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Sports Uncaged Ep. 1

Sports Uncaged Ep. 1


Christian, Bennet, and Sean kick-off the newest season of Sports Uncaged by talking about the recent NFL games.


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The host and guests of the radio show are discussing the NFL games from the previous day. They talk about the dominant performance of the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants, expressing disappointment in the Giants' performance. They also discuss the Kansas City Chiefs' loss to the Detroit Lions, praising the Lions' defense and criticizing the Chiefs' lack of receiving weapons. They then discuss the Cleveland Browns' dominant win over the Cincinnati Bengals, highlighting the Bengals' struggles in the game. You're listening to WCCU Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student-run radio station. This is the first Sports on Cage show of the year, 12 o'clock, let's go, we're back, we're back. Yay. I am your host, Christian Mitchell, joined in studio again by Bennett, of course, and then we got Sean with us for the first time today. Really it's just kind of exciting to be back, I'm excited to be back here, sitting with all this crazy equipment in front of me after a full, a full Sunday slate of NFL games, we finally returned. And I'm going to start here, just, you know, quick, get it out of the way, ugh, the Cowboys, man, the Cowboys, really, 40 to nothing on the Giants, and I mean, just real quick, Bennett, what were your instant, like, reactions of seeing that last night? I mean, it was pure domination. I just know that anyone that was facing the Dallas Cowboys fantasy defense is crying right now. Hopefully they slept through the night, though. I tried, I tried. Were you facing them? In two leagues. I'm sorry. Yeah. It's just pure domination by a football team that we all thought this was going to be a competitive game, we all thought that the Giants might even make it back to the playoffs this year, and that's just not the way to start. Definitely not. What do we got, Sean? Yeah, I mean, the Cowboys really, I mean, it all started with that blocked field goal. I mean, you could really feel it, just shift, they blocked it, they took it back, and then Daniel just couldn't get off his tail, and the offensive line looked bad. Hey, I mean, typical Danny Dimes, I guess, but yeah, going into Sunday night, I think I was up, I think I was up by 30, or like 32, in two separate leagues, and played the Dallas defense in both, and I checked my phone at halftime, like, not really processing what had gone on, and I was like, alright, I guess we're done, like, we're wrapped here. But the Giants were a team, like, I was, as an Eagles fan, like, low-key, hard to say, but I was kind of high on them this year, they were a good team last year, the defense was great last year, their O-line, I thought, was going to take a jump to start into this year, and then you bring in Darren Waller, Saquon, you get them back, and just for them to come out and just, like, it's one thing to lose week one, but to get flat out embarrassed, like that 40 to nothing, like, it's just, come on, you know what I mean? And although it's like, it's just week one, so you can't, like, obviously write anything off, but it might be a tough year for the Giants. On the Cowboys side, I mean, they went out there, took care of business, not really much, there's really no critiquing that, I mean, as much as I want to, like, there just really isn't anything, and I was more so disappointed at the first Sunday night game of the year, on paper looking good, two NFC East rivals, like, the slate looks nice to end the day, and then it's just, just that, like, just total, like, not even watching, like, the quarter, like, what, Cooper Rush came in in the fourth quarter, Cooper Rush, Tyrod Taylor made an appearance, yeah, like, Daniel Jones was playing out there at the backup O-line, that's how bad it was, like, and we'll get into the rest of the, you know, the actual good games after the break, this is Sports Uncaged. You're listening to WCCU Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student-run radio station, this is 12 o'clock, Sports Uncaged, I'm your host, Christian Mitchell, joined by Sean and Bennett, we're going to be talking NFL football today, I mean, how can you not, after yesterday, I feel, but starting things off, let's, we're going to take a trip back to Thursday night, where the defending Super Bowl champions, I guess, went down to the Lions, and I was so excited watching this game, and it was a close one, I believe, what was the final score, like, 21-20? 