never experienced such an intense heat in my life, but this is worth nothing compared to what would follow. Come on, Iris, you can do it. Don't be discouraged by order. Despite all the obstacles, I was able to start my classes and training, even if I was beyond the order. I was finally able to breathe a little bit, but this period of calm was a short living. Oh no, you're injured. Your knee during the training. Are you okay? Two weeks before the start of my season, I injured my knee during training. It kept me away from the field for almost the entire season. I felt a deep sadness and I had the impression that everything would collapse around me. I woke up every morning with the weight of my heart, the sadness that prevented me from finding the motivation to face the day. Then, Murphy said I'd become my constant companion, reflection my inner pain and my feeling of powerlessness. I watched the order around me, have fun and have fun. Why does this always happen to me? It's unfair. I cried, I felt anger toward destiny and toward myself, but despite everything, I didn't give up. After months of rehabilitation, frustration, crying and questioning, I managed to return to the field and even if it was not as I planned, I was able to finish the season. When I look back, I realize that I had gone through an extremely difficult time. Life had put on my way trails that seemed insurmountable. Every day was a challenge, a battle, but deep within me, something lit up, a glimmer of hope that fluided my determination. And Iris is back on the field after his injury. What determination! We lost in the semi-final, but... And Iris is back on the field after his injury. What determination! We lost in the semi-final, but what I remember from all this experience is the strength I showed throughout this event. I learned that in the face of greater difficulties, it is possible to find in oneself an unsuspected strength. My trip to Yuma was marked by challenges, injuries and moments of uncertainty, but I discovered a side of my strength that I didn't know. This experience has shown me that even when everything seems to go wrong, it is important to stay determined and look for solutions. And this is how my trip to Yuma has helped it difficult for me and taught me that resilience and perseverance are essential qualities to overcome the obstacles of life.

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