21-20. Yeah, great game, pretty much all the way around, and it was, I feel like it was great watching a close game that the Chiefs lost, like, just kind of, you know, dopamine levels rise a little bit, but we'll start with Sean, you'd be a new here, what do you, do you think this says more about the Lions, week one, or more, maybe the Chiefs coming in on a slump? Well, you know, obviously the, you're the defending champions, you want to defend that home court, you know, you get your trophy presentation on that day, but I think the Lions, they looked really impressive defensively, obviously the Chiefs missing Kelsey and, you know, or Kadarius Tony, dropping a ton of passes wasn't great, but they looked gritty, and I think Dan's got them, I think Dan's got them ready. See, I'm going to agree with you, I already know Bennett's going to talk about the Lions, because we were just kind of, we were kind of bonded over the Lions last year, it was like, that was like the first real take that we both agreed on, I think it was something like, we think the Lions are going to make the playoff, this was last year, and obviously that did not happen, but, it was close, it was close, so, Detroit, like, thank you, like, you showed up, you showed out, obviously no Jamison Williams for him for, what, six weeks, right? Yeah. So that's definitely going to be the Amon Raw or Among Us show, listen, I was really excited to see what Jameer Gibbs could do, I drafted him super high in fantasy, I was like, this guy is the future of the running back position, and he was kind of just let down, but, but, the promise, and I can see the light with Jameer Gibbs, there's definitely something there cooking up, they finally have a tight end that's not named Brock Wright, and it's so refreshing, listen, Chiefs, I love you, y'all are a really good team, but it's coming to bite you in the behind, y'all don't have any other good receivers on your team, and it's showing out, like, Noah Gray is your top receiver of the night, he's a backup tight end, y'all had all free agency to go get better weapons for Mahomes, and y'all decided to settle with the people you had, and it's come to show that you have to have a good receiving core outside of one guy. No matter who your quarterback is, I mean, Patrick Mahomes, maybe he can do it all, but he could not on Thursday, and yeah, I think this is really, kind of, you're starting to see this $500 million extension that Mahomes signed with this whole Chris Jones situation where he's, and I think he was kind of under, how do I say, underappreciated, and not really talked about enough during their loss, because the Lions offense really, they scored 14 points and beat the Chiefs, you know, you can't really blame that on the defense, and this defense also is missing, by far, their best player, like, I feel like that wasn't really hit home far enough, but yeah, back to Gibbs, like, oh, oh, I'm excited to see Jameer Gibbs, I mean, obviously Bijan should be the best rookie running back, but Gibbs is fun to watch, I mean, right away, watching him and David Montgomery run was, it was literally night and day, like, just his explosiveness, the second, like, just how he looked when he had the ball in his hands, and he probably should have scored a touchdown early on where he slipped, you saw him give that, like, nice little, dude, he, like, bagged you and, like, half spun, like, I was, like, in his first game on national TV, I was, like, hmm, oh, he's gonna be raw. I mean, I think, here's the thing with the Chris Jones situation, because it's obviously one that they're not gonna figure out until week eight, so we're gonna have loads of time to talk about it, the dude deserves to get paid, I know he's getting up there in age, but he deserves to get paid, and that's one of the things where he's making a statement, he's not making a lay-beyond-bell statement, but he's making a statement of, pay me, please, or I'll play out the rest of this year, and I'll go find a home somewhere else where they're willing to pay me, and there's a lot of teams that could use a Chris Jones, for sure. No matter how old he is, honestly, yeah, Dan Campbell, though, I would run to a brick wall for that, man, I love a brick wall. I love Dan Campbell. Like, I mean, not seeing, not seeing Gibbs get as many touches as I wanted, but week one. Week one, rookie week one. If he'd been in the league for three years, then I'd be like, hmm, what's going on here, but week one, you're just trying to ease him into it. The hype is just, the hype is there with Gibbs, straight up. I don't think it's just me, and honestly, seeing Montgomery, like, he had a good game, he had a good amount of yards, he had a lot of carries, he had a touchdown, but just watching him run, like, every time he was on the field, I was like, why is Gibbs not right there? He just looked so much better to me like that, and once, yeah, once you get Jamison Williams back, like, it could be a very explosive, big play offense again, and I'm really excited to watch the Lions, and that's just, this Thursday night game, like, really kind of set the tone on what I think the year they're about to have. Moving forward into a, I feel like a very unexpected game yesterday, I remember specifically saying, I was like, oh, this is probably the best game at one o'clock, and it was the Bengals and the Browns, and I'll cut on some slack, it was raining, but if you didn't see it, the Browns just absolutely killed the Bengals. Joe Burr took his bag and looked like he gave up. So, I'm going to start back with the Browns fan in here, Sean, honestly, just, how are you feeling, man? After seeing that, how are you feeling? You know, obviously had the weather conditions, the rain, wasn't, you know, Joe didn't play great, but after what Jamar had said, after all that leading up to how our guard, we're elves and we can guard them, I think we guarded them pretty well. Yeah, pretty well. Tee Higgins, zero catches, zero yards, started him in fantasy. I had a Joe Burrow, Jamar Chay stack in fantasy, that didn't work out. Jamar, I'll give him some credit, why are y'all logo and elf, like why, I don't get that at all. Brownie the elf. Brownie the elf, yeah. But, yeah. It's better than just their helmet, because, oh, what, an orange football helmet. Yeah, I guess it's also better than no logo, that also bothered me a lot, but really, again, you've seen Sevim start slow, like specifically, I think it was like, what, two years ago now, when the Packers got blown out by the Saints in week one, and then still turned around. In Jacksonville. Yeah. Still turned around and made a playoff push, so like, obviously this isn't an end-all-be-all or anything, but are you, we'll go back to Bennett, are you, does this change your perception of the Bengals this year? No, because they got blown out last year by the Steelers in week one, right? I think, I don't know if they got blown out, but Burrow threw like four picks, by the way. Yeah, it was really bad, and they lost to the Steelers, and everybody was like, oh, Joe Burrow's a fraud, and all this, and then they ended up making it to the conference championship again. So, I don't think week one has much to do with it, you know, it might just be that it was raining, or it might just be that, again, the same thing, we can go back to that Dallas game, the defense had all summer to plan against this team, and so you're gonna have, that's your week one opponent, Miles Garrett knows that terrible Bengals O-line, he knows every single bit of how to get by it, they play each other two times a year, so that's definitely something they didn't plan on, was Miles Garrett just wrecking havoc, so. Just destroying everything, everyone. Yeah, I mean, no rain, might have been a different ball game, but. For sure, I mean, definitely, you kind of saw that in the Eagles and the Patriots game, so especially earlier on, the rain does play a big factor, but it does not matter, like, to me, T. Higgins cannot go a game without seeing the ball once, like, I know they tried to get it to him, I believe that's what he argued. He saw the ball, he didn't catch it. Yeah, but like, you know what I mean. And yeah, after the, the Bengals this year, I feel like, have more of a question mark around them than the last two years, because of, I feel like they've lost a lot of key pieces, especially defensively, they lost both of their starting safeties, and even with, like, the Browns are also coming in with their own question marks, heavy reliance on DeSean Watson, but I don't, I don't think there was anyone who thought that the Bengals offense would score three points in their season opener, not even a touchdown. Like, in my eyes, they got shut out, and to see that from the Browns is kind of, kind of huge. I know you're probably feeling, like, almost a sigh of relief, it's like, hey, our $500 billion quarterback actually won a game, but really, just like, I don't know, I don't know about the Bengals. It is week one, but their O-line, again, has always seemed to just kind of come in the way of them really getting over and, like, winning the Super Bowl, you saw it in the Super Bowl, you see it in the playoffs every year, and with that question mark, and now this question mark with their DBs, I just, I don't know, you know. I mean, anything else you got to say, I mean, you are a Browns fan. I mean, not really much, but DeSean, he didn't, he didn't play bad, you know, our receivers I liked Elijah Moore, he was getting open. I was surprised, I don't think Peeple Jones still had a job in the NFL, but he caught some stuff, I was very surprised. Just waiting on Cedric Tillman to do something, please. Elijah Moore should be in for a big year, but, like, the Browns is just really, really all on Watson's shoulders, and he, him, how he plays this year can either set the franchise back another, like, five years, or we could see Cleveland push in, like, a three, four seed, maybe even two seed in the AFC, and we'll keep going with our over-the-coverage of the games, and this is, this will be next up on Sports Uncaged. That O-line just held them, like, up, like, legally held them, like, and it was just insane to watch that happen the entire game, and then just watch Justin Herbert piece up this defense. I mean, yeah, sure, there's a lot of rookies and a lot of, like, I guess, role players on that defense, and Jalen Ramsey was supposed to be a spark plug, but you gotta figure out something, and on offense, Tyreek Hill, I mean, how, like, that's, it's not, it's not possible, like, I kept having to re-watch it, I'm like, that's, he made that catch, like, it didn't even look like anybody caught the ball, but he somehow comes down with that contested touchdown. I think, like, specifically, that, that inside the two-minute warning, that touchdown over, was that a linebacker on him, number 43 on the chargers, looked like a linebacker, and he went, yeah, one-on-one fade with Tyreek Hill in the end zone, and this linebacker is so big, you can't even really see Tyreek behind him, and then all of a sudden, it's just in his arms, in a bucket, it's like, that's exactly what I was talking about, and JC Jackson, bro, what is wrong with you, like, we need to, his brain needs to be studied after that game, like, that was, that was incredibly, like, ugh, so bad. Something I found impressive, though, with the Dolphins is, you know, obviously, Tua had all of his injury problems last year, zero sacks, that's, so he can get the ball to Tyreek, Tyreek can get down the field, he can get to his playmakers, and he's not on the ground, he's not having to suffer, that's, the Dolphins team's looking kinda good right now. And, and no, no Armstead for that game, either, they had Kendall Lamb at left tackle, which is just an anomaly in itself, and that man saw his job, but that, that O-line held up, and I was really surprised, because they're all terrible, like, besides Teron Armstead, and maybe whoever their center is, Williams, they're all pretty bad, so, I think it had a lot to do with, they held, they put two running backs back there, Ahmed, Ahmed and Ingold played a lot of blocking positions, Raheem Mostert would run out and catch passes, so it, it left a lot, blitz pickups, that's why he didn't get sacked, there's a lot of blitz pickups, and a lot of, just getting the ball out really quickly. Yeah, I mean, honestly, it just, it looked pretty. Alec Ingold is one of the, like, few fullbacks remaining, and I feel like you see him a lot when you watch the Dolphins, and yeah, just keeping Tua upright, because he is the difference, obviously, for them, like, you, it was, it sucked watching him go down last year, and kinda watching them, you know, just not be the same, but on that first, like, even back to the first drive, they were just getting chunk plays, like, I think Waddle had, like, a 30-yard catch on the first drive, and then it just kinda, you know, never stopped, like, these chunk plays, especially with Tyreek, and, and even with the running game, yeah, keeping Tua upright is nice. I did think their, the Dolphins' pass, though, Jalen Phillips looked kinda nice yesterday, I mean, it's, it's just 1DN, but I thought that was a nice spot, also, trying to see a little bit more out of Chubb, still, like, I, don't get me started on this, man, Bradley Chubb is on my, like, list of people that I'm just not happy with. Just underperforming. Oh, that was one of our first-round picks, says every Dolphins fan, we don't have a first-round pick, we got Bradley Chubb, and he's over there getting just bodied by, who is it, Slayton, or whatever his name was. Yeah, I can't, I can't think of his name on the slide. Versant Slater. Yeah, yeah. Just getting bodied by him the entire game, and meanwhile, Jalen Phillips is just piecing up whoever the right tackle is, it was really nice. That was great, and then, to the, on the Chargers side, Mike Williams goes down with an injury, Austin Eckler looked phenomenal, again, yesterday. He was the best running back. Yes, he's one of the best. I can't, like, I get why you wouldn't pay him, but, like, when you watch him play, like, it's just, like, you feel like this guy should be making, like, 20 million dollars, just the way he touches the ball, and that's kind of, that's a whole, a whole separate thing with the, the running back market and all, but I also thought Keenan Allen looked nice yesterday. Also, kind of not really expecting that, to be honest, like. I mean, everyone's like, oh, we should just get rid of Keenan Allen. Yeah. We should just release him, cut him, he's, he's washed. I mean, he just fits the, he fits whatever offense he needs. He does what he has to do. He molds himself to the game of football, and it's, it's wonderful. He was running jet sweeps at, like, 55 years old. Like, come on, man. I am hoping to see, like, more, as the season progresses, Quinton Johnson step into that offense, especially, I don't know the severity of Mike Williams' injury, but he's going to be injured. It happens multiple weeks every year. So I'm kind of hoping that that might, or this break that he might have to take kind of is an opportunity for Johnson, just like, hey, watching rookie receivers is fun, man. I mean. Yeah. And we're, I'm going to move forward to the, the Panthers and the Falcons game from yesterday, really Bryce Young's debut, B. John's debut, and I kind of want to hit on first overall pick, first game, Carolina traded up a lot to get Bryce Young. He got sacked. He got hit a bunch. He threw two picks, and they obviously could not come out on top over a Falcons team that had maybe under 100 yards passing. Yeah. So I want to, Sean, what was your, your initial reactions of just seeing Bryce Young out there yesterday? You know, first game jitters, but he looked, he looked very calm out there. You know, those two picks were very ill-advised, not, you know, probably not the best throw. You know, it was a little late, especially on the slant, but he looked, I really liked what Frank did. I really liked the fact that he was still passing the ball, kind of letting Bryce, you know, just sling it. You win the game, you lose the game. They're probably, in all honesty, Carolina's not worried about winning. They just want to see Bryce develop, read the defense, and be able to pick it apart, and then, you know, maybe next year they pick some weapons. I'm just going to put this out there. Something that I found absolutely hilarious that one of my friends said. Miles Sanders is just Mike Davis. Same player. Which means he just comes in, everybody's hyping him up as like, oh, he came from this other team, he's going to be a really good running back for this team, and he was just mad. And he fumbled. And he fumbled. And I mean, the O-line is terrible outside of your two tackles, but that's no excuse. The run game just couldn't get going. Bryce Young, he looked calm in the pocket, and then he just kept getting hit. And that's one of those things, for his longevity, you've got to get a better O-line. And that's something I thought they were going to do in the draft. I thought they were going to get some guys. They did not. And then, I don't know. He's not tall enough to see over his center. That's an issue, I know. He's a really good quarterback. He had a really nice touchdown pass to Hayden Hurst. But, I'm a Saints fan, I don't care. Cameron Jordan is going to feast on this man if they don't fix something. And Cameron Jordan doesn't usually eat. So, he's usually the one that gets blocked to oblivion. But I'm telling you right now, if we play them with this O-line, we're going to have like 20 sacks. Can we circle back on Hayden Hurst chucking the ball on Bryce Young's first touchdown Did he tweet after that? Yeah. Oh, I blacked out. Alright, bro. Alright. He doesn't usually catch touchdown passes. Yeah. Yeah. He's usually the one-yard short guy. But, yeah. I thought it was kind of similar to Anthony Richardson. You talk about their overall long-term sustainability. You saw Anthony Richardson go down in his first game. And with Bryce Young, obviously, two completely different body molds and everything. You cannot be letting him get hit and get licked up like he did this game. Otherwise, yeah. He doesn't have that frame and stature to take these hits for a while. They've got to help him out. There wasn't much going on from the receivers all game. Hayden Hurst was probably his best offensive weapon the whole time. Which, hey, good for Hayden Hurst. I mean, tight ends are safety valves. And if your best weapon is your safety valve, what does that say for the explosiveness of your offense if you're only checking it down? I felt like, even back in the preseason watching Bryce Young play, you can't really critique that as preseason. A lot of checkdowns, a lot of short passes, a lot of quick passes. And I thought it was much of the same throughout this game. It was just, he was looking. To me, it almost felt like he was looking for his first read. If it wasn't there, he didn't have time to do anything else. He had to make a play out of nothing, really. And it's just like, game one. I don't want to sit there and watch him fail. I mean, you might, being a Saints fan. I really don't want to see him fail, I like him. But at the same time, when all three rookie quarterbacks go out there and lose their first game. Like, all three of them. Stroud did it, Richardson did it, although not his fault. It's just kind of disappointing he thought more of CJ Stroud. Sorry, Bryce Young. For sure. But it is a team game, and we'll get more into that after the break. This is Sports Uncaged. You're listening to WCCU Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student-run radio station. This is Sports Uncaged. I'm your host, Christian Mitchell, joined by Bennett and Sean. We've been talking NFL, the whole show, and we're going to continue with that. Really going through a majority of yesterday's slate. And I want to start here with the Green Bay Packers. More specifically, Jordan Love. Bennett's rolling his eyes at me. So maybe we'll start with Sean. How are you feeling? Or not how you're feeling, but what was your reaction to seeing Jordan Love go out there, drop three tutties, and a Bears team that a lot of people thought would be much improved just look like the same old, same old? Probably had the same reaction to when Rodgers got the start and when Favre left for New York. So that little dynasty is kind of, it's weird. Favre leaves for New York, Aaron leaves for New York, and maybe Jordan Love's the next thing. We don't know. That Bears defense didn't look like a real defense. So when he actually plays a real team, I guess we'll figure that out. But yeah, he looked impressive. Aaron Jones looked good. Great. Oh, that's it. Okay. I thought you had more. No. Listen. The Packers, like, please. It's one game and it's against the Bears. I think we're over-hyping Jordan Love's ability because he's playing against children. Tyreke Stevenson? Trash. Listen. I thought, was it Terrell Edmonds? Or no, yeah. Tremaine Edwards. Tremaine Edwards is another linebacker. And TJ Edwards. And then White or whoever that dude was. No, it was Edwards. Never mind. My fault. Either way, you've got two linebackers who used to be starting for their respective teams, the Bills and the Eagles. Well, Edwards, he might have been a role player. No, Edwards was good. Yeah, he was great. Yeah, right? And so then they go to the Bears where you have no D-tackle. You have some rookies, Pickens and Dexter. Yannick and Gawke still somehow relevant. And then, like, your cornerbacks are just garbage. And your secondaries, just garbage. And it's been like that for what seems since, like, 2014. Like, back when they had Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos, those were their... No one knew who their corners were, but we at least knew who they were. They haven't been relevant. And so I think for the Bears to have really stood out this week, they needed to improve their corner position. They don't. So, yeah, Jordan Love, we'll see what he does against a real defense. I think there's a lot of growing room. I think without Christian Watson, he did a pretty decent job. Romeo Dobbs, I just don't know what to expect out of that guy as a receiver. I don't know if he's going to be good one week, bad the next. Robert Tunyon, gone. So who do they bring in? Luke Musgrave, he does the exact same thing. This system might work really well for Jordan Love, but I think there's going to be some really big blemishes later in the season for him. See, I see you. I agree with you on that. I feel like they, yes, especially Jordan Love, his first, like, real, not his first real start, but now his first, like, start actually under, like, this is his team now, well, at least for now. Like, the turnover's here. It's a full, you know, youth movement over there. A lot of young, inexperienced players, like you were saying, with Dobbs. Watson had a great year last year. Again, only going into his second year. So I feel like there might, consistency could be a very big issue with them. I feel like consistency's been a big thing with Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon the past few years as well. So that could boil over. But it was more so a lot of people, I feel like, were asleep. They were asleep on Jordan Love. And although it's just obviously one week versus a Bears team that went, what, like three and, like, I don't even know. So bad they got the first overall pick. Yeah, last year. Although I thought they were going to be better, I feel like there's still a great sign, a great time to see. I was high on Jordan Love. Just feel like he was just kind of waiting for his chance. And I'm honestly kind of happy for him. Like, go out there, take the spotlight. Moving forward, another player who stepped back into the spotlight, I would say. After his year off of parlay making, Calvin Ridley returned back for the Jags and looked especially good in the first half. I just feel like Ridley, he just makes the Jags so much more entertaining to watch and fuels what should be a high-powered offense. What did you see from the Jags' offense this week? Well, first things first, Ridley hasn't played a game in two years. Am I wrong? I think last year he was suspended, and then the year before that he got hurt and then took a mental health break. So he hasn't played in two years. He didn't play for two years, got traded to the Jaguars. Really nice to see. I was playing against Trevor Lawrence in fantasy, so I was kind of just angry at Trevor the entire game. I like Trevor as a quarterback. This team can be really, really dangerous, but we've got to see Calvin Ridley kind of take that role away from the role players around him. He has to stand out more. And I feel like yesterday was just a complete game of Zay Jones got some touches. Ridley had some really great plays. Ridley needs to have even more of those great plays or just some big moments that really separate him from Christian Kirk and Zay Jones. Yeah, I would agree, honestly. I think something that last year they won the AFC South because it was a terrible division. Still isn't. But they looked good. Last year they had good shape. They showed that they could be a very good offense. And now with Calvin Ridley stepping up and now he's going to step into that wide receiver in one role, the offense can get dangerous. It's the defensive side of Jacksonville that I'm kind of like, not back to 2017 Jacksonville. That will never happen again. But if they can get just half decent, that offense can carry them through the South, and they can make a big push. Yeah, I mean straight up it's their division to lose. It's kind of been their division to lose since the last few weeks of last year, even though I guess they did have that game for the division against the Titans, but it just didn't really feel like that in a way. Yeah, like you said, the defense, questionable. They were in a close game with the Colts yesterday for a good part of the game until the end. There was a good shot where the Colts were almost completely back to win that game. So I feel like with them, again, another younger team. You got ETN back there year two. I feel like this is just kind of a new Evan Ingram career. I love it. I love it. But, yeah, it's really a team that's loaded offensively. Trevor looked great, especially end of last year. Hopefully he continues to improve in this year. You surround him, Evan Ingram again. Almost like career resurgence. Christian Kirk overpaid. Everyone was saying overpaid last year. Somehow kind of lived into his contract, gave them life. And now, yeah, adding Ridley next to that to an already really good offense. They're well coached. It does come down to the defense because outside of Josh Allen on the edge back there and maybe, was it Tayshaun Jenkins, the safety? Yeah. Oh, you got Tyson Campbell at corner, and he got a pick yesterday. And Trayvon Walker. Okay, here's my question. I'm waiting to see more from him. I want to ask, Sean, what are your thoughts on Trayvon Walker? It's his second year in the league. He's first overall pick. What are your thoughts on him? Because I honestly don't think he's lived up to this. Yeah, you look back at the defensive line. First pick before him would have been Miles. And, you know, you've seen what Miles has done. Just Josh Allen, he's getting in there a lot. But I think Trayvon really does kind of have to step up. He is not, like, really looking into his number one pick overall. And if you look at that draft, that draft was not started. Yeah, he had Aidan Hutchinson go too. And then he had Sauce Gardner. No, that was last. This was year two or year one? This was year two, right? Because Aidan Hutchinson was a rookie. So he had Sauce Gardner go two picks later, three picks later. And it's kind of just, like, looking back on it, you either take Hutchinson or Sauce. I mean, both of those would have been exponentially better. Especially Hutch, like, in that same role, really. Like, you're going to have him down. They put one at linebacker and one at edge, but it's the same. They're rushing the quarterback the majority of the time they're on the field. And, like, yeah, with Walker, I feel like that was just so, like, that whole process. You normally know who's going one in the draft, like, at least, like, a month leading into the draft. Sometimes even way before. And that was just not the case last year. And he didn't really help himself, like, make a real prominent, like, stance, like, with the media and everything last year. Like, if you ask the majority of the people, like, who watch the NFL, they probably don't know who Trayvon Walker is. He was the first overall pick. Yeah. Which is weird. But, yeah, if he plays up to his real potential, like, they could be absolutely, like, disgusting, especially come, like, January, you know, into the postseason. But, yeah, just really got to see more. And a team I also wanted to see more from was the Seahawks. We only got about a minute here, but seeing the Seahawks, just, I thought they would be a way better team. No Cooper Cup. No Cooper Cup, and they're still blowing them out 30-13. Like, I don't, just don't get me started. I'm so over it. I'm so over it. Yeah, I just don't, like, even understand what went wrong. Like, how did he, how did they, they had no business losing that game. And, like, with all their offseason moves, you bring in Jax with Spin the Jig, but, again, rookie. Witherspoon didn't play. I don't know why, actually. Still hurt. And then Charbonnet also didn't really play that much. The defense didn't look great, but I thought Bobby Wagner would help hold that down. Like 50 years old. Yeah, but it's a reunion story. We'll get more into this after the break. This has been Sports Engaged. You're listening to WCCU Radio, Coastal Carolina University's student-run radio station. This has been Sports Engaged. I'm your host, Christian Mitchell, joined by Sean and Bennett. We've been talking all NFL after the full first Sunday slate. But today, or right now, I'm trying to look towards the future. You know, we've got a huge Monday Night Football game this year, or today. It feels kind of weird. It's kind of already creeped up. Bills, Jets, in New York. Aaron Rodgers' debut on Monday Night Football. Huge stage. We'll start with Sean. Who you got and why? I got the Bills. I just think the Bills are a complete team. I think even with the drama with Stephon and Josh, I think they're going to figure it out. I mean, you've got to let that stuff go and play some football. The defense, hopefully, I think, can hold Rodgers. But we'll see. You know, first start in New York. I'm going to go with New York. I'm going to go with the Jets. I love the Bills. I love Josh Allen. And I don't like Aaron Rodgers, but the receiving core that he has. These are the best weapons he's probably ever had. I mean, I'm saying that when he had Adams and Nelson and Cobb. There's so much better O-line for him. A really good defense, like a stout one that he has just to lean on. I think it's going to be a really close game, a field goal apart from each other. But I'm really excited to see the Jets. Yeah, look, the Bills are cool, I guess. I'm fully on this Jets train. Garrett Wilson, really. Interesting to see how Dalvin Cook and Brees Hall kind of play out with their snap share. I don't think either one of them will really take on the full one, especially now. Maybe, if at all, this season. Yeah, they're really waiting on Israel Ivanakanda to take over. That's what they're waiting on. But, yeah, I'm big on Brees Hall. I want to see him ball out. Also interested to see Dalvin Cook on another team. The Jets got mad media coverage this year, but for a valid reason. I feel like they're very exciting, and they should be. Even if they had a quarterback that put up just 20 flat points a game last year, they would have been in the playoffs. That just shows how bad their quarterback play was. They don't even need Aaron Rodgers of his MVP years. They just need someone to kind of not lose them the game offensively, and I think that's exactly what happens tonight. I'm going to take the Jets, especially at home. Vibes are probably good. It will be interesting to see how New York recepts Aaron Rodgers if things aren't going well, which is also a very real possibility. And they're playing, wait, it's in New Jersey, right? Yeah, MetLife. On 9-11. This is going to be a huge game for Rodgers. Huge, yeah. As big as a week one game can get it kind of feels, yeah. 9-11, New York, Monday Night Football, AFC East rival opponent. But I'm excited to watch the Jets. Very excited. And I think that a lot more people, well, after tonight's game, a lot of people are going to hate the Jets even more, but I feel like a lot might start to gravitate towards them more as they, you know, you watch Aaron Rodgers throw a 40-yard dime on a rope to Garrett Wilson and New York just actually explode with the crowd. This has been SportsLineK, thank you.

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